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Glens Falls man accused of sexually abusing infant

UPDATED: Glens Falls Police make arrest in assault of 7-week-old

Ex-wife speaks out about suspect in Glens Falls infant assault

33-year old David Cook is a big man. He’s strong, authoritative and a strict disciplinarian. Oops….what I meant was, he’s a baby beating bully who sexually assaults those who are too small to defend themselves. His first wife spoke out to a reporter and listed, in great detail, the horrors he had subjected her (and her child) to before she divorced him. It was absolutely horrific. She said the final straw was when he stabbed her in the stomach with a fork. But this is not about his first marriage, it is about a seven week old baby girl belonging to his current girlfriend.

It seems that the 21-year-old mother, who has not been named, left her infant with her sperm slurpee for two days so she could go visit a friend. Although it hasn’t been explicitly stated, I don’t think the baby belongs to baby-raper above, which means that the mother already had a new man less than two months after the child was born. Cook, wielder of the one-eyed wonder snake that so fascinated the mother, abused the baby repeatedly during those two days. In addition to a broken leg and head injuries, there were undisclosed genital injuries. Genital injuries. Lord, help us all. The repulsive waste of DNA caused extensive injuries to the genitalia of a seven week old baby. But at least he owned up to it, right? That should earn him some brownie points. I’ll bake the brownies – I hear arsenic and belladonna are great seasonings for chocolate treats.

Cook not only admitted to causing the injuries, he also explained in graphic detail how he inflicted them. He said he was angry because he thought his woman was whoring it up with someone else, so he took it out on the baby. He claims that the broken leg was a result of him “yanking” the baby’s leg until he “heard a pop” while changing a diaper, and the genital injuries occurred when he was cleaning her. I have changed thousands of diapers in my life, and not once have I EVER had to ‘yank’ my child’s leg, or injured my child’s genitals while cleaning him/her. No mention was made by Cook concerning the head injuries. The doctors are checking to see if the injuries match the BS version provided by the snatch-stuffer. I’m betting not. Additionally, older injuries were found that were attributed to ‘falls’. Right. Because we’ve never heard that one before. One article even gave some detail about the falls, indicating that Cook claimed the child fell when a dog bumped the bed she was on. What kind of dog?!? A freakin’ Alsatian? A saint Bernard? A GreatfreakingDane?!? MY ARSE!!! No dog bumped the bed – a vile pecker-pustule lost its temper. The baby is still in critical condition. The boyfriend reportedly sent a text to the birth vessel on Saturday expressing a desire to kill himself for hurting the baby. Too bad he didn’t follow through. He also claims that he is sorry for what he did – I doubt that. From the look in his mug shot, he seems kind of proud of himself. The only thing he’s sorry for is the fact that he got caught. Then, to top it all off, the coward tried to run away when the baby was taken to the hospital – on a bicycle, no less.

Authorities are reviewing the older injuries to determine whether to file additional charges. I think that’s a great idea! Are they taking votes? Suggestions? Bribes? I think the incubator should be charged as well, for leaving her child with this monster even after he had previously abused her. And for putting the booze ahead of her baby. And for waiting another day before seeking help. Yup, she did all of that, and more.

I have just as much vitriol for the birth-beast as I do for the abuser, because she was told on Friday that her child was injured, but she was having too much fun getting sloshed to bother checking on the baby. She waited until the next day before going home, and then she waited a few more hours after ‘noticing’ the injuries before she sought medical help for her beaten infant. Did I say a few more hours? What I meant to say was “all night”. Yup, she noticed the injuries Saturday evening, but didn’t take her precious baby to the hospital until sometime Sunday morning. Why? Because the tube steak asked her to wait. He told her that this would “come back on” him, and that he would be accused of “rape abuse” or “rape assault”. Now I’m glad the media DIDN’T print the details. if the perpetrator himself characterized it as “rape” in any form – oh, Lord, I need to throw up now. As of this posting, no charges have been filed against the boozing she-beast, nor have I found a pic of her. She is being labeled a “witness”. Really? Witness? How about Participant? Facilitator? Or pimp, since she left her child to be raped by her snatch-master…..

