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Murder/Suicide, Daughters Nearby

Donna Royer, Parker, Colo. Mother, Shot To Death By Her Ex-Husband In McDonald’s Parking Lot In Murder-Suicide

Donna Royer’s “positive outlook” recalled by family, friends

RIP Donna Royer

Donna Royer’s ex-husband has a violent past and she had filed a restraining order against him just last April after a year of threatening calls and texts. That didn’t stop  Mark Royer from shooting her dead in the parking lot of a McDonalds, while their 2 daughters and a friend were inside.  90 minutes later, police found Mark also dead, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Donna and her ex-husband were planning on telling their daughters of Donna’s recent engagement after Christmas. It’s still not known if this is why they were all meeting up at McDonalds.

Donna was described by loved ones as being positive, friendly and loved helping others. She worked as a rehabilitation counselor, working mostly with cancer patients.

So because of Mark’s inability to get-the-fuck-over it, their two daughters (aged 11 and 14) will now live their lives without mom or dad. Mark’s selfishness not only robbed them of their parents, but also of their innocence, security, and a normal life.  I only pray that they have other family members that can step up and be the support system that they will obviously so desperately need.  There’s no word yet on who will gain custody of the girls.  Donna’s own father said that he didn’t know them that well because Mark kept the family away. So sad.

Thanks to Erin for the tip.

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  1. Children with out parents.  How sad.   🙁

  2. Not that it would make her death any less horrible if the following didn’t apply, but she was very beautiful. What an ass-hole her ex was.

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