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Officer, can I axe you a question?

Amanda Smith
Police: Ind. Woman Tried To Attack Police With Ax After Son Found Dead

Police: Trafalgar woman drowns son, swings ax at officers

Snarly-haired Amanda Smith, 33, had an axe to grind. I would too if my hair looked like that, but I would take issue with my hairdresser rather than my child. Unfortunately, Smith took issue with her son instead, and now that child is dead. No, she didn’t chop him to death (thank heavens!) – she drowned him instead. And then she called 911 AFTER calling her mother to inform her that she had done something to 3-year old Jacob “that could not be undone.” When the police arrived, they had to break down the door to get into the apartment. The police found Jacob’s lifeless body in a bedroom, propped up on a bed. When they were turning the baby’s body over to paramedics, the wicked witch of Trafalgar jumped out of a closet swinging an axe at the responding officers. She was screaming, “I want to axe you a question!” (OK, I made that part up.)

The whole situation stinks from start to end, because it seems that everyone knew this incubator was a psycho – except, apparently, the judge who recently granted her one night a week unsupervised visitation with little Jacob. The fact that she did not have this privilege already should have been a red flag, but the judge granted her request. Local police have characterized her as “crazy”, because she has made hundreds of calls for police assistance within a span of just a few weeks. There’s the second red flag. That custody of Jacob had been awarded to Amanda’s mother would be another flag, and the fact that she has had a “troubled” relationship with Jacob’s father is another. There are more flags here than you normally see during the course of a Daytona 500 race, and we are just getting started! She was charged with neglect in 2009, and a protective order on behalf of the child was awarded. She plead guilty to the charge, and was required to undergo psychiatric evaluation (No word on whether she actually did that or not). She was later jailed for almost 5 months on a probation violation. In addition, she apparently had a problem cooperating with the prescribed medication and treatment regimen she was supposed to be following. Yet, the judge still thought it would be a good idea to allow her some “alone time” with Jacob. Good call, judge – I hope you’re proud of yourself. If this were in fact a race, I think the very last car still running just crashed and burned – no winners here, folks.

The father, Robert Crim, had filed a petition to regain custody of his son. The hearing date was scheduled for March 14. Sadly, now Robert will never get the chance to raise Jacob. My heart goes out to him. I cannot imagine the grief he must be feeling right now.

Amanda is being held on a murder charge and an attempted murder charge. Without bond, thankfully. I guess a different judge handled this incident. She is reportedly on suicide watch. I’d love to watch. I’ll even provide her with another axe. Or machete. Or guillotine…..or whatever. And provide her with detailed instructions on how to use it to successfully off herself.

Jacob Smith - an angel

Thanks go to Mandy and Emily for sending in these tips.

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  1. This is such a sad story, especially because it could of been prevented and very much should have. My being in the system for my entire child hood, I personally know how screwed up they are. I just figured that since 17 yrs ago it would have at least gotten a little better. But as we see here No such luck. She will obvously get not guilty by reason of insanity and not really be punished. And right or not, It just doesnt seem fair when I childs life has been taken. Rest in peace little man. I know you are in a better place.

  2. Mandy, I am so sorry that you had to spend your entire childhood in the system instead of in a permanent, loving home.  There is no one I admire more than people who have had to raise themselves and are productive, moral citizens. 

  3. Oh, that face! That incredibly sweet sweet face! Rest in peace little man.

  4. The judge has defended his decision by saying that no one reported any indications of anger or violence.   This is just wrong, why can’t we PREVENT child abuse instead of waiting until it occurs and then removing the child if in fact he is still alive?  The woman had drug problems, she was noncompliant with court orders, she was unstable, she had mental issues.  I don’t give a flying fuck if she wasn’t angry or violent, her behavior showed that she wasn’t a safe person for her precious son to be around.   Clearly she IS violent, going on to attack an officer with an ax and then a corrections officer at the jail.  But she didn’t have to be a violent, angry person to kill her son.   With her delusions (as indicated by the content of all the calls to police), she could simply have decided to kill him thinking that it would be the best thing for him or that he was demon or any number of psychotic reasons.  

    And grandma!  The judge said that she was already permitting unsupervised visits with her daughter before the court decision.  If that’s true, she’s a hypocrite for blaming the judge.   (I blame both).

