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Ohio adoptive father accused of raping 3 children
Ohio Dad Charged With Raping 3 Adopted Kids, Selling Them For Sex
Ohio man accused of prostituting adopted son
Ohio man accused of raping adopted kids in alleged sex ring

Although the adoptive father’s name was mentioned in one of the articles I have linked, I have opted not to include it in the story, in the interests of protecting the children who were abused.

It seems that in Troy, Ohio, there is a man who has discovered a way to meet his sick pedophilic needs without having to look for random children to abuse. He simply adopts them. This animal has three adopted children, and was in the process of adopting a fourth when he popped up on law enforcement radar. He was arrested after he arranged to meet an undercover cop with the intent of selling one of his adopted sons for sex. Of the four children subjected to this depraved bastard, three were boys, aged 9, 10 and 12. The fourth was a 9-year old girl. From what I understand, the girl was not sexually abused, but all three of the boys were raped repeatedly by the adoptive abomination – and at least one of them was prostituted out to other men. This story affected me for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is the fact that I have a son of my own, and may God have mercy on the person who ever tries to hurt him – because I sure as HELL wouldn’t show him any. I couldn’t eat dinner last night, because I was so nauseated after reading about this. I haven’t had breakfast either, because I knew I would not be able to keep it down if I ate before writing it up.

Apparently the children were all adopted from Texas and moved to Ohio with this beast. He recently withdrew them from school and said he was going to home school them. Uh…I don’t think prostitution or rape are classes offered in any school system. Maybe there is a different curriculum for pond scum, though…..

Stories like this absolutely disgust me! Any person who violates a child in this manner should be given the death penalty, IMHO – and when it’s a parent or other relative (who is supposed to PROTECT them) that makes it even worse. These children were already adrift in the foster care system, and then they were adopted by a creature who treated them as sub-human possessions. This guy needs to be made a public example of – no needle or chair – place him on the courthouse lawn and let the honest citizens of Ohio have a crack at him. Have a crack at HIS crack.

There are several other facts in this case that need closer scrutiny, so here we go. The adoptive animal was once the president of the Foster Parent Association of Miami County. I don’t even want to think of what atrocities he may have committed while he held that position, but I suspect that had a lot to do with his being approved to adopt these children. He was also involved with a youth basketball program in the area, but no other abuses have yet come to light involving other children. Well, why would they? He didn’t need to risk exposure by assaulting other kids – he had four of his own to rape at home!

One of the boys was initially reluctant to discuss the abuse with investigators, because he was afraid of being separated from his new siblings. That poor child! He was so desperate for ANY kind of stability that he was willing to accept the abuse to keep them all together. When investigators phrased the request to indicate that he might be helping protect his siblings, he broke down and told them that the adoptive freak had not only raped him, but had also sold him to other men for sex. Those two men are also in jail.

Fortunately, the abusive waste of DNA has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape, and federal investigators are pursuing child exploitation charges as well. Bail for this monster has been set at $800,000.00. Personally, I think it should be at least triple that. And I hope he gets a heaping helping of the kind of ‘care’ he showed those boys while he is awaiting trial. And for many years afterward. Pedophiles are absolutely the lowest form of life on earth. It’s really too bad that most states don’t allow the death penalty for crimes like this. They wouldn’t even have to pay an executioner – I’d be happy to pull the trigger for free. Starting at the crotch, and working my way down and then back up before delivering the kill shot. I like to be thorough that way…..

Thanks for the tip go to Your_Pal_Nancy.

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  1. I want to drag him into a warehouse, and start blaring “Stuck in the Middle With you”  while dressed in a black suit and tie… Mr Yellow was the one doing the honors, but I’ll be glad to be Mr Pink..well Mrs Pink..whatever…Reservoir Dogs Treatment ftw.

  2. I wish I lived there, I would take these kids in a heartbeat and protect them & love them. 

  3. OMGoodness what a heck of a life these babies will have.. I think a bullet between his eyes after the people of his town are finished would be nice

  4. I would love to adopt, but can’t because I haven’t got the financial means.   But this guy can.   And I bet he gets 5 to 10 and is out 9n 4 for good behavior.

    Our system is screwed up in such a nasty way. 

  5. Good fucking lawd, man.  What the fuck else will we read about?  Is it me, or are these crimes against children getting worse?

    1. I think it’s getting worse because we do not have swift justice that fits the crime in this country. Every pervert and evil asswipe around gets to stall for a year or more, many out on bail, then they get their day (more like months) in court and get off with a sentence that’s laughable. Why? Because children are still considered property. How much more uncivilized can a nation be when they can’t protect the smallest, most innocent & vulnerable? It’s disgusting!

      1. Exactly…. how much more uncivilized can a nation be when they can’t even protect their own future?

  6. I do not know this man, but my son was friends with one of the boys until he was pulled from school.  He deserves evrything the other prisoners will do to him.

    1. SWEET!  Someone who knows one of the asshats in the articles, and ISN’T defending him!  *sisfist*  We get too many people who “Know them personally” and defend them to the teeth.  It gets really tiring.  So yeah!  YAY someone sane!

    2.  Since your son was friends with one of the boys…if we can convince the authorities to have a ‘town punishment session’ for the abuser, would you like to take the first swing? And yes…he does deserve everything he will get in prison…times ten, in my book.  If you hear any news about the children, would you please keep us in the loop? I worry about all of the children, but these boys have really captured my attention.  I want to know that they are healing and will be given the counseling they need.

  7. Hopefully he won’t get away with this or get out on parole for “good behavior” in like 5 years like ir always happens…this stuff needs to stop is like If you didn’t kill the kid then you have a chance..he already killed those kids in life cause they would never have a normal life again…

  8. occupymyfootinurarse

    BAIL?! Why should he have any shot of walking the streets ever again after ruining these kids’ fuckin lives?
    I agree with Reservoir Dogs treatment. First make him dig his own hole (with his grubby fuckin hands) to fall into after he dies slowly from his injuries.
    Those of you who have children, I don’t know how you’re able to sleep knowing there is trash like this breathing our air, not knowing who they are until they pull shit like this. How do you hang onto your sanity with these stories? Real question.

    1.  Sleep? Who the hell told you any of us ever sleep?!?!  Or that any of us are sane?  Sanity is relative, anyway.  Anyone who has kids voluntarily gives up a little of their sanity in exchange for the privilege of raising those children.  But it’s an awesome trade! 

      And most of the people who read and comment here either have always been, or have learned to be (from reading these stories) hyper-vigilant concerning the safety of their children.  Many of us suffered some form of abuse ourselves, and know what signs to look for when assessing relationships with others that might affect our children.  We take steps to make them safe, and to teach them how to protect themselves from predators by following rules designed to discourage predators from seeing them as a ‘mark’.  Like if someone tells  one of my kids to get in a car or he will hurt them (or me), they are to run like Satan’s behind them and gaining.  Because rarely will one of these cowards actually hurt a child in plain view of others.  And there are usually others around. Pervs pick on children because they lack the balls to engage someone their own size, and this is what will keep them from FORCING a child into a dangerous place.  They prefer to groom their targets and make sure they place all of the blame on the children so the children won’t tell. 

      And, I have a gun.  I make sure anyone who is going to spend any time around my kids knows this, and also knows that I am a damned fine shot.  And that not only would I die for my kids – I would kill for them too.  That knowledge goes a long way toward making a pedo think twice before messing with one of mine.  But the best protection for a child is to arm them with a healthy respect for the dangers of the world, and a basic knowledge of ways to escape a potentially dangerous situation.  My kids know that there are evil people, and they know how to avoid placing themselves in a compromising position.

      Will this be effective 100% of the time? No. There will be times when my kids might find themselves in a situation that could endanger them. Especially my older ones who have moved out.  I worry about their safety, but I also have a modicum of peace about them, because I know that I have done everything possible to keep them out of dangerous situations.

      1.  You are also more than welcome to contact your local police department, and ask if there are public records on the person who will be near your children.  Of course, if they are to be coaches, teachers, etc, then they have to PROVE that they have never been convicted of a crime against a child.  Actually, they don’t even have to be convicted.

      2. <3 Angel. 🙂

        1.  <3 you back.

    2. Those of you who have children, I don’t know how you’re able to sleep knowing there is trash like this breathing our air, not knowing who they are until they pull shit like this. How do you hang onto your sanity with these stories? Real question.

      It’s not easy, sometimes.  And I don’t sleep much anymore.  Real answer. 

  9. Thanks for writing this up, Angel, it absolutely broke my heart. Those poor babies. I do wonder what the deal with the little girl was..was she a cover or was she part of a bigger pimping scheme that was in the works? Probably don’t want to know.

    1.  I wondered the same thing myself, especially since a couple of the articles mentioned an organized ‘ring’ of perverts in connection with this.  I’m glad it was stopped before she was done the same way her brothers were. 

    2. If I had to guess… he was looking to expand his clientele.

      1. Thats pretty much my guess too

      2. Sorry, but that’s a bit silly.

        1.  Oh, you think the pedophile who was already pimping out a male child would be too kind to do the same thing to a girl? You think he adopted the girl out of the goodness of his heart? Why do you think he adopted her, then? I’d really like to know.

          1. I don’t understand this.  I didn’t comment, or intend to comment, on anything to do with this rapist father and the girl.  Maybe I responded to the wrong comment and what I wrote was misinterpreted.

          2. Try clicking on the link in the “response to” at the top of your post in question and you’ll see why you’ve been virtually flayed over that one.

        2. Really? He adopted three boys, all of which he raped, one of whom he was pimping out to other pedophiles… and the idea that he was adopting a girl to pimp her out to those with a preference to girls is “silly”. Got it.

          1.  Dodia – I have to play devil’s advocate for a minute here.  While working toward my degree, many of the psyche classes were geared toward the idea that all deviants can be (and should be) rehabilitated.  You and I both know that’s wrong, but many of the young and impressionable kids in those classes I took would read the assigned material and regurgitate what the instructor clearly wanted to hear.  I got ‘corrected’ many times by different professors who disagreed with my un-liberal opinions.  I even got points counted off once, because I refused to agree with a professor who thought that victims of child abuse should receive a ‘get out of jail free’ card if they turned into abusers themselves.

            It sounds like this person may be a victim of our completely effed up educational system…but as with any other victim, that does not give them a free pass to carry on the stupidity.  Perhaps if this person reads a few more of the threads on here, he or she will see that optimism is a wasted commodity for these heinous beasts.  Not just some of them – all of them. 

          2. But you already know that my experience goes far beyond classroom education.  And I don’t believe that all offenders can be rehabilitated.

          3. And this, I feel very strongly, is the problem with our education system… and the reason this country is going to fucking hell in a hand basket.

          4.  Reason # 345 why I home school my children….

          5. And also, the more I get to know about you, the more I <3 you. Like we were separated at birth or something. 😉

          6. I’m sure he was just adopting the girl out of the kindness of his heart, you silly thing! How could you even THINK he was going to pimp her out? Not like he was pimping out the othe….oh wait…thats why he’s featured here on BB.

          7. Oh, I was responding to the comment that I was here trolling to expand my practice or something like that–I must have posted my reply in the wrong place.

        3.  You coming on here thinking you’re going to get anyone to agree with your weak plea for pedo protection is SILLY..

          You sure do like to protect the rights of the pedo- slime that shouldn’t have any….Why don’t you go get yourself fitted with a goofy outfit, make up a lame name like Perv Protecto and be their Superman?

          1.  That job’s already taken….that’s what we have defense attorneys for.

          2. PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Pedos) – Like PETA, but not really.

          3.  Yeah, because even PETA will put down a rabid dog….

          4. Which is how we should handle ANY living creature that harms a child.

          5. PETA sucks ass, too… unless of course, we’re talking about “People Eating Tasty Animals”… but I guess we should stick to the topic at hand. 😉

          6. I’m really speaking to more than “pedo protection.”  I am interested in protecting all people from rape and torture–I think that’s a reasonable position.  You disagree, I get that.

            I also get that this is board with a history and that people derive pleasure from affirming a common position.  I realize I’ve intruded into a rather closed circle, but what the hell, if we want to have more cohesion as a society, don’t we need to be able to communicate with people with whom we disagree on some issues?

