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Dalina Nicholas “didn’t know what was going on”

Clueless pimp
Police: Mom sold daughter, 6, for sex
3rd man arrested in girl’s sex abuse case
Grandmother speaks in child sex trading case
Florida Mom Pimped 6-Year-Old Daughter, Cops Say

Angels don’t swear. Angels don’t swear. Angels don’t swear. Angels don’t swear!!! Fuck that. I’m gonna channel my inner jj and do this story some justice. Just this once. Swearing isn’t a mortal sin anyway, I don’t think. I’ll go to confession later or something.

See that sorry looking bitch up there? I hate her! She allegedly pimped out her six year old daughter for drugs. So far the slag and three manimals have been arrested in this case. The child and her 1-year old brother have been placed with a relative, and God, I hope it’s not the grandmother, because that tw*t is defending her daughter! I am so upset right now that I am shaking. Literally. I have to backspace every couple of seconds, because I keep hitting the wrong keys.

Dalina Nicholas, 39, from Jacksonville Beach, FL, was arrested in Columbus, GA, on March 1, where she is awaiting extradition to FL. Columbus is only a hundred or so miles from where I live. It would take two or three hours to drive there, I think. The temptation is really great…

This vile creature accepted money and drugs in return for sex with her daughter. According to the man who reported it, the activity has been going on for at least two years. And he’s just now reporting it? Somebody needs to check into that story too. But I digress… The birth organism was apparently supporting herself by selling sexual favors with her child. The situation came to light when a homeless man flagged down the police and reported a child being sexually abused by multiple men. He said that he was present once when pimp-mommy accepted $20.00 from a man and had the child get naked on a mattress so the bastard could perform oral sex on her. WHAT!?!? Again…why did he not report the abuse then? He then told police the child had told him about the abuse and asked him to “help her make it stop.” My heart is breaking for that poor child. She also gave the authorities detailed accounts of the abuse, and said that some of the acts were painful. I’m sure they were – she was only six years old and these were grown men! I hope everyone involved in this is tossed into general population with a tattoo that reads, “I’m a good girlfriend.”

The mother’s excuse? A flat denial of all charges. She says nothing happened. She claims she was sexually abused as a child and she would know if it were happening to her daughter. I’m sure she did know – she was a party to it! The bitch. And the grandmother – Debbie Morgan. She is defending her worthless daughter, saying that her daughter has only been charged with child neglect, and that the sex abuse allegations have not been substantiated. Why was she charged with child neglect? Because at this point all the cops have proof of is that slag-mommy let the men inside her home. The grandmother says that Dalina was being beaten up by the men, and that she would take her children out at night to ‘hide’ from them. The cops are smarter than that, thankfully. They aren’t buying her BS. They say that she intentionally allowed the abuse. I say she was a participant in it, since she freakin’ GOT PAID! It looks like Granny dearest is going to defend her child to the end, though. She was quoted as saying, about the allegations, “They’re not true. They’re totally not true.” Liar! Your daughter is a horrible person, Debbie, and so are you for defending her. I hope Debbie comes here to try and defend her daughter, I REALLY do. I’ll be waiting for her.

Hey, Grandma…if the guys were beating on your daughter, where the bloody hell are her bruises? Black eyes? Broken bones? Full body cast? I’ll tell you what – I’d have to be a dead and rotting corpse before anyone would touch one of my babies! I’m not even sure death would stop me – I’m pretty determined that way. I might just figure out how to come back as a zombie and suck the life out of the bastards who hurt my kids. She wasn’t BEAT UP, she was a MEAN SLUT. Get some speech therapy or practice your pronunciation more, and maybe you won’t make such verbal errors in the future.

How do these people find each other? How does one drug addled woman manage to find three men twisted enough to pay for sex with a six-year-old? And who in the blue depths of HELL can look at a child that age and get excited?!? It makes me absolutely sick! The mother and all three of the men need to be shot. They are wasting the oxygen that could be used by poor misunderstood hyenas somewhere in the African wastelands. Kill them and FEED them to the hyenas. Hyenas are better parents than this slut – they at least protect their young.

The neighbors claim that they had no idea what was going on. I’m not gonna dispute that, but I find it highly suspicious that not a single neighbor noticed the comings and goings at all hours of the day and night.

My recommendations:
Charge the mother with sexual abuse, rape of a child, child pornography, human trafficking, and child slavery to begin with…then add more charges as you find them. Or make up a few. I’ll help with that, I have been told I have a great imagination. And make them all capital offenses. (Yeah, I know that’s not gonna happen, but I can dream…)
Charge the grandmother with negligence, since she knew the child was in danger, and did nothing to help her. Tack on lying to the cops, since she made up a bunch of sh*t to try and exonerate her daughter. And I still think we need to have the opportunity to charge people like this with gross stupidity as well. Unfortunately idiocy is not a crime yet – just a blight on society.
Charge the three men who paid for sex with the child for everything the mother is charged with, plus any public indecency charge they can apply. A couple of them (at least) should be charged with attempted murder, since they are ugly enough to have scared the poor child to death – felony ugliness, I like it.
I’m not sure about the guy who reported the crime. I think that if he knew about it longer than 24 hours without reporting it, he should go to jail as an accessory as well.

