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Lindsey Morgan did a drunken demo-derby with her toddler in tow


Pregnant Mom Leads Deputies on Drunken Chase in Wexford Co. 

Wexford County Sheriff’s Office: Pregnant woman charged with drunken driving

Mom with baby on board arrested for drunk driving 

The title pretty much wrote the story for me.  Good thing, too.  I’m sleepy as fuck.

That sloppy, sobbing sack of shit there is 31-year-old Lindsay Morgan.  Late last month, Miss Morgan was drunk as fuck.  I’m all for partaking in libations.  What I’m NOT all for is partaking while being 7 months pregnant.  Even more than that, I’m not okay with a pregnant woman partaking and then jumping in her ride with her 2-year-old.  That’s exactly what Morgan did right before leading officers on a chase which ended with Morgan driving into a wooded area where she crashed into some trees.

Around10 p.m.on March 28th,Wexford County,MIofficers approached a suspicious vehicle.  Behind the wheel was pregnant, repeat DUI offender, Lindsey Morgan.  Instead of being a good girl and pulling over, Morgan decided to take officers on a scenic tour of a local wooded area.   After drunky crashed her car, officers discovered that, not only was the driver in the “family way”, she also had her 2-year-old daughter in tow.  The good news(as if there is any)?  The toddler was in a car seat.

Morgan’s BAC was more than twice the legal limit.  Is there a fucking legal limit for a pregnant woman with a child in the car?  The legal limit should be ZERO!

Morgan is sobering up behind bars.  Of course this isn’t her first time at the rodeo.  She has had previous drug and alcohol arrests.  Her charges this time are fleeing and eluding, operating while intoxicated-3rd offense (THREE MOTHER FUCKING TIMES???) and driving on a suspended license. Prosecutors are trying to charge her with child endangerment.  What is wrong inMichiganthat this broad hasn’t already been given an endangerment charge?  This could have ended with the death of her daughter and her unborn baby.

Thanks go to my darling, Deena, for the tip.

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  1. OH!!!  I forgot to mention, this whore has some asshole defending her on one of the source sites.  This should be a fun one to watch.  POOR LINDSEY….  Don’t judge her is you don’t know her.  She drinks because her family has had problems with alcohol. 

    OMG…. Please bring on this dipshit defender.

    1.  Are the defenders doing the whole Fat Bastard whine, “I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat…vicious cycle” ?  Assholes, the chick needs to stay away from anything that transports people (including bicycles)…and stop getting pregnant.  Where are the dudes that keep knocking these hammy bitches up? yak…

  2. Drinking because your family has a history of alcoholism is no reason to drink.  My family has a history of alcoholism, and I (yes I’m under 21) have only let it go to far once (I drank almost three-fifths of liquor on my own).  I didn’t go out get in a car, and drive around, let alone with one my nephews, or my little sister, in the car.  I had a conversation on facebook, and went to bed, after puking a couple of times.  What I’m saying is that there is absolutely NO reason to get shitfaced and get your kid(s) in the car and go for a drive.

  3. What’s so sad is she’s already ruined the life of the child she’s pregnant with.  The kid will probably have fetal alcohol syndrome and the mental disability and emotional and behavioral problems that come with the alcohol-caused brain damage.  It’s lifelong and irreversable.  To me that is the greatest tragedy, how the destruction from alcoholism trickles down therough the generations.

  4. I have alcoholics on BOTH sides of my family. I do like to drink (recreationally) BUT I am not an alcoholic, I DO NOT get in a car drunk under ANY circumstances and I NEVER drank while pregnant with my children. Everyone has the ability to choose their actions. This bitch obviously feels that drinking (and driving) is more important than the safety of her children. I say put her stank ass in a car with a drunk during a high speed chase with no seatbelt. If the world was a fair place, they would hit a tree during the chase and she would suffer substantially before she cashed in her one way ticket to HELL!

  5. Now, I did my share of drinking and acting like an ass between ages 19 and 23 but all of that changed when I got pregnant. I havn’t had an actual drink in so long I can’t remember. Also, many in my family have drinking problems and it makes me hate alcohol, not want to drink it!

  6. She shouldn’t have any contact with her 2 year old, and have the baby removed at birth, until she has completed some sort of AA rehab, goes to therapy, and takes parenting classes. So many of these sad cases start out with negligence like this. 

    I’m so glad the toddler wasn’t hurt. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the baby in her belly. 

  7. She’s probably too drunk to push the little pill out of its bubble and wash it down with a swig of Twisted Tea 21 days a month.

    1. That made me giggle. I know I shouldn’t… but… I did.

  8. Seriously, who DOESN’T have a family with a history of alcoholism?  C’mon!  Alcohol is the most popular drug in the western world!  You’d have to be a fucking Mennonite or something to be able to say that you come from a lineage of stone-cold sober motherfuckers!  C’mon!  

    1. Huh? Ok….I agree that alcoholism is common but what is your point in regards to THIS article?

      1. It’s in response to April’s first comment.

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