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Barry Morrison – child rapist and liar

Barry Morrison

Magna man charged with a decade of sexual abuse
Magna man charged with sex abuse

Either I’m getting lax in my writing skills, or I simply need a break from the horrors we deal with here on a daily basis. I am hoping it is the latter, and after this write-up, I am going to take a week or so off to regroup and get my head on straight again. As much satisfaction as I get from being a voice for the abuse victims here, sometimes a story just hits me…and I crack. This is the one. Perhaps because it reminds me too much of my own past, or perhaps just because I know what effects evil like this can have on the child. But I digress….

The beady-eyed man with an extra helping of forehead that you see up there is Barry Morrison. He’s been a really bad boy. Did I say boy? What I meant to say was ‘animal’. He’s a child rapist. (allegedly) As far as I am concerned, that consigns him to the very lowest level of breathing organisms – lower than an amoeba on a worm’s butt.

Morrison, 47, has been charged with numerous counts of object rape, forcible rape, sodomy, and other sex crimes. The victim was his step-daughter. And he began using her as his own personal sex slave when she was only five years old. She is now 17, and has finally found the courage to call this bastard out for what he did to her. I’d like to give this girl a big hug and a gold medal!

According to the articles linked above, Morrison began fondling her when she was five, and by the time she was twelve, he had raped her so many times “she lost count”. Judas in a jumped-up sidecar – that poor child! I have a lot of questions about this situation, and I will address them all in due course. But first, a word from some (former)’friends’ of the rapist:

Apparently when Morrison was forced to leave his house, but before he was arrested, he went to stay with an old friend. This was back in December. According to this person, he referenced the allegations and indicated to his friend that they were false – that the girl was ‘making it up because he was a strict parent.’ Is that what they’re calling child-rape and sodomy these days? Strict parenting? Jeez almighty – I better quit referring to myself as a strict parent then, because I wouldn’t want to be confused with the likes of this beast. The (former) friend went on to say that she was ‘disgusted’ that he had been under the same roof as her kids – even for the short time he was there. What a refreshing breath of fresh air, huh? A ‘friend’ who doesn’t feel the need to defend the rapist. God bless her!

Now for some of my questions: I’ll start with the girl’s mother….just where in the HELL was SHE when this man was raping her child for ten years? Good lord, people! Why are parents failing so miserably at their job these days? Her primary job was to protect her daughter – AND SHE FAILED!!! I’d really like to know how this just “slipped by” her field of vision for so long, because there’s no way in the burning depths of Hades it would have escaped MY attention if it were my child. The man would have been missing his willie and probably his other head as well – and it wouldn’t have taken ten years to happen, either. I’m just thorough that way.

Second question: where was this child’s bio-dad? Was he not in the picture? Was he dead? Did he not have any contact with is child? Those are the only three reasons I can come up with that HE wouldn’t have noticed something amiss.

Third question: Where were the rest of this child’s relatives? You can’t tell me that she had no contact with anyone outside her home. Someone, somewhere, should have noticed that something was wrong. GAR!!!! I want to rip my face off! This whole situation just pisses me off to the ‘n’th degree! Where were the people who were supposed to love and protect this child? WHERE WERE THEY????????

As I mentioned earlier, I have been having a really hard time for a few days, and my head is all jumbled up with the images of the children on here. I think my train of thought left the station without me this week, and my horse hasn’t been fast enough to catch it.

Since I know at least a couple of our regulars will do a little more research on their own, I will go ahead and say that yes, I know about Morrison’s son. I decided not to include him in this article because he had nothing to do with it, and the rest of his family are probably having a hard enough time dealing with that loss without associating him with this heinous situation. If you want to discuss it in the comments, I won’t stop you; but I just couldn’t do it to his mother (she is NOT the mother of the rape victim). If any of you do decide to open that can of worms, please be respectful of the son’s family – they are not the ones at fault here. In my opinion, what happened to the son is a direct result of the father’s actions as well, and he needs to shoulder the blame for it as much as for the abuse of the girl.

Morrison is currently being held on a $250,000.00, cash only bail. At least the judge has some sense; although this is one of those times when I could almost hope that they would let the guy out for an hour or two, so he could have the chance to ‘resist arrest’ when they came to pick his arse up again. I’d love to watch him resist arrest. I really would. I’d buy popcorn and a sno-cone, and call it an evening’s entertainment.

