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26 year old Eric Edward Foster aka Eric Luna/Ed Foster, who was due in court in April to prove he finished counseling on an unrelated domestic violence charge for battery of a spouse,  was arrested and charged with murder, torture, mayhem, and child abuse in the death of 3 year old Trinity Monique Hanna.  He’s pleading not guilty even after he failed a lie detector test and confessed to police; but I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Until the end of December Trinity had been the picture of health with no major illnesses or injuries.  Enter slick dick Foster and all that changed.  Within a month Trinity had been hospitalized for burns, had extensive bruising to her vagina and all over her body.  According to the autopsy she died of blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen.

In December, Trinity had second degree scald burns covering her back.  Angela Vickrey, Trinity’s “mother”, told police she came in from work and the babysitting dildo was crying and told her Trinity got burned in the shower.  He had walked out and heard her scream and ran in to get her and she was “climbing the walls like Spiderman”.  He grabbed her out of the shower and ran to the bedroom where he tripped and fell with her in his arms and she “fell on some toys”.  Now a woman deserving to be called mother would at least look at the burns right, maybe take their child to the hospital for treatment right?!?

Not this c***!  Her reaction was “accidents happen”; she waited two days and then called her friend, a registered nurse, to come look at it first.  The nurse told police that when she got there Trinity ran up to her and grabbed her and said “Eric bad!”  She stated when she looked, her back was covered with burns from her “neck down to her buttocks” and from her experience as a nurse, the burns looked to be 2 or 3 days old.  She told the idiotic breeder if she didn’t take her to the hospital she would call the police.  Trinity was hospitalized for over a week for the burns.  She would later tell her friend that the boyfriend “accidentally” caused the burns to which the friend told her to take Trinity and leave him.  CPS was called and investigated.  The gutless wonder told the egg donor not to tell them about him because he had a previous case with CPS that was unfounded.  In that case he was accused of throwing a different 3 year old across a room.  What is it with this freak and 3 year olds???  Trinity herself told her mother “Eric burned me”.  All of this should have sent red flags waving and sirens blaring, but the brain dead uterus still ignored the signs of abuse that were slapping her in the face!  Trinity was sent back home…


After lying to the police about what happened multiple times the cowardly fuck finally told how all of Trinity’s injuries occurred.

The burns were actually the start of everything.  According to his statement he got pissed off because Trinity had an accident and soiled her diaper.  He didn’t know how to clean a dirty diaper so he put her in the shower because he didn’t want to “rub and scrub” her.  Trinity screamed that the water was hot, instead of getting her out of it, he held the shower head in his hand and directed the hot water at her back and kept it there for what he says it was about 5 seconds.  All I can picture is this baby girl screaming and “climbing the walls…” to get away from the water as this shit stain kept moving the stream onto her…

After that incident Trinity no longer trusted or in his words “preferred” him.  She would choose strangers over him.  She was scared of him and that “hurt his feelings”, frustrated him and pissed him off.  What a juvenile asshole!!

Trying to “be a dad” he was teaching her to ride a bike.  His way of teaching was to pull a 3 year old child sitting on a bike with training wheels with a rope.  He deliberately took her to a spot in the yard he had dug up recently.  When her training wheel hit one of the holes causing her to topple over cutting her forehead and blacking her eye she, like any hurt child, started to cry.

He picked her up by around the torso hard enough to cause bruising and slammed her back onto the seat bruising her vaginal area.  Later, knowing she was hurting, he chose to intentionally cause her more pain by slamming her “good and hard” into her high chair that had a divider for the legs at breakfast and again at dinner causing more injury to the area.  This pussy’s punishment should include being hit “good and hard” in the genitals daily with a hammer!!  The bio-mom didn’t notice the vaginal injury until 2 days later

The fatal blow happened because he was pissed off at the breeder.  They were fighting, yet again, about her suspicions that he was cheating on her.  He was sitting on the couch with Trinity in his lap when she stormed into the bedroom and punched the door.  Not holding onto Trinity, and knowing she would fall, he jumped up (pushed her) and she flew into the coffee table hitting her head and then hit the floor.  He snatched her up, yelled for Vickrey and started putting ice on the knot on the baby’s head.

