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She “thought she was having a bowel movement”

confused turd
Police say teen allowed baby to drown in toilet then disposed of the body
$10,000 bond set for teen mother in Savannah newborn’s death

The title says it all, folks! Now I’ve heard everything – I think. We get this all the way from Savannah, GA (where, incidentally, my hubby is currently ‘stationed’). Little Miss Genius Halfwit up there (aka Anitra Hicks) killed her newborn son. Do you know why? Because she thought he was a piece of shit. No, really. She did. That’s her actual excuse. Well, to be quite fair, that’s the grandmother’s excuse, but I think she got it from the mother. Anyway, that’s the word on the street. The birth vessel gave birth in a toilet, and because she thought she was having a bowel movement, she assumed the item that made the splash was fecal matter. Yeah, and I guess when she looked in the potty before flushing, she thought her son was just a strangely shaped turd. No, that couldn’t be it – because she fished him out and put him in the trash.

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but when I unburden my bowels, I do not then remove the excrement from the commode for a better look before tossing it in the garbage can. That’s why I bought a toilet with the shiny little silver ‘comma looking’ thing on the side. It’s called a handle, and it causes the toilet to flush. I got that feature precisely so I would not have to go bobbing for breakfast after it made it’s journey through my digestive system and found a new home in the bathroom poop pool. Otherwise known as the toilet. I prefer not t o touch the food but once, and that’s when it enters my body – not at the time of exit.

So, teentw*t was preggers, and didn’t know it (yup, that’s the other excuse, she didn’t know – but that’s such a lame, tired line of BS that I decided to go with the ‘bodily functions’ excuse she provided, instead). Her Ma says she only weighed a buck-fifteen (that’s 115 pounds, for all of you non-southerners), and the poor girl just didn’t know she was knocked up. Her Ma also says that she (the Ma/grandma to dead baby) works in the medical field, and has for many years and her darling daughter never once skipped a period. Hey, grandma, if you want to use your medical knowledge to excuse your daughter’s murder of her son (your grandson), then please explain why she thought the baby in the toilet was a piece of fecal matter. Does this brilliant child of yours not know what a baby looks like? What field of medicine did you work in, anyway? the nuthouse? I don’t care if she knew she was preggo or not…as soon as she identified the object in the toilet as a baby, HER BABY, she should have grabbed him and RUN, not walked, but RUN, to the nearest hospital to get him some help. Instead, she threw him in the trash, no doubt expecting that the garbageman would also be the proud possessor of a degree in pediatric medicine, and would be able to help her son when he was found. Nah, I don’t believe that either, but it sounds at least as plausible as the story we are all being given as the gospel truth by the murderer’s family.

Oh, and the “she didn’t know she was preggo” line has been debunked already, anyway. In court, it was mentioned that it was ‘common knowledge’ that Anitra was knocked up. Oops! I guess that lie just bit the dust. I guess she’ll just have to rely on the ‘baby looked like a bowel movement’ defense. Good luck with that one. Ya know, I think that even if I DID have a bowel movement that looked like a baby, I might have kept it. I mean, you can sell ANYTHING on e-bay these days! I bet that would fetch a good price. If I managed to pass it off as art, I could probably make a mint!

I would apologize for the ‘rantiness’ of this post, but then I would be depriving all of the complainers on BB of their chance to post a comment griping about my utter lack of professionalism and the time of theirs I have wasted by posting my opinion rather than the facts. So, no apology today, folks. The only thing I’m sorry about in this post is that there is a dead baby, and the mother did not have the decency to die in childbirth herself.

If you read the linked articles (^above^), you will discover a plethora of other details that I left out. Like that Anitra’s mother thinks she should be allowed to remain out on bail so she can graduate with her class….yup, that’s right. Even murderers need an education, I guess. *gag* Y’all help yourselves to the articles and feel free to comment on anything else I may have left out.

Thanks for this ‘tip’ go to me. I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks, and have had a little more free time to do some research of my own.

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  1. Pissed off Canadian!!!

    Is there anyway to make sure that this worthless piece of shit shares a cell with a true BUTCH who will make her life a living hell!!!!!!!!!

    How could she believe for one second that she was having a shit and not realize she was having a baby?!!!!

    I have been reading the articles on your website for a couple of months and the reason I came across it was because I was following the story of the blonde bitch who drowned her twin boys in the toliet too!!! and I swear I don’t fucking get it?

    If you don’t want your children A. Why the fuck have them? there’s adoption, there’s that law you guys have in the states to leave them at a hospital no questions asked!!!! Shit I”m sure you can give them to someone who you know will give them the love and attention any child deserves!!!

    B. there are no loss of resources in your country!!!! Why resort to murder?!!! 


    What is this world coming to that women are now drowning their babies in the fucking toliet!!!!

