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Donald Bayne - hairy bastard

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The lovely photo above is the result of death by electrocution…oh, wait I’m getting ahead of myself again. That’s what I hope this walking wank gets for what he has done. The mother is just as responsible, IMHO, but we’ll get to that later. Donald Bayne, of the porcupine hair fiasco, has been charged with torturing a baby and first-degree child abuse. Yes, folks, at the ripe old age of 23, this guy already knew what he wanted to do with his life – torture defenseless babies. He appears to be pretty good at it, too, if the extent of sustained injuries can be used as an indicator of natural, raw talent. The injuries to the 9-month old baby girl include multiple skull fractures and internal injuries. Although both articles mention that this waste of DNA punched the baby in the head (yes, PUNCHED) multiple times, nothing is mentioned about his hitting her anywhere else. But since ‘internal injuries’ is a term usually used to describe soft tissue injuries to the torso, I wonder what else this scum-licking scavenger did to cause such injuries. At least he’s saving the taxpayers a little bit of money, since he already confessed to punching the child repeatedly in the back of the head because she was crying in her playpen and wouldn’t stop. We all know how well that technique works at silencing a screaming, crying child…almost never, unless the child is killed – then it’s pretty much guaranteed to work in his/her favor. Dead babies rarely cry, after all….

Did I mention that this fine specimen of a man neanderthal had been previously convicted of beating a dog to death? Yup, he was. Which leads me to the egg donor’s role in all of this. I refuse to believe that this girl did not know that the author of her uterine utopia had previously been convicted of such a heinous crime. After all, it was public record. And since she knew what he was capable of, she should have, at the very least, had sense enough to keep the doggie death-dealer away from her offspring. Instead, she has him babysit for her. Good call, mom! Now your child is irreparably damaged – but, hey, at least you got some good sex out of the deal, right? The baby, on the other hand, suffered damage that is “severe, and likely long-lasting,” according to County Prosecutor, Tony Tague. Here’s hoping Donald suffers some of the same while incarcerated – perhaps he can be made to walk like a duck, so he can be called Donald Duck by cellmates who like Disney cartoons.

I don’t know if any readers have sent in tips about this or not, since I ran across the article this morning on my own, and wrote it up before checking with Malevolent April. Anyone who has sent a tip, or has additional info they want to add, will be added (and duly thanked) as soon as I find out.

Thanks are due Melissa, who sent in a tip, and April who posted an additional link in comments.

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  1. You’ll find all the info you need on his facebook page. As of this morning, it was still up and open to the public.

    1.  I’m looking at this pussy’s FB and the first thing I see to prove how fucked up he is that in his interests Juggalo Family and True Juggalo Family are listed…that’s all I need to know .

    2.  Tattoos, and piercings and mohawks – oh my!  I still haven’t found a name for the mother, but I’ll keep looking through his facebook page – unless you just want to go ahead and save me some time by telling me…I’d rather play my facebook games than look at more pics of this nasty piece of trash anyway.

  2. Juggalo.  Trench will love this one.  Wait… Make that a “TRUE JUGGALO”.

    Angel, what I gathered, her name is Holly Lacy and he also has a child of his own… a son named Hunter (Born in 2010, from what I can tell).  I’m not sure who the mother of that child is (altough there is a stunning pic of her on FB *gag*) or if he’s in the child’s life.  Let’s hope not.

    Here’s a little update from a couple of hours ago:,0,7002559.story

  3. OK, I usually don’t do this, but this assclown has 2 FB pages, and on one, he is saying he is asking everyone for prayers for his friend Lacey’s baby. In another post, he puts his phone number. He is clearly delusional. I know you guys may have to delete this comment, but I just don’t understand people like him (or his family, for that matter)

    1. Holy fuck knuckles, would you look at that? He does have 2. And his relationship status is “Complicated”. Why? Because Babba doesn’t like to use lube? I love that he’s sporting his Juggalo beanie in the pics. So classy…. for a pathetic peckerwood wannabe. Lacey has obviously deleted herself from his friends. There was a conversation between the two of them and her comments are gone.

      I love this post.

      Sitting here with mak she played hard for about an hour and went to her fuzzy and layed on it and started to go to sleep it was so cute shes being so good for me she calls me da its so cute thats what shes been calling me for the last 10 min she juts went down when she gets up its lunch time then more play time 🙂

      1. I saw that same thing….. what a dopey bastard. Much like my own children, this moron has no clue that the shit you post on FB can come back and haunt you… if I (a 40-year-old self-employed mother of 2, with NO criminal justice background) can read everything he posts, the cops and district attorney can also…. does this mean I have too much time on my hands? 

