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Stop me if you heard this one: Baby missing, mom not talking

Zinah Jennings

SC police: Mother won’t tell them where son is:

Police search from Charlotte to Atlanta for missing SC boy:

Agencies from Georgia, South Carolina search for missing child:

22-year-old Zinah Jennings and her 18-month-old son Amir went missing around Thanksgiving of 2011. Amir’s grandmother filed a missing persons report in early December. Zina Jennings has turned up but there is no sign of her son and she’s not talking.

In her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina Jennings was involved in a one person car crash on Christmas Eve. Amir was not with her. When questioned by police Jennings allegedly gave them several false stories about Amir being anywhere from Raleigh to Atlanta and just about everywhere in between. All leads that she has given them have not turned up anything.

After nothing turned up Jennings was arrested on December 29th and charged with unlawful conduct toward a child and held on $150K bond.

Amir Jennings

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

Any of this sound even remotely familiar to anyone?

I don’t have cable anymore so I don’t know what kind of TV coverage this is getting so I went to the major news websites. had a brief mention as did and I couldn’t even find it on the front page of MSNBC. Of course I saw nothing mention on the *spit* Nancy Grace section of CNN.

I could be wrong. This could end up getting major national media attention. More than likely though it will just be another minority child ignored by the national media much like Giovanni Gonzalez.

That’s not to say the disappearance of Amir Jennings will be ignored here. I will be posting any and all updates as they become available and as my schedule allows.

I pray to God that he is found alive and safe.

Thanks to Haydee for the tip.

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  1. These stories of missing children make my blood run cold. I hope little Amir is safe and warm somewhere.

  2. Not another one! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
    Dear God I hope his doesn’t turn into nother Casey Anthony case! Now that there is precedence another jury could let another murdering mom off. 🙁
    Poor little guy. Where is he? Such a gorgeous child. Looks like mom has a black eye…I wonder if she slipped away for some nookie with yet one more testosterone poisoned crazy and he killed the little boy?

  3. All of these BREEDERS that won’t say what happened to these babies or where they are should be stripped of all rights, labeled domestic terrorists, and shipped to GITMO for special interrogation!!

  4. No coverage because he isn’t a child of an affluent caucasian/white family.  sad but true.  Minority child crimes do not get reported as much as affluent white child crimes.  This wont turn into another Casey Anthony trial because, this woman will be found guilty.  Hate to say it but race does go a long way in this.  She’ll be found guilty whereas Casey was found innocent of the same exact crime.  I hope that little boy gets justice though..either way.  Stupid corrupt system…the lot of it.

    1. While I agree with most of your comment, I must say, Casey Anthony was not aquitted because she was white, it was because of the fucked up way the prosecution presented their case.  It’s not always a race thing; most people, including those on the jury, wanted to fry that ho, but the prosecution did not present a strong case and there was a lot of resonable doubt based on the lack of evidence, changing testimony, and the flat out bad job done by the prosecution.

      1. Soooooo true. The only thing being white got that c*** was publicity. She’s a mother fucking celebrity now. What about other mothers who kill their babies? That black woman who drove her kids into the bay got a minute of publicity then nothing….. She’s just as, if not more, fucked up as the Anthony skank.

        1. That”s going to the newest trend, bitches killing their kids for the “fame”. 

          1. Could be. It was whacking off penises (peni? What’s the correct word?), now it’s killing babies and teen suicide.

          2. Penii, two i’s.  It looks cool.

          3. I agree. Penii it is.

          4. Oh, gods… I hope not. 🙁  After that, they’ll be breeding just for that purpose.

        2. Yeah but she’s not the same narcissistic “look at me guys” celebrity wannabe as Anthony. Could you believe that latest video that was u-tibed that she did? She goes to the trouble of changing her appearance and hiding and then videos herself? Blah!

          1. I don’t follow anything that useless c*** does. Unless…. She jumps in front of a moving bus. Then I’d watch.

          2. I was searching for news on little Amir and that video came up on CNN. 

            My question is how that hell is that newsworthy yet all these abuse cases get minimal coverage if that?!?

