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Julian Gates aka Pussy Boy

That tough guy wannabe up there is 22 year old Julian L. Gates.  Pussy boy likes to beat on 3 year old little girls.  The tw*t is being charged with first degree murder in the death of his live in girlfriend’s 3 year old daughter Mia Caito.

This baby girl was covered from head to toe with bruises!  She died from “multiple trauma” according to the coroner.  Sgt Michael Hundelt stated, “In 20-plus years of law enforcement, this is one of the most heinous things we’ve seen.”

It seems that bio-bitch, Brandy Johnson, left that beautiful baby with the prick while she went to work Friday.  (That is not why I’m referring to her as a breeder and not a mother.)  At about 6:45pm a 911 call was made by the murder’s sister reporting an unresponsive child.  I need to make this clear; she was not there when he beat this child!  She came home hours after the beating and found little Mia and called 911.  Family members took Mia to the hospital before police arrived while the abusive bastard went for a walk.  One report said she died on the way to the hospital, another said she died at the hospital…

The police have a timeline because the neighbors heard the beating!  Now, let that sink in a minute…  The heard him yelling at and hitting this baby and her screaming and crying out in pain and fear.  They heard it all and not one of the worthless, selfish fucks picked up a phone and dialed 9-1-1!  They say they couldn’t intercede because they feared for their lives…  What a bunch of fucking spineless, morally bankrupt c***s you all are!!!  You don’t know true fear!!  What do you think Mia felt?!?  I truly hope that you hear those cries for the rest of your miserable lives!!  I hope they haunt you until you waste away straight to hell!!  Sadly, that would only work if you had a conscience and obviously none of you do!!!  Mia’s blood is on your hands just as much as the fucker that actually killed her!!  You deserve the same punishment!!  It took officers less than 5 minutes to get to the scene, had these worthless pricks called 911 when it was happening she probably wouldn’t have lost her life…

According to the coroner this wasn’t a one time thing.  Mia’s injuries were in various stages of healing.  So even if the breeder didn’t abuse this baby she had to know her dildo was and she still left her with him!!!  She’s being investigated for neglect.

Mia was in a foster home for a year and then sent back to this worthless c***!  She should be charged with murder just like the fuck she let abuse this child to death!!

He’s pled not guilty and is being held on a $2 million bond.

I’m going to end this with a quote from Andrew Robertson.  He and his wife Shannon were Mia’s foster parents.  He says his family is mourning the loss deeply.  “Mia was an amazing, bright, happy baby,” Robertson said.  “She was a brilliant, shining child.”

My heart goes out to them and their family.

Your smile is lighting up the heavens beautiful Mia! Be at peace.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.


Thanks to Deena for the tip on this one.



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  1. I’m weeping as I read that and weeping as I post this. My partner and I are fighting secondary infertility (and saving up for IVF out of pocket) and I see some useless bitch just treat her child as disposable.

    1. Cyn…. great write-up as always…I hate this prick, but knew you’d handle him just perfectly and you did!

      thecatsmeow….I am crossing my fingers (and toes) for you! Good luck!

      1. Thanks.  This one was a bit rough to get going.  I had to get past the incredible sadness of it and get pissed! 

        Not only do I hate him and the worthless slag, I hate every neighbor that could have stopped it and didn’t!!

        I told the hubby last night I could never be a cop!  I don’t have that much restraint, I probably would have placed a bullet in all their heads as they told me they did nothing…

        Everyone that failed that baby deserves nothing less than death!

        1. I agree CynicalMe! High velocity lead therapy sounds perfect for all of them. Straight to the head. Pisses me off!!

          1. I opened this page with the intent of saying that. God damn…people who wantonly kill defenseless creatures – especially babies – need to be cleansed.

  2. What is the f#@&$%g deal with these females that it is so important to have a dick!? The majority of these stories are bf kills/abuses/molests baby while the “mom” is at work…clubbing…makin a drug run…or just conveniently out! I wish these f@#&$#s would pick on someone their own size, say a 280 lb steroidal wrestler on a happy coctail like meth and shrooms so he could rip em a new one while laughing the whole way, perhaps a packed audience of faithful BB viewers and police who would do absolutely NOTHING to help the POS!!!

    1. Loving the shit out of you!

    2. Trade your kid for a penis or a paycheck most often just a penis! This aggravates and saddens me to no end

  3. and once again, penis trumps all.  RIP little angel. 🙁  Hope if you get reincarnated you’ll be given to a family who actually appreciates your beautiful soul.

  4. I completely agree with CynicalMe about the neighbors. I would love to put, not only the fucktard up there in front of the Bad Ass BB readers (as Pcoans suggested) but the neighbors as well. I could NEVER sit and listen to a child’s screams and not do anything. I wish one of them would drop by and attempt to defend their actions here so I could release some of this pent up stress and aggression upon them. I hope they explain the details of this punk’s misdeeds to his cellmate in prison so some REAL justice can be hand delivered.

    thecatsmeow-I wish you all the luck in the world, you sound as if you deserve it!

