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Another mom killed her baby for being a baby

Another mom killed her baby for being a baby 

Lakewood: She placed blanket over 2-month-old’s mouth to keep pacifier in after he got fussy, police say

The one thing I miss (that I thought I’d NEVER miss) about my son not being a baby any more is the way he used to need me.  When he was a baby, I loved catering to his needs, no matter how loud is crying was or how little sleep I got.  I had this perfect, precious little person that I loved more than life and me being his mommy was the greatest job I have EVER had.  I never once opted to take the easy way out of any situation I found myself in as a new mother.  I enjoyed every thankless hour in hopes to see him giggle in his sleep or light up when I sang him silly songs. So why doesn’t every woman who has the ability to push a little bundle of joy from her loins embrace motherhood the way I did / do?

That’s probably a great question for 22-year-old Jamie McAdams.  McAdams is being charged with manslaughter following the January 12th death of her 2-month-old son, Jeremiah.  McAdams, claimed that her son’s death was a result of her using a blanket to keep a pacifier in his mouth because he was fussy.   Um… Pick him up?  Rock him?  Sing to him?  Maybe a warm bath… ANYTHING but suffocating him.

When officers arrived at McAdams’ home, about4 a.m.on  January 13th, little Jeremiah was lying on the floor, dead.  McAdams claimed that Jeremiah slept in his car seat because she didn’t have a crib for him, and that she placed the car seat near the foot of her bed and then went to sleep.  Very responsible parenting.  I guess we should all be thankful she at least had a car seat for him.  She said that she checked on the baby at4 a.m.and he was lying face down on the carpet with the car seat on top of him, stating that she never heard him cry from the time she laid him down until the time she found him on the floor.  Liar, liar!  Ina second interview, she changed the location of the sleeping baby and the car seat to a small stool.  Still lying…. A third interview revealed a little more truth.  She finally told officers that she “accidentally” killed her baby by securing his pacifier in his mouth with a blanket.  Another senseless act of criminal stupidity by a selfish breeder.  She was afraid she’d be blamed for Jeremiah’s death.  Instead of calling 911 when she initially found him (with the pacifier still secured in his little mouth) so she, in fact, took steps to make it appear that his car seat had tipped over.  She then went back to sleep for 30 minutes, hoping that her boyfriend would find the baby and she’d be off the hook.  FAIL!  He never found that baby.  McAdams eventually got out of bed and pretended that she happened upon this tragic accident that was not an accident at all.

An autopsy revealed that Jeremiah’s death was caused by suffocation.  McAdams pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree manslaughter.  She is being held on $500,000 bail.

McAdams lived inTennessee prior to living inWashington.  While she lived there, she had two other children that were removed from her custody due to allegations physically assaulted them.  This is a perfect example of why there should be mandatory sterilization for these stupid fucks that hurt kids.  It would certainly make my inbox less “full”.

Thanks go to Denise for the tip.

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  1. No crib?  My kids didn’t sleep in a crib till they were like 1…because that’s when night feedings stopped.  But I doubt this stupid cumdumpster didn’t bother learning about breastfeeding and all that (It’s been proven that breastfeeding while co-sleeping is actually SAFE)   2mo old babies are SUPPOSED to wake in the middle of the night to eat.  their stomachs are barely the size of a walnut.  God..I hope someone sterilizes that fucking cumdumpster so she can’t have anymore kids.  Because obviously she missed the boat in prenatal class/parenting class ALL HOSPITALS offer to expectant moms.

  2. Reminds me of Shelby Dasher…how can you knowingly murder your own child and then go back to sleep?!!

    BTW, Shelby had court again on 2/2 and they postponed court AGAIN until 3/1.  My guess is that her lawyer is trying to build up some sort of insanity plea and is claiming that she is incompetent to stand trial.  I truly do not understand how someone can make an admission of guilt and still be sitting in jail.  Our justice system is absolutely broken and catering to criminals.  I wish we could go back to Wild West justice and just string ’em up, like horse thiefs.

    Three babies by age 22?  How can these stupid cows not know about birth control?  Condoms?  I agree completely with sterilization…

    1.  My head went right to Shelby Dasher too…
      Agreed, get the rope!

  3. I think this retard is totally lying about the pacifier story too, I mean who the fuck thinks a blanket over an infants face is ever friggin’ safe? She took that baby out so she didn’t have to lose sleep. Selfish pig. 

    1. I rarely lost sleep with my babies.  Maybe because I’m a lazy bum and didn’t see the point in dragging my ass out of bed to tend to my kids so I dragged them in with me and slept topless.  Babies got fed, babies got cuddled, babies rarely ever fussed/cried at night  because food/comfort/mamma was *Right there*  I was too lazy to bottle feed.  Just too much hassle, especially at night.  