          3. Because she’s a c*ck sucking whore and the media loves that shit. Look at all the press on Lindsay Lohan. Who fucking cares. She’s a washed up skank.

          4. It would be even more satisfying if it were a semi tractor trailer hauling steel doncha think?

          5. Or one of those trucks that sucks this shit out of port-a-potties. Yup. Death by a shit filled truck is a perfect way for that dirty snatch to meet her maker.

          6. This is why I love you so much. You have better ideas! 😉

          7. Well, with all the brains on this site…. We’e almost dangerous.

          8. Ha! Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Too bad we’re not more dangerous. All the more reason for Trench to run for US Senate and you to run for any office. Police commisioner would be good, oh wait, that’s an appointment right? How about county sherrif?

          9. I want The Shadow Knows for prez. He’s….. More malevolent than April.

          10. Totally agree. He’s got my vote hands down.

      2. I basically agree.  However, in both the similar Anthony and Simpson cases, I believe the prosecution presented sufficient evidence, albeit very poorly.  I don’t really believe that there is “reasonable doubt” about Anthony’s guilt (and certainly not about Simpson’s); I believe the jury was predisposed to acquit in both cases, for various reasons, and used the poor presentation of the (nevertheless damning) evidence as an excuse to do so.  So the prosecution was poor, in both cases, but the jury was stupid (or “unreasonably doubtful”) as well.

        1. The Simpson verdict was a joke, the evidence was all there to convict him.  He got a pass because he was a famous athelete.  Period.

          I totally disagree with you about Anthony’s trial, though.  I was borderline obsessed with the case, and on day 1 of the trial I told my sister that they were going to find her not gulity, the prosecutor’s opening statement was just a preview of the mess of a case the state had. 

          1. You believe there’s an innocent explanation why she didn’t report her daughter missing?  Based on that fact alone, I would flip the switch on her and go home to a good night’s sleep.

          2. Nope, I think she’s a murdering whore and should have been put away to suffer for the next 100 years.

          3. money talks and bullshit walks.

          4. Yeah money talks alright. Why have we not heard anything of Samuel Curtis Johnson, billionaire heir to the Johnson wax fortune who was charged 3/25/11 of multiple sexual assaults on a 15 year old then posted $500,000 in bail & totally ceased to be a blip on anyone’s radar?

          5. Wait… What?  :::Going to google that one because I managed to miss it completely:::

          6. Damn… it was his stepdaughter, too.  

          7. I don’t remember hearing about that, but I just googled it.  Disgusting!  According to this link, he is scheduled for a jury trial in April.;jsessionid=569698CB1004CD1E8EB5274B11863274.render6?caseNo=2011CF000376&countyNo=51&cacheId=&recordCount=0&offset=0&linkOnlyToForm=false&mode=details

          8. Yeah, one of the writers needs to write the guy up so he gets national coverage resulting in mucho disgust and condemnation: Samuel Curtis Johnson the alleged pervert and billionaire…ya think it would have been on the news doncha ? Wanna bet he gets off? I’m actually surprised he hasn’t settled this with $ yet!

          9. Clevo, I too doubt that this billionaire will get much time behind bars.  I saw something about him going to a treatment program – as though pedophilia is curable.

        2. “Child’s body found duct taped with tape from the garage.” How did they get past that one?

      3. Yeah,  and if the prosecution of that black woman pulled the same,  she’d be found guilty.  Because don’tcha know, all black people are criminals *insert eye roll here emphasizing sarcasm*   Seriously.  Just look at the statistics.  I bet you, I can pick 24 (12 per jury)  random people as a jury,  a white person and a black person as suspects, and two different “judges” and stage a criminal trial with exact same evidence and presented the exact same way/scripts for the lawyers, and I’m betting that %75 of the outcomes of EXACT SAME cases with EXACT same evidence, the black person will be found guilty.  

