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“Daddy shot Mommy”


Pairs’ death appears to be a murder-suicide 

Toddler tells Grandma, “Daddy shot Mommy” 

On Tuesday, March 13th, Alyshia Alexander (24) loaded her three boys – Jedidiah (3), Jerimiah (2) and Jeadin (1) -into her car, told her brother “I’m going to drop the boys off.” and headed over to the home of her estranged husband Jedidiah Alexander (25).  She didn’t know, her brother didn’t know and her boys didn’t know this was the last trip they’d make with mommy to visit daddy.

Alyshia and Jedidiah had a rocky relationship, with occasions of domestic violence.  They had married in early 2009, but were separated and she had made the decision to move forward with a divorce.  She was, by all accounts, a loving and devoted mother and wanted to allow the boys to maintain a relationship with their father.  Jedidiah, also by all accounts, was a good father to the boys but was resistant to the divorce.

Alyshia arrived at Jedidiah’s mother’s home to drop the boys off for their visit.  There is nothing I can find that details exactly what happened but what is known is that Jedidiah shot Alyshia as they sat in her car before turning the gun on himself.  All the while their three boys sat in the back seat, watching.

The boys would be found in the back seat splattered with the blood of their parents and covering their little ears.  **Cry** Laying across the front seat were the bodies of their mommy and daddy.  These poor, poor babies my heart literally breaks for them.

All three boys are with Alyshia’s mother, she has said the three year old told her “daddy shot mommy.” She is concerned the effects the tragedy will have on the boys and rightfully so, the younger ones may come out unscathed, but the 3-year-old will remember this and for that I am so sorry.

My heartbreaks for these little guys, heading over excited to see daddy happy and anxious, to end up never being able to see mommy or daddy again.  How does their grandmother explain it?  How do you erase that image from their memories?  How do you make them understand that daddy’s lack of self control has changed their lives forever?  How do you make them understand that mommy’s love for them was more important than her own safety and she walked into her death so that her boys could still have a relationship with their daddy and he’s gone too?

R.I.P. Alyshia

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  1. At least the man have enough self control to NOT harm his babies-physically. But he may have done far more damage mentally and emotionally. Poor babies,

  2. I am disappointed at how one sided these stories are and the name calling… it takes for a relationship whether it is going good or bad… This Young lady had a role in this too. And since this brother was such a sisters keeper … why didn’t he offer to take the kids since it was so bad and they all were aware that she had a active restraining order. I saw no blood on the children on the news as they were being carried down the sidewalk. Being that they were married, the young mans mom can equally raise the children if its is such a big burden to Mrs, Mitchell. In addition, please note that having been married more than 20 yrs myself, you go through thing and when doing so if you can say and do things you regret. Mostly its words that do the most damage cause they stick and linger in the mind, making the other think that some where in you , you meant what was said. They say words can’t hurt but that is surely a lie. What was said by this young couple that wasn’t, meant but lingered. Why was she going to his home with a restraining order. If she had one, why not meet at a police station. There is one a few blocks away literally, to exchange the kids. You can only abuse a person (mentally,verbally or physically) so much before they react.We don’t know all the details that led to this sad awful ending … and her family is not the best source, because of course they aren’t going to  allow any negative thing to be said about her , they need her to be the victim when sadly both of them are victims, BUT NONE BIGGER VICTIMS THAN THOSE CHILDREN! Just because she called the police when she wasn’t happy with his acts or wanted him to leave, as we women do!!! Doesn’t mean it didn’t and wasn’t mutual ugly acts and things said. Just something to think about.

    1. Mutually ugly acts and things said? So that justifies that shit stick for shooting her in front of his babies? It’s clear who the asshole was in this relationship and he solified that with his final act. Here’s a hint – It wasn’t her that pulled the trigger.

    2. I’m confused. Are you saying he was the victim of her abuse and couldn’t take it anymore so he commited murder/suicide in front of his children? Are you also saying that “we wommen” make false accusations and get unwarranted restraining orders when we are angry at our significant others? Where in the story does it say taking care of her grandchildren is a big burden? Well, at any rate, thanks for acknowledging the children, most who come here to “spread the blame” don’t even mention the child.

    3.  Saying that her family is not the best source is pretty lame.  At least HER family did not produce a murderer.  Your drivel makes my brain hurt….go play in traffic or something – but wait till rush hour: it’s more challenging then.

      1. Right on Angel….

    4. It took me 2 reads of this drivel to understand what the fuck you were trying to say… but I came up with this: 

      Even though the husband/father pulled the trigger, you’re splitting the blame between the 2 of them b/c she went to drop her kid off at their grandmother’s house when there was a protective order in place. How do we know that she knew he’d be there? She was obviously scared of him (with reason apparently) so she had the order to protect herself and the grandmother’s house was likely a neutral place they all decided on. 

      To place blame on the dead mother for taking her children for a scheduled visit with their father makes you a real asshole. 

      And just b/c you didn’t see blood on the kids on the news doesn’t mean anything! You think they’re going to parade 3 blood-soaked babies on the 5 o’clock news? Are you retarded? And even if they didn’t have a speck of blood on them – their father MURDERED their mother in cold blood less than 3 feet from them. 

      Placing bets – “Just” is related to the murderer/mother-killer. 

      You didn’t even mention the children and that they are the victims in this until the last line of your bullshit. 

      Unless the mother bought the bullets and passed him the gun, the only role she had in this is victim of a homicide, you tw*t. 

      If you made anymore points in your paragraph, they got lost in translation. Hooked on phonics worked for me, it could work for you too. 

      1.  Hooked on phonics, lol. Are you gonna come clean the coffee off of my screen for me now? It’s nice to find something to smile about on a Monday…

    5. I use small words.  He kill mom.  He scar kids.  He piece of shit.  You dumb bitch.

      1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this comment! hehehehehe

      2. I love you! This put a huge smile across my face!

  3. amen april! even though we don’t know the ins and outs of the entire relationship these two had…  we DO know (from the mouth of their own child) WHO pulled the trigger… WHO killed mommy… WHO killed daddy… and WHO damaged those children!!! 

    1. People fight all the time. There are very ugly divorces. They should NEVER end with some selfish fucker splattering blood all over 3 babies. Pull your shriveled pecker out of your asshole and move on like a real man. Fuck it if she doesn’t want you any more. I can’t believe ANYONE would dare to defend him or “almost” defend him. YES – The real victims are the children, but HE MADE THEM VICTIMS!! Not her… HIM!!!

      Sorry for the rant. I need carbs. And a drink. .

  4. Her brother knew?

  5. So thankful that those boys weren’t harmed! 

  6. I read this on DD. It makes me sick. No concern the children will be without both parents now. I feel for the kids and their grandma.

  7. I agree with Just.  They’re both to blame.  But it wasn’t that bad because the kids weren’t even covered in blood.  Just kidding, you’re an idiot.

    1. phew… you scared the shit out of me for a second.

      1. lol, my bad!

    2. Lol, for a second I was like..must be some other Veronica..

    3.  Laugh….ing….so ….hard …Ican’t ….type….. This is…the best….Monday….I’ve had ….in AGES!!!

  8. PS Deena, her brother knew she was going to be murdered?  You lost me, there.

    1. It was supposed to be “didn’t”… all fixed now!

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