  5. Does she have a verified history of mental illness (i.e. stays in the nut house, medication history, etc.) or was she just the “crazy” lady?

    1. According to a news article I just found, she is a diagnosed schizophrenic.  She was calling police several times a day to report people tampering with her car, hiding in the attic, etc.

      1. Yeah, I hope this judge comes to realize this child’s death is 100% his fault.  I wonder if he even attempted to check if she was on her meds?

  6. I live in Johnson county and I can tell you our judge has made several errors in judgment like this. He has allowed several partents to have unsupervised visits with children knowing they have history of drug abuse and mental illness. There was a story on here last year about a Kayla Neighbors, she was high on meth and repeatly droped her baby on the sidewalk. She was allowed to retain custody of her daughter prior to this incident by the same judge despite the fact that she was using drugs during pregnancy and cps was suspicious of abuse.

  7. I will never understand this type of ruling! What an adorable little boy jacob was, why not supervised? Or why visits at all

  8. Can the father sue the judge for being an accessory to wrongful death? That would be something to investigate. I am not up on that but seems to me there should be some recourse against him.

    1. Judges are essentially immune to the consequences of their bad decisions.  It’s one reason why they make so many.

  9. Judges won’t ‘prevent’ abuse for the second time, nevermind the first.  My Ex Kicked, slapped, shook, and screamed in the face of my then 16month old child during the visits he was given even though he hit ME. He had his visits briefly (2 weeks) suspended. He was granted a new visitation schedule that was supposed to start right after Christmas, with a follow up date to see how things were going.

    So far he hasn’t seen our child at all (He had a new one in November)… but he has found a way to blame me, the judge, the timing, or his GF (his ‘supervisor’) for not coming, and I fully expect the judge to give him a new set of visits. He’ll probably lower my CS for fun while he’s at it too, gotta make sure daddy can drink his troubles away. The justice system is full of eejits.

  10. Okay- Someone correct me if I am wrong. But aren’t judges elected? If they are, then shouldn’t there be a record of any judgements be public knowledge? That way, people who care enough to vote can have a better idea on whether or not the judge is a “good one” or a dumbass.

    1. Some judges are elected and some are appointed.  It depends on the state.  Judges who are elected are theoretically responsible to the voters, but unfortunately no one seems to care about rapists and murderers being coddled when it comes time to vote. So even elected judges rarely pay the price for their folly.

  11. Yup %100 the Judges fault.  

    1:  She was diagnosed Schizophrenic. now that isn’t a red flag to apprehend, but it should put a tic on the records to “Watch this person closely so she takes her medication to remain stable for the welfare of her child”  Schizophrenics have been known to go off their meds once they start to ‘feel better’  My aunt is schizophrenic.  She needs to be in a half way house to be monitored by mental health nurses so her medication schedule is monitored. She came to my grandfather’s (Her father’s) Funeral,  she was late for ONE dose, and started to go off the deep end, saying that my cousin’s husband was gonna kill us all and eat us, and started to lose it.  Her daughters were given a syringe of anti-psychotic by her primary mental health physician to give to her in case that happened.  

    Not only that, it takes one hella amount of time to find the proper balance of medications that WORK.  and sometimes they loose efficacy over the course of the patient’s life. 

    The CPS has been involved a few times in that poor little boy’s case, and the judge STILL said she was fit?  Umm no.  If anything,  CPS should have put the kids in foster care and let her have SUPERVISED visitation, ONLY If she was current on her medication schedule.  

    Schizophrenia is such a hard illness to deal with.  I feel compassion for those around her who have to watch this and watch her like a hawk so she can manage to be productive.  Now she’s gonna be in jail, where she WON’T get the proper medical treatment she needs.

    If anything she needs to be found Criminally Insane, and put in a proper hospital (for life..that’s what it means up here anyway…do not pass go, do not collect $200…just go into a nice hospital where you have LESS freedom than the average prison inmate)  under some nice haldol and seroquel chemical restraint.  

    1. I think it’s past time that we separate the concept of mental illness which can be treated through counseling and organic brain disease which cannot be successfully treated at this time.   Sometimes it can’t even be successfully managed.   It’s one thing if a parent can’t take care of his or her child temporarily because of depression.   Most of the time that can be treated and the parent can return to good parenting.  It is another if he or she she is suffering from schizophrenia or a progressive neurodegenerative disorder.   Under those circumstances, that parent really cannot be taking care of a child alone or having unsupervised visitation.   CPS has got to stop thinking that taking parenting classes and agreeing to behavioral goals or even taking medication is going to fix the unfixable.   Judges have got to stop allowing a child to live in a risky situation on the grounds that nothing has happened YET.

