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Man Charged w/Murder of 18 Month Old Boy


Kerry Hawkins


I guess 29 year old Kerry Hawkins has read the child abuse for dummies handbook and decided the abusive couch and killer bathtub just wasn’t going to cut it when he beat his girlfriend’s 18 month old son to death.  So he hatched a master plan in that tiny pea brain of his.

He called 911 and reported a home invasion.  Jerk-off told police that two black males broke into his home, assaulted the baby and him and then fled.  Officer’s found the baby unresponsive; he was taken to the hospital and listed as critical but died the next day.

“Due to a meticulous and thorough investigation, the investigators identified the boyfriend as the suspect who (allegedly) physically assaulted the victim,” police said.  Hawkins was arrested and charged with first degree child abuse but now faces a murder charge.

Of course the defenders are lining up for their 15 minutes of fame…  His sister claims he could never do this because he has 5 kids of his own!  Since when has that ever mattered in these cases?!?  Not to mention, this wasn’t HIS child!!  Then there is a neighbor that states he’s lived there for 2 years and even worked with him a few times and never had any problems.  He says he’s a “good guy”.  Of course you wouldn’t have problems with this tw*t!!  This “good guy” beats on babies not grown men you fucking moron!!

According to the sister he was helping the mother out by letting her stay with him for a short while.  So here again we have a “mother” that leaves her precious baby in the care of the new boyfriend and the results are disastrous!  Neighbors say the “mother” has “moved on”…

I don’t know about anyone else but he doesn’t seem to have any injuries in his mug-shot above!!  One would think if “they” were callous enough to beat that baby to death then he’d at least have oh, I don’t know maybe a black eye, broken nose or jaw…  Something!  Here’s hoping the cowardly dildo actually does get assaulted in jail, repeatedly!!


R.I.P. Baby Boy


Thanks for the tip goes to Deena


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  1. You know,  male animals have a habit of trying to murder offspring that aren’t theirs.  Look at the lions.  A male lion will kill the cubs of another male to make sure that any potential competitors against his offspring have been eliminated.  

    This man, and men like him are no better than the animals they emulate.  

    The mark of a human is the compassion to look after children NO MATTER WHAT.  Doesn’t matter if the child is yours or not.  It’s a CHILD….ignore that stupid basal animal part of your brain saying “MUST KILL BABBY NOT MINE KILL”  and become a human for fuck sakes…

    Lions, and Chimps, and other animals kill offspring that aren’t their get.  Humans are better than that.  Or we think they SHOULD be…I’m starting to doubt..then I look at my husband…and I know there are a few human males still around who won’t beat the shit out of and kill another man’s child..but adopt him/her and care for him/her as his very own.

  2. fucker looks like a dog with its tail between its legs b/c it shit all over the floor

  3. Oh this makes me so mad. I remember dating as a newly single mom and to date she has only met a small handful of long term partners. I don’t bring them into her life unless they have a reasonable chance of staying long term and are aware that she comes before them in my priority list. I dated a couple of true losers.  One who didn’t want to hear about the cute things she was doing (and toddlers are endlessly cute and endlessly inventive and I’m a proud mama). He got two dates (that’s when he made that request that I never ever mention her, introduce her, or basically think about her when I was with him. FUCK THAT) and I dumped his ass. Second one made the job even easier – he announced on the first date that he wanted nothing to do with “some guy’s abandoned kid” and I went into full on mama bear mode (my ex may have abandoned ME but I’m a big girl and I can put on my big girl panties. I still get pissed when I think about him walking away from our 8 month old daughter). Yea I never called him back either.

  4. what a very distubed monster he is. hope he gets what he deserved.

  5. In many of these posts the mother gets criticized for leaving her child with her new boyfriend. If the mother is truly innocent of any abuse and she simply left the child with her new boyfriend I dont think its fair to assume she is not a good mother. There are millions of mothers who have children and are single. Then they meet what they believe is a great guy and trust him. Provided if they new each other a week that would be different. But what if they had been dating for years and all signs point to him being a great man? You cant say that a woman should NEVER leave her child with someone not related by blood.

    1. Sometimes people can fool you.  They can compartmentalize their evil behavior and show a seemingly good side to others.  We see this all the time when ‘beloved’ coaches or clergymen or ‘good family men or women” turn out to be child molesters.   When no one has had an inkling of the truth, we get tragedies that probably could not have been prevented.   But we are just as likely to read that people had their suspicions but did nothing or that children tried to tell and weren’t believed.

      As for the moms of abused and murdered children, if you google the cases presented here and follow interviews with and testimony from these ‘clueless’ Moms, most of the time you can see how tragedies could have been and should have been prevented.   “Sure, he hit me from time to time but I never thought he’d hit a child.”  “I knew he hurt our son, but I didn’t realize he was actually breaking bones.”   “I didn’t know he had a long record of violence and had been in an out of prison.”  “I didn’t stop the abuse because I didn’t want him to hit ME.” “I wanted to believe it would get better.”

    2. I would say the mom bears some of the blame in about nine cases out of ten; either she knew the guy was an abuser, and didn’t do anything about it, or would have known if she’d exercised reasonable care.  In maybe one case in ten, the abuse strikes like a bolt from the blue that no one could have seen coming.  So maybe you can’t blame the mom in every single case – and there have been cases on this site where the writer specifically declined to blame the mom – but usually you can.  At the end of the day, it’s HER child and HER responsibility.

  6. Aw, gee, doesn’t he look sad and remorseful. Guess what, assface? IT DOESN’T MATTER! I know if someone beat my precious boy to death it wouldn’t matter a damn bit if they were sorry. I hope he’s sorry all the way to the death penalty, yeah right, like THATS going to happen, after all he only killed a baby!

  7. I allow my ex husband to still spend time with my daughter every couple weeks without my supervision, and she is not his biological child. I do this because while we were married she got very close to him and him to her, he was her father and he treated her as such. It would truly hurt her to be ripped from her fahter so I do what I believe is best. He has never shown me ANY signs that he would be abusive to me or her. Is this negligence on my part? Should I stop contact assuming something may happen?

    1. I would say it would do more psychological harm for your daughter to be abandoned by her daddy-figure as long as they have a healthy, non-abusive relationship. Not EVERY man is a potential-abuser and if she continues to look forward to her ‘daddy time’ with enthusiasm and comes home talking excited about all the fun they had together (and isn’t covered in bruises) then I wouldn’t worry. 

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