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From Stocton California: The Great Pumpkin in the pic above reminds me a lot Gary Coleman (“Whachu talkin’ bout, Willis”) from Diff’rent Strokes. Anybody else see the resemblance? I don’t mean the physical appearance, I mean the look that just screams, “I KNOW your’re not talking to ME!!” Somebody needs to smack that look off of his face. BTW, that mug is Demetrius Anderson, 23. He beat his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter, Brenee Potter, to death. Then he hit her a few more times to try to revive her. Ummmmm…WHAT!?!?! *rubs eyes* Pop quiz, readers – and there is only one question, so it’s a pass or fail grade: Will beating a dead 2-year old bring the child back to life? Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? Does anyone think the answer to that was “yes”? Or even “maybe”? I thought not. But, apparently genius-boy up there knows more about that than we do, because he thought he could circumvent the laws of nature and beat the child he had killed back to life. I cannot fathom the sheer stupidity necessary to even come up with such a lame excuse.

For anyone who failed the last pop quiz, I will now give you a chance to redeem yourself. Question: Will beating a crying child make them stop crying? Well, that WAS kind of a trick question. In the real world, most of us know that violence does not prevent crying – unless it is accompanied by death. So, the answer is both yes and no. This manimal beat Brenee because he was frustrated that she was crying. Good job, Demonius, she’s not crying anymore. Or breathing, for that matter. Hopefully you won’t be for much longer either.

According to news articles, Demonius has been charged with child abuse resulting in the death of a child under 8. Personally, I think it should be capital murder, but since I am not the DA no one has consulted with me on that topic. *sigh* This waste of flesh claims that when Brenee would not stop crying, he threw a doll at her face, and when that didn’t work, he threw HER. On to a tile floor, no less. He said that she looked dead, so he punched her several times in the head and stomach in an attempt to revive her. *blink, blink* WHA????? What medical school did this guy attend that taught this form of CPR? Oh, yeah, the school of Dr. Dumbarse. For medical wannabes who like to create their own cadavers to practice on, apparently. Demon needs to head on over to K-mart and buy himself a clue or something, because I do-na theenk dees ees how dees theeng works, Lucy.

When the child arrived at the ER, she was found to be sporting multiple skull fractures, internal abdominal bleeding, a dislocated elbow, and a bulging left eye. Oh, and all of the toenails on her right foot were gone. I think I just had a mini-stroke. Missing toenails? The red I am seeing right now must be a result of the brain bleed I sustained just from reading that tidbit of information. I wonder what he says caused the toenails to disappear…perhaps the doll he threw at Brenee’s face chewed them off? What kind of hideous monster does such a thing? That orange-clad penis tortured the little girl before he killed her. Hangnails hurt like a mo-fo, and this sorry sack of useless biological matter ripped her toenails OFF!!! No freakin’ wonder she was crying!

There is no word yet on where the egg donor, Tangier Arias, 23, was when the beating took place, but that is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. I was inclined to cut her some slack, and maybe feel a bit of pity for her because she just lost her baby – until I read this:

“Anderson admitted to having anger-management issues, Stockton police said. At the time of his arrest, he was on probation for a previous domestic-abuse conviction.”

The pecker-petting procreation vessel knew her snatch-snacker had anger issues – he was already on probation for domestic violence!!! Anybody wanna make bets that he has hit her already, too? It wouldn’t surprise me if she was the one who had him arrested the first time. I’d actually be surprised if it WASN’T her. She left her child with someone she knew had anger issues. I hope she gets charged with neglect – accessory to murder, if they can swing it…. AAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! Why do these breeders keep sacrificing their children to the god of casual sex? I need to go vomit, now….

The only good thing I have seen in this entire fiasco is the bail amount. The judge has set bail for the baby-killer at 1 million. And as an added bonus, he also set bail for probation violation at $25,000.00.

I hope his trial judge (and jury) are as smart, and provide him with a nice, long vacation at the grey-bar motel.

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  1. It wouldn’t do for me to be in charge. Anyone who kills or maliciously tortures a child or both should be killed post-haste. No amount of time in prison will right the wrong, and I personally believe that these people need to die so they don’t keep procreating. The kids who are abused this way, if they live through it, will never recover, and many of them will become abusers themselves, and, well, that is reason enough, imho, to cut them out of the gene pool altogether. This goes for pedo rapists, molesters, etc. It’s open season on children in America. I’m all for mandatory birth control/spaying and neutering these assholes like the fucking dogs they are. I would drag them out in public, and exactly the same brutality they saw fit to mete out to these defenseless kids would be visited upon them until they died or I puked from watching another human being tortured so much. Cupcake for president. I would kill ’em all.

    1. I approve this message.

    2. Best. Comment. Ever.

    3. Just up and killing people like that is too swift and not fun enough, and it’s too easy of a sentence for what he did since he won’t be around for prisoners to beat up. If he’s killed, he won’t feel the pain of my proposed punishment nor can the cries of the little angel he killed haunt him for the rest of his pathetic life. I say we put him theough the same torture he put the baby through TWICE – rip all sets of his nails off, violently rape him with a spiked thor, beat him to just a small fraction of his life and pour rubbing alcohol all over him for good measure. If he recovers, rinse and repeat. Death would just cheat him out of the retribution he deserves even if it took him off the streets. Wicca has a three-fold law – whether good or bad, something you do returns with a tripled effect. Death won’t fit the bill here as much as sustained torture, but that’s just me.

  2. well she had soo much fun celebrating her birthday and just went out for dinner (the so called mother)

  3. “Tangier Arias:FINALLY GOT MY OUTFIT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!… r.i.p smoochie mommas”

    1.  In reply to Tangier’s announcement about her birthday outfit: Good, you slag – now you have something to wear to your daughter’s funeral. I hope it was worth the trade-off for you.