        1. FYI: I am French/Irish descent, Canadian.  White as the snow outside on my lawn right now.  Before you go on saying that I must be an angry black person crying racism at every corner (which there is..and it’s hugely rampant in the court system)

          1. I don’t give a fuck if you’re purple with pink penii on you, I never said that if she was black she would not have been convicted, based on the evidence.  I said, in her case, and her case alone, that she was aquitted based on the trial, not because she was white.  Everybody and their mother wanted that bitch convicted (including the jurors that were interviewed), but the LAW was on her side.  I know, I know, if she was black, the jurors wouldn’t have cared about the law, since you know, everybody (except you) is racist, but you’re making idiotic and played out assumptions.  

            Not to say that racism in the legal system doesn’t exist, it does, but to say it’s hugely rampant is a bit of an overstatement.  There are MANY more factors at play than race, and it’s people like you (while, liberal guilt) that keep that “It’s just because I’m black” bullshit alive.  I’d bet dollars to doNUTS that a rich black person has a better chance of aquittal than a poor white one. 

            And since you want to throw race out there, my mother’s white, my father hispanic.  I also have three mixed children, and if ANY of them ever tried to play the race card, I’d slap the shit out of them with it.

          2. I think you read into her comment wrong. If not, I’ll go spank her for poking the bear.

          3. It wasn’t poking the bear, dork, it was the tone of her comment.  I cannot stand people that use race as justification, which is what she was doing.  It was not the fact that she was white which made the jury find her innocent, and her assumption that if the whore was black she would have been found guilty was just another way of playing the race card, which pisses me off.

          4. And JJ has bi-racial children and won’t hesitate to call someone a hoodrat and giggles when people call her racist. I love this site.

    2. You are 100% correct and it is a shame. I believe every child abuse/missing/murdered case needs to be covered from beginning to end. Every child is important no matter what race or background.

  5. I just googled the case.  The only two MSM news outlets that came up on the first page are Fox News and ABC News.  Unless you count HuffPost and the Daily Fail as MSM, in which case that’s four, though the Daily Fail isn’t really mainstream to Americans (and barely so for Brits).  

    Great, another minority child for the MSM to ignore.  And another minority for the courts to throw the book at while letting whites off for the same damn crime.  

  6. This story was on Nancy Grace about two or three days ago. That’s how I found out about it.

    1. This surprises me. I wonder if it was her token story for the month. 

  7. Perhaps you should consider the differing verdicts in the cases of wife killer Jeffrey MacDonald and wife killer O.J. Simpson.  I don’t think they support your contention.

    1. Or Scott Peterson

  8. I do want to clarify that I think the Anthony jury acquitted because they were muleheaded and perverse, not because of anything to do with race.  I don’t see any reason to believe race entered into this case at all.

    1. I think that there was so much scrutiny of the case, that they made it a point to be 100% impartial and fair.  I also think that they wanted to convict, and a few admitted they thought she was guilty,but they went with letter of the law instead and that lead to the verdict.

      1. I agree with you that this was probably their motive, but I think the jury took the concept of “fairness” too far and gave her the benefit of the “doubt” when there was in fact no doubt.  That’s what I mean when I say they were muleheaded and perverse.  Besides, weren’t they there to render a judgment?  If, in their judgment, she WAS guilty, shouldn’t they have VOTED “guilty”?  It reminds me of a couple of jurors from the Jackson trial who said afterwards they believed he was guilty.  Well gee guys, don’t you think you might have wanted to vote “guilty” then?  A hung jury would have allowed another trial.  Instead I guess they got peer pressured into voting “not guilty” against their actual judgment.  It sounds like the same thing happened here.

