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Drunk Breeder kills 4-year-old son in wreck

Accused Mom Turns Herself In:

A lot of times when I write up a DUI story we all have a laugh at the idiot who got behind the wheel drunk with their kids in the car but in those cases the child wasn’t hurt. In this story there will be no joking around.

In the middle of January 24-year-old Megan Douglas was driving along Highway 77 near Lyons, Nebraska when she crossed over the line and struck another car head on. Police say that she was driving in excess of 80 miles per hour when she struck the other car. Miraculously no one in the other vehicle was seriously hurt. Unfortunately Douglas’ 4-year-old son Zachery was ejected from the car and died on the scene.

Neither Douglas nor Zachary were wearing any kind of restraints. Police say that Douglas had a BAC of .216. While that doesn’t break the top 10 of our BAC Board a .216 is nothing to scoff it. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit which means she was pretty well shitfaced while driving with her son unrestrained in the car.

I hope those cans of Natty Ice or whatever it was you got hammered on were worth it since they cost you the life of your son.

She’s looking at 20 to life but what I think ‘they’ should do with her and all murderous drunk drivers is sell them to the car companies to be used as real crash test dummies. I’m sure they can get more realistic results that way.

Thanks to Erica for the tip.

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  1. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and although I have never driven drunk (maybeonce when I was 19 and nutsy, childless, and naive) but I bend my big ass over and strap my 2 children into their carseats everytime we drive becaue of stories like this. So horibly sad, little Zachary musthave felt so trusting and safe as long as he was with mommy, and then to suddenly have to go thru an experience like this….unimaginable.  I pray he realized none of it, that his last moments were not painful in any way. Hope his next life isblessed with loving parents.

    Oh…and Mother should have the book thrown at her. 

    1. He probably didn’t, if she was going that fast it must have been over for him before he realized. My dad was a cop for twenty years and has a lot of stories like that.

      By strapping in your kids you’re protecting them from drunk drivers and giving a good example. You might be at the grocery store, putting them in their seat belts, and without even knowing it be watched by a mom or dad who wasn’t going to secure their kids before seeing you do it. Take comfort in that. <3

  2. Unless she was drinking by herself, somebody saw her get in the car with the kid. Way to go.

  3. that poor little boy 🙁 seat belts have been mandatory for decades and people are still too pig-ignorant to use them 🙁

  4. What a worthless excuse of a mother.She was so in need of alcohol and went drink-driving that it cost her the life of her son.Her son was thus robbed of the chance to grow up and live his life to the fullest.Sadly,nothing in this world can ever bring her son back.I hope this woman gets to spend the rest of her life in prison.She was the cause of her son’s death,so she deserves it. 

  5. I don’t believe in having mandatory seatbelt laws myself (hello nanny state); however, it just makes sense to strap your kids in.

    1.  Sadly, many people these days are thoroughly lacking in the ‘good sense’ department.  If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have to write about quite as many dead babies here.  When people tell me that they do not have time to buckle in their children every time they go somewhere, I remind them that buckling a seat belt takes a lot less time than attending a funeral…

      1. No kidding.  It only takes all of ten seconds to strap your child in.  My ten-year-old has a developmental delay and I taught him how to fasten his seat belt.  I don’t go anywhere until I know he’s strapped in.  He rides in the middle row of my minivan…I won’t let him sit up front until he’s at least 13 or so, since it has airbags.

  6. My mother used to pretend the car wouldn’t start unless we had our seat belts on. Of course she also wasn’t drunk….

  7. My daughter and her boyfriend were killed by a 6 time offender drunk driver, killed them while committing his 7th a week after he got off probation for his “first”, no one let on he had multiples from other states. His family knew. Our own 9/11 started 9/9/11 near Emerson Nebraska when Robert Mahler spent the day drunk and drive across the center line hitting them head on at 630 pm, clear night for their motorcycle date. They left early to avoid deer and drunks. How fricking sad, two college kids dead at 18 and 20. He is in jail until he is 82. Maybe when he gets out they can use him for a crash test dummy. Be a lot cheaper. He got jail time, they got death and we got life.

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