  5. I am sick after reading this!!   I fuckin hate them all, everyone of them from the bitchass baby murderer, to the mother, to the punk ass neighbors who were an accessory to this baby’s murder!  I am so pissed off right now! 

  6. Heartbreaking….

  7. Erin-Danica's Mommy

    This is the first one in a long time to actually make me cry.  My precious baby girl is three.  She also has a smile that can just melt your heart.  She also has long, curly hair just like Mia’s.  This one just rips my heart out and stomps all over it.  What a bunch of worthless POS neighbors.  I just cannot believe that anyone could hear a child in distress like that and not intervene.  I just cannot imagine sitting in my house/apartment and hear a child being beaten and not doing anything about it.  🙁  I know how my daughter’s face alone just kills me when she is just in trouble and I am trying to explain to her why she has disappointed me.  How anyone can just ignore a child in distress just blows me away.  My favorite quote is “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”  It is SO TRUE.  The person who does nothing is just as guilty as the person who committed the crime.  RIP Mia.  I can tell by your gorgeous smile you were a precious, smart, funny, bright little girl.



  9. Oh good God! How can the neighbors sit there and listen to that poor baby girl being beaten? They are just as guilty as the turds that cause this child’s death! I hope they don’t have children… Ugh!

    *This is MickeyMouse. Changed my name. Just FYI

  10. I’m a huge fan of this site.. I went to high school with the mother and she was a nice girl, I just wonder where she went wrong in her life. She had other kids that she didn’t take care of.. I can only hope she rots right along side him. RIP baby Mia 🙁

    1. Sweet!  Someone who knows the accused and doesn’t defend them!  (we get way too many people here who ‘know’ the accused and defend them to the hilt…)

  11. Gates should be put to death in the most gruesome way ever.He doesn’t deserve to live.

  12. I’m guessing this happened in one of those communities where “snitches get stitches” and the neighbors’ fear of retaliation from the breeding units and their allies overrode any sort of worry about the child.

    1. I would take stitches over that precious baby’s blood on my hands any day. That being said, I agree completely. What cowards!

  13. If I would have been one of those neighbors…the only reason the cops woulda been called was because that piece of shit right there would have been drug out into his front yard (or hallway whatever) and I would have been beating him with a dull hatchet. Why the hell do ADULTS beat on little children? Easy targets? As for the egg donor…I hope she goes to jail too.

    1.  To answer your question – people who abuse children in any manner are themselves cowards. They abuse children because they are too cowardly to pick on someone their own size.  Because they know that they would get their arses kicked by anyone even remotely resembling an adult.

  14. Stupid neighbors, they should have been arrested too.  What a bunch of selfish jerks.  I hope they go to hell right along with Gates.

  15. What kind of monster could look at this adorable little baby girl and even think about raising a hand to her? And those neighbors who didn’t do a damn thing are just as guilty.

  16. I witnessed my new neighbor beating his 6 year old son with a stick at least 2 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 feet long… the day they moved in. You bet I called 911 immediately. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a news story where the neighbors say, “I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know it was that bad, ” after the child is dead. What I saw my neighbor do enraged and saddend me so much that I have filled out a CASA volunteer application and will begin training to be a court appointed advocate for children next spring. Too many children fall between the cracks and degree holding social workers apparently have too many cases (on average 30-50 at any given time in my county) to really give any one case their full attention. I strongly recommend looking into your county’s CASA program if the stories on this website are breaking your heart and infuriating you at the same time, like they are me.

  17. I literally lost my mind reading this. People ignore shit like this? How could they.! How DARE they!

    1.  I agree I get pissed every time I see shit like this.

  18. I’m on the fence on this one…sure, the neighbours SHOULD have called the police as soon as they heard the abuse & they are arseholes for not doing that but as far as confronting an abuser, that’s potentially very dangerous to you & your own family.

    I have little kids of my own & I would be scared to go & confront someone in case they killed me, resumed what they were doing to their own kid then turned on mine in retaliation! 

    I would however have called the cops immediately & possibly thrown a rock through a window to distract him for a bit…

    1. This is why I own guns! This demon spawned prick should just be pit down like the rabid animal he is.

      1. I agree Clevo, I would have called and confronted anyway. I would be willing to take a bullet for any child in this situation. I have raised my children to not only stick up for themselves but others like this.

  19. I live in an apartment and heard my neighbor (grown woman) getting beat up and could clearing hear him yell that now she couldn’t call for help. I assumed he yanked the phone cord out of the wall or broke the phone against the wall. I could hear her crying and begging for him to stop. I called the police and when they arrived she wouldn’t open the door. Come to find out she had a restraining order out on the guy. They both got arrested and 3 days later she came to my door and instead of thanking me, SHE threatened to beat my #$% because I had no right to call the police on what was just them horsing around. OMG

    1. I called the police on my current upstairs neighbor and got the same reaction. He was beating his wife and 11ish year old son; you could hear the agony in the poor boys voice.
      The next day they both came down and tried to get pushy with my husband and I.
      But if I hear it again I’ll still call them, no child deserves that in life.

  20. Gates pled guilty this week…

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