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Joshua Beall

See that phallic looking individual, that’s 28 year old Joshua Valton Beall.  He’s been charged with felony injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.  According to him and his many defenders this was a “freak accident”.

It’s the same story we hear daily.  The “mom”, Tiffany Wells, goes to work, in this case stripping so she was gone most of the night, and leaves her boyfriend/fiancé to watch the baby.  Fast forward to the next morning, the baby is found unresponsive and 911 is called.

Suffering from a skull fracture and a subdural hematoma, 16 month old Casen Wells was flown to the hospital where he would die 10 days later.  According to the walking dick with ears, the baby was standing on the couch, fell and hit his head on the coffee table and then the floor.  He noticed it swelling but did nothing.  I wonder if it took him all night to come up with that one?!?  I guess that’s why little Casen went all fucking night without medical treatment for his injuries!!! 

Now, we all know how troublesome doctors can be, a child abuse expert that examined little Casen said there is no way the injuries we’re from a fall or accidental.  The injuries were caused by either being hit in the head with a blunt object or by the baby being struck against something.

The skanky ass tw*t is defending her dildo to anyone that will listen!  She gave an interview in attacking the media:

“Y’all need to get your facts together before you start posting shit all over the news.”

“I will defend him to the end because I know what kind of person he is and he did not hurt that child.”

“He would not hurt him and I can’t believe that everybody is making us seem like monsters.  This is awful.  Let us mourn the death of our son.  Stop this!”

According to CPS they terminated her rights to another child in 2009 for physically neglecting him.  Of course they’re lying too,  “My rights were never terminated to my son, never.  My mother has him.  I can see him whenever I want.”

While researching this, I ended up on that reporter’s facebook page.  On this page the pathetic uterus, using the pussy’s profile, and many others including this freak’s mother were vehemently defending him!  They keep pointing out how much of a “good guy” and “good father” he is.  They are attacking this reporter for reporting the story and anyone that speaks up for Casen.

The prick has a history of domestic abuse, he pled no contest to it, but they claim he would never hurt a child.  According to the ex girlfriend, she was pregnant with his biological child when he attacked her and he kicked her in the stomach during the attack!  Sounds like a candidate for Father of the Year…  More like Pussy of the Year!!

Police are waiting for the autopsy results for further charges.  He’s being held on $150,000 bond.


My thoughts are with Casen’s father, his family, and the people that truly loved Casen.


Rant On

I’ve read so much trailer trashy assed excuses for this it makes me sick!!  At one point a defender, pussy’s mother I believe, gave a scenario trying to show how this was an “accident”

“All – Casen liked to play on the couch once he learned to climb, Josh was playing Xbox, Casen was by his side on the couch, Casen fell, hit his head on coffee table then the floor.  Josh kept him up after the fall, putting ice on bump.  checking his vision and such.  Tiffany came home, 7 am the next moring Josh checked on Casen, he waked Tiffany and said call 911.  CPS was here today, she took more photo’s.  This was or is such a freak accident.  Casen had nothing but love in his heart, I miss him so!  This has changed my file in so many ways.”

Now being a gamer and running a LAN gaming business I’ve had major experience with the gaming mentality of most.  Most gamers get pissed when they lose or die in a game!  They look for someone or something to blame!!  I’ve had monitors punched and keyboards slammed and thrown in the shop!!  I’ve also had to stop what was quickly turning into a brawl!  The average age of these gamers is 25-35.  The younger groups seem a bit more relaxed!

Based on my experience I think part of this story is true.  He was on the couch and the asshole was playing the X-Box.  Most likely he died in the game, got pissed, and took it out on the baby!  It wouldn’t be the first time a baby was beaten to death by a game controller and sadly, I doubt it will be the last…

As for the c***astic breeder, you don’t have the right to mourn your son as long as you defend his killer!!  Wake the fuck up you dumb tw*t!!!  But what I’m I wasting my time for, you obviously don’t give a shit.  The state has already taken one child away from your neglectful ass I just wish they had taken Casen before you chose to expose him to an abusive piece of shit!!!

Rant Over

R.I.P. Sweet Boy You didn't deserve any of this!

Thanks for the tip go to Marcy and Jennifer G


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  1. That poor little dude 🙁  

    I bet that angel was playing in front of the TV and the walking dildo whipped the controller at his head.  Like another retarded sperm bank did at one point.  Remember that story?

    UGH.  Fucking bitch defending her dildo too.  Sterilize that cumdumpster that way she can get all the c*ck she wants without harming any more babies.