        1. I’m think it has nothing to do with how much time he has on his hands but how little brains he has in his head. I still think Holly Lacy is Lacey.

          1. I agree completely, and you are right! She must have blocked or deleted him…. at least I hope she did.

          2. I found this:

            MAKENNA UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Lacey Hentschel,…
            Posted: Feb 01, 2012 (11:55:32 PM) | Updated: Feb 02, 2012 (12:47:21 AM)
            MAKENNA UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Lacey Hentschel, Makenna’a mama, she said Makenna came through the surgery well, but will be in ICU in an induced coma for some time. She has a serious head injury. Please keep Lacey, Makenna, and Grandma Shelley Armstrong in your prayers. I will try to keep you all updated. Peace friends. Edwin Cohea

          3. BTW – those posts are about several different Makenna’s.  The one I posted seems to be our little girl.  In case anyone wants to know how she is.

          4.  So the baby’s name is Makenna, and the egg donor is named Lacey.  Although I am glad she is showing concern for her child (and apparently deleted the scummy Juggalo, I still hold he partially responsible for the injuries her child sustained.  She left the best part of herself with a raving lunatic, and he tried to kill her…balls does not equal good babysitter. 

          5. I was gonna email someone who knows the mother to see if she would keep us updated, but she’s a good friend of Lacey’s so I hate to direct her here. I guess I’ll leave it alone and stalk her FB page instead.

    2. Found her last name in the comments. Actually…. middle name too. She def deleted him or blocked him.

    3. Don T Bayne I hate these punk ass bitches who like to start shit knowing you cant do shit but u kno what i dont care im just gonna let it go i dont need that lifestyle anymore im tired of being in trouble with the law his lil bitch ass aint worth it cuz i got to much to loose now Bwaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Here’s something new as well from our local news.

    The fucker actually fucking confessed to doing this.

  5. Oh, and Angel don’t forget, in 2009 he didn’t just beat the dog. He also shot the poor thing.

    1.  Yeah, but I figured that since dead is dead, the actual manner of expiration was not as important as the fact of the death.  He beat the dog like he beat the child.  Let’s all just be grateful he didn’t finish her off with a bullet like he did with the dog. He’s definitely a twisted specimen…

    Posted: Feb 01, 2012 (10:10:36 PM) | Updated: Feb 01, 2012 (10:29:49 PM)
    PRAYERS GO OUT TO MAKENNA AND LACEY HENTSCHEL: MaKenna was airlifted to the DeVos Childrens Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan today with Blood on the brain. We are hoping that all things will be okay and that there will not be extensive damage. Please pray for her. Thank you so much. She is 10 months old.

  7. URGENT PRAYER NEED: This is baby Makenna, she is 10…
    Posted: Feb 01, 2012 (09:05:06 PM) | Updated: Feb 01, 2012 (11:25:04 PM)
    URGENT PRAYER NEED: This is baby Makenna, she is 10 months old and is the granddaughter of one of our Matthew’s House members. This moment she is at Devos Childrens’ Hospital undergoing emergency brain surgery. She is in a life altering/threatening situation. Please pray now. I will update you when I know more. Thank you friends. Peace.

    Lori Morgan, Jason Morgan, Jim French, Lori Campbell-Ackerman, Megan Vasquez, Lacey Hentschel, Shelley Armstrong, Edwin Cohea, Harold G West, Robin Sue Harper

  8. BTW – Melissa sent one in as a tip.

  9. Has the mother been charged with anything?

    1. Not that I can find.

  10. Until the mother is charged with a crime her name is NOT to be posted in this thread. 

    1.  I’ll remove it. Why are we not allowed to list her as the child’s mother? Just curious….

      1. For the same reason I don’t allow Facebook links. She has not been charged with a crime so her name does not deserve to be on this site.  The last thing I need is for her to be harassed because her name was made public on this site. 

    2. I copied and pasted what was an update on the baby. Sorry. It wasn’t meant to be a negative thing toward the mother.

      1. I’ve taken care of it. No harm no foul. 

        1. When did you turn into this serious guy? Someone need to tickle you. Or hold your hand and make you skip with them.

          1. Sorry, when it comes to the harassment thing I become serious Trench. 

          2. I want fun Trench back.

          3. Didn’t you see the cat pic with my last comment?

          4. Yes. It was…scary.

          5. I think that makes you a scaredy-cat.

          6. That sounds dirty.

          7. Yeah. because you know how I think.

          8. and so did this lol 🙂 

          9. this made me lol 🙂 

          10. Only because you know I skip.

  11. what makes you assume that the mother new about the dog thing? What if she didnt do a criminal check on her boyfriend?

