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Rape not reported; 12-year-old pregnant

Man accused of impregnating 12-year-old

Jessica Horton is a “mother” who, in my opinion, is more concerned with the wellbeing of her sperm provider than she is the safety of her own children.  Read on.  I’m sure you will share my opinion by the time you reach the end.  Oh… and, if the words “fuck” or “c***” bother you, stop reading now.  Calling this c*** a c*** is almost too kind.

33-year-old Horton was / is married to James L. Horton, a registered sex offender.  While that doesn’t make her a c***, the fact that she had young daughters, that her pervert of a husband had access to, does.  Had access to?  That’s an underfuckingstatement.  The sick bastard helped himself to the missus’ 12-year-old daughter – SINCE BEFORE SHE TURNED 12!!  Not that 12 is a magic number that makes it better, just that… fuck.

The Horton’s were living inLouisiana, but moved toTexasshortly after the 12-year-old became pregnant with her step-father’s child.  She and her siblings were still allowed to visit their grandparents inShreveportover the holidays, which turned out to be a mistake on Mrs. Horton’s part, but a blessing for the child.  She told her grandparents of the perversion that she was being subjected to at home and they reported it to authorities.

Mrs. Horton was arrested and is being charged with being a principal to aggravated rape and criminal neglect of family for failing to report the abuse her husband was imposing on her daughter.  I’m not sure why she not being charged with more.  She might as well have held her baby girl down while that monster had his way with her.  She certainly did NOTHING to protect her.

Mr. Horton was initially arrested on a warrant for failing to report his move out of state and was charged with failure to register as a sex offender.  He has since been charged with aggravated rape and is being held without bond.

James Horton was convicted in 2000 for indecent behavior with juveniles.  Doesn’t this sound like the perfect candidate to be step-daddy to a pre-teen girl?  What in the fuck was this disgusting tw*t thinking when she married his sorry ass?  Oh, I know what she was thinking – “Breaking me off some of that.  As long as I get laid, who cares if he fucks my kids”.  Stupid c***.

The children are in the custody of their grandparents.  I hope they never have to see their selfish tw*t of a mother again.

Thanks go to Lori for the tip.

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  1. It’s kind of frightening how nice and normal he looks…when in truth he’s heinous and disgusting.

  2. I hate bitches that put a man before their own children. There is no penis in the world that would allow me to do so. I don’t know which person is worse in this case, “the mother” or the sick perv that likes to engage in sex with girls that have yet to hit puberty. Worst wishes for the both of them. I wonder if she is going to give birth to his child? That is horrible. A child is a precious gift, but when the child comes from a child raping monster, how can it be? I feel really bad for this girl.

  3. Nevermind, I now see that she is 5 months pregnant. WOW, just fucking WOW! I’ve never realized just how many monsters there are out there until I came across PBB, well now Bad Breeders. I got to thank you guys! After reading all of these sick stories, it makes me more cautious of my own children. You never know who you can trust.

    1. Cae, it’s worse than you could possibly imagine… even after reading here at BB.  But it’s good to see someone having the proper response to these horrors.  Too many do exactly the opposite of being more cautious… they go into denial, which is frightening.  

  4. Two bullets, no waiting.

  5. No one should have to give birth at 12. I wonder if her bones will even allow for the passage of a baby or if she’ll have to deliver via C-section. What a nightmare.  If only the pregnancy had been discovered in time for her to have a first-trimester abortion. Too late now.

    1. Hopefully, she and her siblings will be placed with her grandparents (who seem to actually care for them), and she’ll at least get the medical care she needs to be as safe as possible.  But that shit can wreck a kid’s body.  

      I know the pervert will get his in prison (still want to start that skittle fund, so these douches can be the proper “skittle bitches” that they deserve to be, along with the cigarette fund with the pervert trading cards to alert other inmates to their presence and why they’re there), but I pray that the “mother” gets hers, too.  She needs her ovaries removed with a rusty spoon for allowing her perverted penis anywhere near her children in the first place, but to allow him to impregnate her, then to move out of state to hide the fact?  

  6. Ewww…did not read that the mother is pregnant.  So she AND her 12-year-old daughter are pregnant by the same man at the same time?  I just threw up a little in my mouth.  That is too disgusting.  I pray that they give BOTH of those babies up for adoption.

    1. Is the mother pregnant?

    2. How horrifying!! The mother & sex offender should be lynched!!

  7. This keeps happening. I think we’re doomed as a society.

  8. The worst part is some of these sick women ARE in denial. (not that im sayin this dumb ass was) but….Some of these siccos go into these relationships eyes wide shut! They are certain they have the ability to change these monsters….all they need is “another” chance or “a little more time”. To hell with the Florence Nightengale syndrome. they all deserve to go to prison. If they can’t or won’t put their children first we can sure as hell put them in prison.

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