My sincere hope for Cook is that he is treated with the same respect in jail that he showed to that poor, defenseless baby. A few “falls”, maybe a vigorous “cleaning” of his genital area, and let’s not forget the “wishbone pulling” contest. Choose teams and grab a leg, boys – who ever gets the biggest part wins. Don’t forget to make a wish!

I need to go now, before I burst a blood vessel or something. I think I need to eat a couple hundred Tums to get rid of the bile in my gut, too.

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  1. I can’t even fathom what would cause a grown man to think that a seven week old child was sexually attractive… What the hell is wrong with people these days?? I absolutely love this website, but it is depressing that there is enough of this abuse happening everyday to warrant a website lol… I sure hope that his celly “Bubba” finds creepy ass thirty-something white boys sexually attractive… AARRGGHHHH.

    1. It’s not about being attracted in this case – he said that he was angry at the Mum because he suspected she was seeing someone else. This was about anger & revenge. He was enraged & he probably knows the best way to hurt a Mother is to hurt her kids. What’s the worst thing you could imagine your daughter going through? Sexual assault/rape would be the most common answer I bet & this dirt bag knew it.

  2. I check here everyday and honestly, it thrills me to no end when I see that it has been 4, 6, 8 days ago…because for a minute I can fantasize that MAYBE humanity has come to its senses or found a conscience or even better the sick f#@$ers had a massive coronary or brain annurism the very moment their twisted perverted minds thought the vile acts they inflict on these innocent children is a good idea!! Just sayin…one can dream right.

  3. I’m with you both…  i can not even find in the deepest darkest scariest part of my brain WHAT makes these monsters want to sexually abuse babies. there is nothing sexually attractive about a child! ever! In some instances, i can sort of understand losing your cool and doing something stupid – not saying it’s right, but i’ve been a new mom twice and it can be so frustrating when you’re completely sleep deprived to be a slave to a newborn. I love my children (like most of the world does – i think?!) and would never imagine even spanking them. It breaks my heart to even see one of them whimper because i told them no candy before bed lol. I also check this website every day… and unlike you, I know the reason is probably because the writers are just busy working or something. This will never end… ever. This world is a terrible place. There are monsters among us. 

  4. This is the second most disgusting thing I’ve read today…no, wait, it ties for first place.  The first story was out of “Great” Britain, an article about “post-birth” abortions.  That’s right, killing newborns.  According to them, a newborn is still not a person because their brain aren’t fully formed.  One of the “accepted” reasons for a post-birth abortion (according to these morons) would be if a mother was giving up the newborn, to save the mother from the trauma.  Huh?!  WTF?!!!  I’m pretty sure my 8-year-old’s brain isn’t fully formed yet.  What’s next?  That story made me furious and disgusted and left me questioning humanity.

    I thought that story a few weeks ago about the father who raped his daughter was disgusting…I have thought about that baby often during the last few weeks, how utterly depraved he was and how badly he fucked up her little body.  How can humanity be stooping this low again?  Like others on here, I cannot fathom how a grown man (and I use that term loosely) can be sexual with a tiny baby.  Seven weeks old is so tiny, so helpless…

    I pray to God, whatever is out there…that they remove this child from the home and find her a safe home where she will be treasured.  I have friends who are on a waiting list for a baby to adopt.  Why in the world should any loving family who WANTS a child in this country have to WAIT when these assholes are breeding like bunnies, beating them, fucking them and killing them?

    God, it makes me mad!

    The only thing that makes me smile a little is thinking about this butt plug trying to make a getaway on his bike…

  5. Additionally, OLDER  injuries were found………..OLDER INJURIES???  Wait a minute, the baby is only SEVEN WEEKS OLD……can they determine when the injuries happened  between a mere one and seven weeks ago? because that’s the only time frame they have to work with…….which most likely means that this infant has probably been abused since she left the hospital………  Sterilize them both.