  2. Walking dick with ears! Love it!
    How much you wanna bet this egg donor finds her way to this page and starts bitching?

    1. Oooo….I Soooo hope she comes on here!!!! That would be awesome to watch her try to defend him. I’m getting a little excited just thinking about. I hope I don’t miss it!!

  3. holy fuck – who puts a hooters t-shirt on a baby????  i guess the same kind of tw*t who would leave her baby with some douche who has a domestic violence charge in his past.

    1. Um… I bought my son a Hooters shirt that says “Define Girlfriend”. But not when he was a baby.

    2. I was just thinking the same thing. We now know what kind of douche bags made this poor child. By the way, if “c***astic” isn’t in the dictionary it should be.

    3. Hooters shirts on anyone are trashy. Poor baby. Though I guess it makes most sense on a baby. My 8 month old certainly is enamored with the boob juice.

  4. Once when my mother and grandmother were watching my toddler daughter, in the same room with her, she suddenly stood up on the couch where she had been sitting and jumped up and down and fell and hit her head on the coffee table before they could grab her.  She’s fine, she just turned 34.  It didn’t even knock her unconscious.   Of course they were very upset at that time but fortunately no permanent harm was done.   Needless to say, I don’t believe this man’s story.

    To CynicalMe:   We just had one gamer get convicted of first degree murder as a result of child abuse today.  Hope it’s two for two.

    To Mickey:  I bet she does.  

    1. I used to routinely throw my console controllers and punch my keyboard. But I was a 13 year old girl.

  5. sweet baby boy. That little face…how do people do this?

    1. That face reminds me of what my youngest looked like last year around this time. :'( Makes me so sad and angry that people can do this to someone so innocent. I don’t buy his excuse as I know no one else here does, and every time I see something like this my first though is ‘what could they have possibly done to make you go off the deep end and kill them?’ I hate that children are looked upon by so many as an inconvenience, an annoyance, and something that needs to be kept at home until they can act “properly.” Why is it that we have so many laws that protect our pets with hefty sentencing and even more strict guidelines or cause to remove them, but we are able to hit our children and do damage like this and the sentencing is significantly lighter and you can get your children back? Why? Those that abuse or neglect their animals don’t get the luxury, a lot of the time, to take classes to gain custody of their animal again. Why is the case so different for children?

      1. Ha, I wish some parents would learn to control their children and teach them to behave properly before going out in public. Ever tried to have a nice quiet coffee with a friend while someone’s brats are tearing around the shop and the mums are completely oblivious/unwilling to control their offspring?

        1. Um…kind of?? But how does this relate to poor little Casen?

  6. Nice touch, mom, calling your own sweet baby “that child”.

    1. Good point, Nancy, that is VERY revealing.

    2. THANK YOU!!!  I think that one statement is VERY telling of what a c***bag that ho is.

  7. It truly amazes me with the excuses that fucks come up with. My 6 mos old son clunked his head in the tub the other day and then clunked it again when his 9 mos old cousin knocked him over (she is mobile). Needless to say I was worried about him. But he is fine. The human body is engineered to take normal bumps. This was no accident. Fuck him and fuck her. I couldn’t even imagine losing one of my kids. Just the thought makes me sick. R.I.P little Casen

  8. Good Rant, evil parenting.  Both the bastard and the bitch needs to get dropped kick out of their mortal coils and into a very very hot place.

  9. Love the “Hooters” onesie…so, your mother is an unmarried stripper who dresses you in clothes that a grown man should be embarassed to be seen in…

    RIP Casen.  Join the multitude of little angels in heaven.


  10. When I saw the “He was playing Xbox” part, I thought the same thing. Probably lost, got mad, took it out on the baby. 

  11. I would say” he’s guilty” just by looking at his face and  I can’t believe the “mother” is defending him.
    Poor, sweet baby boy, RIP

  12. Best line ever…”As for the c***astic breeder, you don’t have the right to mourn your son as long as you defend his killer!!  Wake the fuck up you dumb tw*t!!! ” I second that one. And I also liked anothe rline I read along these thread…sterilize the hoe so she can get as much c*ck as she wants without harming anymore babies.  Yep, that sounds right to me.

  13. “That” child?? “THAT” child??? Stupid fucking c***. How about “MY” or “OUR” child!
    Shut your nasty thin lipped, tweaker having, washed out face the fuck up.
    You defend your vag filler, but you don’t hardly mention your son. Oh wait, you then say something remotely like grief.
    You should see yourself on TV. There is no sorrow in your eyes. There is no grief. You are obviously lying or ignorant on when you can “see” your “other son”.
    I hope you find help and God forbid, breed another precious life.

