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Michigan mother offers sex with herself and 10-year-old daughter in exchange for laptop

Mom in the pawn shop proposition story says, “It was just a joke.” but not everyone believes that 

Monroe mom offered sex for pawn extension 

A pawn shop owner says a mom offered her and her young daughter for sex instead of a payment 

Oh boy… I can’t wait to see the reactions this one brings about.

Today I have a story for you coming straight outta my home state good ole Michigan.  It appears that last Thursday a Monroe mother went to a pawn shop to make a payment on the laptop she had hawked for $120, unable to give the owner the $25 payment to prevent him from selling it, she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, or so she thought.

While her 10-year-old daughter entertained herself in the store, her mommy was at the counter trying to work a deal with the owner saying to him, “I don’t have the money and I don’t want to lose my laptop.  What about me and my daughter can do something for you in the back room.” Her daughter followed up mom’s offer by saying, “Not me this time mom, you mean you.”  Clearly disturbed, the owner refused her offer and immediately contacted police.

Southgate Police have not released a comment but they did confirm they are investigating.  The mother is no longer allowed in Desilva’s Pawn Shop.

Of course mom is saying it didn’t go down that way and that the owner is blowing it all out of proportion and that is was nothing more than a joke.  Well lady there is nothing “funny” about offering sex with you child in exchange for a fucking $120 laptop, what if he had been some perv and took her up on it, how “funny” would it have been then.  The fact that this little girl’s response was to say “not me, THIS TIME” speaks volumes about how much of a “joke” this really was.

No pictures of mom available anywhere…bummer!

Thanks to Haydee, Erin and Anne S. for the tip.


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  1. Deena, you are absolutely right, it’s not remotely funny.  No loving mother could ever, ever joke about such a thing so that defense carries no weight with me.   The daughter’s comment ‘not me this time’ is chilling.  The ‘mother’ needs to be arrested and the daughter needs to be placed in a good home.  Thank heavens that pawn shop owner is a decent man who reported it.

    1. I know, when I read that statement I was like WTF!

  2. Great, so all that stood between this little girl and being molested was the rectitude of a PAWN SHOP OWNER.  Never let your children get into that situation.

    As for “Mom”, she should be put down.  If she wants to trade her own skanky ass for a laptop, that’s one thing (if anyone is willing to make that deal, which I doubt).  But involving her ten year old daughter – and apparently not for the first time – makes her a prize sicko.

  3. Ugh. I am an avid fan of your site…i read it every single day. and i used to live in monroe untill june 2011. Now im 1500 miles away thankfully… but i almost fell over when i heard aboutthis. I know shee lives in ‘charring square ‘ apts…. monroe is filled to the brim with sick fucks.

  4. How low does the human race have to sink? It’s appalling.

  5. Awwww… come on, y’all – she needed the laptop so she could look at more kiddie porn online!  And you know, joking around with your kids helps them develop a healthy sense of humor.


    Maybe this breeder will get to make that ‘payment’ while she is in jail on child prostitution charges.  To several fellow inmates, aided by Mr. Broom. 

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