        But enough of my opinions.  She got off and nothing can be done about it – unless she’s stupid enough to give the justice system another shot at her, as Simpson did.  I hate to wish for that because it would probably mean another dead child…

        1. Ok, I get that now (the muleheaded and perverse thing).

          The judical system is set up so that just because you think, or believe, or “know” that someone is guilty is not enough.  The prosecution has to have enough evidence to support their theory to get a conviction.  If they don’t (like in the mudering whore’s case), the jury has no choice but to find them not guilty, regardless of their personal opinions of the matter.  I think, hell I KNOW, that bitch killed her daughter, but I am the first to admit that I don’t blame the jury for their findings.  I put the blame for this c*** getting away with murder on the prosecution’s shitty job and her mother.  Cindy Anthony is a HUGE reason she was aquitted and the prosecution’s biggest mistake was basing a large part of their case on her testimony, IMHO.

          But you’re right, enough of our opinions.  Hopefully, karma will take care of that skank.

    2. I still stand by what I said. Race didn’t play a part in the jury’s decision, but it played a HUGE part in all the media the c*** got.

    3. More like congenital dumbassery it the case of that jury.

  9. I think what it all boils down to is this………Those who can afford a good lawyer have a better chance of getting off. Those who end up with a court appointed lawyer have a higher chance of ending up in prison.
    This is just my 2 cents worth.
    And IMO- this “it” looks scary and nasty.

    1. Purple People Eater.

      1. jealous?????   😉   okay that really bad comeback was all I could think of after cleaning the tea off my monitor. Bad April.

        1. Not Bad… Malevolent.

  10. I watched every minute of the trial.  I think that the prosecution did a fine job and that the evidence showed that Casey Anthony was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.   I think that she had three things going for her.   First,  I think that  the jury members were people who don’t want to believe that evil exists.  As one of the alternates said, “I think I speak for the entire jury when I say that it just HAD to be a tragic accident.”   I think they liked that better than the thought that this pretty young woman could have found her child a burden and preferred to have her dead than let her grandmother have her.  Of course they didn’t know that Casey had already told a different lie to two psychiatrists, that her own father had deliberately murdered the child, but had been presumably told by her attorneys that an accident story would sell better.   One of the reasons I like this site is because everyone here gets it, evil does exist and sometimes it wears a pretty face.

    1. “Of course they didn’t know that Casey had already told a different lie to two psychiatrists, that her own father had deliberately murdered the child, but had been presumably told by her attorneys that an accident story would sell better.   One of the reasons I like this site is because everyone here gets it, evil does exist and sometimes it wears a pretty face. ”

      This is just one of the reasons why you think there was enough evidence and the jury did not.  There was alot of information and rumor out there that the jury was not privvy to or was told to ignore by the judge. 

      I completly disagree with your other statements, though.  Especially since three jurors said they thought she killed her daughter, but the prosecution did not present enough evidence to support the charges.  How do you think the prosecution did cleaning up the damage Cindy Anthony did to their case?

  11. Second, I think this jury watches too much television.   They wanted DNA and surveillance tapes and a dramatic confession scene.

    And finally I think that they were lazy.  They just didn’t want to do the work of putting a complex tapestry of events together.   If they had done that, if they had considered the sheer weight of the evidence, it comes back to Casey every time.  

    Do we know exactly what happened, every minute?  Of course not and that’s not possible.    Whether you believe as George does that Casey drugged and duct taped her to keep her quiet somewhere so she could go party with her friends and she died of an overdose or asphyxiation or whether you believe as I do that she deliberately set out to kill her because she was jealous of her own child and wanted to get back at her mother after their argument, either way it’s murder.  There isn’t a plausible alternative. 

    She drowned in the pool and George either dumped the body in the woods or made Casey do it?  Or George actually killed her?  Then why did Casey sit quietly in jail and reassure a crying George on tape that he was a wonderful father and this was not his fault?

    Nothing but Casey murdering the child makes any sense at all as an explanation for how she died.

    1. “Nothing but Casey murdering the child makes any sense at all as an explanation for how she died.”

