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Mustie...eerrrrr.... Mistie Atkinson

Mother ‘made sex tape with her son, 16, and sent him naked photos of herself’ 

Authorities charge woman with incest

What mother doesn’t love photos and video of her son?  Heck, I have all kinds of photos and video of my boy.  Some I can even use to embarrass him when he starts dating.  You know the ones – baby pics with food from head to toe, naked in the bath… Hell, I think I even have one of him in a diaper, wearing his father’s cowboy boots.  What I don’t have is “baby’s first sex tape” co-staring ME!!  Ick!

32-Year-old Mistie Atkinson of Nice, CA and her 16-year-old son have taken their mother / son relationship to the next level; the level that includes sex and video. How fucking desperate do you have to be to fuck ANY 16-year old, let alone your own damn son?  Fucking skank!!  Then to take video…  UGH!

March 2nd, Atkinson was busted in a Ukiah, CA hotel room with her son.  She was arrested on suspicion of incest.  All suspicion was erased when officers found the child’s (YES!  16 is still a child) cell phone to contain text messages from his “loving mother”, dating back to December. There was sexting, she spoke of the two running away together and even sent him nude photos of herself.  Also on the cell phone was video of Skank-Mama putting down a little oral sex with her offspring and the pair getting busy.  (I can’t use “son” and “oral sex” together.  It brings on the nausea).  The video was dated February 3rd and 4th.  It seems this inappropriate relationship has been carrying on for months.

The child’s father has full custody and has obtained a restraining order against Atkinson.  What good that does NOW!  You have to wonder WHY the skank didn’t have custody of the boy.  Could it be because someone saw her for the nasty, incetuous pig that she is?

Atkinson was charged on March 2 with incest, oral copulation of someone under the age of 18, contact with a minor for a sexual offense, and “sending harmful matter” to her biological son.  She pleaded not guilty to all the charges on March 9.
Thanks go to Cheri for the tip.

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  1. Seriously, some breakfast is coming back…

    I have two sons and the thought of looking at them in anything but a motherly fashion just disgusts me beyond belief.  There was just a story in the news about a brother and sister who were trying to marry each other.  Erghhh, so wrong.  So, SO wrong!!

    Hopefully they let Mistie (nice stripper name) take her Sharpie to prison…those are some sweet eyebrows!

    1. I am sooooo right there with you. I have a son (he’s 7) and a nephew (he’s 16), I can’t imagine looking at any 16 y.o. boy and even thinking a sexual thought (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little), but my son…GAG!

  2. 16yr olds having sex with 14-18yr old peers = normal
    16yr olds having sex with actual bona fide adults not related to them and not in a position of power with them = Meh
    16yr olds having sex with adults not related to them and in a position of power over them = Bad
    16yr olds having sex with adults related to them and in a position of power over them = Horrible.

    I have one of those differing opinions that seriously doesn’t think that 16yr olds are kids.  they’re adolescent/teenagers…completely capable of reproduction, AND able to care for potential offspring if said teenager has help/proper childrearing values.  They might LEGALLY be minors in some places..but they aren’t stupid, and properly educated can have sex responsibly with peers..

    The key word is peers.  Having sex with one’s parent is disgusting..and I hope that woman dies a horrible painful death that my sleep deprived brain can’t think of yet.

  3. IF this were a dad and his daughter, I think there’d be a little less blase blase about this. 

    This was rape, whether the boy was willing or no. 

    1. Umm if you’re responding about my post: I didn’t mention genders. 

      I’m blase about 16 year olds having sex.  It happens, it’s the circumstances under which said sex happens, is what determines the rightness or wrongness of the act.  Not the act itself.

      16yr olds will have sex..that is a given.  They are fully sexually developed human beings with all the urges that go with it.

      I’m not condoning what this woman did.  I’m stating a fact.  

      It’s the incest that’s wrong.  What is also wrong, is when an adult (unrelated) with an obvious power dynamic over the teen (such as a teacher) has sex with the teen.

      And the whole “not on my mommy watch” I got fed quite a few times, don’t bother.  You might think your kid won’t do it, think again.  They arent’ robots you programmed.  They’re humans, like you and I, with their own free will.  You can do what you can to educate them and raise them in your own moral compass,  but in the end, they will wind up making their own choices.  It’s your job as a parent to be there for them when said choice goes to shit.

      /end rant.

      1. I’m not responding to your post.   I’m responding to comments I’ve found on teh news stories.   People are actually saying things like, “he probably loved getting some.” 

        It kills me.   I hate sexism, no matter which way it rolls.   This is illegal, regardless of gender.