I need to go puke now…

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  1. What a hellva a life this child will have 🙁 Hope she gets theraphy soon
    ‘The mother and all three of the men need to be shot. They are wasting the oxygen that could be used by poor misunderstood hyenas somewhere in the African wastelands. Kill them and FEED them to the hyenas. Hyenas are better parents than this slut – they at least protect their young.”

    I just love you and your way with words..

    1.  Thanks! 😉

  2. omg, poor little girl. This mother and grandmother and anyone else involved are fucking disgusting – and that’s being really nice. 

  3. I am so f$%king sick right now!!! I wish nothing than the worst possible pain and suffering to all involved even dear old granny!!! Why would she even defend that boil on the ass of humanity??!  Disgusting and disturbing on so many levels that I can not wrap my mind around it. I wonder how granny will feel when the mounds of physical evidence comes out or will she find away to make an excuse for it? I can see it now the defense will say that the poor baby did it to herself and is a liar.  Give me 15 minutes alone with each of the oxygen thieves by the time I’m finished they will be begging for death.

    Angel I am 1000% with you no good caring mother would allow this to happen. I myself would face the worst extreme painful death to protect my children.  I will pray that this poor little girl will get the help she needs and be placed with a loving family that will treat her like the princess she is. 

  4. Unfortunately,  I read somewhere that the kids are with the grandmother and her daughter is ” Just as much a victim as her granddaughter is ” because of her drug problem… I say the whole family needs to go play in traffic! Fuck….

    1.  The only victim here is the little girl. Her mother is a drug-addicted slut, not a victim – she made a choice to do drugs.  That makes the grandmother an enabling whack-job.  I love my kids – all of them – but if one of my kids did something like this to one of my grandbabies, I GUARANTEE they would BEG to be kept in jail under protective custody. They would be more afraid of me than they would of a jail cell. And they sure as hell wouldn’t call me for sympathy or legal assistance. I’d be the one helping the PROSECUTOR. 

      Women who make excuses for their sorry, slutty children are the reason society is as bad as it is today.  Nobody takes responsibility for their own actions anymore. It’s always somebody else’s fault… Pfft!

  5. I want to bury her up to her neck, near a fire ant colony, then smear her face with honey and jam.

  6. Guh.  She needs to die.  Where is our pedo advocate?  He should be all over us for hating this whore.

    1.  Maybe he only defends guys…

      1. Oh. I never thought about that.

    2. There’s a pedo advocate??? WHHAAATTTTT!

      1.  Sadly there will always be advocates to these monsters …. some people are just sick in the head 🙁

      2. Oh yeah. He’s all up in our Kool Aid becasue we want them dead.

        1.  Dear gods LOL all up in our Koolaid, haven’t heard that since the 90’s and thank you for saying it! Made my day!

          1. Please don’t tell me that you’re 20 something. I don’t want to be the old lady here.

          2.  Gods no, I’m almost 40 LOL

          3. Whew. Okay. So at least you’re my people!

          4. Hush up all you youngsters, Iam 51:( Is that your real name? It’s a cool ass name. 🙂

          5. If that is her real name its a cool one. Same last name from Howls moving castle 😀 

          6.  Golden Rule of aging number 70.  You are never old until you wake up and fart dust 🙂

          7. If it heLps I’m 35. Seem to be oLdeSt anywhere I go onLine. Reddit iS the worSt and even babycenter birth cLubS I’m on the oldeSt end. ThoSe bitches be StArting young. I had my firST at 32. I don’t know if this is a doubLe poSt. I SPiLLEd appLe juice on my keyboard Last night and insTead of deALing with it I windexed the keys, left everything on, and went to bed. I’m cooL Like that.

            If I don’t deLete extras Letters it LookS Like thiS:
            sKeyas ASre ASticking ASNd it iAS rasndomLy cASpitASlizxing thingAS.

          8. Haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa. Sorry. I feel ya. I’m 36. But I look 26 and act 16. WIN!!

  7. This one sounds a bit too horrible to be true. But, sadly, I know it is. I love my children with ever fiber of my being, but there is that special love for my grandchildren. It is difficult to describe or explain, but once you become a grandparent you will understand what I am trying to say. That being said…..I have a 5 year old granddaughter and if she was harmed in any manner by any adult by the time my daughter, son-in-law, her PawPaw, myself and not counting her aunts and uncles got through with the pervert……law enforcement would not be able to find a trace of him (we have realtives who own 800 or so acres). My older grandson also knows he is well loved. Both of these kids understand that their parents and grandparents would lay down their lives for them.
    Question: What happened to the 1 year-old? Please tell us he is okay and was not raped too.