I have been watching this case for more than a week now, and haven’t received any tips from the readers from April, but if any of you have sent in tips on this, thanks. I actually did some research on my own for a change…

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  1. Her biological father has commented on both links. It seems that when he moved out of state they took away his parental rights saying he abandoned his daughter. 

  2. I read the bio father’s comments, and while he may have a legitimate complaint, his “it’s all about me” tone is really off-putting.

  3. Oh my god, my baby just turn 5 last week, and she is the most girly girl ever, loves to dance, has questions about everything, sleeps with a bunch of stuff animals around her, and she loves for me to read to her every night, what in the hell do these perverts see sexy about little children??

  4. There are not enough words to even put my full disgust and horror at this into type … dear god … FIVE??  And she made it up because he was strict?  Right, next he will say she wanted it and he was in a loveless marriage or something.   AHoles like this never once stop to think about how stupid their argument sounds, they just push out words for the sake of it.

    Give this young woman a medal of strength for having endured this and still had the bravery to come forward!  As for him … anyone else thinking that perhaps the government should hire Lorena Bobbit for situations like this. They’ll fly her out and let her do her thing and go home and get a paycheck for it!

  5. This girl reminds me of one of my very best friends. Her father started to rape her around this age as well. He didn’t stop until she got her period, and only stopped because he “didn’t want to risk her getting pregnant.” *Vomit* She finally got the courage at 17 to tell someone and took her dad to court. He’s currently serving time for, I think, 176 counts of some kind of fancy term for child rape. I just hope for this girl’s sake she isn’t plastered all over the media like my friend was. She made front page news in several cities featuring her story. These girls are so strong and brave for finally speaking out against their abusers. I’m glad they both have lots of family support. Hopefully this young lady will be able to overcome it like my friend did. “K” is now married and has two beautiful little boys. She was also able to be adopted by her very recent step-father and change her maiden name to his. 🙂

  6. There was too much buildup. I couldn’t resist but to do a quick google search and find out what the details on his son were. 
    I have to mention that my son has autism, and while these were some serious circumstances, it isn’t at all uncommon for police to brutalize autistic teenagers and adults, under the assumption that they are “intoxicated and resisting arrest.”
    Knowing that, then reading about this… Ughhh. That poor boy, and his poor mother, and fuck that fucking loser who caused it all. Both of those kids deserved better. 

  7. I think he should get a suspended sentence.


    April Fools!  I think he should be beaten to death with an axe handle.

    1. April fools again right? Cause you meant to say “with spikes”, I’m sure

      1. It might be time to break out the Aztec club again.

      2.  Nah – spikes will speed the death by bleeding.
        I am a personal fan of hanging child rapists upside down with their legs spread and then two-man-sawing down the middle.  The blood keeps flowing to the brain, you see, keeping them alive – and conscious- longer.

  8. The girl should be able to walk up to wrinkles there and blow his head off in times square. That is the only justifiable way for that son of a b!tch to die. His sentence is nothing compare to what he sentence that girl to. 

  9. Found something interesting regarding bio-dad. 

  10. I call bullshit on Mum “not knowing.” You have to be pretty disconnected as a parent to “not know” that your child is being raped, over the course of a decade.

    1. This is the daughter here. Not the one referred to in this article, but the younger daughter. My mother was wrongly over prescribed on medication. Barry had a “thing”with the psychiatrist and was able to get Jayne doped up on 27 different medications a day. Believe me, she didn’t know. We had to help her across the hall just to use the restroom. She’s doing well now though and has another beautiful baby girl who is being taken care of very well.

  11. First of all I would like to say I have not researched this incident. With that said and only speaking from personal experience, my mom was a great mom and never knew I was being raped by my live in cousin for 10 years. I told her when I was 17, and she was devastated. She blamed herself until the day she passed away for not knowing. So sometimes, just sometimes there are no signs. My mother worked the night shift and no father in the picture. There were 5 of us kids she raised alone and I was the middle child. No one knew, because I hid the pain so well. So maybe before we crucify the mother for not knowing maybe we need to know if there were any signs. Just saying this based on my life experience. I occasionally ask my girls straight up if anyone has touched them or made them feel uncomfortable in any way because there is not always signs.  

