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Grandmother kills her granddaughter in a murder/suicide.

Deaths of Janice Robbins, Abby Robbins ruled murder suicide
Janice Robbins Stabbed Granddaughter, Killed Self

64-year-old Janice Robbins of Conway, Arkansas did the unthinkable. Not only did she commit suicide by burning herself to death, but she took  her 7-year old granddaughter Abby with her. Janice had stabbed Abby in the chest before setting fire to the house, which resulted in them both losing their lives. The county coroner has reported that both Abby and Janice were alive when the fire was started and both died of smoke inhalation.  I’ll give you a second to process all that.  Yes, Abby had a stab wound to the chest and was likely in a world of pain, and then it was the smoke inhalation that eventually killed her.

Janice had adopted Abby after her son, Army Staff Sgt. William T. “Terry” Robbins, died in Iraq because he was shot by another solider in an argument over alcohol in 2005. Janice had also lost a younger son, years prior. He was a teenager and from what I’ve found, he committed suicide.  Sources have also said that Janice had a 3rd son that she had no contact with because his wife didn’t allow it. So I’m sure that after losing Abby’s dad in Iraq, Janice felt all alone and extremely depressed.

I won’t pretend for a second that I know what it feels like to lose a child, never mind 2 children. I won’t pretend that I understand PTSD or feeling so helpless and depressed that taking your own life seems like the only viable option.  Regardless of ALL of that, it is not okay in any shape, form, or fashion to murder your granddaughter and take her with you because you think that is what is best for her. The suicide note that was found included this; ‘Can’t stand to see Abby left behind’ and ‘pray for my soul’.

Authorities are reported saying that this was no spur of the moment decision on Janice’s part. In her truck, the discovered the suicide note, Abby’s birth certificate, Janice’s will, and other important documentation. This was pre-convinced, and well thought out.  So, in my humble opinion, Janice had the time to seek help if she needed it. Why not turn to a professional? Why not surround yourself with people that love you and could help bring you back up? Why not drop Abby off with another family member and then just kill yourself? So many “what if’s” and not enough answers.  Abby paid the ultimate price for Janice’s selfish decision with her life. A life that had not even begun to begin.

Neighbors, friends, and family members have said that Janice was a doting grandmother, completely wonderful and amazing in every way. That when Abby ‘s adoption finally came through that she was over the moon. That little Abby switched to calling her momma after that. Abby was described as a “smart, happy, articulate” little girl.

Only thing I can find about her bio-mother is that she lives out of state and they can’t find her yet.  That gets a big fat WTF from me… but hoping to find more on  her the more I read up or when more reports come out.

RIP sweet Abby. Your life ended far too soon sweet girl. I hope that you’re dancing in heaven with your daddy.


RIP Abby

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.

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  1. Another damn family annihilator, like Mary Ann Holder and Aide Mendez.  Family annihilators used to be 90% male, but that seems to be changing.  Family annihilators can’t stand to go on living, for whatever reason, and they decide that their children can’t go on living either without “wonderful” them.  In reality, anyone who would kill a child is someone that the child – and the rest of us – can easily do without.  Rest in pieces, you selfish bitch.

  2. This is so sad. Her mother is MIA. Her father died/was murdered…and her only caretaker was a depressed lunatic who decided to take not only her own life, but the life of an innocent little girl. I agree with you, completely selfish!
    I don’t care how bad you think your life is…It’s never so bad that you have to drag children/others down into your suicidal spiral. Clearly, grandma wasn’t in a good mental state. How the hell was she granted custody? 

  3. The selfishness of this woman’s act is appalling.   Depression is common, few people have not suffered from it from time to time.  Most of us know to get help, not kill ourselves and take others with us.   She cannot imagine leaving Abby behind?   To live with people who would want her and take good care of her?  To grow up and have new experiences?   Why the hell not?   And although property is a minor issue compared to that precious little girl’s life, notice what else she did – she burned the house down.   She could have left to a living Abby to pay for college or other needs in the future.    No, if grandma is not happy, then the entire world should just cease to exist.

  4. Heartbreaking

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