    1.  According to authorities, the baby wasn’t abused.

      1. Thank Goodness for small favors.

    1. Didn’t work for me : (

  8. Okay- I hope THIS works. I am trying to post the mug shots of these 3 stellar human beings-aw heck now I gotta go throw up and scrap my tongue for even stating they were human.

    Mug shot photos of Quinn Brooks (left), Dalina Nicholas (center) and John Hagans (right).

      1. YAY you ROCK Deena! Thank you- I wish I could get my links to work. Maybe one day…….

  9. Is it just me or does she look like she is about to cry? I have the feeling that her emotional upset does not pertain to what happened to her daughter, but rather she got caught, lost her money maker and she no longer has access to drugs. Boo-fucking-hoo

    1.  If I was that ugly, inside and out, I would also want to cry.

  10. Sick sick sick … Too many posts to comment on and too many opinions about the ways these people should be punished.  Children are a precious resource to our basic evolutionary survival … treatment of children will open us up as a species to HOW we evolve.  The worse our species gets to it’s young makes me fear for the generations to come. Complete morons and they all need to be sterilized.

  11. I am sooo sorry that this little girl had the misfortune of being born to this mother. I am sooo sorry that she wasn’t protected. I am sooo sorry she had to resort to begging a homeless man for “help to make it stop”! (Heartwrenching!!)

    I thank God that this homeless man was sane and normal and kind and sought the “help to make it stop”. And now, it has.

    despite being a victim of sexual abuse for 10 years as a child, I can’t fathom how this little girl must have felt. It must be even more difficult to kow your mother is aware and not helping you…nowhere to turn…no end in sight.

    Again…thanks so much to this homeless man for not turning a blind eye and being a decent member of our society!! I hope that karma pays you back for your good deeds.

  12. This vile c*** needs to be shot in the face and have her entrails pulled out of her eye sockets. And then we can find new and interesting uses for a mace once we get her buddies to bend over.

    Fuck! I am so livid. My little girl is my whole world. there is nothing- no person, no thing- on this planet who is greater to me than her, nothing more valuable than her safety. In fact, if  pages like this have taught me anything, it’s to keep her a little closer and love her a bit stronger and value her that much more because if you aren’t vigilant, the predator will see your weakness  and eat your child alive. And this fuckstick simply allowed it to happen? She advocated it? Her white- trash whore mother is backing her?  This child is fucked for life, she will NEVER lead a normal existence, EVER, and for what? Because her mother is a crack- smoking, cat- snorting piece of shit who should never have been allowed to procreate in the first place? It’s not fair. It’s fucking pitiful. And this drug- slut won’t even be executed for it.

    1.  She could lead a normal life….if she is strong enough. I did. But it will take real strength on her part, and a pyramid of supporting people who are strong enough to hold her up if she falters.  I was lucky to find a friend when I was in my teens who taught me how to be a good mom, and taught me that I had the power to change my own life if I wanted to… And I had (and still have) a very strong faith in God.

      When I read (or write-up) these incidents now, I always say a prayer that God will send his angels in to help and that they will find a friend as good as the one I had.  She will never forget – but she can lead a normal life.  Unfortunately, with the family she has been saddled with, coupled with her age, the odds are very slim indeed.  🙁

      1.  Exactly, this poor baby was let down and kicked in the face by her support system- her mother AND grandmother- I always hope that if anything really dreadful happens to me, that my mom will step in and be the advocate and carer for my babies. This child doesn’t even have that luxury (which should be her birthright. Gran and Bubbies are meant to love their grandchildren MORE than their children.) But that’s probably the root of the problem right there- Gran is an enabler, and Mom has never known how to give a fuck about anyone but herself. I sincerely hope that this child is placed with really strong people who can understand her agony and hopefully give her a glimmer of a better future. This story has me so angry I’m in tears.

        1. Me too jemimabean, this child does not stand achance with that grandma. She probably is resposible for screwing up her own daughter.child will either become adruggie slut herself or suicidal under her care or lack there of.

  13. Angel, you swore, and I liked it…the hyena rant made me have an awesome daydream of happily tossing spare limbs of pedos to  an adorable pack of those cute beasts too…

    Felony Ugliness, why hasn’t that happened yet?

    1. I think it should be called Felony Aggravated Visual Assault.


    2.  For the same reason we can’t convict the defenders of the pedos for felony stupidity… too many bottom-dwelling scum-suckers…oops, I meant lawyers.

  14. I’m hoping that this little girl grows up and becomes the total opposite of what her “mom” and “grammy” are, (which are heartless tw*ts btw).  The disgusting crimes against this kid are hopefully what will take her away from these hot piles of pig shit, how fucking sad that there are kids with such shitty parents that being raped and abused to the point of a homeless dude eventually reporting it, is an option to have their lives changed for the better!!  Fuck …..this world sucks.

    1. Sadly I have little hope that this poor child will get any kind of “break” in her young life. The “powers that be” will try and re-unite this child with her family. Since all we currently know about is the maternal side and nothing about the paternal part- I have to go on assumption that the woman’s family will gain custody of both the girl and boy. And if they dont, all we can do is hope and pray that this angel ends up in a wonderful foster home and that we will never see her name grace this blog again. But like you said shannie:   Fuck …..this world sucks.
      Me? Hell, stop the world I wanna get off!