          7. Were you raped in prison? It’s starting to seem that way.

          8. I have never been raped.  I have never been in prison as a prisoner.  I think it curious that you think it sounds that way because of my opinions.  Some of what I’ve written here would be seen as “common sense” by most American, for example, that torture, rape and murder in prison are serious crimes that should be prosecuted, not encouraged, and that they destabilize prisons, which are already dangerous places for the people who live there and the people who work there.

          9. Blah Blah Blah communicate, blah blah cohesion, blah blah YOU SUCK.

          10. Shannie, you make me laugh.  So glad you’re here. ^_^

          11. <3 <3 <3 You're the bestest…glad to be here. 😀

          12.  When I read that comment, I pictured my 19 year old daughter – that is EXACTLY how she has responded to several ‘trolls’ on this site.  She has stood behind me and read some of the stories with me, and made comments like that – she always could make me laugh.  So do you…

          13. Whoa baby! You look to angelic and cherubic to have a 19 year old! 😉 wink*……
            A troll at Boo’s and my blog tried to pull the old “What are you two 15” and I had to let her know that she was way off…we are 19, bitch. I friggin’ wish 😀

          14.  If 19 seems old for a child of mine, then you’ll be even more shocked to know I have one several years older than that…. The 19-year old is my second-born.

            Thanks for the compliment, BTW! At my age, I need all the compliments I can get… 😉

          15. I think he should wear some skittle make-up with that costume… and maybe a dirty trench coat (not like Trench’s uber-cool, clean trench coat… you know… just to clarify that there is a difference.)

          16. LMAO skittle make-up!!!
            What does this uber-cool trench O de Trench look like?…he’s a mysterious man that “clean” Trench…lol

  10. WTF! My heart goes out to these kids 🙁

  11. Not only all the physical abuse they’ve suffered, but here are three kids who were first taken from family and had to endure the broken trust and all that entails, only to be adopted for nefarious reasons, and to once again, be mentally screwed over.  It’s so not fair to these kids……..

  12. Rat-a-tat-tat, gun down this rat.

    1. Hey don’t insult rats by calling this freak one!

  13. What a dickless ball sack. I hope when this guy is in prison a couple few prison guards forget to not turn their heads, while this guy gets some broom stick lovin’.  Naaaaaa…much to kind for this syphilis dripping herpes scab….Im thinking a nice little train in the shower….from both ends….knock a few teeth out….maybe fuck up a few intestines….just all around make him a nice little (ALOT) shade of black, blue, purple, red….you know. The usual.  

    1. You want to encourage lawlessness in prison?  You want to give the worst inmates, the ones who love rape, a chance to satisfy their own sadism?  Are you really pro-rape?

      1. Since it happens anyway, and whining is not going stop it, I hope there are plenty of “cracks” at this sicko’s crack. I’m pro-taste of your own disgusting sodomizing medicine. Fuck off.

        1. Nancy, prison rape doesn’t just happen anyway.  If prison management and staff are committed to doing their jobs, it doesn’t happen.  Those of us who have worked in prisons know that if rapists are indulged they won’t limit themselves to pedophiles, they will take advantage of the most vulnerable inmates, often young, white men.  

          But your “fuck off” comment i also strange.  It’s as if you can’t tolerate any opinion not in agreement with yours.  This is one of the signs of a degraded public conversation, which may be a result of internet anonymity (which encourages rude comments) and the kind of special audience news and “information” programs like Rush Limbaugh’s, whose listeners are encouraged to shun intelligent analysis and focus on hating.  Not good for democracy.

      2. Didn’t you read the OP?  This guy is one of those you described… a sadistic rapist… only he raped children.  So do I (and others) think he deserves as good as he gave?  Hell fucking yes.

        1. Yes, he’s horrible.  I think he should be imprisoned for life.  I don’t think he should be raped in prison.  That’s really not an unusual point of view. 

          1. Maybe not raped, but a guard would certainly be my hero if he accidentally turned his back during play time in the yard.

  14. “Have a crack at his crack?”  Torture him with gunfire before delivering the kill shot?  Dude, you might want to check your own fantasies…you sound a bit disturbed.

    1. Oh boy. A bleeding heart. Buh bye!

      1. Yow.  I don’t think opposition to prison rape makes one a bleeding heart anything.  I’ve worked in a prison, with rapists, and I can tell you that giving them, or any inmate, free reign to do violence and to rape other inmates is something no responsible corrections officer, or any other prison staff, or mature inmate wants to see.  People convicted of a serious crime are sent to prison as their punishment, not to be tortured there.  To encourage torture is frankly, well, malevolent.  Not conservative, malevolent.

        1. “…they will take advantage of the most vulnerable inmates, often young, white men.”

          Interesting choice of words.  God forbid anything happen to the young “white” men, especially the criminal element.

          I agree with you in one respect.  The law is the law, and all good citizens can do is work within the law.  Unfortunately, as we all know, the law and justice are often two different things.  This is most obvious in high profile cases like the Simpson murders, but it’s also seen every day in the grossly inadequate penalties given to child molesters and abusers.  In justice, this fucker should suffer a taste of his own medicine and then die horribly.  That’s where the subhuman scum who inhabit prisons can finally perform a service for society.  After all, they owe us for their room and board, not to mention all the crimes they committed.  Best of all, if other prisoners take care of this bastard while satisfying their own (as you put it) sadism, the hands of good citizens can remain clean.  Everyone wins.  Well, technically the pedophile loses, but that was kind of the point.

          It has nothing to do with politics.  It’s not a partisan issue.  People are fed up with these monsters walking among us and want to see them take a dirt nap.  If you want to give them a cookie and a foot massage instead, that’s your perogative.  But don’t expect much sympathy on this board.

          1. A cookie and a foot massage?  Bit of a straw man argument, don’t you think?

            If we allow the worst inmates in a prison to torture, rape and kill another inmate, our hands are far from clean.  And many of those who commit violence in prison will eventually return to society.  Your plan for them will make them more of  a threat to the rest of us when they do.

            I share your outrage at the victimization of children.  But I think a forty year sentence (or life sentence) is adequate to punish a vile offender and to protect society.  I wish, in this case, that the co-defendants had received longer sentences, but I suspect there were evidentiary problems that forced the prosecutors to cut deals with them.

          2. You are SERIOUSLY DISTURBED.  You said any one who commits violence or actual rape of a child should get a life sentence but if they just fondle a child they need therapy. Good Grief. I can tell you this if any dumb ass perverted pieces  of shit laid a finger on MY son the only therapy he will need is to learn how to eat from a straw and piss and shit in a cup. If one of these fuckers raped my baby they would not live to see another day.  I talk to my son about people who do this to kids. I have told him if anyone ever hurt him I would kill them even if I had to spend the rest of my life in jail.  So why don’t you get fucked with a telephone pole(I can only imagine that this is the kind of PHYSICAL pain these babies felt) then maybe you won’t be such a bleeding heart for these pervs. 

          3. I’m starting to think that our buddy is is pro-pedo for a reason. If you get my meaning. In fact, I bet the entire conversation has him wanking in the corner.

          4. I think you are 100% on target with this one. I also think a “very good idea”  would be to take every one of these sub humans and lock them all up together. The pedos and the bleeding hearts that can actually defend what they do. OMG this one has my taters on fire today and to jahnnon I am absolutely SERIOUS about killing any one that touched my baby so stay away from Alabama perv lover.

          5. I think he has one thing right. They should be castrated. Slit from the useless flap of skin between their thighs all the way to the useless lump between their shoulders. And it should not be voluntary.

          6. Hell April you are waaaaay nicer than me. Castration is too good for these fucking fucked up fuckers. They hurt a child they should die (imho). I would be first in line to volunteer to be executioner.

          7. I think they would eventually die if you castrated them the way I described.

          8. Better yet, just shoot the useless flap off with a double barrel full of buck shot.

          9. That is perfect. We could even take turns.

          10. If you do it right, it should only take one shot. They can go home to bleed out.

          11. Hey, now April, that way MY idea first!

          12. Well you’re wrong about that, April, and I’m also not pro-pedo.  I think I’ve made that clear.  

          13. So you’re just creepy psychotherapist (emphasis on “the-rapist”) that wants to make sure we don’t wish any ill will and baby raping monsters and remember that they have rights as “people”? Hell, you’re a regular fucking Robin Hood (of sorts). What a guy.

          14. No, I think it’s inevitable, even healthy, to have ill will towards a rapist.  I have ill-will towards them and described my feelings towards some in particular, who I fucking loathed.  But that doesn’t mean they have no rights as human beings.  Not many rights, I’ll grant you that.

            Please believe me, when I worked in a prison for sex offenders there were times when I felt like punching one or two in the face, other times when I felt like puking.  There were some men there who were so disgusting and so comprehensively fucked up that it was nauseating.  I would have been glad to testify against them at a parole hearing (though we weren’t allowed to testify for or against.

            There were others for whom it was possible to feel sympathy, given the incredibly fucked up childhoods they had experienced.  Not to excuse them (and some were in prison for sex offenses that were far short of rape, and half were there for assaults against adults).

            I’m a person.  I experience rage and disgust.  

          15.  “There were others for whom it was possible to feel sympathy, given the incredibly fucked up childhoods they had experienced.”

            Not so much. I had one of those “incredibly fucked up childhoods”, yet I have never abused or raped a child.   And since I have six of my own, I had more than my fair share of opportunities.  An awful childhood is not an excuse – it’s a freakin’ cop-out.  I feel no sympathy for them at all once they have inflicted on another child the abuse that was inflicted on them.  They knew what it felt like (for the child) and they did it anyway.  I feel only disgust and revulsion for those animals.  They all need to be exterminated like the disease-ridden vermin they are.

          16. Understandable, but I worked with fifty men in a prison therapeutic community, and have worked in other prisons too, with some rapists in the population.  There are differences among them.

            Maybe we’re not talking about exactly the same thing.  What you experienced was horrible and without a doubt, the perpetrator deserved the strongest possible sentence.  

            There are people in prison for sexual contact with a child, still inexcusable, whose offenses were not of that magnitude.  I acknowledge that the original post was about a really horrible crime.

            Another thing: you make a good point about my original comment being insulting, as in “you sound disturbed.”  I apologize–that was too casual a comment and is insulting.  I should have said the comment was disturbing, without making some judgment about you.  You are obviously an intelligent person who has had to think a lot about these issues.

          17. ” There are people in prison for sexual contact with a child, still inexcusable, whose offenses were not of that magnitude.”

            ANY sexual contact with a child is an “offense of that magnitude.” Children do not differentiate between the ‘degrees’ of wrongness – most small children are incapable of that distinction. A bad touch is a bad touch. It destroys their trust and their sense of self worth. It makes them feel as if they are ‘bad’ because it happened to them.  It’s really no different than a child who gets hit with a 2×4 compared to a child who got slapped to the ground with an open hand.  Both are acts of aggression, and both make the child feel worthless and unloved by the parent.  The child doesn’t stop to think WHAT was used, only HOW it was used. I don’t care if the pedos you’re talking about ‘only’ touched the child on the breast THROUGH their clothing… they sexually assaulted the child, and it is a psychologically damaging act regardless of the degree.  The only difference among the ones you worked with was your perception of them – based on an uninformed (re: no personal experience) opinion of the severity of their acts.  There is no difference. I know. I lived it. My attacker started out just ‘petting’ too. By the time he was raping me, I was already convinced it was my fault, and I was a terrible person.  The rape did not make my mental anguish any more acute, it just hurt more physically.  All pedos are dangerous, and need to be purged from society – permanently.

            And thank you for the apology. I accept it and appreciate the gesture.

          18. I don’t appreciate the fact that you think these fuckers deserve to be protected in prison. They don’t deserve ANY protection. Who was protecting their victims? That’s my point. Who fucking cares if they get raped or beaten in prison? I sure don’t. And who the fuck cares if they get stabbed in the neck with a spoon? I certainly don’t. Stop protecting them. Stop separating them and giving them protection. Let the general population deal with them. There. That’s all the rights they should have. Three hot meals and a place to lay their worthless heads while they pray that the next time Bubba meets them, he takes them out quick.