Both say Trinity vomited off and on during the night and into the next day.  Vickrey, after looking up info on concussions on the web, was up all night checking her pupils and asking her questions every 2 hours.  They knew, at the very least, that baby had a concussion!  Neither took her to the hospital until it was too late, she became unresponsive on the way to the hospital.  An ambulance was never called.  When asked if she ever thought about calling for one she said she didn’t think of that.

When asked about her relationship with the fucking meth-head she referred to it as “shitty” and “like one sided I guess”.  When asked about his drug use she referred to him as a “functioning addict” and stated she had been on meth but had been sober for 7 years.  What an oxymoronic statement!  WTF is a “functioning addict”?? 

She stated her and her grandparents paid the bills.  Trinity had been in daycare until the prick moved in.  They were “friends with benefits” until then or more likely she was a booty call!!

When asked if he had a history of violence she said he was always getting into fights and has priors for domestic violence.  She still thought it was a good idea to leave that baby with this violent freak as soon as he moved in with her!!

At one point Trinity’s paternal grandmother told the deluded twit that Trinity acted scared around the abusive piece of shit.  The twit herself says at times Trinity would give him a “weird look”; she just thought it was because he was a “big goofy dude”.  Gawd damn what would it have taken to remove this stupid bitch’s blinders?!?  Burns, bruises, fear in your child’s eyes, being told to lie or omit truth to CPS, Trinity herself telling her Eric burned me”!!  Friends and relatives noticed something wasn’t right!  What the hell is wrong with this c***??  Is she that brain dead or did she just trade her baby’s safety and future for her “shitty”, month long  relationship with a violent, drug abusing pussy?!?

At this time she isn’t facing charges and is co-operating with the investigation.  Charges or not, in the court of public opinion, she is guilty of neglect at the very least!!  She failed to get Trinity medical help.  She endangered Trinity the minute she let the abusive slime around her!!  By her own admission she felt she failed as a mother…

R.I.P. "Wubzy"




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  1. My gawd.  Just when I thought my heart couldn’t take any more hurt… You hit me with this one.

    1. Yep,I agree with you.It’s such a disgrace that breeders such as this one choose their bed buddies over their kids.Seriously,those who fail to be decent parents don’t deserve to have kids.

  2. Why in the hell……what in…..what the hell is this dipshit’s major malfunction?! Her baby has second degree burns on her back and she doesn’t take her to the fucking hospital? Then the walking diaper stain does nothing to get her little girl medical attention for a fucking head injury?! Not to mention the live-in vagina filler had a court date to ensure he had sought counseling for a prior domestic violence case, and she left the baby alone with the fucker?! She needs to be charged with something (neglectful stupidity?),and they both need to be falcon punched (google it) by Kimbo Slice.

  3. Death for him and sterilization for her.
    Death by slow roasting, and sterilization by hydrochloric acid.

    I got nothin’ else to say.

  4. Evil mofos both of them…poor babygirl rest in peace.  The imagery created in my mind by this little one “climbing the walls like spiderman” made me choke on my bfast, I so wish America would be willing to do away instantly with people like this.  What purpose do they serve in our society? ::Brokenhearted::  Today I will hug and kiss my children even more than ever and thank God for gracing my life with their presence. 

  5. All of which raises the question: can an umbrella open after being shoved all the way up someone’s ass?  I propose this asshole be recruited as a test subject to resolve this very important issue.  His whore can also help to advance science, by donating her otherwise useless uterus for a similar experiment.

    1. or.. little nicky the bitch by shoving pineapples up his ass 

  6. I also don’t believe his story of how her vagina got bruised.  I think we can all guess what really happened there.  This sick fuck needs a high caliber haircut.

  7. Crossing my fingers and hoping that one day there will be massive sterilization…they did it inthe 1930’s with mentally retarded people in our Great Nation…WHY won’t they consider the criminally stupid or just plain evil? Sigh.

  8.  I have to say that I had a difficult time getting past this part of the story:

    “The fatal blow happened because he was pissed off at the breeder.  They
    were fighting, yet again, about her suspicions that he was cheating on
    her. ”

    Because she thought he was cheating on her? BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT HE WAS CHEATING ON HER?!?!?! Satan in a streetcar, people! How about, “We were fighting because he was crying like a freakin’ baby cuz I chopped off his wanker for hurting my child”?  Or better yet, “Because I had his sorry, worthless butt arrested and tossed in the slammer the first time he put a hand on my child”?