      SEE, you CAN have sleep AND A LIVING BABY TOO!  heh.  

      (note:  Google co-sleeping with breastfeeding study 😉 )

      1.  I wouldn’t call you lazy, you came up with a alternative plan to work around what you want, and still be there for the needs of your child…

        I keep thinking about what this stupid tw*t was, the baby would sleep soundly as long as a binky was in it’s mouth? Why not just tape it then?  Just kiddin’…

        1.  Somebody already tried the tape thing.  They ended up with a dead baby too.  I think it may even have been written up on here sometime in the last few years…any other suggestions? 😉

          1.  Nah, not off the bat…I tend to like my babies breathing. I’m weird that way…:D

          2.  Yeah, the ones who stop breathing tend to develop an odor after a day or two…or at least, that’s what I’ve heard.  I like mine breathing, too…and smiling…and laughing…and I usually got that because they knew they were loved.  The occasional screaming fit could usually be solved by holding/rocking/cuddling/singing to them.  If all else failed, I would ask hubby to spell me until I was more rested.  Smothering them was NEVER an option in my household.

          3. All babies develop odor 😉 My kids diapers used to set off the fire alarms! hah! But they still breathed…and I don’t know how…especially with that stank following em around.

          4.  Like the scene in “Mr Mom”…”You fed a baby chilli ?!?”, as all the cars from the people in the house screech and peel out hauling ass outta there….lol

      2.  I also breast-fed and co-slept – with all six of mine.  They are all still alive and I didn’t have to smother them with a pacifier/blanket to get some sleep. 

      3. I was terrified of rolling over on my baby, but eventually you can not take the torture of sleep deprivation any longer. Or at least I couldn’t. And I’m also way too lazy for bottle feeding (though I gave formula if I ran dry and she wouldn’t shut-up). By seven months we all could gaze upon the empty crib next to our bed as she was in bed with us. I tried from the get go with my son for crib sleeping because it’s just more comfortable for me, but it seems we have another co-sleeper. And he’s worse than his sister. He won’t even nap in that damn thing. 

  4. Have two kids, 3 & 8 months, and the first paragraph amazes me. I just want to put them down for naps sometimes and leave. Forever. I couldn’t wait for my first to get out of infancy. There have been occasions when they were both crying and I just wanted to go down to the train station and throw myself in front of an express. But I calm myself down and take care of them or leave it to my husband.
    We also let our first sleep a lot in her carseat. We had a crib, she just liked being held. ALL THE FUCKING TIME! The seat gave her that cozy feeling. I see these poised, well groomed, fully employed, baking cupcakes, singing while they vacuum the floors mothers and wonder what drugs they’re on. I get “prettied up” so little that all it took was tailored jeans, a blouse, some lipstick, and forgoing the usual ponytail that my then 2.5 year old daughter expressed complete awe in how pretty I looked. lol.

    I felt bad for this woman when I thought she’d just gotten to the end of her rope with that idiot tying down the pacifier move, but then I read more. Fell asleep AFTER she found a dead baby? Had other kids taken away. Stop having babies, idiot. I have. I won’t have anymore unless I win the fucking powerball and can hire staff. Seriously.

    1. The first paragraph amazes you? Why? I loved my baby being a baby. I suppose because I was told he may not live through my pregnancy and I was thriilled that he did. Or maybe because he wasn’t very fussy. I just enjoyed every minute of it. Even the ones that make most people cringe. I had this perfect little person that I was in love with and life was never going to get any better.

  5. Last year when my nephew was born, being the excited Aunt, I went to the nursery to see the new baby and we were waiting on his Mom to get out of surgery. 

    As I walked up to the window I was stunned by what I saw.  The nurse had evidently been trying satisfy his hunger with the use of a pacifier.  He must have kept spitting it out and fussing because she decided it was a good idea to tightly wrap a doubled wash rag over his mouth and nose to keep him from spitting it out.  He was screaming his head off, needless to say I lost it and he didn’t spend anymore time than absolutely necessary in that nursery!

    Poor sweet baby!  This slag needs to be immediately drowned!!

  6. When I first read this story there were a few things that jumped out at me. First off I do not believe for one second that she just used a blanket to hold the pacifier in his mouth. I have seen moms do this, I have even seen nurses do it. What I have never seen is a baby suffocate because of it. For him to suffocate something would have to be covering his nose and mouth tightly enough that he could not breathe.  Personally I think the dumb bitch of a mother covered his nose and mouth and smothered the baby on purpose. The pacifier I think was just an excuse to try and make it seem like an “accident”.  Now maybe I have read too many of these stories and I am getting numb, but that isn’t even what I found most disturbing. After killing the baby the fucking c*** staged the scene planning for her boyfriend to find the dead infant and take the blame! Now that is one sick evil fucking bitch! Then when that did not work, she pretended to find the baby dead and called her mother in the room so that she could see her dead grandchild. What kind of evil fucking person would do such a thing!! I hope that they throw this twisted bitch into the deepest fucking hole they can find in the state of Washington and never let her see the light of day again!!

