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Torture in Tulsa

Forced to perform sex acts for food and beaten with a paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’: Horrific life of four children ‘tortured by adoptive parents’ is revealed
‘Torture’ is alleged in Sperry child-abuse investigation

Thomas's Torture House of Tusla

I don’t even know where to begin.

The 2 specimens above are none other than Lora Lee Thomas, 47, and Aubrey Stuart Thomas, 58, of Tulsa, OK. They have been arrested for torturing their 4 adopted kids over the course of many years. They were arrested and Lora has been charged with child abuse and is being held in the Osage County Jail with bail set at $50,000. Aubrey is charged with enabling child abuse and was released from jail after posting $50,000 bond.

Here’s the awful laundry list of what the children reported as abuse they suffered at the hands of these animals in the “house of horrors”:

  • The children were made to throw up and eat their own vomit,
  • The were beaten with a large paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’,
  • They were made to soak in a bath of ice to reduce swelling from the abuse,
  • They were sexually abused, claiming they were forced to eat gum off Aubrey Thomas’ penis,
  • They were made to perform oral sex on their adoptive siblings in exchange for food,
  • They were forced to put urine soaked underwear in their mouths if they wet the bed,
  • They were also forced them to eat horse manure for not cleaning a horse pen.

What in the ever-loving fuck? The Thomas’ originally had 6 adoptive kids back in ’01, but 2 were removed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services after them finding evidence of abuse. But they left the other 4 there? Whatthefuck?? How come they weren’t removed by the OK DHS?? I need answers, you’ve ruined 4 children’s lives.  What the fuck were you thinking?

These kids were “home schooled”, of course. Read: kept home so no one would see that they were malnourished, bruised, and battered.

They were only found out because the 13-year adoptive daughter was put into a psychiatric hospital, and told one of the counselors. After being interviewed by Osage County Sheriff’s office, it was made obvious to them that the kids were coached to deny, deny, deny. But thank God, one of them cracked and told the authorities what was going on in the house of horrors and they were promptly arrested on abuse charges.

No word on where they all are, but I assume in some kind of state custody. Let’s hope Oklahoma doesn’t fuck that one up too.

Thanks to Carrie, Erin, Mrs Kelly, and Deena for the tips.

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  1. Speaking of “laundry”, what the hell are they wearing?  Do the police in Tulsa make the skels wear clown shirts for their mug shots?  If so, it’s appropriate.

    Anyway, I have a simple prescription in this case: two (2) cigarettes followed by one (1) firing squad.

    1. Cigarettes? Thats awfully generous. Lets make them exploding cigars, you know, like in Tom and Jerry.

    2. Yes, the matching fluorescent rugby shirts are the perfect finishing touch for these “12o Days of Sodom” reenactors.

  2. This is another one from my former neck of the woods. This is the type of thing that prompted an old friend of mine to write the song “fuck Oklahoma”. I don’t remember anything but the line “fuck the war in Iraq, its Oklahoma we should attack” lol good times..

    1. Can i get the lyrics or link to that song? We are transplants in rural SW OK…and they call it “Gods country”…FUCK OKLAHOMA.

      1. I’m sure I can find it I know the guy who wrote it has a youtube channel, it might take me a bit to find it cause we aren’t exactly friends anymore and he’s not exactly sane lol. And yeah, dont you know the reason TX hasnt fallen into the ocean is cause Oklahoma sucks so hard? 😉

      2. Found it. Be warned, this guy is a terrible, terrible musician, but the song is funny.

  3. How in the hell did they ever become adoptive parents anyway? Doesn’t Oklahoma check people out before they give them kids? Christ on a pogo stick, I think I’m going to be sick!

    1. Its actually easier to adopt than to keep your own damn kids in a divorce. go figure.

  4. I thought it was hard for people to adopt?  Guess in OK they just give kids away left and right…

    1. Iin my divorce case where my daughters biodonor is a sex addict that scours the internet at all hours for really sick shit, even when my 5 year old is there, and I submitted evidence of it (his accounts, screenshots, chatlogs, etc) they still allowed him to have her EVERY WEEKEND. 

      Even though his oldest son was taken from both him and his ex wife for neglect because he would play videogames all day instead of change or feed him.  I wish I had known about the boy before I ever allowed myself  and my kids around him. I can’t do anything about my youngest, except be vigilant and hope he never decides to hurt her.

      Its pretty much “who you know” in this state. these freaks probably had “friends” that vouched for them, or the DHS system here, yet again, failed.

  5. You can bet your money these people adopted kids that were hard to place from cps and paid stipends, benefits and more! I have no prob with good people receiving financial assistance to adopt the children butttt i think monthly surprise visits should be done by cps and a pic of each child taken prior to adoption to ensure they dont pull the old switcharoo

  6. oh the problems with cps in oklahoma this is one of many hi profile cases

  7. Claudia Jefferson

    Could you link with Pinterest.  I post alot of you messages on there so people will know. Its my way of spreading the word. I have followed you since your former name “Parent’s Behaving Badly” I applaud your work.  Alot of your posts are here

    1. This is a great question for our fearless leader.

    2. I will look into that. 

  8. Everyone should remember that it’s the COURT and JUDGES who determine who is removed and who isn’t.  Also, it may have been that only two children were abused originally.  After they were removed, these tw*ts could have started in on the other kids.  Still hating people.

    1. I dont know about other states, but in OK, DHS has quite a big say in who gets removed and who doesn’t. Besides, whoever made the decision to leave children with substantiated child abusers needs their head examined..or kicked in.

  9. You know you’re a screwed up human being when, even after ignoring the sexual abuse, a day of your home life is head and shoulders worse than the three months I spent at Parris Island.  Maybe I was shortchanged by my wussy Drill Instructors who only made us roll around in our vomit *facepalm*

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