    No, they were fighting because this sorry excuse for an incubator was worried that somebody else might be tappin’ her toy, and she didn’t want to share….I think my brain just melted – I know for a fact my blood is boiling – and I’d like to see both of these idiots get exactly what they deserve for hurting this baby.  I can’t decide whether I like Risskia’s suggestion or Shadow’s suggestion better…maybe use both in tandem.

  9. She needs to be charged pronto! That poor baby and i dont believe for one second his explanation of her vaginal trauma

    1. Agreed.  My guess is the mother was allowing him to molest the child in exchange for drugs.  Maybe the torture and beatings were done for sheer sadistic pleasure, or perhaps this was his way of punishing her for not cooperating or scaring her into not telling.

      1. I thought this about the vaginal injuries at first too.  None of the reports I could find mentioned sexual abuse though…

        1. Even if it was exactly how he described it (which I also doubt) that qualifies as sexual abuse, IMO. Deliberately slamming the child onto her bike and then into the high chair, targeting her vaginal area for injury. It sounds like he was directing the hot water at her genital area too when he burned her in the shower. That is textbook sexual sadism.

      2. So sad

  10. So, who can get through this story without tears???  They had no business around this precious little girl.  Someone even looks funny at my little girls, may God help them.  So many epic fails in this case.  Who sends a baby home having treated her for burns without huge investigation.  RIP Trinity.  You’re safe now.

  11. Charge this bitch with neglect and endangering the welfare of a child! You can also tack on lying to police, and I think they might be able to stretch and charge her for lying to CPS. That motherfucking c*** needs to be punished harshly for ignoring everything. I better stop there. I’m so infuriated I will just babble.

    The asshole who did this to that precious girl will never get what he truly deserves. Makes me sick to my stomach to think about the entire situation.

  12. Nice neck tattoo, retard.

  13. Is that a Crabby Patty tattooed on his neck?

  14. I’ve asked this question a million times in my head and I’m gonna ask it now, even though I know there probably is no answer for it: WHY DO THESE CUNTS GET TOGETHER WITH THESE CRIMINALS????!!!!

    1. Well, the answer is simple if you’re a dumb twit. “He’s / She’s really innocent, and he/she didn’t mean it the first twelve times! It was all a misunderstanding and everyone is out to get them! I love him/her!”

      1. Don’t forget my personal favorite:

        “I can help/save/fix him/her!” 

        Desperate weak ass women or men for that matter, make me sick!!

        1. That is one of my favorites as well. *gag*

        2. Actually the help she could’ve done to fix him was to report his ass to the authorities – not enabling him.

          But unfortunately that bitch also needs ‘fixed’ if she thinks the way she did it was right….no child is worth trying to ‘save’ an asshole like that.

  15. She’s not ‘facing charges’?  I’m crying.  Why take her out of daycare?  Did she think she’s found the ideal babysitter?

    1. *she’d*

  16. This story brought me to my knees in tears. All the stories here are difficult to read but this one got me. My oldest Daughter is named Trinity and hearing what that beautiful little girl with the same name and eyes as my own precious gift from God went through is almost too much to keep myself composed. I wish nothing but pain and suffering on the meth freak dildo, they should put him in Gen Pop and give all the other inmates razor wrapped baseball bats to beat his shriveled genitals “good and hard” every day for the rest of his miserable life. And as for “mom” I hope that for the rest of her worthless slut life all she can think about is her little girl saying “Eric bad, Eric Burned me” deafening in her ears until she takes a power drill and drills into her worthless rotting brain. I hope she suffers in her life 100x more then she allowed her innocent perfect little girl to suffer.  Now if you will excuse me I have to go cry and throw up.  

  17. This brought me to tears too – although I was already in tears with the previous story I read.
    What is it with people? I just don’t get it. I’m afraid to have another baby for fear that I wouldn’t have enough love to spread – this mother couldn’t even love the ONE she had.

