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Nurses find maggots in baby’s diaper – now I’ve heard it all

Police: Nurses Find Maggots In Sick Baby’s Diaper
South Carolina mother faces charges after maggots found in baby’s diaper

Dirty pot-smoking mother, Michelle Butler

A South Carolina mother,  Michelle Butler, 20,  has been arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of a child after nurses in a local ER found maggots in her 10-month old son’s diaper. MAGGOTS! Let that sink in for a second. After blood and urine samples were run on the baby,  they came back positive for exposure to marijuana. Stellar fucking parenting right there, folks.

In the hours leading up to the discovery, Michelle had taken her baby boy to a neighbor’s house and he appeared sick. The neighbor claimed that he had a fever and was pulling at his ears and encouraged the young mother to get medical attention for him, which she ignored. The neighbor gave him some Tylenol and  eventually called 911 for the little man. Authorities accompanied him to the ER and that’s when the nurses found the maggots in his diaper. Um, where the fuck was his mother? Why wasn’t she at the ER with her sick son?

A search of Michelle’s apartment tuned up baby food, formula and diapers for the baby; but was also found to be “very messy and dirty”.  Shocking. I don’t imagine you’d find maggots if you were visiting an apartment of a clean person. I’ve seen some messy fucking houses in my life and I’ve even let my place go unkempt for longer than I’d like to admit when I was younger. But maggots? That’s just fucking disgusting. To have maggots in your pantry because there was a an old potato hiding behind something is one thing, but for maggots to be in your son’s diaper? How the fuck does that even happen?

In ironic news, this is the  3rd time in a year that the police have responded to a child in need at the apartment complex, Shamrock Apartments, where Michelle lives.  Unfortunately and sadly, the 2 other babies from this same complex died.

Just a week ago, a 2-week old baby died of asphyxiation  and her death was ruled accidental. However, the mother, Latesha Brown, was charged with 2 counts of child neglect and her other 2 children tested positive for crack cocaine. She has since admitted smoking crack and letting others smoke crack around her kids. The case in still open and the mother is out on $20k bond.

In May of 2011, a 23-month old little boy died at the hands of his babysitter’s boyfriend.  He died from a “massive blow to the head”…. sigh. Joshua Babb originally told investigators that the bathtub jumped up and bumped little Jayden in the head, but the police weren’t buying it. Joshua later admitted to killing Jayden and he was arrested for 1st degree murder and is facing life in prison.

Luckily the 10-month old boy from Shamrock Apartments did not die. He’s in the custody of the state and his mother is out on bond. She claims that she’d like to tell her side of the story and she’ll do whatever it takes to get him back.  Here’s a tip Michelle, clean up your fucking apartment and stop smoking pot around your baby, you lazy piece of shit.  Man I hope she comes here to tell her side, I’m ready.

RIP to the other young victims of the Shamrock Apartment bad breeders.

Thanks to all that sent in the tips.

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  1. OH Gross!!! That poor little dude!  I mean…we have to keep our green bin inside because of a raccoon in the area (We need to keep our organic garbage in a green bin here) and we get maggots because of that, and I freak out…I can’t imagine…poor little baby… UGH NASTY

  2. Once she had a kid, she probably thought that she was losing her “identity” of who she was as a single, carefree, etc, person, and thats why she neglected her son.  Young mothers can feel like, my nephews mother (not related to her) feels that way and she neglects him to a small amount,, and I jump down HER throat for it.  But what I’m saying is that what I said before is no reason to neglect your child(ren).  There is no reason whatsoever that is good enough to hurt your own child(ren), or someone elses child(ren) for that matter.

    1. I agree with some of what you said… but older mothers can be neglectful pieces of shit too. 

      I don’t think her age is necessarily a factor in this case. I think whether she was 20 or 42 or 85, she was a pig who let the house that her and her child live in become a place where maggots could live.  She also smoked weed. I know of and have read TONS of stories of mothers that are well above 20 that do drugs. 

      I also personally have friends who were teem mothers or mothers in their early 20s and were amazing from day one. 

      So, in short, I don’t think the stereo-type of “young mother = piece of shit”  is applicable here. 

      1. You are definitely right in saying that older mothers can also be neglectful pieces of dirt.Even if a woman tries hard to conceive later in life and is successful,there is no guarantee that she will definitely be a great mom.Being a great mom is a lot of work,so the older woman may want to cut some slack and be neglectful,as she may lack the energy for child-rearing and even for keeping the home clean. 

  3. Maggots? As in fly larva? As in these things eat dead flesh/tissue? Did the article make mention of any open wounds or sores on this little angel? Did he have any injuries of bruising, broken bones, bites etc? And WHY did “it” not notice that there were bugs in the baby’s diaper when she changed him?
    Note to self….Harm none. I think I need to go throw up…..this one is un-freaking believable, and I thought i had heard it all. 🙁

    1. Sterilize the evil whore. She has no “side” to tell. She belongs in PRISON.

  4. What are the odds of three children in the same complex being abused,two of them dead from it?Just because you are poor and live in a PJ does not mean you cannot have happy and healthy kids and keep the damn house cleaned up!Hope this baby is not given back to her!