  15.  Just curious……..Wasn’t this poor baby attending  kindergarden yet??   Or was she another “home schooled”  hidden abuse case? 

    1. My 6 year old Daughter is in first grade so I think this poor little girl had to be home schooled… Death penalty via inmate justice is what I hope happens here. If anyone ever even THOUGHT about hurting my kids and I found out there wouldnt be enough left of them to identify let alone arrest…. And this bitch SOLD her, fuck it I think we need an old fashion Bitch burning with diesel gas … Hotter fire, slower burning. 

      1.  The term ‘napalm party’ comes to mind….

    2. Kindergarten is mandatory in Florida. Ironically, she went through more trouble filling out requisite forms keeping her from attending than she would’ve just packing up her kid and sending her to school. 

  16. I’m confused about this guy who finally reported it. IS there ANY excuse for him? Why did he finally report it now? I wonder if he thought they were going to kill her or something this time. I also wonder why he ever kept quiet, he’s homeless for godsake, what did he have to lose? It’s like, obviously he had *some* sort of conscience about the poor baby, but not enough? I’m glad he finally did something, just wonder why he waited and what prompted him to finally act.

    Wow, I just have to say “finally” one more time. Finally.

    1. I too have to wonder about those people. Maybe he heard from someone that it was going on for two years and he reported it, having just learned this himself. 

      It’s unlikely of course, I’m just frustrated by the press’ vagueness concerning these things because I’m sure it hurts a lot of people.

  17. I like this blog because it puts me in touch with stories that bring awareness, but often it’s hard to make out any details because of the authors. Their hearts are in the right place but articles are too personally charged and full of personal opinion. 

    I don’t need someone telling me how gross and nasty pedophilia and pimping out children is, what I do need is a frank description of what’s going on.

    1. Why… Thank you, darlin!

      1. I hope that wasn’t insulting, I hadn’t meant it to be. 

        1. Not at all. I was thinking you for the compliment. 🙂

          1.  why does he want the ”details”??,,,hmmmmm,,,,sorry,,i trust no one, but me.

  18. Just curious….again……Unless the “relative” (with which these kids were placed) hadn’t seen this girl for two years, wouldn’t the “relative” have noticed any signs of problems???     And as for these articles being “too personally charged” as one person commented…..the authors are are stating what the rest of us feel inside. If you want just the facts, go to Huffington Post or Google any number of news reports. As for me….I appreciate being among “kindred spirits” who tell it like they feel it!!!

    1. Why are you so angry?

      You can tell it how you feel it without making the article difficult to read, that’s all I want– less digressing and personal information about the author.
      I’m not asking anyone to sympathize with the parents written about here, I’m not defending them or the nastiness they do. It’s just difficult to read these articles sometimes because of the way they’re written.

      1. I don’t know. Maybe don’t reAd them then. ProbAbLy no one wiLL write them Any differentLy. So you can keep reading and be annoyed or save yourSeLf the aggravAtion.

        Sorry for typos. need new keyboArd.

      2. Keep in mind that this is a blog, not a news site. This is why we rant a little while posting facts. I think people forget that. If you’re looking for JUST facts, CNN is great for that.

        Thanks (though) for no being an asshole with the way you criticized. Much appreciated.

  19. Poor little baby girl, she never had a chance..Florida is notrious for their lack of skill when it comes to child welfare. I fought a TEN year custody battle for my kids that did not end until DEA discovered a large scale meth lab (which I reported for three years) in the other parents HOME, where they lived… for the right thing to happen. They are safe and sound with me now- but way to battle scarred to begin to explain. And they did not have to go through what this poor little girl did…I pray she finds her way in life and is able to overcome somehow, and someway.

    P.S. Knowing what I know of Florida–the “relative” she has been “placed” with is a complete fuck up as well..

    I will worry about her for a real long time…

  20. No longer curious……..Just went to the Florida Times-Union ( to get more on this story.  The little girl just turned seven years old and IS living with the grandFUCKIN’momster who is defending the FUCKIN’momster saying that the F’nmomster was held hostage and that both were sexually assulted by these guys…..Oh really!!!!  If that is the case why didn’t the F’nmomster call the cops…why didn’t grandF’nmomster call the cops???????  The poor little girl has given a completely detailed account of what happened….betcha it makes her grandF’nmomster look like a liar to her.   Since F’nmomster was living in subsidized housing, didn’t anyone from any govt. agency question Dalina about her daughter’s schooling???  I just don’t get it….is there something in Florida’s water that makes the authorities just as stupid as their clients??????  Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh…………

  21. Yes grandmonster has the babies. I can think of 50 reasons why that’s a shitty idea.

    1.  I’ll see your fifty and raise you 100….

  22. in reply to the person who asked me…Why are you so angry?…………………. As I stated before, go to Google and type in the name of the people you want to read about (including this story). There will be at least a dozen news sites that you can pick from that are a bit more “bland” for your senses.  Don’t come to this site not expecting emotion. The people who post here are contributors of information that is found in news stories , not  the news reporters themselves. If you want just the facts, go to an actual news site.