  18. This song was inspired by Trinity’s story. 

    1.  Beautiful…

  19. This story is yet another example of why eugenics should be reinstated.

  20. jeanette richards

    I’m a 42 year old mother who at present is studying to become a child protection social worker in England. I have been reading on here for research and I am shocked to the core. It is beyond belief what these sick bastards do to children. I haven’t had the easiest of lives but I have worked hard and taught my kids well… But I have given them the love, and care that they need. I would die for them. This mother has not got a clue what a real mother should be like and that sick c*** well there are no words for him. RIP little Angel your mother may not have given you a second thought and turned a blind eye to your pain. But we will remember you xx

    1. This quote by Charlotte Gray expresses what a real mother is; ” Becoming a mother makes you the mother of all children. From now on each wounded, abandoned, frightened child is yours. You live in the suffering mothers of every race and creed and weep with them. You long to comfort all who are desolate.”
      The type of women who hurt their children or allow others to hurt them are not mothers. They are biological birth vessels. They are a distinctly sub-human species in my view who only cater to their own neediness, desires and whims. They should all be eliminated from the gene pool.

    1. I read this earlier. I am so glad she is being charged.

    2. About damn time!!

  21. Captiancutiepie560569

    if u dont know the full story shut your mouth!!

    1. Hey Captain Dipshit (and yes it’s captain not captian) why don’t you
      scroll up and click the second link!  While reading that article you
      will find 3 separate court documents that have the statements of these
      two worthless tw*ts. 

      This was written almost entirely on what they told the police happened
      you fucking moron so what I’m I missing?  What the fuck is the full

      You can’t come up with anything that would excuse this pricks actions or
      the c*** being blinded by dick!!  Nothing excuses that!! 

      If you care more about the breeder and/or her dildo than you do
      Trinity’s torment and tragic death then do us all a solid and swallow
      the barrel of a gun!!! 

    2. Oh, thank you so much for giving me an excuse to officially lose it on this story. You stupid, stupid fuck, you have no idea how deeply this case has affected me and how often I think of Trinity. Little “Wubbzy”. Well, this is for her.

      I have read every fucking police document, interview, polygraph result, article and comment that there is to read about this. You cannot tell me that I don’t know the whole story. I don’t need to know that fucking tw*t Angela Hanna, or her twisted pervert pedo boyfriend Eric or their nasty whore lodger Brittany to “know the full story”. Here is what I know, and it is more than enough for me to judge, hate, and wish absolute misery on all of them.

      Angela Hanna was interviewed by police. She also took a polygraph test. Although she passed the test in regards to physically abusing Trinity herself, she stated in the police interview the following incriminating information: 1) She did not believe Eric’s account of how Trinity’s injuries occurred. 2) She did not take Trinity for immediate care after half of her little body was burned. 3) She HEARD Trinity say “Eric burned me”. 4) She was upset by the fact that Trinity told her to “Go away, mommy. You hurt me.” 5) She was threatened by more than one friend or family member that if Trinity was not seen to by a doctor, she would be turned in to the authorities. 6) She knew Eric had a previous case open with CPS, but did not question him about its nature, and still allowed him time alone with her child. 7) She KNEW Eric used drugs regularly and still allowed him around her child.

      If that does not attest to the fact that she is a terrible, despicable hell-c*** of a mother, then I don’t know what does. Defend her, I dare you.

      As for Eric Foster, he FAILED a polygraph test. He failed every question. When describing why he decided to place Trinity in a scalding hot shower, he replied “She shit herself”. He ADMITTED to slamming her down on a bicycle seat, and then later that day into a high chair, deliberately causing trauma to her little vagina to the point that it turned black. He admitted to allowing her to fall to the ground and hit her head.

      So in case you didn’t get the message here, it’s a resounding “FUCK YOU!!!”. Fuck you for speaking here about anything besides how terrible this is, and how people like this need to be exterminated like the filthy vermin they are. Fuck you for even IMPLYING that anything more needs to be known than the facts admitted to by the scum who did this. Fuck you for defiling this little girl’s memory with your bullshit. Go fucking die and do the world a favor.

      Here are the links to the police documents if you want the “full story”. Cunt.

      1.  Great post.   Thank you.

    3.  FUCK YOU! This is the worst case I have ever seen this precious child was abused and hurt by a FUNCTIONING ADDICT…..WTF? I mean that’s like being the most sober alcoholic…..Addiction is not a disability and neither is stupidity. The full story is this sweet girl is dead, this mother chose not to save her child by leaving her with someone who scared the ever loving piss out of her. I hate you motherfuckers coming here and defending these pieces of dog shit….They get to die with dignity while these children have to suffer at the hands of people they are supposed to trust.

