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All it needs is a pipe - I'll let you decide where to put  it.
All it needs is a pipe…and a sailor cap

DNA leads to rape arrest in 1978 Biloxi teen’s murder

I thought it was only fair since I’ve been gone so long that I should start with this story – which is pretty old. I ran a cross it and thought that since Lady Justice took such a long time in coming for this girl, the least I could do was call her sperm donor the animal he is.

On to the details. William Taylor called the police on July 11, 1978, to tell them that he had arrived home from work to find his fifteen-year-old daughter, Sherri Taylor, dead in the bathroom of the trailer they lived in. She had been stabbed repeatedly and was covered in semen. More on that later… Although they pursued a suspect at the time, they couldn’t make a case against him, and the case went cold.

Flash forward to 2011. Forensic investigation has improved dramatically, and the powers that be decided to reopen Sherri’s case. Lo and behold, they got a hit when they tested the semen – William Taylor! It seems that Popeye up there had a little too much spinach one day, and decided to rape and kill his daughter. I have to give the guy credit for having balls of cast iron, though – he called the cops himself, aided in the investigation, and still managed to evade suspicion for 34 YEARS! Too bad for him that the scientific community has continued to improve investigative techniques over the years. I wonder who decided to re-open the case though, because you know it couldn’t have been HIS idea! Anyone who has seen even one episode of CSI would know better than to ask for a new investigation on a case where he knew his swimmers had been found.

According to details in the article, the sperminator up there admitted to having sex with his daughter, but says he did not kill her. He rapes his kid and then gets blamed for a murder committed by someone else. Don’t you feel sorry for the guy? Yeah, me neither. First because I don’t believe his story, and second because even if I did believe he had nothing to do with her death, he still freakin’ raped his daughter. In what remote corner of the known universe is sex with your kid acceptable behavior? This entire story has sickened me, but now we get to the part that made me almost lose my lunch….

Covered in semen. Actually, the investigator said “Semen was covered all over her body”. The mental image alone made me gag, but then I thought – how many times did this guy rape his daughter – just on that day – to ‘cover her body’ with semen? I have six children, so I have seen how male parts work. Those things only produce maybe a teaspoon at a time. He must have raped her repeatedly, and over a long period of time, in order to produce that much jolly juice. But hey, at least he didn’t kill her. Sure. OK. Whatever.

I can’t write any more about this right now, so I’ll leave it to the readers. Don’t forget to read my caption under the picture. Most of you who are near my age probably picture the corncob pipe that Popeye was so famous for when we were kids, as I did. But feel free to be creative. Any pipe will do. And put it anywhere you like. I think an ear-to-ear body piercing with a sewage pipe might be nice.

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Updated: January 31, 2012 — 1:14 pm


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  1. Welcome back!  I”ll have more time to play after next weekend, so don’t go anywhere before then.

    1. I don’t plan to.  I’ll still be here. Not every day, but a lot.

  2. How disgusting…this man doesn’t deserve to breathe. Pig.

  3. Disgusting effing PIG!!!!!!!

  4. No such thing as a “perfect crime”  You’ll get busted…eventually.

  5. I am guessing this filthy excuse for a living creature didn’t rape her all day long to cover her in the semen, He looks the type to spank his monkey over her dead body for however long or as many times as he physically could. Disgusting waste of life!

    1. Wow, and I thought the visual imagery couldn’t get any worse for this story.  Thanks for proving me wrong, Beanie.  I’ll go and bleach my brain now to try and remove those images…

  6. GAG!!! Sad to say but I think Beanie is right. Well it looks like he does not have any teeth. IF he ends up in prison I hope he becomes so damn popular that he is covered in semen 24/7.
    Angel- I love the way you presented this information. (I hate to say story as that could imply falsehoods, hatin, boredom and the inability to get laid to some of the trolls that lurk around this site.)

    1. Debbie, thanks for the kind words, and don’t worry – trolls don’t bother me.  I think they’re pretty fun, actually.  They give me a chance to blow off some steam in a constructive manner. 

      Besides, I survived Cina.  She may have been before your time….   However, if I can survive her asinine behavior, I can’t imagine that anyone else might bother me too terribly much.  She was a troll extraordinaire. LOL

      1. Girl you gotta e-mail me(ask April)
         I was thrilled when I got my first— I hope you die and I am a dumb c*** who needs to get a job also I am fat and ugly and cant get laid………. all in the same post!

        1. WAKE UP CALL!!!!

          Sorry. That was more for Angel than you. I better hide before Trench bans me.

          PRECIOUS PENIS!! And all that nonsense.

          1. I love you more each day….

          2. Mmmmm. Then you should see the sexy little get up I’m rocking today. You may just be in love all over again.

        2. Wow! I didn’t know you and I were twins! Nice to meet you, sis!

          I never could figure out how I got six kids, when I’m so ugly I’ve never been laid…. I’m just lucky that way, I guess.  Immaculate conception – times six. I hear I will be receiving my sainthood for that miraculous feat next week. 

  7. “I yam what I yam.”  A filthy rapist pig.

    “Well blow me down!”  With a shotgun, preferably loaded with a nice fat deer slug.

    1. And let’s not forget Olive Oil – what he should be doused in before being set on fire…..

  8. Corncob pipe stem down the urethra (‘sounding’). Oh and give him scabies (permanent low grade irritant and keep him tied so he can’t scratch/itch. That poor girl, I can only imagine (as a rape survivor myself) what she must have gone through. Revolting. And where the hell was the mother?

    1. What I got from the original article was that when the parents divorced, the girl chose to go with her father.  Considering the rape and murder, I’m wondering if it was really a choice or if the father threatened her in order to get her to go with him.  Regardless, the mother should have known something was going on.  More than one person should be held liable for this child’s death.

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