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Dad Accused of Beating Baby in Dearborn County
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Destiny age 7 weeks abused/Dad gets 15 years

There are times when I could gleefully smack the ever-loving snot out of someone I don’t even know. This is one of those times. Smiley Joe up there (aka Joshua Schulkers, 22) apparently thought he was being photographed for the cover of GQ rather than getting a mugshot done for almost killing his 7-week-old daughter. I doubt GQ would take him anyway, since last time I checked they weren’t going for the “grunge in a dirty orange jumpsuit” look. That smirk he’s wearing just makes me want to chew up a hubcap and spit nails at his face. He looks like he’s thinking, “Look, Ma! I’m a big man – I beat up babies!”

The details are as follows: Last October, Joshua was arrested when his daughter, Destiny, was taken to the hospital with six broken ribs, another in early stages of healing, a fractured skull, and a lacerated liver. She was only seven weeks old, and it was her mother’s first day back at work after the birth. What a great dad! He won’t work to support his family, but he is at least trying to save money by getting rid of that extra mouth to feed. Since I’m sure he eats more than the infant, though, I think the better idea would have been for him to go jump in front of a bus or something. That would have been a lot more cost effective, AND the mother wouldn’t have had all those medical bills for the baby’s injuries.

Like all thoughtful child abusers, this one gave authorities several different options to choose from concerning the cause of Destiny’s injuries. I think he got them from pages 6, 42, and 63 of the “Baby Beater’s Handbook”. He alternately blamed a couch, a baby changing table, and …..wait for it….the baby herself. Yup, he said she fractured her own skull because she was wiggling around while he was trying to change her, or some such garbage. Oh, another explanation was that he ‘squeezed her’ until she ‘made a sound’. I bet he liked playing with those little packing bubbles when he was a child too. I think his cell mate should be allowed to squeeze his head until it makes a sound. Preferably a “POP”.

Destiny’s family went to the court proceedings, and both the grandmother and an aunt spoke out against this monster and wished him the best in prison. By the best, I mean a lengthy stay and punishment equal to (or greater than) what he dished out to their precious angel. I agree whole-heartedly.

Although this waste of genetic matter initially denied any wrongdoing (because, as you know, Destiny caused her own injuries), he eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and was rewarded with 15 years in prison. The good news is that his child will be substantially bigger when he gets out and can avoid all the ‘squeezing’ activities – the bad news is that old Josh will still be young enough to create a few more babies that he can squeeze to death or seriously injure. Let’s hope he loses his attraction for women while he is in the grey bar hotel being Bubba’s babe.

I haven’t received any tips on this one from BB, but if April has any, and sends them to me, I will include my thanks to our fine supporters. For now I’ll take all the credit for the research, since I’m greedy that way.

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  1. 7 week olds generally don’t wiggle.

    1.  Oh, I don’t know about that….mine were a bunch of squirmy monkeys from the time they were conceived.  I DO know, however, that they do not have the strength to wiggle with enough enthusiasm to cause broken ribs and fractured skulls.  It would take a gran mal seizure to cause those types of injuries in an infant; and, ironically, the infant would likely already have to have been injured (brain injury) in order to have those gran mal seizures to begin with.  It was just another attempt at a BS excuse by a brain dead baby beater.

      1. true true.  Mine didn’t wiggle much at that age.  Even my super active now 5 year old.  

  2. I wonder how we could get photos of his face as the sentence was read…
    They would be much more satisfying, I think.

    1.  I doubt it. He’ll probably still be smirking. Diptwit losers are like that…..

      Now, if we could get a pick of his face when his big cellie gives him his first warm welcome before lights out….that might be worth seeing.

  3. I think we can all agree that if his cellmate pops his head, it will be like a giant, overflowing blackhead…

    Glad to hear that someone spoke up!

  4. I could really take a baseball bat to that fucking smirk! 

    1. Mental or wood? Oh hell, how about one of each.

      1. ..just hammer some nails into a baseball bat…best of both!

  5. Who cares that you guys suck at grammar (you really do).  Your writing is brilliant and fully captures the overall pissed-off-ness of your average non-child beater.  Thank you for this public service.  Keep at it.  

    1.  Thanks…I think.

  6. well he looks just absolutely pleased with himself doesn’t he… geesh

  7. Holy fuck…I just cant even stand this…my little one is almost four weeks now and i can’t even image someone hurting him. Supreme Creator…please dish out the worst punishment possible to this  disgusting sack of flesh wasting our precious oxygen.

  8. Wow, a 6’4 1/2″ smirking turd. 

    1.  Dang, girl! That made me laugh out loud!!!! Really!

  9. Oh,the poor man! He was standing there minding his own business and that wicked baby just hit his fist with her head! Maybe a ton of bricks will just hit his head. What a waste of DNA.

  10. I think the best part of this douchecanoe ended up as a stain on his momma’s bedsheets. Seriously he squeezed the baby until she made a sound? and considering the baby had a rib in the early stages of healing that means the mother was there when the abuse started. FFS what in the hell is wrong with people.

  11. Quick question……. If it was the mother’s first day back at work then where was she during the first rib fracture? The doctor said that there was one in the healing process so that obviously happened before. 

    1.  I’m sorry, not fracture, broken rib

    2.  I don’t know. None of the articles referenced that. It wasn’t even explicitly stated how much older the first rib fracture was than the others.  I read several other links (in addition to the ones I posted with this story) and none of them had any extra info on that either.  If you happen to run across anything that answers this question, please share it with us.

  12. Not the kind of thing I should be reading this early in the AM, Dawg knows it’s hard for me to damp down the RAGE I feel for this wee mite.  I know people ask this question all the time, but WTF?!  A 6′ 4″ behemoth vs a 7-week old?  And, what gets me the most: the fucknut is SMIRKING.    Somebody, somebody PLEASE shiv this genetic-mistake in prison, if there is a god…   O____o

  13. God, I just want to smack that fucking smile right off his fat slimy face! 

  14. should not be held in prison they pay more to keep these dirt bags then a hardworking person gets for disability, I say of with his head he does not deserve to enjouy life being taken care of in prison, most of them need to be humanely and quickly killed off, as they will never change look at manson has he changed all these years no he has cost the taxpayors millions to care for him like a pampered oddity!

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