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James Tapke takes a joke to a new level of “DUH”

Ohioman put daughter in cage, threatened to electrocute her

Police: Father locked daughter in cage, photos made it to Facebook

Threat to electrify dog cage with girl inside just ‘horseplay’

Police: Father bound daughter with duct tape, locked her in dog cage


That chick magnet right there… Yeah… The one with the really sweet mullet, that’s 41-year-old James Tapke.  If hair was brains, this mulletastic fucktard wouldn’t be gracing the pages off, but he is.

The Mullet King “allegedly” put his 13-year-old daughter in a dog cage after binding her hands and her feet with duct tape as a form of punishment.  After she escaped, he put her back in the cage and threatened to electrocute her with an electrical jump pack if she escaped again.  Well, alrighty then.

Tapke’s arrest came after concerned parents saw pictures of the girl in the cage his son posted on Facebook.  Good o’l Facebook.  Taking down child abusing asshats one at a time.

The police report states that, while the girl was in the cage, Tapke dropped water on her face. The girl was in the cage for roughly 20 minutes before her brother let her out.  Tapke bound her and put her back in the cage.  He then told his son to go to the garbage and retrieve the electrical jump pack so he could electrify the cage.

The child was eventually let out of the cage and the duct tape removed by her grandmother.

Tapke’s attorney is claiming that is was all horseplay; A joke.  Really?  A fucking joke?

Tapke is being charged with one count of child endangerment.  He has been released on $50,000 bond. The children are staying with their grandparents.

How long until this motherfucker is in a cage?  Not soon enough, I suppose.

Thanks go to everyone who sent this one in.

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  1. that is creepy on SO many levels…disturbing that the brother didn’t apparently there was anything wrong in posting the pictures to facebook too!! wonder what kind of brainwashing he’s been getting about the status of women?

  2. Wow, terrorizing 13 year old girls– what a man.

    1. Naw. That makes him a pussy. The mullet makes him a “man”.

  3. Ugh. That’s just fucking cruel and I hope he roasts.

    Now, my 5yo son thinks it’s hillarious to crawl into the dog crate at my mom’s house. (we need to drag him out because that’s the DOG’S Bed..not his)  but the antics of this walking penis is just..ew.  

  4. The comment that confuses me most about this story is:

    “The child was eventually let out of the cage and the duct tape removed by her grandmother.”

    Does this mean that the grandmother was there the whole time, and allowed this travesty to occur? If that is the case, then why in the name of Satan’s underpants is she not sitting in a cell adjoining the one her son is in?  Bound and waterboarded as electricity flows through the bars? Sombody please explain this to me….

    1. I know. I couldn’t find that info, but it sure the fuck sounds like it.

  5. What an asshole.It sicken me that good parents are being replaced by trash like this.

  6. you may not believe me, but i know the son. This was in all honesty a joke. It did go too far, Hut even the daughter says so. The judge and prosecutor won’t let her testify, But I have heard from her mouth “Dad played a joke, and my brother put pics on Facebook. what’s the big fuckin missunderstanding.”
    Don’t be so hard on people you know nothijg abiut.
    the article was funy as hell though. me and the son are reading and laughing our asses off. A+ for comedy bro.

    1. Well, since you are not the normal asshole defender, I will just say this duct taping a child and putting her in a cage is in no way funny or a joke.

      I am sure April will appreciate the compliment on her creative writing skills in the post, she does ROCK! But she is definitely not a Bro.

      1. Nope. I have a set of glorious tits that would prove otherwise.

        1.  April, where you live, you should know better than anyone that men can have a set of ‘glorious tits’ too – if they have enough money and a good surgeon. Just sayin’…

    2. Figures a guy named Texx would find this funny. This shit is only funny to trailer trash. 

    3. Bro…. I’m a woman. But, hey, whatev – Even if it was a joke, it was a bad one. If the charges are dropped, let me know and I will remove the thread.

  7. It’s definitely time for intervention if Dad and son think this is acceptable behavior.  I’m not surprised that the daughter has been brainwashed into defending her father.  I wonder what else is going on in that household.

    Even if I hadn’t read the story I could tell what a charmer ol’ Dad is by the picture I saw of him giving the media the finger while he was being arrested.

    Come on Texx, you can’t possibly think duct taping a child, putting her in a dog case,  dropping water on her, and threatening to electrocute her is funny.   Nothing is funny when someone is physically restrained and threatened, especially when it’s a child.  Gone too far?  What was too far, what would have made this an okay joke?  ALL of it was wrong, from start to finish.

    1. I bet some Natty Ice was involved. 

      1. This site is educational!  I had to look that up, lol!

  8. Okay, I can believe that the duct-taping was a joke.  Locking the girl in a cage was a joke gone too far.  But electrifying it?  Holy shit.  That’s not a joke.  Nor is pouring water on someone’s face while they’re caged.  “Joke gone too far” my ass.  

  9. There’s something wrong with a criminal justice system that would allow a  psychopath like this out on bond under any circumstances. Wouldn’t you say someone capable of an act of sadism this extreme is a little too dangerous to be allowed to walk the streets?

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