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What do you get if you have a blind five-year-old, a convicted sex offender, ten other children under the age of 12, a pregnant woman, ten other adults, plenty of rope and filthy conditions – all in a 1700 sq. ft. house? Sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke, doesn’t it? Well, it’s really bad, but unfortunately its no joke. In addition to all I listed above, one of the women there has already been investigated multiple times by CPS – once for punching one of the children in the stomach. The children were not named, but there were seven boys, ages 4 mos., 6 mos., 1, 2, 4, 8 and 11; and four girls, ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. Oh, and the five year old girl is legally blind. And the two youngest infants were taken to the hospital with what was believed to be pneumonia. The eleven year old boy had a black eye, finger-mark bruising on his arms, and a knocked-out tooth. And all of these are believed to be the grandchildren of the owner of the house, Tanda Marsh-Smith, who, incidentally, is also the one that has been investigated by CPS multiple times already.

Had enough? I have. But there’s more. The son of the grand-beast, Mark E. Marsh III, 34, is a convicted sex offender – in 1997 he was convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a 15-year old girl. In addition, both 2-year olds, and the 5-year old, were all tied up. And all were living in squalid conditions. And none of them attended school – who wants to take bets that the grand-monster was ‘home-schooling’ them? Or pretending to. It was also mentioned in one of the links that this was being investigated as possible cult activity. I wonder if they were members of some obscure fundamentalist church in the area? Wouldn’t that just make this the best ‘FAIL’ story of all time? And then we could also be assured of having several of the other members of the church come here to tell us all that we are going to hell for being mean to such GOOD people.

As far as the restraints for the children, the adults in the house said they didn’t see anything wrong with it, and that it was only done to make sure the kiddies were safe while they were sleeping. Oh, well, then – I guess that makes it all OK doesn’t it? No….not really… The children gave a completely different account, with at least one of them stating that they were locked/tied up for most of the day. Ooooohhhhh….the kids’ll tell on you every time won’t they? The little beasties – they should probably be beaten for that – oh, wait, they already have been…my bad. Oh, and the coup-de-grace? There were also two sixteen-year-old runaways from another state living there – because they had been told that it was a FUN place to live….dear God….

I could go on with this for pages, but in the interest of time (and what’s left of my sanity), I’ll let all of you read the many other interesting details in the six linked articles, and add anything I left out that you think appropriate.

Personally, I think all of the parents of these children should be sterilized and then imprisoned. The grand-beast should be tied to a filthy mattress in a small dark room – shoot, put them all in the same small dank cell together – with a convicted rapist. Oh, wait, if they are all in there together, they’ll already have one of those won’t they? Give ’em a couple more just in case any of them get lonely. Really big, mean guys named Butch or Bubba……or Bruce.

Thanks for the tips go to Danielle, Deb, April, and one other whose e-mail tip I have misplaced, but I will include them as soon as I find it.

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  1. Great job Angel!  When I first read about this, the thought that came to mind was “Damn, I feel sorry for whoever writes this one up.” I am so sad that this happened in Texas- but then I am not surprised. I have been keeping an eye out for any more information about this. From what I understand, this happened last month. The authorities have been trying to figure out which child goes with which “parent”. As I find out more I’ll post updates. If that is okay.

    1. I am wOndering if some of these kids were kidnapped or custody issues or being sexually abused, notice the very pregnant one

      1. The grandmother was fostering them. They were not kidnapped.

        1. So this was a foster home or were they blood relatives, and even with fostering no one ever checked on these babies how sad, how much was the hag getting per month in subsidies

    2. If that’s okay? Of course it’s okay. It’s readers like you that make this all worth it!

    3.  Yes, it happened more than a month ago.  I was wondering why it is taking so long to figure out the parentage…unless there’s some inbreeding going on too – that would tend to muddy the waters a bit more.

       It’s fine with me if you post updates.  I don’t get all hung up on who writes what about what, as long as the information gets out there. 

  2. Jebus WTF?….Seriously, the ages you typed out for the poor kids look like a phone number.  :/

    1.  I wouldn’t try dialing it if I were you…it might be a direct line to Satan.  After all, his wife is the matriarch of this family, isn’t she?  No, wait, Satan’s wife is named Lilith – sorry, but it WAS an honest mistake!  Just to be safe though – stay off of that phone!

  3. Grandma is a real charmer.   Back in the 80s she lost custody of her six children in Michigan for locking them up, burning them and beating them with belts.   Her parental rights were terminated and all of the children were adopted out.   Did that stop her? Oh no, she just moved to Texas and had seven more.   Any abuse there apparently went unnoticed until just this month with the grandchildren.

    1. I found all that info too Marsha – crazy right? Apparently she uses her vagina as a clown car and had a total of 13 kids – losing the 1st 6 and then having 7 more. 

      From all the articles I read, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She was “raising” these 11 grandkids – but no word on WHY she had all of them and if their parents (her actual kids) were there too, I think at least 2 daughters lived in the house. The only one of her kids that came forward was a 20-something  YO named Jazmien who had her 2 kids taken from her and Tanda was raising them. She claimed that it was the other adults (her sisters) that tied the kids up, that Tanda wasn’t home the day that got raided. 

