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A chair with teeth? What a novel concept….

Adrian Morgan Allen
Man jailed on assault charges; 18-month-old ‘extremely critical’

That charmer above, with the “eff me, I’m hot” look on his face is Adrian Morgan Allen, the man with the biting chair. He lives in Bristol Township, PA, with his girlfriend, and what used to be three children. Because of A-demon No-man Allen, however, there are now only two still living in the home. The third one, an 18-month-old identified only as B.A., currently calls St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children her home. She is in critical condition suffering from major head trauma, among other injuries. Allen has been arrested for the first-degree felony aggravated assault of baby B. A. For the rest of this article, and until I find out the child’s actual name, I will refer to her as Beautiful Angel (BA), or just Beautiful, for short. Because she is – both beautiful AND an angel.

This guy is apparently only slightly more clever than a dead plant, since he did what many baby-beaters on this site attempt to do. He blamed the injuries on an inanimate object. That in itself would not make him more clever than a dead plant, but since he attempted to attribute human qualities to the chair, I gave him extra credit for using his imagination. Apparently his chair has teeth, and bit the child too.

I think I’ll start at the beginning, or as close to it as I can figure. Nakia Adams, the uterine apparatus that expelled three children, apparently needed a vacation – because she had left her children in the care of this creature while she was out of town. He is not the father of any of them. Why does that not surprise me? While Nakia was out of town, Beautiful was severely injured by the clitoral response unit. He claims that she pulled on a stack of 4 wooden chairs, and they fell on her. Well, you say, that could explain the head injuries, and a certain amount of bruising – but the medical professionals disagree. They’re pretty smart that way. I think even if they had been inclined to give A-demon the benefit of the doubt, after finding the other (and older) injuries, that bird flew right out the window. In addition to the head trauma and obligatory bruising, doctors found that she also had a broken arm, broken ribs….and a freakin’ BITE mark on her triceps! For those of you who are unfamiliar with anatomy, the triceps muscle is the one on the underside/back side of the upper arm. I just wanted to point that out to you, because we have had abusers (and commenters) in the past who have tried to convince us that most children chew on themselves for fun. Not in this case – not unless Beautiful wore dentures, and took them out and used them to bite the back of her arm. Anybody here think that might have happened? I thought not.

In addition to the recent injuries, Beautiful also had a leg in a cast from a spiral fracture inflicted back in January, and burn marks on the backs of her legs even older than that. The doctors said that the injuries were consistent with child abuse. Ya think?!?! My question for the doctors is: if the child had a cast applied in January, and there were already burn marks on her legs at that time – then why in the blue depths of HELL was she not taken from the mother then? You wanna know why? Do ya? Huh? I’ll tell you….because the walking incubator told the doctors that the injuries had been inflicted by a babysitter that she had since fired. The spiral fracture was blamed on Beautiful’s 8-year-old sibling. Way to go, mom! Let an arse-munch beat your kids, then defend him, and then blame your other kids! Gotta admire that loyalty – too bad she didn’t apply it to her kids rather than the slithering snake that crawled beneath her sheets. After this latest incident, however, she admitted that all of the injuries had occurred while Beautiful was in the care of A-demon. Yet, she left her precious baby with him for an entire weekend! She needs to have her arse arrested too. They should start with gross stupidity and endangering the welfare of a child, and work their way on up through criminal negligence and any other charges they can make stick. She is just as responsible for her child’s condition as the vag-filler is, because she knew he was an abusive piece of buzzard-dung, and left her kid(s) with him anyway. What a sorry excuse for a mother!

A few more details, and then I’ll let you go. The injuries were inflicted on Sunday morning, but A-demon waited a while before calling the mother – and then only told her that Beautiful was ‘sick’. And she wasn’t taken to the hospital until Nakia returned sometime later that evening. Oh, and A-demon made a statement to the cops as well – “I knew this would look bad on me.” Only because you caused it you worthless, oxygen-stealing waste of DNA… What a flocked up bunch of dodo birds this is!

The good news (if there can be any good news in something this horrible) is that the judge has set the boyfriend’s bail at one million dollars.

Thanks for this tip go to one of our newer readers, Abc. Abc just provided us with Beautiful’s given name. It is Kamille. I think I will leave her name in the article as it is though. Thanks again, Abc.

