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Drunk Breeder found on center console with no shoes

Christian Damon Derek Stoner

Charges: Father Drove Around 2 Kids While Drunk:

St. Paul Boy Knocks on Door, Reports Dad’s DWI:

Police in St. Paul, Minnesota say they found 40-year-old Christian Damon Derek Stoner passed out drunk in his car while he was on the center console and not wearing shoes. Police were alerted to Stoner’s condition because his 5-year-old son knocked on a neighbor’s door saying that his father refused to bring him home.

According to the boy Stoner picked up him and his 1-year-old sister from daycare then proceeded to drive around town pulling over at random intervals. When Stoner was found by police the keys were in the ignition in the on position. There was also an empty liquor bottle in the car according to police.

After falling out of the car Stoner blew a mighty .289 blood alcohol. Not only is that way over three times the legal limit it lands him on the #5 spot of the BB BAC Board.

How sad is it when a 5-year-old has more brains and common sense than an allegedly grown-ass man?

Thanks to Patty for the tip.

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  1. Another drunken POS. Thank God the kids are alright. I’ve got a 5 yo son and picturing him having to do this makes my blood run cold. I am wondering about the Daycare staff. It sounds like this guy would have had a hard time hiding his condition so why was he allowed to leave with his kids? Mayne they called the cops and it wasn’t mentioned. I sure hope so. Poor things, I’m sure their homelife sucks too.

    1. In the article he “pulled over at random intervals” after picking the kids up at daycare, according to his son. I’m hoping that is when the drinking commenced and he didn’t show up to the daycare drunk; otherwise the daycare staff has a lot to answer for, since they shouldn’t have let him have the kids, period.

  2. In NY we have Leandra’s law, which makes it a felony to drive drunk with a child in the car.  The law is named after Leandra Rosado, who is featured on this site and was killed when a drunk woman decided to drive with an entire carload of kids.  It should be a felony in every state.

    Thank goodness the two children in this story are still alive.

  3. This is in my city too. Thank god the babies are okay & that the little boy got help for his sister. He is a 5 year old hero!

  4. Thank God that this 5 year old kew enough to go get help.  This fruitjacket needs to go to jail for a long time!!!!!!!!

  5. Unbelievable, truly. It’s as if he is purposely trying to lose custody of his precious children. He should have his driver license revoked until he has had tons or parenting classes, therapy and sobriety for a year! And not be allowed to drink in the company of children for life.

  6. Could not help but laugh that his last name was Stoner. Glad the kids were safe…

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