  4. Stories like this have convinced me that no matter how vile, evil or loathsome a person is someone somewhere will let them slither into their bed.  And while there are a lot of vicious evil women out there, there just seems to be more and more of these penis providers killing children.   I wish these women would step back and ask themselves: ” Am I really that desperate?” before they let these guys in.

  5. “I hope his trial judge (and jury) are as smart, and provide him with a nice, long vacation at the grey-bar motel.”

    And then I hope the other inmates provide him with a shank in the guts, and a second mouth right below the chin.

  6. I say we have a type of “Hunger Games” With all the child abusers.  Put them in that kind of situation,  promise them a pardon but with a twist…even if one comes out victorious, expecting a pardon, they get a 3rd eye on the platform.  Televise it as an example to all.

    1.  Good idea! They can still be pardoned too – posthumous pardons have been granted before….

  7. II’m actually sorry I posted that. I snooped on her page a little deeper. Her posts before babies death were all about her daughter, pictures and all. She really does seem like a good mother… also I get kinda annoyed how the mother is bashed in every single post this site makes.. you just think when you start dating someone they introduce them selves “I fantisize about beating and raping children,….may I come in?” No.they don’t.

    I dated a rapist for a year (before I had children) the sweetest man I had ever met in my life, until he beat and raped me. I had no idea.. I know with children, and I myself will do background checks but come on. Not all situations are the same and not all MEN show any true colors until its too late…. just saying….

    1. Really? You get annoyed at how the mother is bashed? What about the babies and kids that are bashed? Does that annoy you? Kinda ticks me off to be honest about it. She knew he had anger problems and more than likely she’s been used as a punching bag as well, so really doesn’t matter that she seemed so loving, she left her child with him knowing he had issues.

      1. I wanna love this comment.

      2.  That boy didn’t have ‘issues’… he bought the whole freakin’ subscription!  – a subscription to “Useless DNA and Oxygen Wasters of the World”.  I think he probably OWNS the magazine company that produces “Child Beaters Weekly” and “I’m a Loser International”.

    2. Take your “just sayin” ass else where then.

    3.  I know you mean well, and you are trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but here’s the thing…the mother is NOT bashed in every single post. Only the ones in which she participated in the abuse, or facilitated the abuse – and especially the ones in which she KNEW about the abuse, and let it continue…like this one. I don’t care how many pictures she had on her FB page of her daughter, or how many loving comments and blurbs she left about Brenee… She knew this jerk had previously been arrested for domestic violence and then left Brenee with the abusive penile plaything anyway.  Ergo, she is a bad mother.

      Let me ask you – would you have covered for your ‘rapist’ boyfriend EVEN AFTER you knew what he was? No? Well this woman did the equivalent of that, only instead of sacrificing her own safety, she sacrificed her daughter’s.  What part of that do you think qualifies her as a good mother? Just sayin’…..

      1. I definitely agree with you.Clearly,Arias is a sorry excuse of a mother.According to the author of this post,she “sacrificed her daughter to the god of casual sex”.She was more concerned with having her bed-buddy around with her than for the welfare of her kid,despite the fact that her bed-buddy was violent.

  8. qwhere does it say, anywhere, that she knew anything..or reports of her being a punching bag?

    1. Did she not live in the same house?Did she not know he had issues and anger problems?The whole point is to know who you are dealing with and not bring home a prison parolee, a known child abuser ect, to be around your children.She had to be aware of what was going on in her own home and with her child. Give me a break!

    2. I just saw this.. It stated that ‘he was on probation for a previous domestic-abuse conviction.” so if he was on probation then she knew.. and her being a punching bag was my ‘theory’ which is probably facts.

  9. If I had a dislocated elbow and/or ripped off toe nails, I’d cry too (and I’m a grown person). I wish this pansy had balls enough to try that shit on someone his own size (I’ll volunteer and deal with the enormous amount of clean up afterwards!!!).

  10. I’ve had my big toenails surgically removed, my toes were numbed, it still HURT! Wtf would possess someone to do that to a baby, for no reason?! This guy should rot in prison as someone’s science experiment/girlfriend!

    1. THESE are the critters that need lab testing done on them for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Not the poor blessed animals. These mortal “humans” (I cannot call them people) need something horrible done to them….

  11. I’m actually from Stockton and it sadly does not surprise me that something like thus happened. Domestic violence cases are treated so casually in Stockton. Offenders literally get a slap on the wrist. I sat in a courtroom once and watched a man who was there for beating his wife for the third time sentenced to one more week in a jail that looks like a summer camp then get released on an anger management program. It is becoming so bad there. There is no gang task force no drug enforcement squad people are killing for sport. They let people get away with so much that they give people like this guy the idea that it’s ok. If they aren’t getting punished for breaking laws why would they stop. Unfortunately this little girl had to die for something to be done. And hopefully the jury they obtain for this finds him guilty. I don’t know what kind of mother would be with somebody with a criminal history of DV. I have a two year old and if anybody do much as looked at him sideways it would be over.

  12. He should be treated like she was and left to die.  

    RIP little baby.

  13. “pecker-petting procreation vessel” !!!!!!!!!!! ty for that!

  14. I think Arias thought that since the guy was great in bed,he’d be great at watching her baby girl.Sadly,she was wrong.

    RIP Brenee.Have a great time in heaven.

  15. RIP, Brenee! How can ppl treat a 2 yer old that way? Right toe nails were gone? Sick very sick I hope he gets fried!

  16. Hmm the fingernail…a trophy maybe? Mega Loser.

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