    1. He looks like a sveevy fucker. That should speak for itself.

    2.  Then she should have.  I don’t leave my babies alone with anyone I
      haven’t done a thorough check on.  For ten bucks online, you can have a
      basic criminal check done on anyone.  You can use Google for free – and
      I’m sure that alone would have turned up his arrest/conviction. No excuse.

    3. What kind of mother allows any guy into her child’s life without knowing these things?  Honestly, if (gods forbid) anything ever happened to my husband, I’d remain abstinent rather than allow someone into their lives without doing a very thorough check on them, get to know the people in their life, etc.  (because sometimes getting to know the people in a person’s life is the best indicator of the type of person they are).  And I sure as shit wouldn’t have them babysitting my babies before I did *all* of these things.  They wouldn’t even be introduced to him until I was satisfied with their background and personality type.

      If you’re the type of person who’s going to allow someone into your child’s life without knowing them, let alone baby sit them, then please get spayed immediately.

  12. This proves the point that people who abuse animals rarely stop there.They often go on to commit henious atrocities,such as murder and battery.Seriously,I wonder why this guy’s life is so screwed up at the age of only 23.I suppose that this is the result of poor parenting and lack of guidance in his growing-up years.So I feel sorry for him due to his poor upbringing,but I don’t condone his acts of violence.

    1.  dogchild, you’re really beginning to piss me off – and if I am pissed, I can only imagine that most of the other people who comment must be livid… You continually make comments about teen parents (that are unfounded), you come up with excuses for the abusers (who have enough excuses of their own without any help from you, thankyouverymuch), and you made a comment on one thread that a woman who had a child as a teen and molested her kid should be tried as a juvenile.  What is your freakin’ problem?!?

      Did you ever stop to think that this might not be the right place for you? Maybe you should look for a site called or  That bird don’t fly in these woods, kid.  Cut it out or go somewhere else.

      1. I commented to them as well, but it really is in vain. They don’t read our comments that we write back to them much less reply. I gave up on it for a while, but this most recent comment they made had me fuming a little more than usual. Probably because the teen they commented on deserves to be charged as an adult and not a juvenile, and like you said, this fuck-ass doesn’t need anymore excuses than he already has to “justify” what he did.

  13. HEY NEWS FLASH FOR THOSE INTERESTED – i am a close personal friend of this childs biological father and theres something hideous going on that everyone should know about this case ! The childs fathers name is anthony wayne mears and he’s trying to get HIS story told.This travisity of womanhood that gave birth is refusing to acknowledge anthony as the baby’s father because she got pissed off at him for not being able to buy the baby diapers on a monday (he did’nt get paid until friday!!!) and since november has been refusing to let him see his daughter and despite the criticalness of the babys condition she STILL refuses to admit on paper or in some legal way that he is the babys daddy despite the fact that he thinks the sun rises and sets on his babygirl.I’ve stood and watched as anthony has broken down and cried because of this and he is NOT the type to cry!!! I think it’s a damn shame and a tragedy that this father who loves his child so much and actually WANTS to be there for his daughter is being denied access to her by this disgusting piece of crap who calls herself a mother and that theres nothing th at can be done about it except for him to hire an attorney (which is virtually impossible due to the lack of funds at his disposal ) in order to take this troll to court and force her to submit to a dna test on the baby to determine parentage in anthonys behalf !!!! OH AND DID I MENTION- this fine upstanding example of motherhood is on a website called wish upon a hero begging the public for money yet refuses to let the man who WANTS to take care of his  daughter even see her or recieve information about her condition ???????? yep thats right people -YOU’RE taking care of this piece of garbage !!!!   Despite having gone to cps,mich legal aid ,the prosecutor and making hundreds of phonecalls Theres is nothing he can do any further thereby leaving his hands virtually tied and him in the dark so if theres anyone out there who has a heart please pray for this poor guy and his quest for access to his baby and if theres anyone out there who can help with legal advice or information that might help him you will be truly and greatly appreciated !!!!

    1. Legal advise? He needs a damn lawyer. And to start documenting all of her fuckery. STAT

      1. yeah april we KNOW he needs a lawyer but for real do you REALLY think the poor guy can afford a freaking lawyer on a minimum wage job ???? Come on get for real thats why I’m on here asking if anyone knows of anyone who can help low income people in situations like this and if i needed smart ass answers I’d have asked the babies mother or her familycause it makes about as much sense as the answer you gave me!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH H for your indepth understyanding ,compassion and caring wit !!!