    1.  Sterilizing costs money … a bullet or two costs what?  A dollar max?

      1. A bullet is far too kind, civilized & humane for evil bottom feeders like this guy. He should have his dick clamped in a vise secured to a concrete barrier, handcuffed to the back of a Ford F150 and watched by cheering crowds as the pickup accelerates rapidly down the street.

        1. I LIKE that! Kind of a variation of drawn and quartered….but more tailored to his crime.

      2. And before that I’d personally like to stab him in the eye with a letter opener!

        1. A letter opener? I’m sorry but for some reason the thought of that makes me laugh! Are you sitting at a desk & just saw it or is this something you consider often? lol…I like you…a letter opener…lol

          1. Thanks…yes I often consider just how I’d like to maim, hurt and even dispose of the evil subhumans who neglect, abuse, rape, torture and murder children and I just have to have a letter opener handy. I have voiced more creative ways though. If I were Queen of the World these heinous perverts would swiftly meet the true justice they so deserve.

          2. Hear hear! And the letter opener would add a classy touch me thinks!

    2.  Yes. Doctors can determine the age of injuries by days, weeks, months and years.  Bruises go through a progression of colors, depending on the age of the bruise.  I’m sure you’ve seen bruises of varying colors on people, right? At the time of the injury, the skin becomes red and swollen, and gradually turns blue/purple over the next couple of days.  By a few days after that, the bruises turn the putrid green color, then fade to yellow, and eventually to a light brown color that resembles a ‘birthmark’ shade.  All of this takes between two and four weeks to complete.  The amount of clotting at an injury site can also help determine age within a few weeks, or months if the injured area is large enough.  Broken bones can be ‘dated’ based on the amount of calcification at the point of the break. Internal injuries also have a general time-span in which they begin healing, or releasing other toxic agents into surrounding tissues (as in the case of a ruptured stomach or intestine).  So, yes, injuries on a seven week-old could be ‘dated’ back to the time of birth. 

      And how sad is it that I have read enough about stories like these to have  learned all of that information……

  6. The mom is just as guilty.Off with their heads!

  7. Hate to disagree Angel, but thats not pride in his mugshot.  The asshole isn’t showing any emotion.  He has no remorse or any other feelings for what he did.  The only reason he confessed is hes probably hoping to get his charges reduced.

    1.  You’re probably right…I stand corrected.

  8. He doesn’t want to kill himself, he just says that because he wants people to feel sorry for him.  That’s the way a sociopath works: get pity and get your way.  I’m sure the womb donor will probably buy it but I doubt the guys in the pen will.

  9. Cook’s ex-wife Ramirez mentioned the atrocities he subjected her and her now 4-year-old son to.I feel sorry for Ramirez and her son.At the same time,I feel sorry for the 7-week-old baby whom Cook abused.In any case,I am disgusted by this story.

  10. If a man abused my child, I would “forgive” him just as this woman did. I would then cook him supper. “You feel dizzy, sweet heart? Why don’t you go lay  down.” The drugs in the food should knock him out long enough for me to tie him up, but I think he should be awake for the torture and maiming part. Maybe that’s why guys like this won’t date me.

    1.  Dang, girl! Did you read a page or two from my book, “How to hate your rapist”? You sound a lot like me…guys like that never gave me a second look either.

    2. Make sure you sew his eyelids shut while he’s still out and tied up. It would increase the fear aspect and make it sooooo much more enjoyable don’t you think?

      1. Actually you should hang a big mirror above him (like the movie Law Abiding Citizen) so he can watch everything you do to him.