        2. Looky there. A play on words from a person who believes baby rapers deserve to have rights. Well, I think instead of prison rape, you should house one. Let him walk your dog and hag dinner with your family. Hell, let the mother fucker babysit. Then come back here and talk to me about how wrong and malevolent it is to wish prison justice on him.

    2.’re one of those creepy “boy moment” freaks who thinks raping a baby’s ok as long as he’s “flirting”, aren’t you? Yep, we’re the monsters for wanting a child rapist to get what he deserves.

      1. I don’t know what “boy moment” means but obviously I don’t think raping a baby is OK.  I don’t think raping anyone is OK, which is where you and I differ.   Why would you assume that I’m in favor of pedophilia just because I don’t agree with your call for rape in prison.  I wonder if you tend to demonize anyone who disagrees with you.

        1. The reason I think your a pedophile is because you chose this particular story to speak out against prison rape, not horrible betrayal of young children, which is what this story is about. I’m personally against the horror that is our prison system, but I know it is what it is, and since folks are gettin raped I hope this asshole is one of them. You’re acting like this blog is the judge and just sentenced this dickhead to 7 years hard anal rape. I said fuck off because you haven’t said one word about these young boys who were horribly violated, you’re just worried about the poor little pedo who might get whats coming to him. Also, I don’t know how you can “strange” something, but it sure sounds creepy.

          1. Nancy, I was responding to a comment.  Of course I am horrified by this crime–that should be obvious.  To express outrage hardly seems necessary–it is the way in which people indulge their rage to punish that is more worthy of debate/discussion.  You don’t have any reason to think I’m a pedophile–and I’m not.  But I have worked as a therapist with victims of child sexual abuse as well as perpetrators (and they are often, though certainly not always) the same people.  Some of the perpetrators I met in prison were almost unimaginably vile and disgusting men–sociopathic sadists who liked to hurt children.  At times I wanted almost more than anything to deliver a four-punch combination to their smug faces.  But I didn’t.  Other perps were among the most pathetic and confused men I’ve ever met.  They did NOT want to hurt children and didn’t think they were hurting them.  They thought they were loving them.  I’m not kidding.  Some were borderline retarded.  It took one of them five years to begin to understand that what he did was wrong.  
            When we indulge fantasies of violent revenge, I think it’s sometimes worth looking at ourselves and how our anger is mixed with some tendencies that are not so righteous or with previous injuries that we’re not in touch with–that’s all.  And prison rape is a very bad thing–it makes the whole population less safe and less likely to work on their own rehabilitation.

          2. Pedophiles can not be rehabilitated.

          3. I’d make a distinction on what you mean by rehabilitated.  I think it’s true that for most people sexual orientation cannot be changed.  A true pedophile (someone attracted to prepubescent children) is not going to stop being attracted to them unless their libido drastically decreases–chemical or physical castration would do the trick for most).  An ephebophile (attracted to post-pubescent children (say 12-16) can probably change to being attracted to young adults.  But, like any other criminal, they can learn to change their behavior.  I’m sure you would agree that almost all pedophiles make a choice to act on their inclinations.  So, they can also choose not to.  Just like someone with a DUI will typically be more careful about drunk driving after his first conviction, most pedophiles who have been to prison can re-calculate the costs and benefits of acting on their paraphilia.  

            Like any addict they can learn impulse control and they can continue to work on it after prison.  The recidivism rate for sex offenders is actually not high–it;s among the lowest among categories of offenders.  Unfortunately, even a small amount of recidivism is unacceptable, given the type of crime.  It’s a dilemma for corrections, because it is not that easy to tell who is at nearly zero risk of re-offending.

            I think sentences need to be calibrated, as they usually are now, to the degree of the offense.  Anyone who commits a sex offense that includes violence (and clearly actual rape of a child is horribly violent) should be in prison for a very long time, maybe for life, because the risk of re-offending is just too great.  I also think those who commit acts of sexual violence are very disturbed.  I takes years in a structured prison program for them to make any real progress on decoupling sex and violence. 

          4. The cost is too great to risk “assuming” that these fuckers can be rehabilitated. I, personally, don’t want my son at risk because people like you think that these fuckers deserve rights.

          5. The problem is that they have rights, whether you want to acknowledge them or not.  These are the rights contained ion the bill of rights, including 8th amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment.  These amendments protect all of us from government abuse.  

            But, yeah, the risk of recidivism is really serious because of the nature of the crime.  I agree, and that’s why I think the sentences for violent, sexual crimes should be very long or life sentences.  I also think we should seriously consider the option of voluntary castration (I know, I know, you’ll say it shouldn’t be voluntary but that’s giving the government too much power).
            For most pedophiles (though not all) castration would severely reduce the risk of any re-offense.

            I have children, too, and grandchildren.  I don;t want mine, yours, or anybody else’s to be in danger.

          6. What about the kids rights to protect them from cruel and unusual punishment?????? Oh that’s right you are one of those that thinks pervs and rapists and baby killers have more rights than kids do. You know what as soon and these sick bastards hurt a child they should not have ANY rights except the right to die a slow and painful death. The government doesn’t have to do it I am sure several of those here would join me in delivering the punishment for baby rapers and perv lovers.

          7. Well, as long as people keep screaming that they have rights instead of screaming that they shouldn’t all of our children will be in danger.

          8.  Castration does not work. Do your homework. Rape and child molesting are not about sex most of the time – they are ‘power crimes’.  They want to hurt their victims. They don’t need a dick to do that, and if you take away their penises, they will just find other objects to use use instead.

          9. Ah, but…Ang…. He’s so educated and has done his homework. Surely he knows THAT.

          10. I will say it again….cut their damn arms off at the shoulders!!! No touchy, no feely. And they will still be alive for jhannon to fawn over.

          11.  That sounds like a good compromise to me.

          12.  I’m not sure where you get your information from, but the recidivism rate for pedophiles cannot be accurately gauged any more than can the actual rape statistics in the US. There are several reasons for this.

            1. Many children will not report a sexual assault out of either fear or shame.
            2. Pedos learn how to re-offend without the risk of capture from other pedos while incarcerated.
            3. Your statistics do not mean jack when you look at the number of child molesters who went to jail, and then their next arrest (if there was one) was for murder.  They learn not to leave witnesses to their crimes – they kill the victims.

            In short, the ‘recidivism rate’ you mentioned is not the ACTUAL rate of recidivism – it only represents the pedos who were stupid enough to get caught twice.  Not many of them are.  Contrary to your ‘slow learner’ or ‘retarded’ theory, MOST child molesters/rapists are very intelligent.  That’s how they manage to get away with it for so long.  Spare me your BS.  I have a degree too, and I also have the weight of experience (mine and that of others) to back it up.  All you have are your textbooks – and most of those were written by bleeding heart liberals such as yourself. I know – I had to read them to get my degree too. Before you come and try to preach to the choir, you should probably make an effort to do some real research of your own, instead of relying on the liberal BS most colleges pass off as education these days.

          13. Uh Angel, I am a bleeding heart liberal. 

            I agree with you that the recidivism statistics cannot be trusted.  I have spent years working with these statistics as a means to evaluate prison programs and aggregated re-arrest rates covering broad categories  mean almost nothing.  (I had to develop my own to be able to draw comparisons in my state).  There are no national recidivism rates for pedophiles, no one has developed them.   The category of sex crimes is way too broad and it includes the immature 19 year old who has sex with his 15 year old girlfriend as well as the predatory pedophile with 200 victims before he gets caught.   I suspect that men who are attracted to young children have a very high recidivism rate.  Some of this can be found in the statistics if you break them down by age of the victim but I agree with you that perpetrators with good social skills who know how to find vulnerable unprotected children often don’t get caught and keep the recidivism rates down.

          14.  You may classify yourself as a bleeding heart liberal, and you may even be one….but from what I have seen on here, you just don’t seem to fit that category.  Bleeding-hearts think that everyone can be cured with a little love and sunshine, and that everyone who hurts a child needs understanding more than anything else.  Like I said, you just don’t fit that category as far as I’m concerned. But if you want to claim the title, I won’t stop you.

          15. I’m politically liberal and I have been called a ‘bleeding heart’ because I care a great deal about the poor and the downtrodden and abused children.  I have been active in creating, or advocating for effective rehabilitation programs.  We cast such a broad net in who we incarcerate that it is actually possible to rehabilitate a lot of offenders who fall into the category of what my late grandmother would call ‘people who don’t know how to act.’  

            People who grew up in families where mom and dad made a living selling drugs or stealing, young women who were forced into prostitution after their mothers were too old to bring home good money, etc. can be taught the skills to live good, productive lives if they want to.  I’ve also seen a lot of young women who were documented victims of abuse who have no self-esteem and get involved with men who are involved in criminal activity and they can be helped too if they want help.  I believe in appropriate sentences and restorative justice (ie, get a job and pay back what you stole).  It benefits everyone – society, offenders, and victims. It does no one any good (and certainly not the offender) to minimize offenses or think that an I’m sorry excuses them.  Most offenders will get out eventually, I’d prefer to have them get out with therapy, job skills and a resolve to behave differently.

            But some crimes are so serious and some people so evil that there must be very serious penalties.  And it infuriates me that crimes against children are not recognized for how serious they are.   A stepfather rapes a five year old and a judge blames the crime on her being seductive, a woman locks her 7 year old daughter in a dog crate in a cold basement and abuses her and the judge says, I understand that she was a difficult child and I know how hard even normal children are to raise and then sentences her to the year in jail she already served.  Well, everyone here can cite cases of inappropriate penalties.

            And the comments on news sites about these cases drive me up the wall, which is why I found my way here.   For example, people saying that Savannah Hardin’s family had to ‘run her’ because the government won’t let you beat your kids anymore.  ARGHHH!

          16. I agree totally.  

          17. All I have are my textbooks?  Wow.  I just explained that I have worked with offenders in prisons and outpatient clinics.  I have also worked with survivors.  I’ve done real research of my own.   
            Yes, it is difficult to get valid statistics for rape, but if all other things are equal, then a rise or decrease in reported offenses means something.  But we have more to go on than reported crimes, as reflected in the Uniform Crime Reports.  There is the National Crime Victimization Survey, which is a very solid source of data for adult victims, though not so good for children (families are surveyed and asked to report if any member of the family has ben victimized by any of the index crimes in the preceding year)1.  Yes, you’re absolutely right that many children will not report sexual assault, but remember that these perpetrators were convicted, so somebody reported the assault in the first place and similar offenses would likely lead to similar outcomes in the future.2. Pedos would not learn much from other inmates about how to avoid capture.  The other inmates are also in prison, so not a good source of education on avoiding detection.  I think prison can be a good place to learn about how to commit crimes–avoiding detection, not so good.  And most pedophiles with whom  I’ve worked are really not so bright.  Some are; but most not–and I worked closely with over fifty in a prison for sex offenders.3. Statistics are not invalidated by anecdotal evidence of individual offenders. But more importantly, your observation about learning to leave no witnesses (and homicides are easily noted, undermining your argument that most re-offenses remain hidden) is an argument AGAINST your wish that pedos who didn’t murder anyone be executed or killed in prison.  If sexual assault is a capital offense, it would deter some potential offenders but would motivate many others to kill their victims so as to avoid victims identifying them.  Most criminologists and most corrections officials argue for a firewall between any other offense and murder so that we never have the same penalty for a crime as that for murder–because they believe it would lead to more murders.

            You said earlier that there was nothing political in yours (and others) calls for brutal punishment against offenders.  But you accuse me of being a bleeding heart liberal and affected by the “liberal bs” most colleges pass off as education.  So, I suspect there really is a political orientation involved here.

            I am not a bleeding heart anything, although I try to be as compassionate as I can be, and also apply compassion where it is warranted.  For example, I was very happy when Ted Bundy was executed and there have been quite a few executions in recent years that I was also glad to read about.  But, I am frankly sick of “tough on crime” talk that does nothing to protect potential victims.  I am in favor of effective crime policy, not fantasies of retribution that do nothing to protect us or our children.

            good statistics on recidivism rates cn be found in David C. Anderson, Sensible Justice.