    1. I agree with you,BananaSophmore.This bitch is stupid enough to defend her son’s murderer,instead of trying to get him prosecuted.She is a clear example of a Breeder so in need of a bed buddy that she forgets about the welfare of her son.She should either have got a vibrator or a hysterectomy,which would allow her to sleep around all she wants without ever getting pregnant.

      1. No doubt the mother would say that she didn’t use birth control because it was unnatural and unromantic.

        I guess leaving your baby with your new boyfriend overnight is a natural form of birth control to some people.

        1.  That last comment would be funny if it weren’t so sad…and true.

  14. I actually like the Hooters onesie. Fuck everything else.

    I’m a 25-year-0ld gamer who hangs with 23-35 gamers, most of them guys, and I can attest to GAME RAEG. I’ve slammed some keyboards and controllers into the ground myself.

    I’m actually wondering if fuckwit didn’t throw a controller in a rage and hit the baby in the head. Accidental but still pretty fucked up.

    Of course, if that happened, you’d think he’d just (idk) FUCKING TELL THE TRUTH AND REPORT THE ACCIDENT WHEN IT HAPPENED IM-FUCKING-MEDIATELY.

    Also, strippers make good money. Most of the “dancers” I know are very good at their craft and genuinely enjoy their work. They also leave any offspring with family, paid (trusted, responsible) sitters, or (gasp) their dads. Not methface up there.

    1. I know right?  I’ve slammed a few mice (the computer ones..) Bashed my keyboard and yelled in Vent  a few times myself..oh and don’t get me STARTED on Madness Returns…Almost needed a new TV after that game.  Never ONCE did I ever think of hurting my kids over a vid game, neither has my husband.   Kid in the way of the TV,  hit PAUSE, get up, get kid what they want..or if they just want to hang,  sit on couch with kid.  My kids love watching us play console games.  My daughter watches me play my Final Fantasy ones My son loves racing games.  (anything with an M for Mature rating gets played AFTER they are in bed)

    2. I admit I haven’t played video games since I was a teenager (when I actually had an Atari) but I find it hard to believe you could inflict a skull fracture and a subdural hematoma with a thrown video game controller, even on a baby.  They’re still just little plastic things, right? Or do some of these guys get mad and throw the whole console because Mario doesn’t get the pink mushroom?

      It’s much more likely that Dick Head picked up the baby and threw HIM.  And probably not just once.  For that he should die drowning in his own blood.

      1. Depending on the game system some controllers are quite heavy and sturdy and could knock out a grown man.

        1. Makes me wonder what those things can supposedly do that a two button joystick couldn’t… but I bailed on video games not long after Space Invaders came out, so I’m probably not qualified to judge.

        2. The name brand controllers (Nintendo, Sony) don’t stand up to much, but the generic 2nd player ones that you get can be quite heavy!

      2. Little Texas Ruiz was beaten to death by a Wii controller… 

        His case is the one what came to mind when I read the shit on facebook about this prick playing a game and the baby “falling” off the couch.

        1.  Old news is old, but yeah this little angel was beaten to death with a video game controller for having the BALLS *insert sarcasm* to stand in front of the TV.
   and there’s a top 8 list of the worst gamer breeders of all time.

          Man the worst I’ve ever done was order a bunch of pizza for my kids before an all weekend gaming stint.  I still AFK’d to deal with whatever issues they may have..but I only did it maybe twice..they were fed, they were bathed, loved, hugged still..I just didn’t want to cook or clean for that weekend is all lol

        2. True, but that’s a little different than the original scenario.  I can easily see repeatedly STRIKING a child with a game controller (or any blunt object, really) and inflicting fatal injuries.  What I thought was farfetched was the scenario of merely THROWING a controller once and “accidentally” inflicting a skull fracture on a baby.  They don’t look that heavy to me.

          However, I don’t want to quibble.  If the people who play those games say the controllers are heavy enough, I’ll take their word.  In any event, whatever the weight, this guy needs one rammed up his ass sideways.  For starters.

  15. Whoever wrote this can you please let me know how to contact you? I have some information you might find to be very helpful about these two idiots. I know Joshua very well, hes my ex, and he’s the biggest piece of shit ever.