  5. Buaaah, that’s so totally and utterly disgusting! And I just ate… :o/

    The poor baby boy!!!!!

    I can not imagine how exactly maggots got in his diaper. And I don’t want to. Ok, the first one was a lie. There are several possibilities and all of them seriously gross me out. Bah.

    1.) Either she “reused” the diaper and a fly laid eggs in the… well, residue. After all, they go for feces.
    2.) Or she stored the diapers in an unhygienic place and maggots “just” happened to crawl in before she changed her son into them.
    3.) Or – a way more horrible scenario – as Debby already mentioned, he had one or several wounds / sores which got infested. It happens to kids in the 3rd world all the time, especially when they are malnourished (I don’t say this one was). But if it is an infestation (what would also explain the fever, which would be caused by the infection of a wound) then the little man was very lucky to get into treatment. Because then, a sepsis was lurking just around the corner. Just saying…
    4.) Another quite disturbing if less likely possibility would be that it wasn’t maggots but worms. As in parasitic ones, living in the colon. As the apartment was so filthy, maybe she gave him spoiled food/drinks or picked up his pacifier from a dirty floor etc.. Though I doubt a medical professional would not recognize the difference, parasitic worms in humans are a rare phenomenon in the Industrialized world, so who knows. In this case, the boy has to be treated for them, cause they can reek havoc in your inner organs and even your brain.

    Whatever the case, I think it’s thoroughly horrible and I wish I hadn’t eaten dinner.

    The poor boy should NOT be returned to this woman, cause even if she has no bad intent, her neglect has definitely reached the limit of posing a serious endangerment of the child’s well-being.

    Get well, baby boy!

    1. You make some excellent points! 

      From the articles though, it does say that he had an ear infection and she had actually taken him to the doc for it prior to this and he was on antibiotics. He hadn’t finished taking them though, b/c the mother spilled the medicine and didn’t get him anymore. I have to assume that if she took him to the doc, they would’ve seen if he had severe infections, sores, etc… in his diaper area only b/c they tend to always get the babies naked as a jay bird when they weigh them – diaper off. 

      I’m definitely not giving credit to this sack of shit where its not due.  

      1. Thanks for pointing out some details about the little one’s condition I did miss. I didn’t read the original articles, so I may have speculated on the base of wrong or too few facts.

        Plus, as I am no mother myself and never have been with a baby / toddler for a checkup or doctor’s appointment (although I did do my fair share of babysitting and love kids in general), I didn’t know they fully undress the small children there for weighting in etc.. Good to know.

        I have to say though, this just adds another minus point to the birth vessels account. If the child was so sick that he needed antibiotics (and I don’t think a doctor would prescribe them lightheartedly for such a young patient), then it was crucial that he actually TOOK them. Plus, not taking the whole course of an antibiotics treatment is an additional risk as it makes bacteria resistant (MRSA much?!). So, that’s a clear double fail…

        But it just falls in line with all the other facts which are accounted for, the filthy living environment, the drug consumption in presence of the little boy (so bad that it was even found in his system), the maggots. She’s either too stupid, too uninformed or to uninterested – or all three together – in her child to take good – or even any kind of – care for him. 

  6. All the potheads I’ve ever known have been super tidy and meticulous.  Like the kind of people who get high to clean their house in this super in-depth way.  Also, they were really good people, though.  I don’t know if this woman needed to smoke pot just to be a douche; probably not.

    1. Nah, being a pothead totally doesn’t make her a douche – she was born that way I assume. I know tons of clean potheads, rich potheads, meticulous potheads, etc… her being a pothead was just part of the story – not blaming the weed in this case. 

      She shouldn’t be smoking it around her baby though! 

    2. If your a nasty dirty pig that neglects your little baby I dont think it matters if your high or not. I don’t think its the weed that makes her a piece of shit, its that fact her baby tested postitive for it too. So she was smoking it around him. If you got time to roll a whatever, you have time to change a diaper. She was also neglecting his medical needs. I dont think smoking weed makes your a bad person, but it won’t help in your quest to be a steller parent either. Thank goodness we had a super hero neighbor that cared enough for this baby to get involved.

    3. I too get sick of all the pot bashing, but I’m not getting into it. Certain people were maybe raised in a not so pleasant way and they like to imagine an ass-hole parent would be like June Cleaver or whatever without weed, drugs, alcohol – whatever. But, they’re just douche-bags that are also sometimes high and/or drunk.

      I haven’t indulged since becoming pregnant with my now 3 year old daughter, but smoking weed allowed me to get through a lot of horrible things like online traffic school, housecleaning, and grocery shopping. I also wrote, drew, and painted a lot. My husband would often get high as a kite and finish huge projects in one sitting. I haven’t been witness to the stereotypical lazy pothead myself.