    1. You’re still incorrect in what I’m trying to say. I’m not against the emotion, just the personal references to the author’s life and confusing tangents. Those things don’t equal “bland” stories. 

      1. Oh good grief. The tangents aren’t confusing to our regular readers. Heck, plenty of newbies haven’t gotten confused by the tangents or personal references. Sorry, but nothing is going to change the way things are written here. What the other person is trying to say is if you get confused by it and don’t like the personal references or tangents then don’t read. It’s that simple.

        1.  I’d like to go off on a tangent. What happened to the red box with the X in it on the top right corner of the screen? People committing suicide over facebook and complaining about stuff they don’t want to see, does that not seem a tad extreme. How do folks miss that red X? 

          1. I love your tangent. Do it again.

      2. what is so confusing?

      3. This particular author was a victim of sexual abuse. Perhaps she wants the readers to understand why she hates the woman to the degree that she does.

    2. Don’t defend yourself. We love you! Stick around, honey. Come sit next to me. We can be angry together. Hold that….. I like to think of it more as “passion” than “anger”. I’m passionate about children. Shopping carts hitting my car door makes me angry.

  23. I’m the old lady here. 53 years old. I have no understanding of people who abuse their children like this. I’d like to stomp the shit out of this woman,and if that’s too personal of an attack,too bad. My children are 33,31 and 28,and I’d still defend them with my life. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. And we love you for it!

      1. Thank you,kindly,ma’am.:)

  24. Way too much of that crap going on (even one case is too much).

    No surprise relatives would be defending this…this…whatever.

    My sister had been molested by my mother’s cousin.  My parents both wanted to press charges, but there “wasn’t enough evidence” and other family members did not want to testify…”because he’s family.”  (I guess my sister didn’t count as family, did she?)

    My dad always said that if that SOB ever came to our house, he’d shoot his kneecaps off with his .357 Magnum.  My dad had been sexually abused, and he DESPISED child molesters.  Hated them with a passion.  (It’s been said that those who are sexually abused will either become abusers themselves or really, REALLY hate molesters…Dad was the latter.)

    I think sexual abuse of a child should carry the death penalty.  At the very least, life in prison, no parole.  That’s what gets me about this registered sex offender stuff.  If you KNOW they’re going to do it again, keep them locked up!  I get an e-mail alert from my county sheriff’s office if a sex offender moves within a mile of our house.

  25. war_is_peace_pfft

    I’m sure this will cause a barrage of comments but here is my 2 cents. Yes it is normal to be upset and outraged by criminal behavior but it never ceases to amaze me when someone takes such a generally obvious position on a moral or ethical situation and then digresses into a monster of a different variety. The main point I would like to make is this, If anybody believes there is ever justification to torture another person you are a part of the problem. Good people don’t torture, period. You can thank Jack Bauer for popularizing this warped view. ps there are enough laws on the books as it is that you don’t have to0 make up fake charges. A self-righteous despot is not a good person.