  16. Holy shit does that guy ever have a cold face. And seriously what a ‘man’ making his girlfriend strip to pay the bills instead of getting a job himself.

  17. First let me say I’m a gamer and while I have slammed various game controlling devices in frustration, I have never hurt my children as a result. Also my son at the age of 4 fell off our couch hit his head on the coffee table and then the floor (he was roughhousing with the dog on the couch) and while he needed medical attention, and a staple in his head he is now 10 and perfectly fine. SO please can these fucktards come up with something believable. And when will these stupid breeders stop defending their worthless boyfriends and start standing up for their children

  18. I’ve been reading BB for a about a month now and this is my first time commenting. I have to say that I think there should be a group of us people who get together to go around and find these motherfuckers and have our way with them! These beautiful angel babies deserve justice, and the system does nothing and I dont expect it to change. I cry with every story I read on here. I love all these children because thats what they need and want and deserve. I look at this beautiful baby boys face and wonder WHY?!?! I know I will never know. I will never understand either. Maybe god needs babies in heaven too. R.I.P. Casen <3 You are safe now and forever, little one……

  19. When my son was two, he was running, and he tripped and slammed his head on the sidewalk at a local park.  He had such a big bump that I freaked out and took him to the ER.  I was told that he was fine, and better out than in as far as the lump on his head went.

    Point is, I wasn’t “afraid” to take him to the ER because I had done nothing wrong.  These idiots hurt children, don’t want to take them to the ER or whatever because they might get called out…and the child winds up dying where, had they received medical attention in a timely manner, they would have recovered.  The abuser would likely still have gone to jail, but not for murder.

    1. I’ve had that ER visit, too. Though I was sure my daughter had fallen to the cement on her head hard enough to break it, the doc said it would take a lot harder hit to break her head bones. It blows my mind the kind of force it would take to kill this little boy by hitting him in the head. Excuse me while I go hug and kiss my safely sleeping children and cry for this little angel.

  20. Ugh, this shits ridiculous! I can’t imagine what’s going through these poor babies minds as the ones they trust most beat the shit out of them or kill them. Absolutely disgusting!

  21. Tiffany Wells recently found out she is pregnant with Joshua Beall’s child… Just FYI

    1. Wow, this retarded uterus needs another baby like she needs a hole in her head!

      1. Cayson…that isn’t even how Casen is pronounced…obviously you’re just as concerned about Casen as she was. THAT baby wasn’t loved by her, if he was he wouldn’t be in a grave.

        Loving mother…shit I laughed so hard I peed myself

      2. Uhh..Well she DOES need a hole in her head. Just saying.

  22. Tiffany just lost her baby boy. You stupid ignorant people only hear what in the news, and the media made it seem like she was a horrible mom. Tiffany loved her son, she would do anything for him and josh was a tremendous father to cayson. Children fall off of the couch all of the time, that is what kids do. Josh did not know that cayson was seriously injured. Tiffany worked so hard to protect her children and talk about a mother who just her youngest son is so disgusting.

    1. “a child abuse expert that examined little Casen said there is no way the injuries we’re from a fall or accidental. The injuries were caused by either being hit in the head with a blunt object or by the baby being struck against something.” Don’t you mean she just lost “that child”? .Because I haven’t seen her refer to Casen as her baby boy or anything at all affectionate. Yes, children fall of couches, no they don’t get skull fractures from it. She worked so hard to protect her children that one got taken by CPS and one got murdered? Wow, way ta go ma!

    2.  She didn’t “lose” her baby boy. She knows exactly where he is – and if she would quit fantasizing about dick for even a few seconds, she might realize that her BF put him there. Her son is dead, and even if she did not cause the injuries, she is defending the one who did. Sorry, no pity from me.  She needs to get the penis out of her mouth (or wherever it is) and quit defending the murderer.  Please check your information before hitting the “Post as…” button – your ignorance is showing.

    3. We know, Emma. Her loss is greater than any of us can imagine. She lost her baby boy…..

      Loss? You mean the flacid piece of beef that use to occupy the vast space between her greasy thighs? Because we ALL know she’s more concerned for him than she was her son.

      Hey, how about you go eat a dick and have a nice day? Mmmmkay?

  23. Tiffany is pregnant again, the baby is due end of Sept/beginning Oct. One child taken away, one child in Heaven and now what will happen to this precious baby? Who is not to say that when this stripper came home from clubbing she went to check on her son while still drunk  and something happened?