  22. Also, a question for all you piece of shit defenders telling the newspapers, police, reporters, etc.. that they need to “shut up” and don’t know the “full story” – If you knew the full story why did you not report this to the authorities before the child was injured of killed? There is blood on your hands.

    1. Indeed! Love your posts, you care passionately about children as do I and other readers. Kudos.

  23.  A “functioning addict” (which personally I agree is an oxymoron, with the emphasis on the second two syllables) is supposedly one who can get through a minimally normal day. That is, they can manage most days to handle a basic paid job, eat enough to survive and not beat the shit out of their families before getting completely trashed. It’s no fun having a functioning addict in the household but you don’t live in fear. Misery, for sure, but not fear. Once an addict passes into abuse, violence and scare tactics they are WAY past the point where they would be considered “functioning”.

    Poor little girl. I cannot imagine the pain  and terror she suffered towards the end of her short life, compounded by having to watch her “mother” do NOTHING to help her.

    1.  So essentially a functioning addict has no business being around a small child? Which is my point exactly, I get so pissed at the fact that these monsters have adults coming forward to defend them, but the children don’t. Where are the people defending the babies??? That’s right there is no one, and if there had been the child may not have died suffering.

      Sorry but this shit really pisses me off. It isn’t fair to the children, the parents and people that caused this shit to happen should be on death row for as long as it takes to make preparations for execution and that is it. There is no rehab for evil fuckers like this.

  24. In theory, a functioning addict is one who has learned to balance the basic requirements of life with their addiction. That, sadly, might imply to some that a functioning addict would be able to care for a child.

    In practise, having lived with one for ten years, I would say those “basic requirements” pertain only to themselves. That does include making an effort not to get arrested by avoiding DWI and not beating on their families, but the fact remains that a functioning addict will still have significant periods of time when they are drunk or high. During those times they are at least going to be inattentive to the needs of others (so a functioning addict might be able to get their kids up and dressed on the school bus, but likely would not hear or get up for a child crying in the night), and might make severe errors of judgement (like the young woman who drove off with her son on the roof of her car because she forgot, in her dope-induced confusion, she put him up there; or someone who leaves their stash around where the kids can get into it).

    So no, even a functioning addict should not be around a small child and definitely not their caregiver. However, this guy was not by any stretch of the imagination “functioning”; he was a full blown addict with all the attendant rage, paranoia and voilence that come with it. And she KNEW that. By trying to now pass him off as “functioning” I can only imagine she is trying to justify her own appalling failure as a mother in wantonly ignoring that poor little girl’s terror and pleas for help.

  25. By the way I agree with you that addiction is not a disease. Every time a person picks up that needle, pipe or bottle they are making a choice. You can make the choice to get sober any time, too.

    1. I would say that addiction is in a category of its own. It’s not a mental illness, a disease, a sin, or a crime. It has its own pathology and unfortunately our current treatments for it are so ineffective that the best ones only have about a 5% cure rate. Add to that the fact that a sexually active addict has about a zero likelihood of using any kind of birth control, or to take responsibility for an unplanned pregnancy by arranging for an abortion (I know, what a HORRIBLE suggestion, I’m sorry I made you faint) or to give over custody of the child once born to someone responsible, and you have the perfect setup for child abuse and neglect.

  26. I hope he gets the death penalty growing up I was close friends with his older brother and as time went on I started to see that there was something wrong with both of them I mean the older brother likes to have sex with younger girls and I’m talking way younger like he’s 35 and the girls are usually around 13 14 years old I don’t know but where I come from that’s child molestation over the years I’ve seen Eric and his brother Anthony do some way out things but I truly hope that walking sesspool dies a vicious death I don’t think lethal injection is bad enough for him

  27. This makes me sick. I have a 3 year old n I’m married to.a.guy who isn’t his father. I didn’t let my son meet my future husband til I was sure my child would like him, then only when i was around and shit…i did some checking. Wtf is wrong with this.bitch another baby taken so that the mother has a regular Dick to fuck and a babysitter

  28. Well, this demonstrates several problems. CPS was called but wait, CPS actually stands for Can’t Protect SHIT, so they were of no help whatsoever, and the c**t dispenser (I’m sorry but I can’t call her a “mother”) cared more about her drugged out husband than her beautiful baby girl and was willing to let horrendous abuse slide, yet suffers NO punishment for it. Then you wonder why some women act so entitled. It’s because the law allows them to.

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