          18.  “I am in favor of effective crime policy, not fantasies of retribution that do nothing to protect us or our children.”

            The death penalty would definitely protect the children.  I’ve never heard of a corpse raping a child.

          19. Oh sure.  I can see the point of the death penalty, just not torture and rape.  The problem with the death penalty is that if it’s in place, it’s inevitable that some innocent people will be executed–recent exonerations from death rows (over 100) demonstrate that.  When people like Bundy are executed, I’m glad.  But it’s just not possible that it will be reserved for only the most obvious cases.  Well, not possible yet anyway.

          20.  DNA has made false convictions almost impossible lately. DNA does not lie.  If you find semen in the vagina of a 5-year old, it’s a pretty fair assumption that the guy it belongs to raped her.  Kill him.

          21. Amen to that.

          22. Well, that seems  true about DNA and the crime scene.  But false convictions do happen a lot.  In a case where there is understandable public demand for an arrest and conviction, police, prosecutors and more importantly, crime labs, have been known to fabricate evidence.  As en example, check out the following:

            Oklahoma City Police Department crime lab employee Joyce Gilchrist was terminated in September 2001 after being accused of questionable hair and fiber analysis, destroying or withholding exculpatory evidence, overstating results and contributing to several wrongful convictions, including one that sent an innocent man to death row. [See: PLN, Dec. 2009, p.44]. Gilchrist was nicknamed “Black Magic” for her apparent ability to find DNA matches that other examiners could not. The FBI recommended a review of all of her cases.

          23. False convictions for child rape/molestation are rare. In fact, false accusations are rare. If you believe I’m wrong, please post links to where you got your information. Hint: Don’t post links to any RSOL-linked or pro-pedophile sites, because I will virtually flay you again, and I’ll do so joyfully and with a song in my heart.

          24. I think it’s hard to know how rare they are.  For sure, child rape/molestation is terribly underreported. 

            During the panic about satanic ritual abuse in the ’70s/’80s there were more than a few cases of day care workers falsely accused and convicted.  Some of the cases, in retrospect, seem completely ridiculous.  In Massachusetts, the Fells Acres case is a standout example.  Dorothy Rabinowitz, in the WSJ, has written several articles about the prosecutorial misconduct in this case.
            The identified offenders were a mother, her son and daughter.  I’ve met a lot of prisoners who claimed to be innocent and believed less than 10%, but I believe the women who were imprisoned at Framingham, where I taught a course, were completely innocent.  I think the man was as well.  He spent 19 
            years in prison before being paroled and his three kids suffered quite a bit from his imprisonment though the family stayed together and they managed.

            We used to say in that time period that children never lie about sex abuse.  The problem is that they were often led in their questioning by social workers in order to produce stories helpful to the prosecution.  Prosecutorial misconduct is a huge problem in the U.S. and they are almost never punished for it and can’t be sued.

            More recently there has been a lot of money on the table for victims of clergy sexual abuse.  I’m sure the vast majority of those who have collected settlements were abused as children and deserve the long overdue recognition and assistance.  But not all of them.  Money does draw out some sleazebags.  As far as I can tell, I think all the priests who have been convicted were guilty and I would like to see more bishops prosecuted for aiding and abetting those priests by covering up the crimes and transferring priests to other parishes, thereby enabling more abuse and more victims.

          25. To express outrage hardly seems necessary when reading a story of child abuse? Yeah..I’m just going to stick with “fuck off” and stop bothering with you.

          26. Nancy, my response was intended to respect your thinking and to explain mine.  If you choose to mischaracterize it and stick with “fuck off,” well, that’s your choice.  I do share your outrage at the victimization of children.  We can agree on that.  Best wishes.

          27. Kthxbai

    3.  You bet, sister! I am a bit disturbed. I’m disturbed that you would comment on a story like this and only remark about the (perceived) injustices inflicted on the perpetrator by all of us ‘disturbed’ people. I am disturbed that this sorry excuse for a DNA specimen had the chance to hurt these kids.  I am disturbed that he will likely get only a few years in jail, and then be set free to do it to some other unsuspecting child.  But what I am most disturbed about is the fact that there are people like you who come here and try to defend their actions by condemning our righteous indignation.  You act as if you are better than we are because you reprimand us for our words against these pedos.  You spew garbage about the perpetrators also being the victims.  Here’s something to think about – once they become perpetrators….THEY ARE NO LONGER VICTIMS!!!! I (and many other people on this site) know first hand what it is like to be physically, psychologically or sexually abused…in my case, it was all three.  I was raped by a relative for more than 8 years, beginning when I was four.  Do I think these animals need a taste of their own medicine? Absofreakinlutely!

      I’ll tell you what – you go into a cell with one of these pervs and let him do to you what was done to those boys, and then come back and tell me what a horrible person I am. I guarantee that if you had a child of your own, and that child was raped by someone, you would want to see the bastard that did it suffer for a long, long time.  If you say you wouldn’t, then you are either a liar, or no better than the criminals we profile here.  Personally, I could give up all thoughts of torture or revenge against these people, if they were given the death penalty.  Just make sure they cannot hurt another child, and give ’em a peaceful death. But that’s not going to happen is it? No, it certainly is not. And if they are not going to be removed permanently from society, then I think they should be treated as badly as they treated their victims.

      As for your ‘rehabilitation’ leanings…April is absolutely right.  You cannot rehabilitate these animals.  Anyone who is sick enough to do something like that to a child has something broken in them that no amount of therapy, medicine or ‘community understanding’ can fix. Kind of like a toy that has been run over by a semi – the damage is too great to fix, so just throw it away and go get a new one that is whole and undamaged. 

       Oh, and I don’t give a rat’s left testicle what you think of the way I wrote my article.  I mean – I COULD give two farts about it, but then I would have considerably overpaid…

      In summary, if you don’t like the writing techniques in this article, I suggest you leave the site before reading any stories posted by any of the other writers.  They get much more mouthy than I do.  I’m actually kinda nice to the child abusers – by comparison.  So please go visit or if you want someone who agrees with your BS. I’m pretty sure you won’t find many of those kinds of people here….

      1. I like the line about two farts…overpaid.  I think i’ll use that.

        I don’t think the perp that you wrote about will get only a few years.  I think it’s much more likely that he will get the equivalence of a life sentence, which is a very good idea.

        I agree that many sex offenders, particularly violent ones, are unlikely to be rehabilitated.  This is one of the reasons I’m opposed to much pornography–I think it encourages depersonalized fantasies, and some encourages violence. Ted Bundy was an execrable piece of shit, but I think he was right in connecting his pornography addiction with eventually acting out his fantasies.

        I feel very badly for anyone who was abused as a child.  I have worked with  men and women who were sexually abused, though few who had the awful experience you had.  I will never feel like I can imagine what it would be like or how it feels as an adult to have survived that, but I am familiar with the adult struggle.  As you will see if you read any of my other replies,  I have worked also with offenders in prison and have experienced some of the rage you wrote about in your reply.  I have wanted to smash a couple of them in the face and came close on one occasion.  The smug ones who talked too easily about having been forgiven by God for their “mistakes.”  Man, I’m feeling it right now, remembering this Episcopalian priest who raped his stepdaughter from age 10 to 14.

        I’ve not suggested that you or anyone else on this site is a horrible person.  I just don’t agree with the idea of  torture, rape and murder in prison.  I’ve worked in prisons–nobody sane who works there wants to see any of that behavior encouraged.   And I’ve also found that the rage can never really be satisfied by inflicting outrageous punishment on the offender.  Oh, it can feel good, no doubt.  But so does a line of coke for a lot of people.  When it’s over, there’s a letdown, and for many, the rage is still there.

        1.  I wouldn’t be let down to see this fucker on the floor, crying, holding his ass and calling for mommy. EVER.

          1. That is seriously disturbing.  I express an opinion and you want to see me raped.  

          2. Um. I think she was talking about the asshole in the story.

          3. Yeah April, I tend to want to defend innocent kids, not the scum that rapes them.  Seems like someone here went to the University of Corky…

          4. Sadly, I am probably the only one who shares your fucked up sense of humor and will get that…. But thanks for the giggle.

          5. yeah, I misread that.

          6. Jhannon, I assume you have never been a victim of sexual abuse. My friend Ange – She has. Perhaps if you had been, you would have them same blind hatred that she has for the sick fucks. Now, me…. I have never been sexually abused, but I love children. All of them. So…. I hate them and would like nothing more than to see them all dead. This is an argument you will never win. Not here.

          7. That’s OK.  I don’t need to win arguments.  

            No, I was not sexually abused.  But I do love children, my own especially.

            I understand the hate.  But I don’t think we make progress, a statement, or achieve real justice if we allow or encourage rape and murder in prison.
            Like I said elsewhere, I’ve worked in prisons and no sane person who works there wants to see that happening.  

            It’s also often incommensurate to the crime.  I worked with a 30 yr old man on parole who was imprisoned (at 24)  for sex with a 14 yr old boy.  I think that’s a really bad thing but I don’t think it makes him a monster who should be shanked, beaten and killed.  

            Another thing: I am more concerned about victims than you imagine.  I think the rage directed at offenders, even horrible ones like the guy in the OP, detracts from the attention we should give to victims.  It becomes a distraction.  This is why it angers me to hear about shanking a prisoner to get justice for the victims.  Maybe the victims don’t want to see the guy shanked, they might want instead to get some help to deal with their pain.  Raping the rapist isn’t REALLY about help for the victims; it’s about satisfying the rage for retribution and once that’s achieved, where is the victim?

          8. You miss the point. For someone so smart, you sure are dumb. The whole reason we want them dead is so there won’t BE any more victims.

          9. And a 24 yo man having sex with a 14 yo boy should be killed. Is it had been my son, I can guarantee he would not be breathing.

          10. That is what I was thinking. Althought I refuse to waste more of my ever dwindling energy addressing this simp, I am still following the thread. Uhh, yeah he does deserve to die, he took advantage of a young boy in one of the most vulnerable times of a young boys life. I hate him.

          11. My son is 11. My father is also a big mother fucker who has been to prison once for murder. He’s not afraid to go back. If you get where I’m coming from. If som 24 yo dirt back put his hands on my son, he’d have a 250lb redneck to deal with. Not little ol’ me. Him. And he’s a mean mother fucker.

          12. I know how you feel… I still haven’t caught up on all the previous drivel he’s posted (only the stuff he’s posted since my first post in this discussion… and only because those comments have shown up in my inbox.) I honestly don’t think that I could mentally handle reading all the earlier comments, so I probably won’t bother.

          13. You’re advocating the death penalty for statutory rape.  You may have some support here but really, that is a position that  is shared by probably less than 5% of Americans.

          14. The age difference she presented there is more than statutory rape. Yes, the minor was under the AOC which to some makes it simply “statutory rape.” However, a ten year age difference between two people having sex is a manipulative relationship. Most 14-year-olds don’t truly recognize themselves as homosexual yet (since it was a same-sex sexual situation mentioned), and plenty of those same 14-year-olds won’t make the actual choice to have sex with someone so much older than them without being manipulated in some manner.

          15. The age difference there isn’t more than that meant by statutory rape statutes–that’s the whole point of statutory tape statutes to criminalize sex between adults and those under the age of consent.  The age of consent varies by state, as you may know.  16 is most common AOC but it is 15 in three states and 14 in three others.  It’s also as high as 21 in at least one state.

          16.  Using that logic, then all pedophiles should be charged with only statutory rape.  Really? That’s your position? I think my head just exploded…

          17. And he just, without a doubt, showed his true colors.

          18.  Yup…

          19. Same here! I don’t get it!

            Jhannon, if a man, age 35, were to have sex with an 8-year-old girl, would you call it rape or statutory rape and why?

          20. Rape of a child under 12.

            In most states there are distinctions based on age, with varying penalties, moving in the obvious direction.  Statutory rape is about enforcing an AOC.  Of course there are kids 14, 15, 16, etc. who want to be sexually active.  It would be foolish to deny that.  BUT, society says that at some ages, teenagers who want to have sex should not be allowed to do so because of various risks.