      1. Not sure if you’re referring to what I’ve written – but I didn’t call all potheads lazy. 

        In the article I wrote ” Here’s a tip Michelle, clean up your fucking apartment and stop smoking pot around your baby, you lazy piece of shit.  ”  — I called her lazy b/c her place was a mess. 

        I was married to a pothead, for a long time. While I don’t agree with adults smoking pot, b/c its illegal, I don’t pass judgement on anyone who smokes it. Heroin, yes. Pot, not really.  I will pass judgement on people who do ANY drugs around their kids, even alcohol in excess. 

        I wasn’t saying that all potheads are lazy. My ex-husband wasn’t lazy at all. Our house was spotless, we had no debt, and he worked his balls off everyday. He was a stoner and it annoyed me b/c his eyes were always red, he ate a lot, and laughed at stupid shit – but that was the extent of my annoyance with his weed smoking. 

        My problem with the tw*t in this story is that a) her baby had maggots in his diaper b) she didn’t seek medical attention for him and then didn’t go to the ER with him either and c) HE tested positive for weed. 

  7. occupymyfootinurarse

     The poor child must have been miserable and she did nothing to help him – and not even accompany him to the ER? Nobody lets shit like that happen to someone they love.
    Matter of fact, remove all the children from that (apparently) shitbox apartment complex. What with filth, drugs, worthless “parents”, imagine what that complex is like o_O

  8. This woman is giving young African American moms a bad reputation.Maggots in her sons diaper WTH! Her home must be so unhygienic and that disgusts me. But I am glad that this young woman’s son is alive and healthy.I just hope that he gets to live in a loving adoptive home.

  9. <3 Breaking I have little ones and I could not even imagine.

  10. I’m not sure, but isn’t the incubation for maggots quite some time!?! How do you not smell that!?! GROSS!!!

  11. I don’t think age should have any factor in this, nor her race. I am 23, I have a 6 1/2 yr old as well as a 7 month old. I work hard and care for NY kids in my own. Anyone who allows maggots in their children’s under garments, are just lazy and disgusting. As well as doing any type of drugs infront of their kids. I honestly don’t have a issue with pot. You want to smoke it then cool. Don’t do it around your kids! People are just fuckin moronic nowadays.

  12. She needs to have him taken away. People just don’t get the fact that it is a PRIVELEGE to be a parent. That baby deserves a chance at having a better home with a better parent!

  13. Someone needs to put her ass in a diaper and not change it for 2 weeks at least. Before it gets put on make sure the diaper is lined with raw rotting meat.  Have a nice day bitch.

    1.  How sweet of you to wish her a nice day! LMAO!!!

  14. How the fuck does that even happen????? She would have to of not changed his diaper for AT LEAST 24 hours for this to happen, he had to poop, wait for the flies to get attracted to his diaper, lay eggs and then 24 hours before they hatch in a warm environment ***Shutter*** PLUS, maggots are maggots for FOUR days until they turn into flies… I think I am going to  be sick! 
      My son is 2 1/2 and still in diapers most of the time (we just started potty training), he sleeps through the night (I know how lucky I am lol) and even from his 8 pm bedtime until around 6:30 when he wakes up his diaper sometimes looks like its going to pop from him peeing (and on a few messy occasions has leaked all over his bed). Feces and urine had to be POURING  out of that diaper LONG before maggots could get to it! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! 
         I have been poor, I mean really poor, asking a church for diapers poor and my son has still never had to sit in his own poo, to hear she had clean diapers and just didnt change him makes it somehow so much worse.  Thank God for that lady realizing something wasnt right and calling 911, or who knows what could have happened?!?!?! 
      She wants to “tell her side of the story” HA, her side of the story is that she just didnt give a fuck enough for her son to clean him and keep him in a healthy diaper. End of story. 

  15. Furthermore, the diapers in my trash can dont even sit there long enough to get maggots GAH!! 

  16. Gross.  Danielle, I wish that you had heard it all but sadly we’ll be reading about some bizarre new way of abusing a child on this site before too long.

  17. Maggots…..MAGGOTS!!!
    How in the fuck do maggots grow INSIDE of a diaper? Seriously?

    1. I guess flys don’t care where they lay their eggs. Ick. It doesn’t get much worse than this.

  18. I read stories like this and I thank God for the awesome, I repeat awesome, childhood/upbringing I had. It was near perfect , so when I see this and stories like it, I cringe. For a child to grow up with such a horrid past, it’s awful. I can’t believe people are like this yet when I come here I read stuff I can’t believe. Humans are a strange thing. Some so good, others disgusting.

  19. Of course she wants him back….for the welfare $$$.

    1. Welfare payments to ANYONE who does such things must be permanently terminated. We have to know that this baby cried a lot, and was in pain from the unchanged diapers ! He nust not have had baths either.

  20. Seems impossible

  21. Here are two great sites dedicated to ending abuse in the Black community :, and The next step would be to start a support group in what ever town or city you live in, and be on the lookout for kids who will need your help. May God bless the person who took the high road, and reported this poor child to authorities. Auto-sterilization for”mother” who was content to let the baby rot alive !!!

    1. Thank you for the links!

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