    1. des·pot ˈdes-pət, -ˌpätDefinition of DESPOT
      1 a : a Byzantine emperor or prince b : a bishop or patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church c : an Italian hereditary prince or military leader during the Renaissance 2 a : a ruler with absolute power and authority b : a person exercising power tyrannicallyThis site and it’s blogging doesn’t qualify under the definition.  Not sure if you were trying to point fingers that perhaps people here should be more understanding and less judgmental.  Perhaps I read your posting incorrectly, after all words on a screen are open to interpretation as you cannot see facial features or see if sarcasm or humor is being used and such as that.But I disagree with your view, and I’m sure you expected that.  🙂   Our species is declining dramatically and we are allowing it to happen and doing it to ourselves.  Look at what is breeding out there for goodness sakes!  In another thousand years who will be left if we, as a species, keep feeling ‘happy fuzzy warm thoughts’ about the ability to heal from being an abusive, sick fuckwad who hurts, tortures, abuses, kills, maims, rapes, etc?  Every step along our paths will define what we become as humans.  So there is the chance of taking the moral high ground and feeling sorry for these people, who in my opinion, should have been eliminated the moment their true nature was understood.  We keep saying “We can’t torture in return, no matter what they did cause it’s just wrong.”  And then what?  The American people pay ungodly amounts of money to give them free college educations, free food and shelter, free work out programs, free therapy, free everything … for having done horrible things.  We treat our criminals better than we treat the victims who’s lives they destroyed!  As a people, we ENDORSE violence and hatred and do nothing to prevent it but a free ride … and trust me, growing up where and how I did I knew a fairly large amount of admitted criminals.  Once they were released they committed an obvious crime directly afterwards in order to go back to jail.  Why?  Because they weren’t finished with the free ride and didn’t want to work or have to pay bills.  and they admitted it openly and with a smile.  Or we can take, as a people, the other choice.  Realize that our genetic lines have become filthy and is producing more and more and worse and worse criminals until they overpower the rest of us by a major percentage.  Don’t kid yourselves, it’s already happening and we are seeing the signs of it in the increases in crimes.  Make punishment BECOME punishment.  Make the death penalty the punishment for more crimes.  If the years are proving that worse and more disgusting and inventive pain and crime and torture are being inflicted upon innocent children, and other people in general then why are we not stepping up the punishments to match the growing horror?  Because there are always people out there saying, “But but … they can change!”  No hun, they cannot.  If it’s a sickness (which technically it is) then make sterilization and medication mandatory to avoid punishment.  But there is one fact that many sympathetic people are forgetting … actually two.#1.  Unless the punishments begin to correctly match the crimes it will not stop.  It will not lessen.  It will just keep getting worse and worse.#2.  If you have children, go look at their sleeping faces.  The soft little eyelashes on their cheeks … now picture in your mind them screaming in terror and pain as they are abused in horrific ways, blood on their small body, bruises covering them, arms or legs swollen and distorted because the delicate little bones have been broken.   Imagine planning their funeral and crying hysterically for not having realized that it was happening or something.  Imagine that inside of your mind, hold that picture in there … Now tell me that we shouldn’t be punishing more harshly.   -or- if you have no children and thus, cannot properly picture that.  Imagine calmly walking to your car or going to the corner store for a pack of gum.  A man follows you, making you nervous.  Feel THAT inside of yourself.  You know you are in danger, and all your animal instinctual senses are telling you that something is wrong.  But you try to show a calm face and stand straighter.  But he does it no matter how brave you attempt to be.  Proving to you how fragile you REALLY are, tearing at your body in pain that should not have to be felt by anyone EVER.  You lay there when it’s over, weeping, in pain, feeling ashamed of yourself for some unknown reason, terrified and very much like the most weak and fragile person in the world at that moment…. Now tell me that you will happily pay for his college education and not be secretly wishing that someone in prison will hack off his penis and turn it into a frisbee.: bowing: This message of blatant horrificc truth brought to you by your friendly neighborhood weirdo …I’m sorry if the images I asked anyone to read offended you in any way, I truly am.  But sometimes a slap in the face is the only real way to get a point across.

      1. Dude, you kick ass.

      2.  *brings the head of the Challenger home to the Queen as tribute* Yes, you rock!

      3.  I was gonna reply to that idiot when I read his post, but you pretty much covered it all for me. You are AMAZING!!! And correct on every point.  I always look forward to reading your posts…

    2. What if I’ve never seen an episode of 24? (true story).

    3.  This isn’t self-righteousness.  This is fury at a great injustice which is virtually ignored by our society.    All people may be created equal, but they do not remain that way – Why, in a reasoning mind, does a person with no conscience and no desire for self-control who hurts, mains, and kills others have equal rights with the innocent who are their victims?    Part of being human is the ability to play well with others – to love and care and feel guilt when one does wrong.  A lack of that ability, as best as I can tell, reduces one’s humanity below the level of bestiality.  After all, there are numerous beasts which care for their offspring.

    4.  And I find I need to expand on that.   I’m such a liberal that I think a justice system based on punishment is dumb. Instead, I think it would do better to base the system on prevention of recidivism.  But, here’s the stats on THAT for these sub-humans:
      And that’sbased ONLY on re-arrest.  Imagine how many re-offend and aren;’t caught.  AND that’s ONLY molesters – not abusers.

    5. This is a blog where we can vent our horror, outrage and disgust. We aren’t torturing anyone, the criminal’s are! We just want them to get what they gave. If you don’t like us expressing our feelings, go away.

  26. I can remember hearing about  prison and the death penalty when I was a very small child back in the ’60’s. I was terrified that I would do something accidently and that that would happen to me. Of course I’ve grown up since,but  the terror was replaced by a healthy respect. Even if my morals would allow me to commit a crime in which I hurt someone else,I still have a healthy respect for the law.

  27. How do you carry a child for 9 months only to sell them for sex!!!!
    A tiny little child, grrrrr humanity should all die and leave the planet for the animals.

  28. Golden rule of aging #71 – You are only as old as you feel. Some days I’m sixteen and some days I’m sixty.  Most days, I fall somewhere between those two extremes.  I haven’t farted dust yet, so I’m good….