            One of the problems with some ephebophiles (those sexually attracted to post-pubescent youths) is that they are able to say that the kid wanted sex.   The law says that is irrelevant.  But some pedophiles (attracted to pre-pubescent children) also convince themselves that she/he really wanted it, they there were seduced by an eight-year old or even younger–yes, it is disgusting.  (Some others are just brutal rapists –they are all rapists–who don’t even pretend the child wanted anything).   The self-justifying pedophiles are clearly fucked up and/or jiving themselves, most are jiving, some are retarded and/or truly insane.  

            There really is a difference in the typical damage done to a 14 or 15 yr old engaged in sex with someone over 18 when the kid is wanting to do it, and a child under the age when they even have the hormones to produce libido.   Most people see a clear difference but agree that all should be illegal.  

          21. I just chose this post to rely to you at random as I could have replied to any of your posts in the same way…….You are an ass….

            My husband works in a prison (not used to work in a prison like you state) but really works in a prison. He isn’t there to try and make the inmates feel better about themselves or to help them to accept what they have done and comfort them. He is there to help to protect us law abiding citizens from the violence that they perpatrate on unsuspecting society. His job is to protect us from them and unfortunately also to protect them from other inmates as well.  I know that he feels the same as the rest of us…sometimes prison justice is the only justice some of these baby raping scum will ever face…so if the choice is prison justice or no justice, prison justice wins hands down. I knew from your first post that at some point you would be revealing the fact that you were a mental health therapist of some kind and don’t get me wrong I think that therapy has it’s place in the health care system but when it comes to curing paedophiles, I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but, there is no cure for evil.

          22. If your husband left his job this year, would he no longer know anything about prisons?

          23. If my husband left his job at the prison this year he would still feel the same as I believe we all do…a baby raper is a baby raper(I mean lets stop with all the flowery scientific words here and just call them what they are) and will always be a baby raper.The are only 3 ways that I can think of to cure a baby raper:   1. lock them up forever and don’t let them anywhere near babies they can rape,    2. cut off the offending appendages so they can’t rape babies (chemical castration is all good on paper but testosterone is way to easy to get on the internet), or   3. Kill them.

            You must know, as a psychologist? therapist? social worker? when you talk to a baby raper and are in a position to make a statement that holds some weight as to whether or not they can be released they are going to tell you what you want to hear. They are manipulative in everything they do, that is how they got to successfully rape babies in the first place, by manipulating those around them, in this case the adoption agency and foster care system, and they have no problem using their skill of manipulation on you. They are skilled at grooming anyone and everyone, including you. After all, if they say what you want and act the way you want you will reccomend their release. They do have the same access to the internet and psychology text books that you have. The fact that you’re are on their side as well only makes that easier for them.

            When my husband interacts with them on a day to day basis he gets to see who they really are, you don’t. He gets to see them drawing pictures of little ones so they can…well I’m certain you can figure out what they do. He gets to witness their manipulation of others every day, and he gets to see how they expect him to protect them from the justice they trully deserve. And he gets to hear them talk about how they just pulled the wool over their therapists eyes.

            You talk about statistics for repeat offenders. Are you checking to see how many baby rapers re-rape their own children? Hopefully that number is very low as I would hope and pray that the mothers of those children wont allow him anywhere near her children.

            Are you checking to see how many baby rapers find themselves women with children that have low self esteem issues that they manipulate into not saying anything about the fact that he is raping her babies? We read about these baby rapers all the time right here on this site.  

            Are you checking to see how many of these baby rapers, after being released from nominal prison terms based on the reccomendations of therapists like yourself, are moving into areas that are within walking distance to small children so they can at the very least observe them every day. Go ahead, google some of these baby rapers and you will find them living near elemntary schools, daycare centers and childrens parks.

            I have to wonder why you are so dedicted to the support and defence of these baby rapers. maybe what some of the others are saying is true , perhaps there is a little baby raper in you just dying to get out, maybe that is why you treat baby rapers, so you can hear about what they have done? I don’t know but I do have to wonder, when a person’s heart is more interested in the care of baby rapers instead of the babies that have been raped, what their motivation might be. You have quite a few posts here and very little has been said by you about the vcitims for you it all seems to be about you and the baby rapers…..

          24. My previous point is that my having worked in a prison is not less valuable than currently working in a prison. If your husband left his job he would not, by the next day, have less valuable experience.

            Ad hominem attacks are almost always a sign of weakness in argument. So are straw man arguments. In fact, I have great sympathy for abuse victims and have expressed that often. You choose not to notice. To suggest I have a little pedophile in me because I am interested in the issue is a dishonorable personal attack. You are also interested in the topic.

            “Baby rapers” is an ideological term. Child sexual abuse is a terrible thing, but not all victims are babies–so we have the discussion about statutory rape vs rape of a younger child as it is reflected in current statutes. Ephebophile and pedophile may strike you as “fancy” terms, but they are actually the correct terms.

            Yes, incarcerated sex offenders, actually all prisoners with parole eligibility, have a motive for misrepresenting themselves. Child sex abusers are, as you say, often very manipulative and good actors. But your insistence on treating them all as exactly the same is just a refusal to recognize the uniqueness of each person and the complexity of human behavior. The challenge for corrections is how to make distinctions among offenders. This is not so difficult to do on the basis of the type of offense but very difficult to do in regard to risk of recidivism. Because
            of this difficulty, I agree that the system should emphasize public safety
            through long sentences and an orientation toward denial of parole.

          25. The point of spouting off information I already know about the AOC was what?

            By the way, again, a man having sex with a child is not just statutory rape. It is flat out rape. Sorry. Maybe I am biased because I was a victim of molestation as a toddler, a preteen, and then raped when I was 13. Unfortunately for you, you will never be able to change my mind. You also won’t be able to to change the minds of those who work with victims of sexual assault of any kind.

          26. 18 yr old has a girlfriend who is fifteen in a state with AOC of 16.  He is a senior in h.s.; she is a freshman or sophomore.  They have sex.  Both are very willing.  It’s statutory rape.  There is a difference between that and forcing an unwilling person into sex.  It’s a matter of law.

          27. There is a big difference between 15 and 18 having sex, and 14 and 24. Why can you not see this?

          28. Yes, you’re right about force.  Coercion is a more inclusive term.  Manipulation–I’d have to disagree.  I think it is wrong and sleazy to manipulate anyone into sex but unfortunately it is often part of the dance and it doesn’t constitute rape (unless you want to be more specific about manipulation).  Lack of consent is really the key term, I’d say, which is why sex with someone who is too under the influence of alcohol or drugs to give consent is rape.

            yes, 15-18 is different from 14-24–I was just stating the limiting case for definition of statutory rape.  In some states, 14 is the AOC, by the way.  
            The problem with numbers is they don’t have the flexibility to distinguish between actual situations.  

            It’s strange how positions can be misunderstood when points are being made.  I worked with the 24 yr old in a group and pushed him hard to “get” that though it felt OK to him and that, true, we didn’t know the kid, it really was not OK, that he jived himself, and that statutory rape laws exist for a legitimate reason.  It was a struggle.  But then again, when someone is his case can point to states where it’s legal, it gets harder to insist on what I think is a legitimate law.

            I think 16 is the best age for AOC but it is really impossible to make a definite case for that over another age.  AOC of 14 strikes me as weird but it may also be a way to avoid prosecutions that may be as damaging.

          29.  You cannot reason with these people.  Pretty soon they will be calling you a child molester,if they haven’t already.  The bloggers on this site do not like any opinion that is not theirs.  Sad but true, it’s like they are reliving their high school days and they get to be the “cool” kids this time.  They like to bully everyone that is not in the club and then ban you for daring to be different. LOL It really is fun when someone gets them going.  You make some valid points but, they only see their opinion “rape and kill” everyone that has sex with someone under 18. 

          30. You already showed your true colors ages ago. GTFA

          31. Yeah, you’re right.  I got too caught up in my experiment in having a dialogue with people with VERY different values and views.  In a society as polarized as ours, we need to find a way to have a respectful exchange despite our differences.  And some here have been willing to do so in a respectful manner despite their strong feelings.  It’s no surprise that many don’t want to hear facts or logic that challenge their world view–all humans are capable of that tendency.  But some of these folks are just abusive (and crazy) and I’m not a masochist.   And now some are determined to find my identity (while they all stay anonymous) and maybe location.  Ah, no thanks.

            I tried to avoid poking them for laughs but it was funny to see some go off.    One of my favorites was the woman, self-named Malevolent, who insisted on torture and rape in prison as “justice” and later offered that her father, a big motherfucker, had been in jail for murder, and wasn’t afraid to go back!  where he would mete out some prison justice to child abusers.  She was also a huge fan of capital punishment, but maybe not for her father.  LOL.

            At the same time, I feel very sympathetic to those who experienced the kind of abuse some described here.  Horrible.  Some have the smarts to deal with logic and data but are too connected to the rage to do so.  Totally understandable, and I would never push anyone who suffered this badly towards some sort of cheap forgiveness. This is not an LOL matter.

            People who like the idea of rape, torture and kill prisoners, and who want to remove people with undesirable traits from the gene pool (check out Drea!) are fascist fodder or just plain fascists.

            Anyway, some people ned a safe place, with like-minded people, to vent their rage (and projections).  As long as their fantasies of torture stay fantasies, it’s their business.  I’m moving on, with best wishes to those who have suffered. 

          32. My father would deserve capital punishment if he was a child rapist. He deserved it for the offence of muder (years ago) but it wasn’t handed to him. Do you see me defending the man? NO. Hell fucking no. And I never will. You can’t insult me by talking about him. My step father is my REAL father and has been since I was 3. Proof that sperm doesn’t make anyone a daddy. But the sperm donor would still kill someone if they touched my child.

            While we’re on the subject, mt bio-father is in Texas. Capital punishment may come his way if he fails to stay out of trouble. And, YES, I am all for it, even for him if he does something to warrant it. There are many who deserve it and don’t get it handed to them. It really is a shame, too. This is the only reason I still consider myself a Texan (even though I got the fuck out of the hellish place years ago). So… what the fuck are you going to say about me now? Malevolent – Yes, I am. Passionate about what is happening to children? Yes, I fucking am. Sympathetic to the mother fuckers who harm children? Hardly. Favorable to those who defend the assholes who harm children? Not at fucking all. You don’t like it? Click the fucking X in the top right corner. I have avoided the banter with you for the past several days because you have made it clear that you HAVE to have the last word. Go right the fuck ahead. Be a pro-pedo activist. You will not find any friends here. Not even the loser that is obsessed with me. This is OUR place to be angry and sad and to vent all of those feelings. If you don’t like it, move the fuck onto to some “I heart
            pedos” site where you will surely fit in nicely.

            Thank you and have a nice day.

          33. Fair enough, MA.  It sounded to me at the time that you were feeling pretty positive about your bio father and behind what would be his effort to mete out “justice.”   You have made a very clear clarification.  I probably shouldn’t have included that example in expressing my frustration or what I thought was humorous about people’s inconsistencies.  

            You keep saying I’m pro-pedo.  That’s ridiculous.  Pedophiles disgust me.  Why not take the arguments as they are instead of distorting them?

            I hear what you’re saying about your site and a place to vent, as I said in my repyl to Abeene.  I will be moving on, but y’all didn’t have to keep responding to me either, or insulting me in some really outrageous ways.  I think there was something about the exchange that was compelling despite your distaste for what I sometimes offered.  For the most part, I tried to be calm and respectful in my comments.

            I will not respond to any future comments unless you invite me to do so, so I invite you to have the last say. But I’ll offer a suggestion.  Malevolent is not a very positive adjective.  It means “having ill-will,” which you clearly have towards abusers and you want people to know that.  But it also means “having an evil or harmful influence,” and I don’t get the sense that you really mean that.

            I wish you well.

          34. I call you pro-pedo because of the various examples you have given about what we deem as pedophilia being not (i.e. the 24 year old man having sex with a 14 year old boy). Tell me something. How would you feel if your 14 year old daughter was having sex with a 24 year old man? Even if it was consensual? Would you NOT think this man, who should know better than to engage in sex with a child, was taking advantage of a little girl with an impressionable mind? It’s really easy for 20-something year old men to talk their way into the beds of little girls. Especially those who are looking to be loved. They are VICTIMIZING them, and THAT is why we call them pedophiles. The same goes for a 24 year old man with a 14 year old boy. Even a 30 year old woman with a 16 year old boy.