        1. Sadly, he probably DID love it. BECAUE HE WAS GROOMED!! She’s nothing more than a predator. I hate her more every fucking time I think about it. My son is 11 and I don’t think he’s sexy. I have never looked at him and thought “DAYUM!! I gotta get me some of that”. What the fucking fuck?
          Sorry…. I get a little bothered when it comes to mother / son relationships.

        2.  And more than likely what he loved was attention from an absent and manipulative mother. I have no doubt in my mind her entire scheme was just a plot to hurt her ex.

      2. I completely agree that 16 year olds will have sex, and that is why I am going to teach protection rather than abstinence when my children are that age.  I had a child when I was 15 and am still caring for her now.  I am raising her, and while I make mistakes I will KILL anyone who even touches a hair on her head.  This “mother” doing this to her own child, I would love to strip her of any dignity she has left (wait she already did that when she had sex with her own child).  These types of “parents” should be SHOT!

    2. No. It was rape. It’s sick. She’s nothing more than a child molester. The incest part just makes it that much worse. The fact that the son was okay enough to record it makes me wonder how fucking long she’s been grooming him.

  4. I wonder if she has a forked tongue? She looks like what I’d imagine Lilith to look like….Maybe someone will stab her with her hubby’s pitchfork….

    1. She is wicked looking. And skanky. Wicked skank. Ick.

  5.  But all adults have power over a teen 16 or not, no? We disapprove of it because it’s inherently exploitative. If e claim there’s some circumstance where a teen can bang adults why not some where a teen can become a cop or join the military?

    Because teens ARE NOT fully developed adults and they are biologically incapable of the same kind of rationality a person my age has. If being physically able to give birth is the standard than we should lower the age of consent to 12 or 13. But we know there is more to society and it’s moral and cultural sturcture than biology, right?

    A lot of teens do a lot of things – like huff paint. It’s adults responsibility to guide them through the times in their lives when they have too little life experience to make rational decisions. I worked with “troubled” teens for years and all of them had one problem – people treated them like little adult and not like the kids they are.

  6. ….Well I was hungry.

  7. FUCK THIS BITCH!!!!! I am so sick of these stupid ass child ass child molesters. I have a 19 yr old son and I can’t imagine how she could do this. If some older skank ever came near my son, it would b the last thing she ever did. This makes me so mad

    1. I couldn’t have said it better Amy846838. Vile!

  8. Holy Fuckballs!  What the actual fuck?  This is so sickening, I can’t even live!  *insert emoticon for me throwing up*

  9. People are always trying to rationalize child sex abuse and incest I’m sure that in the hundreds of thousands of years of the history of mankind there have been a couple of cases of incest that were genuinely caring, non-exploitative, and life-enriching for all parties involved. This would not be one of them. Would a mother who cared about her son’s welfare turn their encounters into amateur porn shoots? Sorry, this woman is a pervert who cynically manipulated her child into what has to be a nightmarish, psychologically crushing situation for him. Definitely a case for legalized spaying and neutering of spectacularly unfit parents.

  10. Barf

  11. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  12. Jesus Tapdancing Christ!!! Exterminating mankind and starting again from bare rock seems more and more enticing the more posts I read.

  13. Oh ICK.  What a nasty bitch.  That poor boy is no doubt scarred for life.  I hope they lock her up and throw away the key. DIS-gusting.

  14. losing hope in mankind

    This is a sad world we live in, where human life is less and less often valued as the wonderful process that it is…I was a victim of sexual abuse, as well as incest, among other things…now, I am a mother and I see my kids every thought, developement, feature as nothing short of miraculously beautiful and wonderful…what happens in someones brain where that thought turns sexual and why wouldn’t they seek help before touching a child. Because of my past and because of these posts, I feel like all children have lost their rights. They’ve lost their rights to roam and play or even go to another peers house to play for fear that they will be sexually abused or murdered if they leave the front door, I can’t even allow my children to play in our own backyard with a 6 foot fence without me watching their every move, even tho they are plenty old enough…stuff like this just can’t click in my brain

    1. The good new is, it shouldn’t click in your brain. That would make you one of “them”. The bad news is, we can’t hunt thee mother fuckers down and exterminate them.

    2. I’ve been a victim of sexual abuse and incest as a kid too and that is one of the many reasons I have decided against having children…….

  15. two words……NASTY BITCH!

  16. More Words….. The love of my life is 11….. he kisses mommy, mommy kisses him….. IN A MOTHERLY WAY! I would do no harm to him……NONE! It breaks my heart when I have to punish him. He just got in trouble this past week for recving a referral in school…….he may NEVER see his cellphone again…. WTF is wrong with people who see children, especially THEIR OWN children, as anyone other than a child! I hope this NASTY BITCH goes away for a long time….. now I am wondering did any other adult see any red flags? someone had to notice something!