      When they were raided, they found 8 kids in a 10×10 room with a board over the tiny window in the middle of the day. The 5-YO blind girl was tied to the bed with a dog leash across her chest and laying in her own excrement and urine. The kids said that they were sometimes tied up for days at a time in that dark room.  Then there were the signs of physical abuse that Angel mentioned – blacked eyes, fingerprint bruises, knocked out teeth, etc… 

      In their backyard, there were shed-like small houses that other adults slept in at night – wtf?  I suppose that’s where some of those 10 adults were sleeping. 10 adults plus 11 kids plus 2 16-YO run aways – that’s a fuckload of people. 

      I got attached to this story really quickly and finding as many details as I could to understand what the fuck these trashy people were thinking. Disgusting. 

      What BLOWS my mind is that NOT ONE PERSON has been charged with shit. WTF? Apparently the DA is taking it before the grand jury, but shit – how on earth has no one been charged yet? Makes no sense. 

      1. I think that ‘using her vagina as a clown car’ is the best analogy I’ve seen on this site or maybe any site.  That sums it up.

        I get attached to stories too.  I keep following the Overton and Drabek cases.  

        One of the things I look for in these stories is why the failure to protect children occurred.    It’s one thing when we are dealing with a worker who fails to do his or her job.   They can be fired, supervision can be tightened up.   But it’s another when there’s a failure of the system and that’s what we’ve got here.   Here’s a woman who abused her first set of children badly enough to lose her parental rights – no easy thing – and all she has to do is move to another state.  

        Had she stayed in Michigan, her next baby probably would have been removed from her care.   But she didn’t and no one in Texas knew to check on her.  I’m sure years of abuse went unnoticed.  Would the 2009 incident have been treated so cavalierly if they had known her full history?  (stressed out grandmother who needs more help vs. chronic abuser).  

        I am not for government obtrusiveness in our lives but children shouldn’t have to suffer because the abusive parents move to a new jurisdiction.  This happens even with active cases.  Maybe it’s time for a national database so at least when there was (finally!) a complaint about grandma  the worker could have read about the serious abuse that caused her to lose her rights to six children and investigated more fully. 


    2. I don’t understand why people who seem to hate kids have so many. If you can’t stand 1 or 2 don’t have THIRTEEN. My maternal grandmother had 9 and she beat them all and took so little care of them that the youngest got very confused and referred to my mother as “mom”. She was the second born.

      1.  “took so little care of them that the youngest got very confused and
        referred to my mother as “mom”. She was the second born.”

        That would be an almost comical statement if it weren’t so freakin’ sad… Did your mother learn from watching her own mother’s mistakes, and avoid making the same ones herself ? (I hope!)  Regardless, from what I’ve seen on here you seem to have learned some good parenting skills, and that is a great thing!

    3. Holy…..

  4. My house is 1800 sq feet including the unfinished basement. Two kids, me, and my husband will fill the three tiny bedrooms to capacity eventually (baby boy sleeps with us). MIL & FIL visited last September and kept commenting on the smallness and wondering where the people across the street crammed their six kids. I told them they seemed to have converted their attached garage and many here copy the upstairs floor plan in the basement so we might have 5-6 tiny bedrooms and two bathrooms in these tiny houses, but jeez – wtf did grandma put everybody? And I know much worse went on than overcrowding. I just got hung up on it. 😀

  5.  “And then we could also be assured of having several of the other members
    of the church come here to tell us all that we are going to hell for
    being mean to such GOOD people.” is a comment that disgusts me because any REAL church going person will tell you, there are MANY wolves in sheep’s clothing. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than sitting in a garage makes you a car. There are a lot of people who go to church to “atone” for their sins and think once they set foot outside the church they are free to abide by their old sinning ways. I agree, these people are scum, and shouldn’t use God as a crutch as to why they should be seen as good. Good write up btw 🙂

    1.  Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than sitting in a garage makes you a car.

      That just made me giggle, love it!

    2. I am with Debbie there! 😀 

      Your comment: “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than sitting in a garage makes you a car. ” really made me laugh, so true and to the point. Couldn’t have said it better in a million years. 

      And then I had to read it to my hubby ’cause he wanted to know what I am snickering about. He really liked the comparison, too. So, Kudos to you, Jennifer! 

      (Btw, we are namesakes… :o))

      1.  Someone I know once told me, “I’m a good Christian, because I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday!” 

        I replied, “My best friend’s cat had a litter of kittens in junked out oven last week. Does that mean they’re good biscuits?”

        That person has not spoken to me since….and I’m really sad about it – can you tell?

    3.  My comment disgusts you, or the people who come here spouting such garbage disgust you?  I’m gonna assume that since the last sentence was a positive one about the write-up, you meant them and not me.

      I know what you mean about wolves in sheeps’ clothing – many thousands of those grace the pews every Sunday.  There are also many who truly believe, and practice their faith daily.  But THEY would never come to defend a child abuser, IMHO.

    1. There is a tip/contact link at the top of the page, Abc. If you submit your tips there, they will go to April, and she can assign them to a writer.  I think I’ll go ahead and take this one, unless she or one of the other writers lets me know it’s already covered.  Thanks for the tip, though. And welcome to the site!

        1.  Done.

  6.  @Marsha
    – just read up on the Overton and Drybek cases- and I am shaking now! Perhapswe need REQUIRED parenting classes in middle school-high school? IDK, it’s just so insane, the number of peope abe to treat children like their own personal garbage heap..pardon me, just upset..

  7. I don’t know how I missed this story when you originally covered it. Maybe it’s just so mindboggling my brain didn’t have enough memory to store the information.

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