          35. They are victimizing them. I think some of the confusion comes from differing terms in different states with different ages of consent. Here it is sexual assault of a child (1st, 2nd or 3rd degeree), meaning anyone under the age of consent. By law anyone under the AOC cannot, by law, give consent. Just like anyone drugged cannot give consent. Other than AOC the age difference makes no difference and those who claim that it does are just clouding the issue.
            Are there extenuating circumstances? Sure…for instance a person age 16 who is cognitively impaired may not be able to give consent though he/she is of the age. If an 18 yr old manipulates a fifteen year old into sex he/she is not ready for it is no different than if a 40 year old does. It’s still  1st degree sexual assault of a child. And those that cannot understand that often the abuser gets off with a wrist slap are just never going to understand those of us who feel that justice should fit the crime and be swift in coming. Why? They have too many gray areas?

            This is why an 18 year old is still taking advantage of a 15 year old. Oh, and the first question in this next link, “*Do you notice a big difference between young teenagers and older teenagers, for instance, or adults?”… answer: “* Yes. Our data suggested that the younger teenagers were significantly different in how they responded compared to adults. And we did see an age-dependent or age-related change between the ages of 11 and 17, with the most dramatic difference being in the earlier teen years.” Check it out:
            And more:

            I have tons of links on these studies. Point is that I’m fairly convinced that any adult having any sexual contact with a child/teen is raping them. Any older teen having sexual contact with a child or much younger teen is raping them. We have laws regarding AoC in this country for a reason, though I don’t think they are strict enough in most cases. And with that, I’m done with this part of the off-topic conversation. It’s starting to reek too much of arguing with the RSOLers about AoC laws.

          37. So the fact that physical force wasn’t used makes it statutory… got it. Sooo… that would mean, then, that if a 35 year old guy had sex with an 8 year old girl by coercion or convincing her that she was “in love with him” (little girls are very impressionable, after all, and the sort of pervert that would bang an 8 yo can be very convincing… to his victims), or just that she “wants it”, then that is statutory rape?

            Oh, wait, wait… I’ve got another one… how about when a guy in his 40s drugs a 13 year old girl, then starts having sex with her, doesn’t stop when she repeatedly asks him to, then sodomizes her to boot… Statutory?

          38. I will play devils advocate for just a moment. Jhannon did answer some of that in a post below in response to me, but I don’t think you’ve seen it yet.

          39. Yeah, I saw that after… still didn’t make him appear to be any better a human being, though.  I still think he’s a wanker.

          40. I’m sorry to hear of your experiences.  It sounds awful and despite disagreements about how to respond in some cases, I really do feel very badly for victims and believe we should do whatever we can to stop child abuse of all kinds, especially sexual.  I don’t think torture, rape and murder will do so.

            But you’re not correct in assuming that all who work with victims of sexual assault share your opinions or those of most people on this board.  Many of my colleagues work with victims of sexual assault (as I have in the past, even recent past) and they would agree about distinctions concerning age of victim and would certainly not endorse “jailhouse justice.”  

          41. I thought you were leaving.

          42. They never leave when they say they are. I like how he’s so worried about us finding out his identity and location. Been there…. Don’t that. Not impressed.

          43. Oh, I wasn’t referring to their feelings of jailhouse justice. I was referring to their feelings on the age differences and such. I had not made that clear earlier, my apologies.

          44. Also, yes, I feel if you’re going to have sexual relations with a child when you are an adult you should be done away with. There is no fixing these people at all. None.

          45.  That’s not statutory rape – a ten year age difference with one of the people involved under the age of 16 is rape – RAPE, not statutory. A 14-year-old is not capable of giving consent.

          46. What do you think statutory rape is?   The whole point of statutory rape is that people under a certain age of consent can’t give legitimate consent.  But there are 14 yr. olds who want to have sex.  They can be determined to be delinquent in some states regardless of the age of their partner.

            The age of consent is somewhat arbitrary–it’s not 16 in all states.  It ranges from 14 to 21.  These are the actual ages–you can look it up by googling, or reading a useful valid discussion on a “blog.” 

          47. Actually, you’re wrong. A 24 year old adult (of any sex) having sexual contact with a 14 year old (of any sex) is abuse, if it wasn’t “forced” in the traditional definition of the word, then it was coerced, or the adult was taking advantage of a child who was obviously in a bad place (and who was most likely previously sexually abused). Adults who go for teens don’t normally change their tune, either. It’s still degenerate behavior that is more often than not repeated later. An adult who would take advantage of a child (who’s brain hasn’t fully developed to the point where they are capable of making such choices based on logic and an understanding of all the potential consequences) is a monster.

            Here’s one for you: I know a girl, who at 15 was groomed by an 18 year old “boy”. He had her sneaking out of her house at night for sex. This kid was a monster, because at 18, he was making a point to target 15 year old girls, even though the LAoC in his state was 16. He was targeting the girl I know even while he was “dating” her best friend (unknown to the best friend’s parents, of course.) She was also 15, and these weren’t the only two 15 year old girls he had used and abused. He’s a monster, too.

          48. You stupid shit, I was talking about the fucking kid rapist.

          49. Perhaps the stupid fucking shit has a guilty conscience…  just a thought.

          50. Wouldn’t surprised me…gross.

          51. Ah, because I am opposed to the rape and torture of people in prison I am a likely pedophile?  Or a likely rapist?  Well, neither is true.  When we attack someone, and denigrate his character, because he has a position different from ours, it usually indicates a reluctance or inability to make a counter-argument on its merits.

          52. Did I say that? Wait… are you making assumptions about what I think? Isn’t that the same thing you were complaining about us doing when you neglected to show an appropriate amount of disgust for what this piece of shit did to these kids… until it was pointed out that you seemed more concerned with what was being said about said piece of shit?

          53. Oh, I misunderstood.  Thanks for clarifying.  

            Why do you have to address me as a stupid shit?  

          54.  Uh…Do I have to clarify that too?  Yikes.

          55.  LOL. That was HILARIOUS!

          56. Ya, I had to get out the shpritz to clean off my screen after reading that one, too. 🙂

          57. This is merely speculation on my part, but I think it has something to do with the fact that you are a stupid shit.

          58.  And that was even MORE hilarious!

          59.  I don’t think shannie was talking about you in that comment, I think she was referring to the guy in this story – the one you have been advocating us to be ‘nice’ to.

          60. Shannie, we really need a “love” button for comments like this one.  ‘Like’ just doesn’t quite cover it… April, when can we get one?

          61.  Angel, I think April is working on the “you suck” button first, but thanks for thinking about me and a love button…:P *giggle

          62. You said love button…. *snicker*

          63.  Shut up, Beavis…

          64. I think that would make you Butthead.

          65.  As long as that makes me your partner, I’m fine with it….

            Maybe ‘Thelma and Louise’ would be a better fit for us, though, huh?

            <3 's you sweets!

          66. Do I get to be the slutty one? The one who slept wit hBrad Pitt back when he was tasty?

          67.  Sure…I never thought Brad was all that good looking.  I thought he looked kinda creepy/sleazy.  Still do. I still can’t figure out what Angelina Jolie saw in him.  You can be Thelma….

          68. He was hot in T&L. But he does look dirty. Like he needs a flea dip.

          69. Angel said it first …. *bats eyelashes *giggle

          70.  That would be a good one to have, too…

        2.  You’ve not suggested that I or anyone else on this  site is a horrible person? Let me refresh your memory for you…

          To me (first reply): “you might want to check your own fantasies…you sound a bit disturbed.”

          To Crasylilswthrt: “Are you really pro-rape?”

          Those were compliments, maybe? Really?

          You say that you have not been in my shoes, nor have you been a survivor of abuse yourself, and then you say you are familiar with the adult struggle. That, my dear, is a blatant contradiction.  The best a non-survivor can do for someone who has been there is the equivalent of blowing sunshine up their skirt.  I went to three therapists (who lived paper-doll lives as children) and not a single one of them did anything for me, but give me advice they had learned to spout in a classroom.  It was not until I found one who had actually been in such a situation herself, that I felt as if I was getting anywhere.  I also have several friends who had childhoods as bad (or worse) than mine.  Talking with them was of inestimable value in my personal journey toward healing (and theirs too). Forgiveness of the offender is necessary to heal, yes, and I eventually forgave the ones who abused me. Not for them, but for me.  However…if anyone ever touches one of my kids, the cops won’t find enough intact DNA to even identify them. And you can put that in the bank and earn interest on it.  I really do admire your fortitude in wanting to help people – that is an honorable calling.  And I wish you all the best in life.  But you’ll have to forgive me if I say that I think your choice of ‘clients’ is never going to give you any satisfaction – because they CANNOT be rehabilitated.

          As for the suggestion that the revenge euphoria goes away, and the rage is still there – well, you can believe that if you want to. I am actually not angry anymore.  I think they should all be put to death – not out of rage, but out of a healthy dose of common sense.  And unlike others here, I  hope that these guys DO make their peace with God before they die. Realistically, though, I know that most of them won’t, because they don’t think they have done anything wrong. Therefore they will never ask forgiveness from either God or their victims.  I don’t write because of anger over MY past – I write because I am angry that other children are being treated the same way.  That is called ‘righteous anger’ BTW – look it up in the concordance of your Bible if you have one.

           I also think you are wrong about this particular case.  I doubt this guy will get ten years. It’s a first offense, he was a pillar of the community, and he can afford excellent legal counsel. If he gets sentenced to more than ten years, I’ll be absolutely shocked.  And if the sentence is ten years, he will be out in less than three, most likely.  He needs a serious dose of high velocity lead poisoning.  That’s the only cure for what he has.

          1. I never said anyone was horrible, or a horrible person.  On the other hand, check out what’s been said about me!

            But yes, I think pro-rape, pro-torture  fantasies are disturbing.

            I don’t work with any sex offenders now–that was a few years ago in a prison and outpatient clinic.

            I agree that some cannot be rehabilitated.  But I’m sure some can be, but  someone who actually rapes a child should be in prison so long the question of rehabilitation is secondary.  

    4. I’ll admit to being a bit disturbed… more than a bit, actually.  But it’s because you seem more concerned with what people are posting about the sack of shit that raped three boys and was selling one of them to other perverts for sex than you are with what he did to those children. 

      Again with the bleedingfuckinghearted mentality of  “The sex offenders have more rights than their victims”.  

      1. It was a brief comment on one aspect of the very large problem of crime and punishment, specifically, the rage to punish.  

        I can’t help but wonder why you have to distort my opposition to the rape of prisoners to “the sex offenders have more rights than the victims.”  

        1. I can’t help but wonder why you have to distort my opposition to the rape of prisoners to “the sex offenders have more rights than the victims.”

          I haven’t distorted anything. I was simply pointing out that the first thing you posted was a softhearted defense of this guy’s “rights”, and only mentioned that what he did was horrible when it was pointed out to you that you hadn’t mentioned the kids at all.

          And, BTW, sex offenders actually do have more rights than their victims. While they’re being “punished”, they get three squares a day, a place to sleep, free medical care, free therapy (which they don’t take very seriously… the recidivism rate for sex offenders is proof of that), free education, all on the taxpayer dime. The victims? They get exactly jack shit, that is unless their caregivers can afford more than jack shit. Personally, I’d much prefer the sex offenders get life in prison, no hope of parole, and hard labor to support themselves (extra hard, if they wish to buy an education), and all that tax money that currently goes toward their upkeep be used to pay for the therapy that their victims need (and often go without).

          1. Yes, I agree that it’s better to keep our focus on the victims rather than fantasize that raping and killing the offenders is somehow going to heal the victims.  Victims often, usually DON’T get enough assistance.  This is why I’ve been glad to see the victims of clergy sex abuse get some significant settlements in law suits.  I think the victims who came forward to pull the covers off these horrendous crimes and the equally horrendous cover=up ae real heroes, as are the attorneys (the ones in Boston I know about) who took on these cases when it didn;t seem as likely that it would turn into a multi-million dollar case.