  17. OMG! She tracked him down via Facebook to do it with him!!!! I read that they were estranged for 15+ years and she started the incest-ing after reuniting.. eeewwww… I would really like to know what she was thinking. What was the boy thinking. Usually at 16yo some boys are man sized, however they are still  easily influenced by adults, but I would like to think that a 16yo Male would have an easier time saying NO than if the gender roles were reversed. So what was he thinking also? Was he seeking his mother’s love so much to do whatever it took? What a HORRIBLE situation. What a sick mother. Did the son even know it was his mother at first?

    Poor kid!

    1. Thank you for the update.

  18. “Genetic Attraction” my ass!!  Sick twisted tw*t!  Check out the pics with this article…

  19. I dont see anything wrong with incest humans have been doing it since the dawn of time its in the bible and no one has the right to judge who has sex with who humans are not god

    1. You’d better go back and read that bible…it’s condemned in the bible! Like Lot with his daughters for instance. AND actually the law has judged this illegal since forever in this country. It’s nasty, unnatural and heinous. Get a clue! I have worked with women whose father or brother raped them when they were young (age 11-15), the most common type of incest and believe me they would tell you you are so far off base you are in another galaxy.

    2. You’re a fucktard. Get play in traffic.

  20. I just love it how you self righteous pharisees bash those two and then on sunday go to church and listen to the “forgive the sinner” and “don’t throw the first stone” and “dont judge so that you will not be judged” Jesus stuff. Hehe, I’m sure Jesus would be very proud of you all

    1. I never go to church nor do I care what a long dead man thinks of me. I do, however, take issue witha woman who find her long lost son so she can fuck him. Sorry if this story interrupted your early morning incest porn cruising, move along.

    2. You are either an idiot or a troll. Why don’t you just tell us which and save us all some time.

    3. I may believe in God but I won’t go to church because most of the time those people are highly hypocritical. I’m really not self-righteous nor do I judge. I do, however, have the luxury of free will and will dislike the ever loving fuck out of some nasty hooker who tracks down her own child to breed because she isn’t woman enough NOT to fuck minors, let alone her own child.

  21. This is pretty nasty. Though I’ll admit to having been about 14 and wanting to bed a friend’s mom before. Of course, I never tried and nothing weird ever happened, but I remember it. Agreed that this woman should have kept her responsibility to be that boy’s mother and nothing BUT his MOTHER, but let’s face it, guys can be hard to rape as our “equipment” is hydrolic and dependent on our state of mind and our physical health. All I’m saying is the kid is likely not 100% innocent. I know people like to believe children are innocent little jewels and the like, but I did my most horrible and irresponsible things when I was a teenager. Plainly put – Kids might be stupid, but are NOT always innocent. This boy needs therapy and introduction into normal relationships with girls or something, and the mother also needs therapy. Oh and hey, society’s pretty judgmental, don’t you think? We report the most horrible things on our news networks because the good but normal things are boring. “Mom charged with incest with 16 year old son” catches more eyes than “New speed bump on such-and-such road near blah-blah-blah school completed yesterday.”

    Basically, we’re all twisted and pretty sick. Gossiping, judging, smirking, and filling ourselves with that all-too-common “better-than-thou” attitude that’s become so popular. This woman has issues and has done something atrocious. The son, being 16, is no mere child. He’s no mere toddler. He can wipe his own butt, he can shower by himself, he probably has a driver’s license. He’s responsible for himself in almost every way. Sixty years ago someone would be telling him to get a full-time job and treating him much more like a fully-grown man. STOP BABYING THESE YOUNG PEOPLE! YOU ARE NOT DOING THEM ANY FAVORS! I am NOT suggesting that we throw our children into the work force, but adults (parents, this means you) can NOT continue to treat young people as if they were incapable of making decisions for themselves. That’s absolutely absurd. We will charge a young man or woman in a “adult” court for a murder, but “the kid’s wholly innocent” in other circumstances. Double-standards, I say. It shouldn’t matter the age of a person committing a serious crime. However, incest, if consensual, I repeat – IF CONSENSUAL, is a MORAL crime. So to speak. Well, a moral outrage anyway. Let’s just keep things real. You can’t tell two consenting people not to have sex, and you can’t convince people that it’s okay for alcohol to be legal and nothing else. There’s more people that look at this country in this way than you might think. That is why things will change, though even I don’t want to have to hear about mom’s and dad’s diddling their children. Makes me wanna hurl.

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