  11. Yet another bottom feeding crap maggot who does not deserve to draw another breath. I have two beautiful daughters & every time I look at them I love them a little bit more & I know that I would protect them with my own life if I had to. I thought this feeling was normal but the more I see on the internet the more I worry about the rest of the world going to hell in a handbasket…

    Here’s an idea…how about EVERY BABY GIRL has her tubes tied before her 1st birthday. It is simple, reversable, keyhole surgery. Then, when she is in a LONG TERM, STABLE RELATIONSHIP with a man or woman who can support a family financially & emotionally she can have the tubal ligation reversed. Obviously she herself would need to pass psych evaluations & not be a junkie but this should go without saying…

    If only I was in charge…

    1. The problem here is that tubal ligation is,in most cases,totally irreversible.So I’m sorry,but your idea to sterilize every baby girl using a tubal ligation is unrealistic.

  12. Angel, really nice write up.  I (Melanie) submitted this tip and I really appreciate you taking the time to do the write up.  I am so sorry that you had to read all the details. 
    After I heard about his story, I cried.  So sad to me that a Mother would choose dick and booze over her defenseless little one.  I blame her as much as penis face up there.  It makes me angry that she is not being charged. 
    On a happier note, if the little girl makes it (I PRAY that she does)  she will have no knowledge of the incident.  Thank goodness for small miracles. 

    1.  Thank you for the compliment!  Although the mother has not yet been charged, they might still do that.  I sincerely hope so.  She allowed it to happen, and left her child in a dangerous situation.  That is, at the very least, cause for charging her with neglect and child endangerment.  Personally, I think they should just put her in a pasture in a flowing red gown and let a couple of BULLS charge her.  Sharpen their horns first.  Problem solved.

  13. What ‘mother’ leaves a 7 week old baby for two days??? My daughter was 4 months before I left her for 2 HOURS (with my Dad) and six months before I left her for about 2 hours again with her god mother!???

    1.  I know what you mean…I nursed all of mine (exclusively) until they were more than 6 months old, so I could not leave them even if I had wanted to (which I didn’t).  Two of them would not take a bottle even if it had breast milk in it, so using a pump was also out of the question.  How in the world do you justify leaving a 7-week old for that length of time?

  14. In “honor” of this sack of garbage, I’m calling for a special “Kick a Ginger Day” at the Warren County jail.  Or better yet, “Kick a Ginger Week”.

    1. Currently working on this one. 

  15. He has pled guilty to first degree assault and faces up to 25 years in prison.   ” Warren County Judge John Hall noted that Cook didn’t intentionally injure the child, but admitted he acted recklessly.”   I think when a man pulls on a seven week old infant girl’s leg until he hears a pop and then sexually assaults her, he is intentionally injuring the child.   Is this judge an idiot or something worse?

  16. how the hell is the maximum here 25 years and not life?

    1. Plea bargain I’ll wager.

  17. “let’s not forget the “wishbone pulling” contest. Choose teams and grab a leg, boys – who ever gets the biggest part wins. Don’t forget to make a wish!”
    Best Punishment Ever for scum like this!

    1. I do love the turn-of-phrase artistry gifted to the columnists on this site. God likes you. While reading about the sorriest “human beings” I have ever heard of, I also get to see turns of phrase that I will be using myself in the future about scumbags like those mentioned here.

  18. I can not beleave how much stuff of this nature is out there ..what happened to the every now and then smack on the bottem =( I miss those days …being considered the worst you could do to your baby .

  19. I live in Glens Falls, and went to school with the mother. Actually, we were friends before this shot happened. . Her name is Tiffany Pond. The friend she was staying with (read: partying with) says the guy repeatedly called Tiffany, allegedly about the baby, and she ignored it and continued drinking. Worth noting: she dropped out when she was a few months pregnant. Yes, still in school at 20. The previous year she had a miscarriage at 4 months, and immediately and purposefully tried for another baby. Like, she willingly brought this child into the world

  20. why do all the mothers prefer dick to their childrens’ lives? Firstly, you can live without dick – I did it for my first 46 years, so it can be done. Secondly, while my husband is wild good in the sheets, no dick is so good that you need to let him kill or molest your kids to keep him. If you’re a slut like that, believe me some other low life will come slithering along to poke you, sometime soon.

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