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  1. chairs can bite:  If you’re a naked man on one of those wood slat chairs.    But that is a story of a silly man who’s scrotum got caught.  Not a little defenseless baby who got beat on by some asswipe.  Mom picked penis over children again.  >.<

  2. The little girl is still alive, right? Any word on her condition?

    1. She past

  3. Sick. My daughter has never known a moment’s pain aside from the odd splinter or stepping on a stone barefoot. She’s five, this May. I left my first husband the minute he started getting slap- happy with my sons and I. There is absolutely no excuse for this, at all.   Momster is as bad as her dick, for letting it carry on, and a weak and feeble- minded lazy slut at that.

    1.  And naturally, we will have “friends of the family” or “useless but concerned relatives” jumping to their defence: bring it. Nobody defended this baby, not ever. :'(

  4. I have a chubby little 17 month old girl that sometimes does not want to walk from room to room. For what ever reason, being tired, crabby, lazy or just wanting to be scooped up and carried. My heart breaks for this poor baby hobbling around on her broken leg, falling over. My 7 year old barely wants to throw stuff away. Maybe this is why she got beat, not moving fast enough, maybe she fell and started to cry. I am just burning in anger right now. I always say that god gave me my babies so I did not becoming a child abuser snipper. This guy deserves it right between his eyes. I hate him, and this beautiful angels “mother” needs her leg broke. I dont get these bitches, if you feel you need a break from your babies then stop having them. You knew he hurt your baby before, you were out having fun while your daughter caught a brain bleed. When did she get a break, besides the leg, arm, skull. I’m praying for you baby, I hope you pull through.

  5. I’m foaming at the mouth…lemme at ‘im!! I seriously cannot stand it.  Why does our justice system even waste time in even contemplating punishment for these filthy beasts?  On my native island the people take justice into their own hands, and the horror stories of men being chopped up with machetes, shot to death and dragged lifelessly down the mountain…are all of child abusers.  The men revel in torturing the sexual abusers especially…heaven forbid its a case of incest. The bichotes (leaders of the neighborhood, roughly translated) will send their goons on a mission.  And yep, momsters can get it also, especially if they are known to leave their babies to go party or do drugs. No mercy! This serves as an example for the entire town, children come first and abusers will be dealt with. American Justice system…learn from the doings of your commonwealth.  Dangit, stop the hurt and pain! Every 5 damn minutes a child dies in our nation due to mistreatment…and 50-60% of death by abuse are not labelled so on death certificates do the numbers are much,much higher. WTF is going on in our world???  Ouch…these goes a contraction.  *breathe* This shit drives me nuts.  Death to them both.

  6. as someone who knows these people well I can say that adrian is 100 percent wrong. now the mother of this child has always been a wonderful mother. she absolutely did not know adrian was hurting her kid. she has known adrian for more than half ofher life for he was a family friend she trusted. this mother is very nurturing hardworking and a educated woman, who has worked hard as a single mother in school and in the workplace to further her medical degree so her children could live well. half of this article is not true and lead you to believe something very different. did she get caught up with a snake yes… So did all of you by reading this article written by a another demon. adrian was wrong, this mother should not have to pay for what this man has done. keep in mind this mother has to other young girls that love her dearly and 1 mommy home

    1.  She admitted that her children had been hurt on previous occasions while in the care of this monster. SHE ADMITTED IT!! And she lied about the cause of those injuries when the child was seen by a doctor. This implies that she knew the real cause, and went along with the story to keep baby-killer out of jail. Then she left the kids alone with him for a weekend.  All of what I have just stated above has been corroborated by authorities and doctors (who keep really good records,BTW), and is true.  Ergo, she is responsible for leaving her kid with a known violent man – her child’s blood is on her hands as much as his….Now, be a good little hockey player, and puck off.

    2. Oh please stop defending this medical expert that you claim she is then why didnt she notice the spiral fracture? Which is a sure sign of abuse?

    3. This woman left her children in the care of a known abuser. Read the article again. For that she should be charged (at least) with felony neglect if not  for the abuse. I cannot believe anyone who holds any kind of medical license would not have reported the abuse the first time and had the SOB arrested then. In my state nurses, doctors and teachers are required by law to report suspected abuse much less actual abuse that you know happened. Because she did not she should lose any license she has. Who would trust her when she didn’t even bother to protect her own kids?  I want to see her charged and brought up before the licensing board!