        1. Okay, dickhead. Pedal your sob story elsewhere, then. There are lawyers for people with low income. Do your fucking homework. Better yet, just fuck off, because your inner troll is showing.

        2. I just learned that most state bar associations have a program where you can get free or low cost lawyers, and in many states you can get them by dialing 211 and asking for a pro-bono or modest-means lawyer.

          As for your rant to April… just stop. She was not being a wise ass about it at all. It was good advice, and she was completely right. Your friend does need to start documenting everything… everything, with date and time, and every detail they can manage. Beyond suggesting that he contact a lawyer, that’s pretty much all the advice that a non-lawyer is qualified to give, isn’t it? Especially if they don’t live in the same state.

          Call the number (and if your friend’s state doesn’t do the 211 number, they’ll have to look up the number for the state bar association and call them) and get a lawyer.

          1. thanks so much dodia fae ,your advice is greatly appreciated as is your compassion .and as for april and the others I offended on here i apologize but it makes me mad to see my friend going through this with his hands tied but i do wish  to express my deepest apologies to those I offended (especially you ms.april ) and BOTH mine and tony’s greatest appreciation as well.

          2. Not a problem.  I, personally, hold no ill-will toward you, as I completely understand feeling on edge over your friend’s situation.  I’ll pray for the best possible outcome for this baby… I don’t get the impression, all things considered, that the best thing for her is to be left with the mother.

          3. What a sweetheart, the world needs more of you!!
            /not being snarky
            Yeah you got a little too reactionary for your friend, but that shows you care deeply and are a loyal person.
            And you did the unprecedented; you apologized sincerely for your mistake.

  14. my sister dated this man, I am NOT lying about that. He lived with us for a while too and he was always kinda messed up in the head, I don’t know how to explain it but he wasn’t exactly “there”, he told my mom that he killed the dog because it went after him. Well he was lying, obviously. And we have 6 chihuahuas, I mean really, if I knew that he did that for no reason, I’d push him out asap. I’m very surprised that he did not once, hurt my older sister.

    1.  You’re lucky he didn’t kill you!

    2. Nikki,I am SO glad you and your sister as well as the rest of your family were left relatively unharmed by this monster straight out of the bowels of hell .I pray that your sister has someone new in her life who  will love her dearly and treat her with tenderness and respect as for that boil on the buttocks of humanity ??????? It makes me almost wish i could look into the cracks in the prison wall when he hits the yard in jackson and some prisoner doing multiple life sentences changes his name from donald to donna .

  15. ok just to keep in touch ,we’re now hearing through a source close to the baby that she is ‘” showing improvement in her condition” .What that means we don’t know but at least it’s a little bit of encouraging news .again I wish to thank all of you who read this ,commented,offered advice and most of all ,those who prayed and are still praying for baby Makenna Leigh we all know a little prayer goes a long way but even more prayer goes alot further .I wish all of you the very best life has to offer and I just want to say this one last thing before I leave this sight for good – ” HUG YOUR CHILDREN OFTEN, KISS THEM  AND SAY I LOVE YOU EVERY DAY BECAUSE IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND BEFORE OPPORTUNITY GOES AWAY “

    1. Thank you for the update! Still praying for the baby, hope she makes a full recovery, and ends up with the more responsible parent. Please keep us posted.

  16. I went to school with this guy and pretty much grew up with him. Our houses were within easy walking distance and we would sometimes hang out when we were kids. We all called him Donnie, and I can say with a bit of confidence that we were friends of sorts. I could always tell he wasn’t quite alright, but he was nice most of the time, if not for a bit of a temper. He had troubles in school, he always had behavioral issues, and as we grew older and drifted apart I started to realize that it was highly likely that he would do jail time if he didn’t change. I was shocked however when i found out just what crimes he was being charged with. I never expected him to do something like this. Maybe beat someone up at a bar, maybe break into a store or rob a gas station, but never something like this. I remember the friendship we had Donnie, and I wish you hadn’t put yourself into this situation, but I do not feel sorry for you, you know what you did was atrocious, you know what you did was out of line, and whatever punishment you get, I hope you know you deserve.

    1. Thank you for not defending him. It’s refreshing to see someone come and say “Yeah, we were friends, but he deserves what he gets for what he did”. I hope you’ll stick around.

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