    1.  Angel … when you get to the point of dust farts … can I get a video of that?  LOL My grandmother has always had that phrase and I have yet to see it happen >.>

      1.  When I get to the point of dust farts, I’ll just stock up on Pledge and Swiffer Dusters.  Take care of the dust and the smell all at once…. @!@

  29. this story sent me over the edge…i just want to puke. how am i to sleep tonight? I can’t imagine how that poor little girl ever manages to get a wink of sleep… 🙁

  30. The death penalty is not used enough. And when we do utilize this wonderful tool, justice is a slow appeals process on behalf of the garbage that people are trying to “save”. We never use the penalty for what it was intended “the most heinous of crimes”…….ummmm WTF is raping and abusing children? I say any violent crime against a child should be punishable by death. Any sexual crime against a child…including possession of child pornography,death. No appeal. Convicted,walked out to court house steps, sodomized and beaten by a masked individual- “have stick will travel”, then disemboweled, and strung up to die….. publicly. Sending a message to others “If you even think about touching our children,we will end you”

  31. You know what really pisses me off? Not the stories here on this site, but the fucking crybabies that comment on it. “oh this is so horrible, you shouldn’t post this, blah blah blah” FUCK YOU.
    We citizens have a right to know what kind of fucktarded, child abusing, simple minded fucks live in our neighborhoods, and you should be GLAD we are outraged by shit like this, because we the ones who comment and speak of our disgust, we are the neighbors that would actually do a fuckin thing if we were to witness a child being abused. WE are the vigilantes.
    You crybaby assholes are the neighbors that would plug your ears and silently wish it to stop, so STFU and QUIT CRYING!

    1. Tell us how you really feel. You seem to be holding back some!

  32. According to this new article, 

    Grand slag is still defending her drug-using, grandchild-selling daughter.  She claims that they were BOTH victims. My-yass.

    Grandma, the ONLY victim here is that little girl (and possibly her sibling).  Your daughter is not a victim, she is the criminal. And you are a diptwit if you cannot see that.  You say she was afraid of those men too? Then why the HELL did she not attempt to get help from the police, the neighbors…..YOU????  Surely you would have helped your daughter if you knew she was ‘being raped’  and selling her kid…wouldn’t you have?  Either you had no idea what was going on (because you didn’t want to?) and have just made up this story as an afterthought to protect your daughter’s backside…OR you did know what was going on, and decided not to intervene – which makes you just as much a criminal as she is, IMHO.  Which is it?  Either way, your actions are reprehensible. Your daughter is beyond help at this point, but your grandchild is not. How about protecting her, instead of trying to run interference for the sorry slag who sold her daughter’s tiny body for drugs….

    1. The crazy bitch said her daughter is as much a victim as the 6 year old???? Are you fucking kidding me??? So, you’re saying that an adult who has a fully developed brain, the ability to call the police, and has only one true responsibility in the world – to protect her daughter – is AS MUCH A VICTIM AS THE 6 YEAR OLD??? And they gave this psycho-granny, enabling, co-dependent, delusional POS custody of the children??? Let me try to understand this one more time… this grandmother feels sorry for the bitch who let drug addicts run her home and rape her child because she was a victim, too?? WTF! Seriously? What the fucking fuck!?! 

      1.  Yup…it boggles the mind, don’t it, Bubba?

    2. If she wasn’t guilty why did she run? Only guilty parties run from what they have done.

      1. She was in Georgia with her boyfriend visiting there family. Like I said, You know nothing. It’s not your life or part of your life why go and spread around stuff you don’t know.

        1. Uh huh….and you at 15 years old know everything. Hmmmm, Highly unlikely. It’s their** by the way not there. Please focus on school rather than defending your mother’s actions. You are a child, your mother should have behaved like and adult then you wouldn’t be defending her.

          Also, I didn’t ask where she was, I asked WHY did she run? Not to mention the fact that she pleaded guilty. Why would she leave your baby sister behind? I mean they’re visiting family right? Or what? She didn’t consider the baby as part of the family? That’s a tad jacked up.

          See this is where reading comprehension comes in handy. Please seek help rather than worrying about what we have to say.

          1. I’m 19 turning 20 in june.
            Get your facts straight before you talk. You guys no nothing…

          2. I believe you mean “know” nothing…

          3. Dingbat, you were the one that said you were the 15 year old daughter. Sorry I have better things to do that fight with a teenager online. Good riddance to you, and my advice still stands, get the help you need.

  33. I think they need to question both the mother and the grandmother’s mental states, the former for actually thinking that whoring her daughter was a good idea, and the latter for defending her worthless c*** of a daughter, apologies for the colourful language!

  34. I’m so tired of all the people who just want internet attention.
    My mother would never do such a thing…Me growing up around her she has always had a kind heart and a loving spirit about her…It’s not her that’s the monster, Its the people like you making her look like one. And the people that believe everything they hear on the internet commenting harsh cruel things about an innocent woman. Yes she has done drugs…But selling her daughter like that…No, Me as her oldest daughter would never in my life believe such a thing. Iv never seen signs of this happening. She would have never done this to me…my brothers or sister. Satan is the cause of this…He has just been defiling her name untill she is only an inch tall had to confess something she didn’t do..I am proud to be the daughter of DALINA NICHOLAS, And I am not ashamed. My mother is innocent. And again everyone who has commented such harsh cruel things, I pray for you. If it was your family up there I bet you wouldn’t want strangers that know NOTHING but hear say about this commenting and thriving off bullshit lies.