    4. Sharon your just as dumb as she is your so dumb u sound like a fool you must let ya kids get beat 2 u jack ass say off of here with ya dumb ass I wish she get life

    5. Wonderful mothers do not let their babies get repeatedly beatened by their useless boyfriends.If she is so educated how could she not see the abuse the baby suffered over and over again.I know , I know those damn doctors lie. pfft!

      1. Loving you. Welcome!

    6. All of your foolish run-of-the-mill defender nonsense aside..did you just call Angel a demon? did. You need to fuck off, quickly now.

      1.  Love you too, Nancy! My favorite part of sharonsnatch’s (thanks Shadow!) comment was when she stated that HALF of my article was not true. LOL. So she admitted that at least HALF of it WAS.  Which displays more accuracy in my writing than she offered in hers.  I’m absolutely certain that all of the facts I included in my write-up came from other mainstream news sources – so she can put that little tid-bit in her crack pipe and smoke it, too. 

    7. Wonderful mother?!! WONDERFUL??? are you fucking insane????!!!!! she left those precious lives with that tw*twaffle KNOWING he had previous!!! she KNEW her baby had been hurt in his care and she LIED to protect HIM!!! For God’s sake sharonsanch, wake up!!! I once got caught up with a ‘snake’ and that fucker was out the door the second he raised his damn voice at my kid. He wasn’t given the chance to raise his hand!! WAKE UP!!

      Rant over, I need to go cuddle my 3 yr old.

  7. The mom is so dumb that guy just got out of jail for doing that to his own kids well he is back n jail dumb ass I hope the silly mom does more time then him she should not be on the streets she so dumb not to care about her kids just want ah ding dong in her mouth slut

    1.  do you have a link to a story about this guys abuse of his own kids? If so, could you post it? Thanks.

  8. Her name is Kamille. And she is a beautiful, beautiful little girl.

    1.  Thank you for the information.  I’ll add it to the story.

    2. Sad to say but she past

      1. has that been officially confirmed? 

  9. I don’t believe in men hitting women, but if another woman would like to take a two by four to this useless “mom”… that would be okay.

    Maybe I’m dyslexic, but I honestly thought the troll’s name was “Sharonsnatch” the first time I read it. I think that may be the motto of this worthless “mom” and too many others profiled on this site…

    1. “Sharonsnatch”
      that made me laugh and I needed a good laugh before heading to work.
      Thank you Shadow

  10. This worthless piece of scum doesn’t even deserve to be called a mother! She failed as a mother, she handed her baby right over to the grim reaper willingly! I hope she gets what she deserves! And last time I checked “RN’s” didn’t collect cash assistance….she needs to get a grip on reality! R.I.P to the little angel that never even had a chance…..

    1. I agree with you that Nakia Adams failed as a mother.She obviously knew that Allen was violent and abusive,yet she entrusted him to care for her kids.This is neglect and I hope she goes to jail for it.

  11. ” I just wanted to point that out to you, because we have had abusers
    (and commenters) in the past who have tried to convince us that most
    children chew on themselves for fun.” WTF? Really? I have only seen one child who used biting himself as a coping mechanism (previous, severe abuse and neglect at the hands of his biological parent led his new adoptive mother to seek psychiatric help for him). Who is dumb enough to think that behavior is normal?

    1.  Use the search tool at the top of the page to do a search for the story “4 year old bites his own nose…”  That is one example of this type of rationalization by abusive parents – it is by no means the only example on here, though.  It seems a lot of child abusers like to bite the kids and then try to convince the authorities that they did it to themselves.  Or that a sibling did it.  Sickening….

  12. The so called “mother” is stupid that she thinks she not going to be charged with anything……ha think again moron! You will be charged, and when you do they need to throw you up under the jailhouse!

  13. Thank you 🙂

  14. What really pisses me off is that the court has already awarded this loser mom her visitation rights back to her other 2 daughters! Sometimes the court system is a real joke!

    1. This is very true every one is against abortion but yet everyone forgets to protect the ones already present. Starving kids, homeless kids, and kids who are being abused evvery dayy!

      In florida take a few classes and the kids are yours right away even if your a bad parent if the class says your good then the kids are yours!

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