      I have a great deal of sympathy for people suffering from those disorders.  It’s especially tragic because at some point they were well and so their friends and family know this isn’t the ‘real’ person.   But the goal is not to balance the best interests of the child with the best interests of the parents.   THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.   The best interests of BOTH is for the child to be SAFE.  

      1. Yes!  Schizophrenia is as far from Mental Illness as breast cancer is from a common cyst.  you hit the nail on the head with the term “Organic brain disease”  Depression can be managed, Bipolar, can be managed.  I have Depression and PMDD,  I don’t hurt my kids.  Properly managed bipolar, I’ve never heard anyone with properly managed bipolar hurt their kids either.  

        Schizophrenia, acute psychosis, both of those need serious intervention and can be dangerous.  My aunt’s ex husband, divorced her and got custody of the kids (My cousins are about 10yrs older than me so it is a big deal for something like that to happen)  Then my aunt’s symptoms started getting worse.  

        I love my aunt dearly.  My cousins do too.  We won’t leave our kids unsupervised with her though.  She’s a very sweet lady, but because of her illness, it makes her unpredictable.  

    2.  It sounds like CPS AND Foster Care workers did what they could.  That child was already in foster care with the maternal grandmother.  It was the judge that screwed up.  For the record, Protective Services makes recommendations – judges make orders.

  12. I was set up on a blind date by a “friend”…I met the guy at the restaurant and was impressed with how handsome he was and how sweet and considerate he seemed to be. The date was one of the best I have ever had.

    Well, a few dates later (still hadn’t been to my home or met my daughter, of course!)…he showed me this tattoo he had to where he had to lift his shirt and I saw a huge vertical scar going right down the center of his gut. I asked him what happened?! He was hesitant but explained to me he was a schizophrenic and one day, when he wasn’t on meds…he felt like there were wires going haywire inside his body. He picked up a knife and started stabbing himself. They had to do exploratory surgery to save his life from the damages.
    I knew it would hurt his feelings, and I knew that I was punishing him for being honest and sharing but FUCK THAT! I RAN outta there. I was crying and thanking God above that I dodged that bullet…not for me…no!…I thought of my precious 9 year old daughter.
    I thought about one day him snapping around her and deciding her little body was filled with wires and stabbing her. And many other horrific things his sick brain could think up. Was he a nice guy? Yep! He was awesome. Was he super attractive? Definitely. Was he talented? Yes again…but NOTHING is worth taking a chance with my daughter’s life.
    That’s the lesson I learned with schizophrenia…I’m glad it just resulted in hurting this dude’s feelings and nothing worse.

  13. Stupid ass judge! Gees, what else did this woman need wrong with her before they decided , unsupervised visitation was not a good idea. RIP Jacob.

  14. That wench looks a lot older than 33. 

    1. Anti-psychotic drugs do that.  they cause crazy amount of weight gain and along with that, premature aging.  She was off her meds during this case, but she might have been on them previously.

  15. ok first of all.. no sympathy for the father.  They both gave the baby up in 2009 to the state and signed over parental rights.. and had not filed for custody for 3 years???!!! Now he is all over seeking attention like a poor father and calling for firing of the judge??!! Someone looking for money is my opinion.  It was shown to the judge that the mother was taking meds and getting help and it is in the best interest of the child to be with the parents if they are showing signs of rehabilitation.. the judge was not wrong in this case!!!!!

    1.  The father did not sign over his rights.  The father has been clean for more than a year and was never seeking money for himself. He started a fund for abused and neglected children at a local bank that the foundation is handling. So get your facts straight. The judge was very wrong in this case!!!!!   Someone is protecting him because no one outside of the state of Indiana would touch this story. Things like that happen when your in the good ole boy club..
      Sincerely Jacob’s Aunt.

    2. Lynnetta JOHNSON

      Not wrong? Really? Jacob is dead. Can’t really get more wrong than that.

  16. Can I just say that the title of this Tory made me laugh so hard that my diet coke came out my nose!

  17. Poor little guy. He sure deserved better.

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