      But did the prosecution present enough evidence to support this?  NO.  Yes, I agree, Casey killed her because she just didn’t want to be a parent and was a vindictive slut that wouldn’t allow her parents to take her, but there was NO EVIDENCE that she did kill her, and the prosecution’s circumstantial case was supported by testimony that was shaky, borderline perjury, and just flat out contradictory.  It’s not a matter of being lazy, they didn’t have the evidence to support the prosecution’s charges.  And let’s not forget that the prosecution made a HUGE mistake by only charging her with first degree, premeditated murder.  Circumstantial evidence on a death penalty case and not giving the jury another option (second degree, first degree reckless) is the reason Casey Anthony is walking free.

      I’m leaving the rest of your comment alone, the content of it speaks for itself.

  12. Ok Mea culpa.    

    Here’s my snark about the walking uterus’ face:

    Looks like she’s got her cat’s arsehole on.  (Thank you Gordon Ramsay for that little gem)  >.>

    1. Good one

  13. That is one sweet-ass weave.

    1. It’s a blueberry c***sicle!

  14. The prosecution presented enough evidence for me (and I thought so before I knew about the lie to the psychiatrists).  Casey was the last person to be seen with her daughter, unless you believe that she and her father conspired to cover up an accidental drowning and make it look like a murder, and she told police that she had taken her to her imaginary nanny’s apartment.   The child was found in the woods with duct tape over her face when there is no reason to duct tape a child who has drowned in an accident.

    Circumstantial is not a dirty word.   It just means evidence that requires inference.   DNA evidence is circumstantial!   Eyewitness testimony is not considered circumstantial since if you believe it, it’s direct evidence that someone committed the crime.   I would trust a good circumstantial case over someone’s eyewitness identification of a stranger any day.

    If I were the last person to see my husband and other family members reported him missing and I said that I had dropped him off at a friend’s house but that ‘friend’ was nonexistent and the apartment had been empty for months, what would you think?  If his body turned up months later, skeletonized in the woods and I then (having been driving around in a car with a foul odor and having borrowed a shovel from the neighbor) said, oh he actually drowned in the backyard pool and my mother made me dump him in the woods, would you be thinking, hmmm could be true?  Or would you convict me of murder if you were on a jury?

    The jury had the option of convicting her on lesser offenses than first degree murder and they didn’t.

    1. You are absolutely correct, I should have put it another way.  If the prosecution would have charged her differently, they might have presented their case differently.  They were so intent on showing premeditation, that PROVING (which you seem to have a problem understanding what that means, maybe you want to look that up) she actually committed the murder was an afterthought.  There was no evidence that PROVED Casey put the duct tape on Caylee, there was no evidence that PROVED she was the person who killed her, there was no evidence that PROVED Caylee was dead in her mother’s trunk.  Plain and simple.  That is the entire point of a trial, presenting EVIDENCE to PROVE that a defendant committed a crime.  Yes, there was evidence supporting the fact that Caylee died at the hands of that c***, but not beyond a reasonable doubt.  It was all circumstantial (your views on that are delusional) WITHOUT corroborating evidence.  Oh yeah, I forgot, they tried to corroborate the flimsy circumstantial evidence with Cindy Anthony’s testimony.   
      Whatever, the bitch got away with murdering her child.  You want to blame the jury by saying they were lazy and just didn’t want to convict that little sweetheart, you go on living in that fantasy land.  Hopefully, you and your family never have to rely on a prosecutorial staff more intent on proving a point than on real justice.

      1. I think we will just have to disagree on what constitutes proof.   And no, I am not delusional about what circumstantial evidence means.  Read up about it.

        1. Why don’t you read up on corroborating evidence and legal burden of proof?  

  15. The selfish, murdering whore is trolling for attention again…  She’s now releasing video diaries from her protective hole in Florida!! 