  12. I believe all people who molest, rape, abuse and murder children get the death penalty automatically. Their is no fixing these people they are broken, vile drains on society. The way I would love to see the death penalty carried out is to make it a public event and put it on pay per view. Make sure the hands and feet are bound with hand cuffs and very slowly dunk them into a large vat of acid. The vat needs to be clear so everyone can see the process. The slower the better!!!

  13. I lived through a similar situation. My mother met a man and began dating him when I was five years old. They moved in together soon after and that was when the sexual abuse started. I was sexually abused on a regular basis from the age of five to thirteen. My siblings and I was also neglected and often starved. We lived in houses that should have been condemned. Drugs were used around us constantly. My mother worked all the time and her boyfriend could not keep a job. Therefore, I was alone with him for most of any given day. My mother kept us closed away from her family. We saw them maybe once a year. Over the course of nine years, I repeatedly attempted to tell my mother about the abuse. She would tell me that I was imagining it or was mistaken. She would then proceed to make me apologize to the abuser and hug him after she later told him was I said.
    I have to live with what he did to me everyday. There is not a day that goes by that I am not haunted by his face or having flashbacks, and he gets to walk free, as if nothing happened.
    When I was almost 14, my mother was unable to pay rent so she sent us off to live with her sister for what was supposed to be a few weeks until she could get us a new place to live. While living there, I bonded with my aunt and gained the courage needed to tell her what was happening to me. She took immediate action and called the police. However, due to many errors, lies, and neglect, he got away with it.
    My mother took my sister before CPS could get involved and it took four months for them to get her out of a house with a sexual predator living there. In that four months, I believe my sister was “brainwashed.” To this day, she denies the beatings that she suffered on a regular basis. She denies seeing her father stick his hands up my shirt or pulling down my shorts. She denies being starved or neglected…. CPS used to make me sit in a room with that monster to have weekly visits with my mother. I finally could not take it and refused to go back there.
    A few years ago, I saw him at Kids Day in the park where I was with my children. He was in a park full of children!! & he was with a woman with a child about the age I was when he first sexually abused me. It hurts me so much that I can’t stop him from hurting another child.
    I always wonder if it would be different if I had the courage to fight back sooner or to speak up more. What if I was able to be more informative during the interviews. Back then, I was frightened and in a shell… now I wish I would have had a stronger voice to help send him to jail and to prevent him from hurting anyone else…
    I have to live when these thoughts everyday of my life and it is torture…

    1. OMG. I want to hug you.


    I am the biological father of the girl he raped.  I was systematically removed of her life by
    the courts and by her step father for a period of ten years while this


    I had moved to Texas
    to take a better job, begin a new marriage and become a better person. Morrison
    and my ex-wife systematically removed me of contact and created a narrative
    that I was a deadbeat dad. 


    All the while, I struggled to maintain contact, visit at
    every opportunity, and kept up on child support even though I had lost a
    business and a house.  In the end, the
    court refused to hear my side of the story and their ruling came down to my not
    knowing a phone number and not knowing the name of her best friend in school.


    Your questions as to where the rest of the family was are
    valid.  In the end, the family that
    clearly couldn’t see the signs of this happening, added false testimony to get
    me ruled as having “abandoned” my daughter and ordered to sign over
    adoption papers to the rapist.  An entire
    system is at fault here.  I have court
    papers, emails indicating my ex-wife was aware, and more.  I was shut out of the system and as a result
    a rapist was given power.  I need to tell
    my side of this story and I want justice for my daughter.  I will cooperate with any investigation or
    exchange of information you require. I can be contacted at


     Thank you for your

    1. Just want to say, I know how easily that can occur, to be left out and dissapeared from a child’s life. My sympathies…

  15. And one correction: The mother of the child raped IS ALSO the mother of the boy killed.  Barry was HIS father.  He was the STEP FATHER of the girl raped.

    1.  Thank you for that info.  If the mother knew what was happening to her (your) daughter, she should be in jail too. Do you have any proof that she knew? You mentioned e-mails…do you have any that implicate her?  Thank you for sharing your side of the story with us. I am truly sorry that you were denied the chance to help your daughter in her time of need.  Please keep us informed of any new developments, if you can.

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