    1. You mother is a drug addicted whore who deserves to be shot and so are you. God isn’t real. Go crawl in a hole and die.

      1. Internet attention? You’re retarded. Feel free to fuck off if you don’t like it here. Buh-bye, now.

      2. Really immature. Seems like you would be an amazing parent, Dont need to be commenting on this site.

        1. I think it’s YOU that doesn’t need to be commenting on this site. Your mother is a POS that plead guilty. There is nothing else I need to know. All I hear is excuses for this drug addicted pedophile. Fuck off 🙂

        2. I’m sure I’ll be a better parent than you or your child rapist mother so I’m doing better than you are already 🙂

  35. I’m so tired of all the people who just want internet attention.
    My mother would never do such a thing…Me growing up around her she has always had a kind heart and a loving spirit about her…It’s not her that’s the monster, Its the people like you making her look like one. And the people that believe everything they hear on the internet commenting harsh cruel things about an innocent woman. Yes she has done drugs…But selling her daughter like that…No, Me as her oldest daughter would never in my life believe such a thing. Iv never seen signs of this happening. She would have never done this to me…my brothers or sister. Satan is the cause of this…He has just been defiling her name untill she is only an inch tall had to confess something she didn’t do..I am proud to be the daughter of DALINA NICHOLAS, And I am not ashamed. My mother is innocent. And again everyone who has commented such harsh cruel things, I pray for you. If it was your family up there I bet you wouldn’t want strangers that know NOTHING but hear say about this commenting and thriving off bullshit lies.

    1. I used to say the same thing about my mother, until I grew up and realized what a monster she was, just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. My mother wasn’t that much of an ass until more time past and her drug addiction got stronger. Once you get your head out of the clouds and probably out of the drugs it will become clear to you why this behavior is wrong and that she likely did these things.

      I am sorry you feel this way. We are not here to bad mouth people but to give the children that have no voice a voice and a place to tell their stories. When my mother was abusing me, I would have given anything to have a voice.

      Good luck in life to you.

      1. Excuse me? Head out of the clouds and the drugs? Are implying that I do drugs? And you say your not here to bad mouth people. Your mother may have been a monster but mine sure isn’t. YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. My sister even told me that my mom didn’t know ANYTHING about men messing with her and she was to scared to tell her. The men you see up there kept my mother drugged up so they could get to my sister, My mom knew nothing of it. I’m not saying that what she did with drugs wasn’t wrong because it was very irresponsible as a parent but she sure as hell did no sell her daughter for money.
        The media doesn’t tell or use the evidence givin anymore. They do what they WANT to do because they CAN. They put innocent people behind bars all the time. My sister has her own voice and she spoke up for her self, as for the rest of you , You know NOTHING.

        1. :rolls eyes:

        2. Holly, I’m truly very sorry you’ve had to endure such an experience. It must be awful. There are a couple of things that don’t work out logically for me, so maybe you can help me understand some things?

          1.) You say your little sister hid all of this from your Mother, (and I actually don’t have trouble believing that because I hid the fact that I was being molested from my Mom at that age, but I was only touched, there were no physical signs with me.) but how could your Mom not see the physical evidence that her little girl was being harmed by these men? If the acts were painful for the child, then there was physical evidence. Didn’t your Mom ever give your sister a bath? Put sunblock on her? Help her change clothes?

          2.) If the men involved in this story “kept your Mom drugged up” as you allege, then don’t you still find her at fault? She made her choice, she chose the drugs. She relinquished her responsibility as a MOTHER every time she injested those drugs. Just who in the hell was taking care of your baby sister when your Mom got all highed up?
          3.) If I take at face value your statement that she didn’t actually receive any money from these low-life scumbags she allowed to be around her precious little girl, wouldn’t you have to say at the very least she did receive payment at least in the forms of the drugs she was taking that were more important to her than her daughter?

        3. Uh, your mother plead guilty….What’s up with that? Also it’s damned sad that a HOMELESS guy had your sisters interests more in mind than your mother. Children are impressionable. Your grandmother is defending your mother right? What’s to say that she isn’t telling the little girl these things in order to get your mother off. It is you my unexperienced aquaintence that knows nothing. I’ve been around the block a few times and can smell BS a mile away. You need to eventually face the fact that your mother is not wanting to face the music for her actions or lack thereof.

          Even if your little story is true. Your mother is still a POS in my eyes because she chose drugs over her kids. Rather than protect them she neglected them to the point that the little girl was assaulted MULTIPLE TIMES by TWO not one but TWO different men. Yeah, you’re right. We are all assholes here, your mother deserves the mother of the year award for allowing your kid sister to be raped and molested because she just kept such a darn good eye on her. A mother is the fog of drugs is not a mother worthy of defending, trust me I know. Kid, wake up and smell the roses. Please get some help.

        4. Your mother is an ugly, child molesting, drug addicted whore who will burn in hell. Enjoy that.

  36. What’s up with FL. So many bad parenting stories and they’re all FL related.

    1. I think Florida is just a satellite location for Hell.

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