    True to form, it’s all about her!  No mention of Caylee, the case, or her family… 

  16. Okay all- we agree to disagree. Let’s not forget why we are here. This “it” with the bad weave and even worse hair color has “misplaced” her 18 month old angel and is REFUSING to tell police or anyone else where he is. This baby has been missing for over a YEAR and this is the first we have heard about it???? I don’t know about anyone else but I am outraged, angry, frustrated and just plain pissed off that the news has not taken this and ran with it. Okay so Amir disappeared while all the world was tuned to the murder of little Caylee- but WOW- you would think that someone would have compaired the stories (baby missing, grandmother files missing person, “it” shows up with no child and conflicting stories) gosh am I the only one to see the similarities here? Personally when I saw her mug shot I got the feeling that she may have been thinking that since Casey got away with it- then I have a chance and they can’t prove any different. I just pray the Amir is not an angel and is with someone who really does love him.

    1. “This baby has been missing for over a YEAR and this is the first we have heard about it????”

      Unless I read the article wrong he was last seen Thanksgiving so he’s been missing almost 2 months.  Not that it makes the media coverage any better…

      1. I re-read the article:”22-year-old Zinah Jennings and her 18-month-old son Amir went missing around Thanksgiving of 2010. Amir’s grandmother filed a missing persons report in early December. Zina Jennings has turned up but there is no sign of her son and she’s not talking.”

        1. My bad. That should read 2011. 

          1. Sorry CM, it was Trenches fault!! Bad Trench.
            Sadly I bet there will be some troll out there checking all the dates, time etc, just so they can feel “justified” when they try to point out BB’s woundermus (means greater than wonderful) writers “inaccuracies”. This is going to be an interesting year, dontcha think?

          2. LOL shows how much attention I pay to typos!!  I had the timeline in my head from reading it in the news before it was posted and never noticed it…

  17. What?  Duct tape?  God I wish these people would stop having children or let someone who cares take care of them.  My daughter would love to have a brother or sister!

  18. Guys, guys. I think we’re being too hard on the crack- whore. Not every single woman who chooses to look like that is a baby- killing prostitute with a tweaking habit, surely?????

    -_- Poor baby. Cunt mother. 

  19. First thing that comes to mind when seeing those pictures… what a beautiful little boy.  I so hope they find him alive and well, and that it doesn’t turn out to be another case like Shaniya Davis.

    Second thing that immediately comes to mind is what in the ever loving fuck is up with those eyebrows.  I mean, seriously.  Was she trying to go for that “demon bride” look?

    Anyone want to give me grief for bringing her looks into it… don’t bother.  I couldn’t give a giant NY rat’s left testicle why that would get anyone’s panties in a wad.  I mean, seriously.  Just look at her.  

  20. Is it just me,or does ol’ Zinah up there look like she just sucked a lemon?

    1. Lemon tree!

    1. Oh no, it’s looking very bad for little Amir.  How could anyone harm such an adorable boy?

    2. I’m probably hoping against hope but on the local news (Columbia is about two hours from here) said that police have not yet confirmed that it was blood on the blankets. 

  21. When I had my baby (8 now) I am sure I had the blues, never told by the doctor but things just changed after a year.  The world seemed brighter.  The problem I had the first year was letting anyone hold her because I was afraid they would drop her or hurt her in some way.  I had a hard time letting anyone take care of her because I was afriad they couldn’t do it right.  It took many more years to relax my feelings of someone hurting her.  Still over protective!!!!!!  What I don’t understand is how a mother has NO attachment to her child?   If she did, we would not hear so many storys of children going missing and the mother ” Not knowing where they are”.  When I read these stories I just want to cry.  Why do these mothers not feel the same way as I did having my own child.  I would hurt anyone who hurt my baby prison or not!!!!!  Certainly would not protect them!

  22. I hope they find Amir. I know the mother personally and the father is a good friend of mine. I was his barber for 5 years. Zina didn’t want the baby. It was my friend and her grandmother pushing her to keep the boy. She was a partier that liked to hang out and party hard. I wish Amir is safe and well. But this is not looking good.

    1. So sad… why did she keep custody if she didn’t want him? She should have let your friend have custody. 🙁

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