  24. I can imagine how you clowns talk while  bumping uglies with your sific***  fuglys…LOL>

    1. WTF… is a sufic***?

      1. I think it’s referring to the venerial disease “syphilis”, which it likely has.

        1. Good to know… LOL

        1. Possibly? I don’t speak dip shit so I guess I need it translated.

          1. I heard Danielle Has a dipshit translator. She may be able to clear this up.

          2. Maybe… where is she? Shall I page her? >>>>Danielle<<<<

          3. Dammit – my dipshit translator is in the fritz… but I *AM* fluent in c***eneese. 
            My sources tell me that “sufic***” is her referring to the size of the gaping hole between her legs and that it suffers from neglect-a-ho-itis.  So what she’s TRYING to say is — while we’re all getting laid, she’s not b/c she can’t find anyone that’ll fuck her. 

          4. Well… thank you for that? I just about pissed myself!

          5. I knoew you’d come through.

  25. I can imagine how  all you cyber ass clowns actually talk to your sific***  fuglies while youre bumpin uglys..LOL.

    1. What a strange comment to make twice. If you can’t even troll properly, it’s time to give up on life.

    2. By the way, trolling blogs also makes YOU a “cyber ass clown”.

    3. Well this piece of wit certainly showed us who we think we are.

  26. Um If I may go out on a limb here. I THINK it was trying to say “significant”. And Nancy I think you might have meant shit instead of wit. But that’s just me.

    1. You know what… you maybe right. Are you is possession of a dip shit translator? If so may I call you, in Danielle’s absence?

      1. LOL- I don’t know if I have the updated version. Each time I try to load the newer version my computer starts doing some strange crap…. like saying “doh, doh, doh” then the screen starts this wailing and crying and screaming “Oh My God” (i don’t think in a good way either). Then before it all goes black i hear banjos playing and someone commenting that “what we have here is a failure to communicate”.
        So I dont think I will try to do that again. But i’ll do what i can with dipship speak

        1. LMAO….

    2. Uh oh. Debbie found Danielle’s dipshit translator.

    3. Lol Debbie, I stand corrected!

  27. LMAO !

  28. gcookie59 first comment ‘fuglys’ then changed it to ‘fuglies’ in the next one…lol..Sufic***/sific***..hilarious..I didn’t know juggalo/juggalettes read…and as for the loser that keeps posting on the true or false letter…lmao..I wanted to go off sooo bad..that person is the one seeking attention..omg.

  29. Sific*** Fuglys is what gcookie59 calls her vagina.

    1. Bwaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa

      I love you. Please please please consider writing for us. Please.

      1. Sure. Name the time and place. If I can’t literally take a hammer to these people I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at publicly shaming them.

  30. It’s also a medical term for wizard-sleeve-crotch.

    1. Nevermind idk what the fuck that was. Back now.

  31. Lmfao!!! That’s great..wizard or is it lizard sleeve crotch? This has made my day. Thank you..Sarea,..and Danielle & Deena
    .omg..can’t get her vagina out of my head..that’s a first..*gagging*

  32. I meant u too April..I have been an avid BB reader for years..but never really realized the sisterhood that you girls seem to have and hilarious demented humor…love it. Now I’m not crying because of all the sad stories..I can leave BB without being so girls are

    1. Aw, thanks honey. We do have a sisterhood. You included. No one will fuck with you on our watch. This is def a depressing subject. Glad we all have each other to share this passion with.

    2. Now remember this is about the children. Not Aprils many shoes, hot hubby or is it hot shoes and many hubby??? Or the new words that are added to BB language (c***astic, fuckwad etc) So before a troll starts talking about how none of us have jobs, are fat, can’t get laid, have no education, are blog trollers, lovers of bon-bons and of course the popular You don’t know him/her/it- you can’t judge, etc.
      I went ahead and stated it all so the poor troll will have to try to come up with new stuff. That should make their comments a bit shorter.

      1. Are you fucking kidding me? NO husband, 50 cats, and 1/2 a pair of flip flops from WalMart.

        1. Damn yu gots mur soes thin me.

          i think i hurt my head

          1. C’mere. I’ll kiss it for you. I’ll even take the Krispy Kreme out of my mouth and my teeth out.

          2. damn yowes gots teth tow!!!

          3. Yup. Near Vancouver.

  33. Thank you April..what you all do really makes a damn and all of us good women need to encourage when do I get to fuck with someone? Lol..*hugs*

    1. Oh, you are a bad girl. I like you.

  34. It’s truly amazing how delusional some individuals can be. This woman is clearly mentally damaged.

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