            I don’t agree that offenders uniformly don’t take therapy seriously, or that the recidivism rate for sex offenders is high.  It’s not so high, but neither is the recidivism rate for murderers–meaning those who are paroled.  But as has been discussed elsewhere, the consequences of recidivism for sex offenders is too high to risk.  It’s a real problem.

            As to taking it seriously, I’ll share a story about one inmate in the therapeutic community at Bridgewater Prison in Massachusetts.  It’s a story that will support the argument that some do work hard and also the argument that some cannot be rehabilitated.  He had committed a series of rapes of adult women at age 25.  When I worked at the prison he was 40.  This guy really worked on assignments concerning impulse control, telling on inappropriate fantasies, sharing what was really going on instead of trying to look good for parole.  He was a leader in the inmate community because he was organized, had control of his temper, and really pushed other inmates to do the work and be honest in group.  I’ll never forget hearing him say one day in group, almost crying, that he had been working on changing himself for fifteen years, and that he knew one of the most important things for a sex offender was to develop empathy for victims, that is, “get” how horrible the crime was for victim, be able to put himself in the victim’s position.  And he said, he had been trying to get that for years, and that he realized he still didn’t get it.  He couldn’t feel it.  And as a result he did not have appropriate remorse.  He knew it; he acknowledged it, and he felt bad about it–but he was right.  He really didn’t have it yet, after fifteen years.

            Sociopaths (now people with anti-social personality disorder) have something deeply wrong with them.  They tend not to think about consequences beyond the moment, they don’t have normal fears about negative consequences FOR THEMSELVES, and they lack empathy for others.  Something is broken or never functional in them, and it is a very long struggle for them to develop any of those attributes.  I’ve seen lifers, in prison for thirty plus years, who have made no real progress.

          2. Sociopaths have something wrong with them but pedophiles don’t? Your logix is def that of a pedo advocate. Go you!

          3. I was thinking the same thing…

          4. Awesome typos April! I need to slow down and read before I hit send. What a dick head.

            Is it me, or does this ashat make you want pedos raped and killed even more?

          5. No, it’s not just you. And I didn’t even notice any typos. Probably because you don’t piss me the fuck off.

          6.  Why don’t you tell everyone about your shoes “bullshit”, or your perfect son “bullshit” or your handsome husband :bullshit” I really want to talk about your outfit REALLY REALLY REALLY please tell me how cool you are April, as you sit in your own filth petting one of your 50 cats LOL

          7. Abeene … are you retarded?

          8.  Who pissed in your Wheaties today, Abeene?  If you hate the people and the content on here so much, then why don’t you find another blog to troll? Crawl on back down in your mother’s basement and have another joint and a bag of Cheeto’s, and leave the discussions to the adults. You’re pathetic.

          9. Awww… April, you’ve got another admirer. Isn’t that sweet?

            Abeene, it looks an awful lot to me like you’re the one derailing the discussion at the moment… and not with anything so happy as talking about how wonderful a child or husband are, or even that you got a new pair of shoes that brightened your day. You’re just being a douche. Go be a douche somewhere else, please.

          10. Nope. Same admirer. For the record, I have 2 cats. Both belong to J. And he’s allergic to them so they will be leaving very soon. I love how jealous this person is. Talk about derailing the discussion.

            Abeene, how about YOU go be a douche someplace else. Or do you need help with that again?

          11. Although I have stepped back from posting on this site for some time I do tend to still lurk in the background from time to time. Once and advocate for the protection of children, always an advocate for the protection of children…..

            Now onto you Abeen…even though I know that April can defend herself with no difficulty I could not help but step in here….I think I can see what is wrong with you…. It sounds to me like there is a bit of the sad and angry jealousy monster creeping out around here…. April’s husband really is handsome, her son really is perfect (ok ok my son is more perfect but her son comes close) and it is refreshing to see a mother who is truly proud of her son, especially on this site, I enjoy hearing about her outfit and her shoes and am so very happy that she has been blessed with the resources to afford the better things in life. But that is what being a caring human being is all about right…being thankful for what you have and more thankful for what others have been blessed with. I am thinking that maybe you should just sit back and look inside yourself and find out what it is that would make you attack such a wonderful and loved woman as our April. April has the right to say that she is cool if she wants and we would all agree with her as we feel the wonderfulness (is that a word) of April has blessed us all in some way or another. ( see April, I still love you even if I don’t post much anymore)

            I was just wondering though, Abeen….how can you read an article like this and find the only thing you are able to do is attack April…I mean how can your focus be on what shoes April is wearing as opposed to just hating the shit out of what happened to those little darlings…just saying I think your priorities are a bit askew

          12. Thanks darlin’. This had nothing to do with me or my family. This reason likes attacking me because it wants attention and knows that’s the fastest way to get it. Sad…. But true. And I am proud of my kid. What parent doesn’t think their kid is perfect? Except the fuckers we write about here, I guess.

          13. I never said pedophiles don’t have something wrong with them.  I think pedophilia is a serious disorder.  Acting on it is a serious crime.

          14. I’m seriously wondering where you get your stats from, because the recidivism rate for sex offenders is upwards of 40% after a 25 year period. That’s pretty significantly high. The longer they’re given chances to reoffend, the more likely they are to reoffend.

          15. A useful link from the Wall St. Journal:

            Recidivism rates are hard to establish.  It’s partly definitional.  If we measure it by return to prison we wind up including parole and probation violations, which often have nothing to do with re-offending, e.g., failed drug test, missing appointments with parole or probation officers, leaving the state.

            If we go only by new convictions we are underestimating.  Arrests for new crimes–almost certainly still underreporting even if some are innocent because those who are guilty may have more victims than we know about or they are charged with.

            Worse, too may presentations in the popular media are the result of bad research and biased reporting, frequently sensationalist reporting.

          16.  My first clue that the link you posted was not worth looking at as a valid research tool was that it began with “blog.”  The second was that it also contained the term “numbersguy” – indicating statistical data.  A statistics professor I once had said that there are three types of falsehoods – lies, damn lies, and statistics – and this came from a PROFESSOR on the subject.  So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t bother to check out the link.  I have done a lot of independent research on my own, and the facts I have uncovered concerning arrest and recidivism rates (based on convictions) are astounding.  You can argue till you turn blue, and I’ll still tell you that you’re wrong.  Just because you turn into a Smurf doesn’t make your tales of possible rehabilitation any more convincing.

            You cannot rehabilitate someone who looks at a child and thinks, “Man, I gotta have me summa that!” That kind of broke can’t be fixed…ever.

          17. This is a funny one.  I was a professor in the social sciences for twenty years and taught statistics at several colleges, including Clark University and Dartmouth College.  But even funnier (but also sadder) is “You can argue till you turn blue, and I’ll still tell you that you’re wrong.”  This is one of the problems of our polarized population– rather than take seriously a well-constructed argument, too many people are more comfortable hearing only from those with whom they already agree.  A variation on the theme–“don’t confuse me with the facts!!”  

          18.  And just because you think your position is the correct one does not make it so.  It seems that you are doing the very thing you just accused me of, yet I am labeled (by you) as wrong, because my views are different from yours.  This is much like a religious argument between a Christian and an atheist – I will never accept your position, and you will never accept mine.  I have told you already that you are welcome to your opinion, and I would think that as an ‘educated’ person, you would extend the same courtesy. 

            Working in a prison with sex offenders does not make you an expert on that sexual perversion any more than my observation of my cat giving birth makes me an expert on the sexual preferences of felines.  One has nothing to do with the other. My grandmother (rest her soul) had a wise saying – “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.”  That is good advice. You have no idea whether a person (re: sex offender) is telling the truth when he is sobbing about his remorse for his heinous acts, or whether he is just blowing sunshine up your shimmy in order to look good for the parole board.  And even watching in some instances can be deceiving.  Some people can lie with their bodies almost as effectively as they can with their mouths. I lived it, sister, and I know what kind of deception these sick pervs are capable of.  The one who raped me for 12 years was a deacon in the church, and even after I (and others) told what had happened, the church believed him.  I don’t give a rip how many colleges you taught at, nor how many people you misinformed about this subject – you cannot convince me that you know more as an observer than I do as a survivor.  Another old saying applies here – “Don’t piss on me and try to tell me it’s raining.”  Both the color and the smell will give you away every time.

  15. It is certainly unfortunate that someone would find himself or herself attracted to children.   But acting on those feelings is a choice.  I do not believe that pedophiles are uncontrollably driven to act on their sexual attractions any more than normal people who are attracted to other consenting adults.  Most people are able to refrain from acting on sexual feelings when that would be illegal or immoral (married, in a committed relationship, finding out that someone is underage and not the age he or she appears, etc.).

    If these urges were uncontrollable then they’d be attacking children in public instead of behind closed doors or putting themselves in positions of trust (coach, Sunday School teacher, etc.) to be able to ‘groom’ children.   Pedophiles only care about themselves and what they want and they are willing to knowingly engage in illegal behavior and disregard the well being of children so they get no sympathy from me when they are charged and convicted.  I do have sympathy for someone who is mentally retarded and confused or someone suffering from an organic brain disease (although I think they should be in secure care to protect the public), but most pedophiles do not fall into that category.   They take care to hide their illegal behavior.   If it takes five years to grasp that what they are doing is morally wrong that is an indication of how they have convinced themselves that it is right for them to do whatever THEY want and how laws don’t apply to them and it is certainly a clear indication of how dangerous they are.

    I don’t make comments about how perpetrators should be raped in prison or tortured to death.  Others do.   But all of us are ANGRY about child abuse.  We are angry about how people who could have prevented it didn’t, we are angry that people who are arrested for child abuse and murder say they need help with their anger issues when they didn’t seek any help the first time they hurt a child or had the urge to.  We’re angry when child abusers get lesser penalties for hurting their own children than they would if they had hurt someone else’s child. We’re angry when people defend child abusers (he had issues, it was just discipline that got out of hand or we’re all sinners so no one can judge and anything goes) because those people are part of the problem.  So if you want insight into where all that anger comes from, I would call it righteous anger.   

    1. I agree with most of what you say here.  Yes, it’s unfortunate that someone is sexually attracted to children (and often exclusively attracted to children) but that is no excuse for acting on those feelings.  And you’re absolutely correct that it’s clearly not an irresistible impulse if they can manage to do it to avoid detection.   
      I don’t agree with the idea that if it takes them five years to figure out it’s morally wrong then they clearly believe they can do whatever is right for them, etc.  Well, it’s true in some cases–they are just rationalizing their behavior.  But others, believe it or not, think that some kind of sexual contact is just a form of love, affection, etc. and need to learn that, no, it’s really not ok.  In this regard it’s important to make a distinction between types of abuse.  The story reported here is really horrible and clearly these perpetrators knew it was wrong and were really vile.  There are others with whom I worked in prison or in outpatient programs (at a VA clinic) who were convicted of sex abuse that was fondling, rather than rape.  I think this fondling is also very damaging to the victim; in fact, I think fathers who sexualize their daughters with comments and leering looks are also doing a lot of damage.  But some of these perpetrators REALLY didn’t know that what they were doing was so wrong–often because they had been treated the same way as children.But they need to be stopped.  And often prison is the only way to do it.  But that’s not the same as being  “baby-raper.”  Nobody who rapes a child can really believe that’s OK in any way, unless they are truly insane or developmentally disabled.

      I share your anger at people who could have prevented child abuse and didn’t, although I’m somewhat sympathetic to mothers who are in denial about the abuse committed by their husbands or boyfriends.  They are often paralyzed by fear which fuels the denial.  I am particularly angry with church leaders, such as Catholic bishops, who protected abusive priests and moved them from parish to parish to protect the Church from “scandal.”  Many of these bishops sacrificed children for the sake of their own ecclesiastical careers.

      1. Please jhannon do not say you share anything with me. It makes me want to vomit knowing you breathe the same air as me. Also I don’t have anger towards the sick fucks that molest and rape children I have blinding white hot RAGE. These sick fucks don’t have an addiction to children they are pure EVIL and should be treated as such. Lock them and their defenders (you) up and throw the damn key away. 