    Here’s a fucking great idea you stupid, worthless, idiots Bitches!!!! give your baby away and then shove your own fucking head in the toliet and drown yourselves!!!!!!!

  2. OK, I will admit the embarrassing truth that when I was pregnant with my first son, I was so terrified he would plop out into the toilet because all those baby books that emphasize that it feels like a bowel movement. As I pushed my gigantic son out of my body, I realized that only a damn fool would think they were pooping while giving birth. I do not buy that this woman gave birth thinking she was merely birthing a food baby! Granny must be in shock/denial because nobody would truly buy such a BS story. Besides, did she think her extremely huge and painful turd just happened to be shaped like a baby and covered in blood? Labor is a bloody process, did she think she busted a hemroid or something? The absurdity is unbelievable!

    1. If the dumbass thought the baby was a turd, what did she think the after birth was.She needs to be curb stomped.

  3. Ok,  there are real stories out there about women who didn’t know they were pregnant, guess what, MOST OF THOSE WOMEN HAVE PCOS So they’re like “Yeah I can’t get pregnant, and completely irregular periods are normal for me so Meh”  Until they actually deliver.  There’s a TLC show out there about it.  But since it was common knowledge teen tw*t was knocked up, yeah, hang her to dry.  stupid bitch.  

    Like I had real fast labours,  90 mins each, and know what,  Even if your labour doesn’t “Hurt” or feel “Like a complete freight train running you over”  A contraction is pretty fucking noticable, and this is coming from someone who had 5 contractions TOPS per labour.   I coulda birthed my kids in a field, popped them on my tit and kept on going that’s how easy my labours were.  BUT I STILL KNEW I WAS IN LABOUR >.<

  4. I cry bull shit on “I didn’t know I was pregnant”.  Anyone who has ever been pregnant for 9 months with a  kicking, somersaulting, hiccuping baby would have a hard hard time believing anyone could be pregnant and not know it.  Lord, both of my daughters were pre-birth acrobats, how anyone could not notice being being pregnant, ESPECIALLY the last month and a half is beyond me.  And then to say she thought the baby was a bowel movement Hel-LO???  She must have a tw*t the size of Manhattan not to be able to tell the difference between a birth and a bowel movement.  And then there’s the blood, and umbilical cord, and placenta.  Another Teen Twat that murdered her baby, that’s all it is. Despicable.

    1. not to mention turds don’t scream and cry, at least mine don’t.

      1. Exactly. If anyone “pooped out” the bloody mess of child birth they’d run screaming to the hospital, not throw their poop in the trash and go on with life.

  5. Apparently this girl comes from a community where denial and ignorance abound. Maybe she genuinely didn’t know where babies come from.

    1.  Apparently in this community they all come from the toilet….via a bowel movement.

  6. Anyone woman who has pushed a baby out of her vagina knows that it feels NOTHING like taking a shit. Just sayin. 

    Talking a shit, a big one, is a walk in the park in comparison.

  7. Hi. Just defending those of us who work in “nuthouses”. We know the difference between newborn babies and feces. I have, on several occasions, treated women who very strongly believed they were pregnant when they were not and one woman who believes a Cabbage Patch Doll is her baby. Yet oddly, none of my would actually be not guilty by reason of insanity (which is a very difficult legal standard to meet btw) have ever given birth on a toilet and thought their offspring was fecal matter.

    As for adoption- it is a viable option but sadly it is much harder for non white babies to find homes. Not so hard that being strangled or smothered or just neglected to death is even close to comparable, but it is not as easy as it is for Caucasian babies to find loving homes. Obvs there are tons of families of all colors and creeds etc who would be ecstatic at the chance to raise ANY baby but for some reason there is (hopefully lessening) concern over placing babies of different race into adoptive families.

    So- to sum up: there is no way on earth she didn’t realize she was giving birth to a real live human baby and there is also no way she did not realize she was then unlawfully ending the life of that same real live human baby. We call that murder. I don’t care how uneducated or ignorant you may be, my five year old daughter can identify a baby. I bet this murderess could too. Again- psychiatric unit employees from housekeeping all the way thru RNs and MDs are all capable of telling the difference between a lump of poop and a human child. Thank you.

    1.  I meant no offense to those who are actually in the medical field…that statement was meant to be more of a show of disbelief for anything mom/grandma had to say.  I doubt she works in any area of the medical field – she simply doesn’t seem to have the brains for it. Perhaps she was a custodian for a medical facility?  At ant rate, I didn’t mean that as a slam against psyche ward workers – y’all have, by far, one of the toughest jobs on earth, IMHO.  God bless you all…

  8. Angel, I apologize.  I could not get past the second paragraph of your story.  I am a nice, loving, peace keeping mother of four and grandmother of ten.  Just the two paragraphs I read had me wanting to hurt that “woman/teen” and her mother.  They should both be put in Jail and sterilized. 