  7. First of all lets all be honest with ourselves.  Parenting is hard, especially those of us who have busy lives, more kids, our own parents to care for, pets, full-time careers…you name it, we have it.  Raising children into productive, self-possesed, intelligent human beings who will actually function in this society is no piece of cake. This is no Goddamn excuse for any of us to murder our precious kids or to strap a fucking pacifier to their mouths, wrap a blanket around their heads and then go pass out like lazy fucks!  OMFG I’m so upset I can’t stand it.  How?  WHY? I feel like throwing myself out the window right now….but alas I have BABIES I LOVE AND ADORE so I would never leave them.  Even though my 2 year old son’s favorite past-time is sobbing “mommmy!” as soon as we walk in the door from work/school/daycare after being gone 10 hours….all the while gripping my skirt and refusing to let go….so I have no choice but to cook dinner and run a house with a beautiful blonde-haired plumpy baby boy HANGING OFF MY ASS! Yes we get frustrated, yes we ask ourselves if we are doing the right thing, but why can’t everyone feel rewarded with smiles, kisses, hugs, cuddles and constant “Mom, you rock.” or “Mom, you’re the bestest.”?? Why can’t everyone see children as precious gifts?  And to understand that we all need breaks and we all feel urges to squeeze our children when they just WON’T STOP but we dont act on that because we know it’s wrong. They are innocent. Such a tragic waste of time space and energy. If there was a page on FB titled Mandatory Sterilization for Stupid Fucks who Hurt Kids I would SO “like” it.

    1. I wanna love this comment.

  8. Oh…I created that group by the way and shared this story. I’m so pissed I’m having contractions.

    1. Careful there….it’s ok to be upset but take care of yourself.

  9. Thanks ladies…I’m 8 months pregnant with my third, 4.3 weeks left for little Ralphy to bless our home.  I just cannot fathom the terror and suffering this poor lil one had to go through, and how much rage this woman had to have to do something like this.  Mothering comes natural to some, not so natural for others.  I hope Jeremiah finds a loving Mom next time around. Can’t wait to getoutof theoffice, pick up thekids and have my 2 yr old hang off my skirts again.  His way of saying I adore you Momma. 

  10. That blanket trick is a pretty common thing in lazy ass crap parenting…they do it with the bottle too…’cause, you know, bottles weight so fucking much you can’t possibly hold one in that short while that your baby needs to eat…It’s like asking Samson to keep up those pillars when his locks have been lopped off…only an act of God could possibly give you the strength to hold a bottle full of watermelon-heavy formula for 15 minutes. A failure of this magnitude goes beyond epic…Here’s hoping this chick accidentally on purpose smothers herself with a pillow in her prison cot…

      1.  That’s my friend I was telling ya ’bout…ain’t she grand!

        1. Grand as fuck. Keep em coming! Since so many people hate me, I need more to kiss my ass (sorry…. from another thread where some fuck head hated me).

          1.  I read’re so vain, I bet you think this post is about you.

          2. You mean it isn’t?

          3.  No…it’s about me! HA!

    1. Or god forbid people HOLD their babies while feeding them.  Just stick a bottle in baby’s craw while he/she is in her bucket seat, and walk away… >.<  one thing to nurse hands free (Boppy pillow/sling ftw)  but baby is still *right there* and has very little chance of choking.

  11. why? how? who? i dont fucking understand this shit! im so shaken up right now. i would like to suffocate that bitch over and over and over again! id let that bitch pass out so many times until she was brain damaged. and all the while id torture that fucking c*** bitch any way i could think of! i hate her guts! i hope she dies a slow, painful, agonizing death.

    sweet little angel baby…….R.I.P.

  12. This young woman had 2 older kids before Jeremiah was born.She had been previously arrested for abusing these 2 kids.Now she killed Jeremiah and made the murder look like an accident.This woman is only 22,but her life has clearly been a disaster.

  13. Never giving up...

    “being his mommy was the greatest job I have EVER had”  Wow, I feel that way, too! 

    Perhaps there is something missing in their dna or ? when a parent does this or any abuse! 

  14. alright y’all chill I knew her and her family and her brother she was extremely messed up in the head more I should say the whole family is. I believe most people like them needed themselves removed from that home growing up They all have major issues and I feel bad for all the children I’m surprise all of them don’t get the kids put in Foster care its a horrible environment and I’m surprise she didn’t take the baby from her when he was born you get one kid gone the rest should go to. I hope she rots in hell.

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