  16. I am 100% dead serious when I say guys like this are stealing my oxygen and I hope they get shanked in prison.  And I refuse to apologize for that.

  17. This disgusting, filthy fuck makes my skin crawl.  When you hear of stories like this, which sounds almost like a Sandusky way of living…(except he abused the kids he coached, not his adopted kids…allegedly), you start to think of the networking and real effort these pedophile fuckbags put into the sick twisted lives they lead.  It is sordid and it runs deep with one covering up for another, people looking the other way and you have a huge pedo/child sex slave ring using children for their freakish needs.  This is beyond fucked up. It’s an abomin-fucking-ation.  I can’t help but wonder how many men like this are doing the exact same thing….fuck, that makes me sick.

    And you know what jhannon,  go stick your righteous thumb up your dumb ass…..Fuck off.  People who abuse kids like this deserve rape wished upon them, they get no mercy.  Not from me.  Think about the terror and the horror these kids felt before they were about to be defiled by someone they thought was going to give them a good life…Think about that, then think about just when they thought it was over, they were passed onto a stranger who did unspeakable acts to their little bodies, think about their pain, and the fear they had when they knew it was happening to one of the other children.  I can’t even think about it without wanting to manually rape the fuck who did this to those kids.

  18. Reading through many of these posts I am reminded of an old method my grandmother once described to me … She wasn’t sure of it’s origins so if anyone knows I would love to hear the history of it.  But here it is basically:

    Take the rapist or molester to a dead tree or sturdy bush or dried out wooden post.  Nail their penis to it firmly with what ever is at hand.  Hand the asshat a knife and then light the thing on fire from the top … then he has a choice.  Burn with the tree or chop that dangly off.

    Love it! LOL

    1. Oh. My. Fucking. Gods.

      They sure had a way of doing things back in the day. When did we get so fucking soft?

  19. Poor children. I hope they were able to stay together and get the therepy they will need.

  20. It breaks my heart. I’ve been sick since i heard this story last friday. Them horrible waste of dna need to be shot in the head, no chance of parole. We tax payers should not have to take care of them living in jail. I would rather my money go help the innocent child.

    1. You’re reading my brainwaves, aren’t you. o.0

  21. Dear Jhannon.  I don’t know you, and I don’t know if many here would care to know you.  You seem to have some knowledge and education. For that yay for you.  But you have very little wisdom and common sense.  You should know that the views reflected here would counter your own opinions.  Basic human psychology and human nature for that matter dictates that you post as you do in order to obtain what you feel you need in your life and lack – attention and validation.  Perhaps (and more likely) attention and confrontation and debate.

    If your thoughts and experiences are so valid and worthy of fighting over, then may I ask your name and accreditation to hold these lectures on the others?  This site is not filled with a pile of screaming dumb bunnies, but strong intelligent people all of whom feel that any crimes against innocent parties should not be given excuses.  I am one of those.

    who am I?

    I am the survivor of a lifetime of hatred, attacks, emotional abuse, physical abuse. 
    I have spent my entire adult life helping innocent children as I can and have gotten quite a few out of abusive homes and into others lives where they can be appreciated as children. 
    I am one of the millions upon millions with a voice against this type of pain on any persons, no matter the mental state of the abuser.
    I have a lifetime of psychology study, anthropology, and most importantly being HUMAN.

    Defend the mentally defunct all you wish.  Just remember that every time you give one of them a chance to hurt another person, no matter their age, then part of that blame lies on YOU for thinking, “poor guys, they just can’t rehabilitate”.

    Bleeding hearts like you are the entire reason these people keep being released back into society to do it again.  Keep it up mr. JHannon, secret agent of the voiceless abusers.  Talk yourself into how noble you feel you are as you tuck yourself away to sleep at night if that’s what helps you.  But defend even an ounce of this and you are, in my eyes, as bad as they are. 

    To the rest of us who have hearts and common sense:  Why feed every post from a troll?  🙂 Better ways to spend our time and energies right?

    1. I like you. But you already know that.

    2. You know, everything you’ve said in this comment is true. I’m done feeding the troll. I’ve got better ways to spend my energy.

      *HUGS* And thank you for being a voice and for helping children. You’re on my heroes list. 🙂

    3.  I thank you for your work on behalf of children.

      I would gladly defend the mentally impaired, some of whom are children.  I don’t defend rapists and abusers of children.  It’s getting repetitive but I have said only that they should not be raped, tortured or killed in prison.  It’s really not an outlandish position.  I have also made distinctions about degrees of sexual abuse, as reflected in the laws of every state.

      People with my beliefs are not the entire reason that there are se offenders who are neither executed nor sentenced to life without parole.   They are probably not any of the reason.

      As to that qualification of being human, um, I have that qualification.

      I think it is very unfair to call me a troll.  I am not pretending to have opinions that are not my own.  I am being sincere and honest.

      1.  Wow, delusional much Jhannon?  Defending them, then stating that you and your type are not the cause for them going free?  

        Basics of human evolution and our progress as a species include weeding out of the gene pool those we do not want to pass along traits.  So defending and sympathy for abusers thing is a weakness in our species in my opinion.   Thus you are just as bad.  Our future should NOT include these crimes so lets weed them out of the gene pool

        1. Your call for “weeding out the gene pool” is reminiscent of the political philosophy of a popular political movement in central Europe in the 1930’s.  You might want to check them out.  They were really opposed to passing along undesirable traits and considered as “weak” anyone who didn’t have the will to exterminate those who would pass along those traits.  

          No, I’m not delusional.  Disagreeing with you does not constitue delusion.

          You might want to check out meaning of the word, “defunct.”

  22. Love you guys and love this site.  More voices needed in here to defend those who need it.  And ANY chance we get, any of us can help even with just a simple phone call.  There are no heroes … only good humans and bad ones.

  23. Oh goodie! He/she/it is back!
    [ di fúngkt ]
    1. not operating now: no longer operative, valid, or functional

    Mentally defunct, meaning their minds no longer work properly or with any sort of healthy ability to function. The sentence stands, despite your attempt to make me look bad. I’ll make some quick points, as it is late and my happy butt needs to get some sleep.

    #1. You attempt to refute all things said to you. So I can only assume you’re here for attention and debates. There’s clubs for that … go find one.

    #2. Not once did I suggest that disagreement with me equals up to you being delusional. I thought you were delusional LONG before I even replied because of the crap spouting off your fingertips as you type. Not because you disagreed with me but because you make yourself appear more foolish with each post and reply and yet you probably walk away thinking “Damn I done goods, Bessie hand me that beer”. Of course I jest, I don’t know if you know anyone named Bessie.

    #3. And you of course refer to Hitler and the Nazi movement … And for THAT comparison you really are a fool. Hitler was a monster, who wanted only one line of heritage going on down the gene pool. I used the words gene pool and made a reference to weeding it out but did you bother to read the rest or were there too many words for you? I am not implying only keep the whites, or the special shiny folks. I am, on the other hand, saying straight out and without flinching that the scum of the earth needs to get out of our gene pool. Proven guilty, caught as a criminal, abuser, rapist … if there is no doubt what so ever that you are a person without the ability to control your damned self then you need to get out of our gene pool! There is a vast difference in my stance and Hitlers idiotic bullshit. Can’t see the difference or can’t bother to read my words entirely – then you once again give the others awesome laughing material as you fight blindly with both fists flying at a cloud.

    I suggest you go back to school and take reading comprehension classes. Read through what is being said and actually READ it instead of skimming and going all haywire in a rush to respond and defend.

    Dear gods, it’s impossible to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed opponent!

    By the way, your words, “rather than take seriously a well-constructed argument, too many people are more comfortable hearing only from those with whom they already agree” So which would you like to be today? The pot or the kettle … doesn’t matter their both black.

    1. Drea,

      You attempt to refute all things said to you. So I can only assume you’re here for attention and debates.

      He claims ” I was a professor in the social sciences for twenty years and taught statistics at several colleges, including Clark University and Dartmouth College.” But also worked at prisons… but whatever. Sounds like he’s now retired from his many varied jobs and is bored and lonely. Of course, he also said ” But there are 14 yr. olds who want to have sex.”… now where have I heard that before?

      1.  So very true 🙂 With all those credentials … we still don’t have a real name to back up any of his claims.  Hmmm

        1.  Perhaps if we cross check Dartmouth and Clark University, we can find a name. Instructors for colleges are easy to check on, since that information is accessible to the public.  At least I know two colleges I DON’T want my kids to attend, if that’s the kind of BS they teach there.

  24. Abeene is the same Texas troll that was hating on me previously.  I love that this dumb fuck is so obsessed with me.  It really is so adorable.

    1. Awww crap- “it’s” from Texas? Oh well as the saying goes- Everything is bigger in Texas.  I guess that includes wankers.

    1. And he was caught at a young age…

      Whatever the RSOL crowd or the pro-pedophile activists tell anyone, they can’t be “fixed”.

      1. They sure the fuck CAN be fixed. With a strategically placed bullet. Right behind the ear.

        1. ” It’s like I tell all of my boys. * *Always put one in the brain!”

          50 points to the first person to get that one right. 😉

      2. Exactly why I posted it.

        When I was a tot and molested, my abuser was another child four years older than me. Now, I will admit, he was severely abused in every way you can think of. Still, even with intense therapy after being removed from his abusive parents he began abusing me and other girls at my babysitters. He was then removed and put into a more intense program to try and “fix” him. Guess what, he still abused more girls and women like he did when he was seven, and he even moved on to other crimes such as arson, breaking and entering with intent, home invasion, and the like. Hmm…

  25. I have to say that while I completely disagree with jhannon, he/she was was respectful from what I read.

    But, I think that what jhannon is not understanding is that there are several of us on here who had similar childhoods to the ones in this story. As adults, I can speak for all of us when I say…we will NEVER forget what happened. I myself have to deal with issues to this day and it really sucks. I do feel anger that while the perpetrators get free therapy, education, etc…we are left to our own devices. Like used garbage tossed aside. I do feel resentment that I wasn’t given the same respect and protection as the rapist did. And honestly (maybe this makes me sick) I would LOVE to see my abuser raped right back, suffering like I suffered (for the equivalent to the 10 years it happened to me would be fair). Would it take away what happened? Take away my dealings with PTSD, issues with relationships, depression, suicide attempts (when I was younger)? No…but I’d get a kick out of the whole “eye for an eye” thing.

    I can appreciate your compassion for people in general. But, I would tell you to reconsider the fact that these people can still be called “people”. I also would say that your intelligence and compassion and obvious desire to help others with therapy…could be better suited by focusing on the victims.

  26. I am watching Dr. Phil right now and there is a teacher, age 41 with a wife and two children, who has moved in with his 18 year old student.   There’s no doubt in my mind that he is a pedophile and I agree with her horrified mother that her naive daughter was groomed by this man starting when she was younger.

    This relationship is perfectly legal now, but it’s immoral exploitation of a child, all the same.

    1. I am involved with the foster care system whereI live. I don’t foster children myself but I am a respit care giver meaning, when things get tough for foster parents and they need some time away from the children they are caring for, I step in and care for them for a short time so the parents can take a breath and come back in a better position to care for them properly. As I am sure you all know most foster children have been to hell and back and thier behavior can be trying at times so parenting them can be a challenge everyday.

      Anyway, one of the kids I was helping with is now 18 yrs old, He was put into foster care due to severe abue, neglect and sexual abuse by his mother, well he was dating a 14 yr old girl when he was 17 and they did become active not fully sexually but too much for me especially when It found out she was only 14. that relationship was ended immediately. shortly after (I will call him Mike) Mike turned 18 he began dating the 14 yr olds 16 yr old sister. they did become sexually active. now here is the sick twist to this whole thing. Mike was attending a youth group at a local church, the mother of the 14 and 16 yr old was a leader there and she began a sexual relationship with Mike as well. She has now left her husband and children and for a time they were living in a van now they have left the state and this 48 yr old woman says that she is in love with this 18 yr old boy. this boy that has been involved with both of her daughters one of which is the only a yr and a half younger than him. Pedophile? I don’t know. Sick absolutely. It isn’t just men that do this there are sick women out there too.

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