    1.  No apologies necessary, DeDe.  I had to take several breaks while writing it, because of the sheer anger/disbelief factor.  Stuff like this really brings out the worst in me.  I had a hard time with my pregnancies, and was never sure that I would make it through a pregnancy with a healthy baby until the baby was born.  Yet, animals like this are able to breed indiscriminately and then kill their offspring out of sheer selfishness. Personally, I think she should be sterilized with an electric chair.

  9. On one article comment it says she was only 16 wks pregnant i call bullshit nasty c***

    1. Even if it was 16 weeks, fetuses/babies don’t look like poop! I agree I doubt thats’s true. They seem to be a stupid bunch though so maybe they didn’t know how far she was. I once met a young woman on a bus who told me she was 8 weeks pregnant but she was huge and only in her pregnant belly, but I declined to ask if she meant “8 months” b/c that seemed insulting. She was maaaybe 18 and seemed really clueless about pregnancy, no way was she only 8 weeks..I wondered where any women were to explain this! The world is fucked.

      1. Exactly :0) people like this need to be exterminated

    2.  If she had only been 16 weeks, her sorry arse would not currently be sitting in jail for murder. At sixteen weeks, the birth would have been considered a miscarriage, and the baby would likely have been born dead anyway – hence, no murder charge.  Even with all of the amazing neonatal technology we now have at our fingertips, a sixteen week baby is rarely able to survive outside the womb.  Just sayin’.  It sounds like another one of the grandmonster’s lame excuses on behalf of her daughter.

      1. Exactly there is no way u can “drown” a 16 wk old fetus since it would have been deceased

        1. If it were a 16 week fetus- they wouldn’t know that He is a boy. She wouldn’t be in jail,you do not get arrested for miscarrying,no matter what you do with the deceased fetus,garbage bag or flush….no big deal,it is a miscarriage. If she is being charged with murder it is bc the sutopsy has revealed that he was viable and BORN ALIVE. 

          1. yes you can tell at 16 weeks if the baby comes out whether it is a boy or a girl..i went thru ivf and was scanned every week..blood work every day and even though they don’t tell people til 20 wks…if the baby is born as some of the girls in my ivf group had miscarraiges…before they get a full body by less than 8 weeks the sex has already been determined…my friend mourns her 10 wk old daughter who was lost..another gave birth to a deceased 12 wks old daughter then again to a 6 wk old daughter…it is not something that happens late in pregnancy

      2. With all these stupid “Personhood” bills out there, I wouldn’t be too sure, Angel.  Like if this bitch was full term and did it, then she can hang.  But until we find out how far along she really was, and what kind of “Personhood” bill her state has,  we can at least hold back on the “WTF” Factor.     a list of women who have been charged with murder after miscarrying.

        There has been precedence before.  

        Of course if she did deliver a full term baby and let him drown and put him in the garbage, then she needs to kiss the Curb.  *I’d say that regardless of her ethnicity..*

  10. Uhhh. Am I the only one that doesn’t shit out of their vagina? Or did this baby fall out of her ass? I wonder how the father feels about this…
    I’ve had 3 kids. I cringed every time the nurses said “Push like you’re taking a poop.” It’s ridiculous. There is a HUGE difference.

  11. Being pregnant myself (due September 12th) I find it hard for a woman to not know….my little peanut is very active and I enjoy every kick and squirm. How dare this thing consider herself a woman…a real woman would have sought help for her newborn. This bitch is a monster, and so is her “mother”…if I would have done somethin like this, my mama would have been the leader of my Lynch mob. Some people have Fucked up morals.

  12. I think this dumb bitch is just confused because, when HER mother gave birth, it WAS a bowel movement.

  13. Stupid bitch knew enough to know that she had to take care of the little shit or she’d be stuck with a baby for the rest of her life.

    As for being a piece of shit, this “mommy dearest” IS a piece of shit.  It only makes sense, right? To give birth to a piece of shit, you gotta BE a piece of shit.  Mystery solved.

    And no, she should not be allowed to be out on bail to graduate with her class.  She killed her baby, FFS.  She didn’t just get ripped at the prom.  This is a bit more serious.

  14. Has an autopsy been done to confirm how the baby died?

  15. I’m in Savannah too, and this story just broke my heart. What bothers me MORE is this baby killer’s parents DEFENDING HER.

  16. another one off with her head, they do nothing can not do nothing can not be trained for nothing does not matter what color, age, or religion off with their heads they are taking up resources from the rest of us!

  17. I don’t remember where I read this one story about a chick that either miscarried or self-aborted and tossed the fetus in the trash. I think it was self-abortion. She got arrested for it. Fucking garbage man found the fetus. That had to have been traumatic.

    1. I think that happened here.

      1. I had to go look it up. The one I was thinking is actually a NY one…

        1. Fuck me. It’s a trend.

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