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Flatiron fondling – a new form of sex abuse

baby burner
Teen Mom “Jody Rock” Burns Her Baby’s Testicles With Flat Iron
Teen mom “intentionally” burns her baby’s genitals with straightening iron
Affidavit: Tahlequah Mom Burns Baby’s Testicles With Hair Straightener

The stellar example of parenting material you see above is Jody Rock (not sure if that’s her real name or the stage name she uses for her nude mud wrestling job, but who cares anyway – trash is trash), and she has discovered a new use for her flatiron. For those of you who do not know, that is a superheated iron rod used for straightening hair. Those things get hot enough to cause third degree burns (or worse, if you are stupid enough to hold it to your skin long enough). Although I have no use for a straightening iron myself, I have in the past uses its predecessor, a curling iron – same concept, different results. Both are dangerous, and hurt like nobody’s business if you accidentally touch your scalp or neck with the iron while primping. The stoned-looking individual above used her flatiron on her son’s genitals instead. Yes, you read that correctly. She burned her boys balls (apologies to all the guys who are reading this – even I had a sympathetic cringe reflex when I read that). In what far realm of the known universe is using any hot object on a child’s private parts an acceptable parenting skill? Apparently in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, this nineteen year old one-woman sperm-collection specialist decided to patent her own brand of child-torture. I hope her future cell-mates are equally ingenious when it comes to meeting her ‘needs’ during her vacation to the Graybar Motel. Maybe we could have a brainstorming session here at BB and send the top ten suggestions to other inmates, enclosed in a free pack of smokes.

Jody admitted to investigators that she had opened the flatiron tongs and closed them on her son’s testicles – after she tested the temperature with her own hand. However, like all child abusers, she only admitted the truth after attempting several different lies and being told by the docs that her stories were the biggest load of fertilizer seen in that state in years. She even attempted to blame other family members – and her boyfriend! – for the injuries. What a vicious hosebeast! I cannot imagine even thinking of doing something like that to my son (or any child), much less acting on the impulse. I wonder if she plans to use that as a part of her defense – that she suffers from an impulse-control disorder. It sounds like something a slimy abuse attorney might run with. My definition of “impulse-control disorder”? “Yeah, I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to try it anyway, because I thought I could get away with it.” I don’t give a rat’s left ballsack what her excuse is, she is a nasty skank, and needs to have her crotch hair repeatedly straightened and re-curled until her labia melt together so she can’t get knocked up again. But then, that’s just my opinion. The wife of the reader who sent in this tip suggested using a soldering iron. That would be fine too.

It was not made clear in either article how the injury was discovered, but I’m glad it was. I kind of doubt she took him in for treatment herself, so I am guessing someone reported her sorry arse to the authorities and the burns were discovered in the course of the investigation. Whoever reported her: Thank you! If I had the power to confer a medal of valor on you, I would.

In addition to the burns, the baby presented with a noticeably deformed shoulder. BOTH of his shoulders were fractured and in various stages of healing – the injury to the right shoulder was twelve weeks old,and he had multiple fractures to his left shoulder area. But wait…there’s more… he also had forearm and wrist fractures that happened over a span of several weeks, and were never properly set. It sounds to me like this is one of those skanks who thinks snatching your child by the arm is a good parenting technique. Or maybe she just beat the ever-loving snot out of him. Oh, and the baby was also recently treated for scabies, and is thought to still be infected. So in addition to overt abuse, she is also a neglectful POS. Why does that not surprise me?

Those who participated in the investigation noted that the child was “glassy eyed” and withdrawn, no surprise there. They also said the child seemed to be in agony. Ya think? Gee, I wonder why….it could have something to do with all of the broken bones – I hear that hurts like a big dog. The genital injuries alone are enough to make most grown men run screaming for their mommy.

I would be remiss if I did not point out the fact that one of the articles linked above makes a point of pointing out that the burns were “intentional”. Thank you, Captain Obvious. I cannot imagine a scenario in which flatiron burns to the genitals of a 15-month old baby (or anyone else) could have occurred accidentally. Babies that young are often still in diapers, so even if he accidentally sat on the heated iron, the diaper would have protected his boys. He certainly would not have remained seated on that item long enough to burn through a diaper and his flesh. Nope. No accident there.

Ms. Rock (I wonder if that’s also indicative of her IQ?) is currently being held in the Cherokee County Jail in lieu of $200,000.00. I personally think they should add at least one more zero to that figure, but alas, neither the DA nor the judge consulted with me on this case. And they probably won’t consult with me during the sentencing phase either, the bastards. Sighhhhh….
The baby has been placed in DHS custody, where he will hopefully be better taken care of than he was by his maternal DNA donor.

I’d like to thank The Shadow Knows for sending in the tip.

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  1. Reading this felt like a punch to the stomach. I’ve touched a flat iron to the skin (ears, fingers, forhead, yeah, I’m special) and the pain is instant and searing. I’ve even burned my fingers on my daughter’s hair while flatironing it, that’s how hot some of those thing get. To know a female INTENTIONALLY caused her son to feel that pain, on such a delicate part of his body, in addition to all the rest, makes me want to go and hunt this whore down and shove a fully heated, on high, ceramic (they get hotter than regular ones) flatiron up her c*** to insure she can’t have another child to use as a stress reliever. Fucking piece of dog shit.

    1.  That goes double for me…

  2. Just hang the bitch!!!

  3. I love that, curling and straightening her crotch hair until her labia melts together. Do it!

    1. I just did the leg squeeze thing that boys do when they see someone get kicked in the nuts.

  4. This is one of the most sadistic, ****ed up things I have ever encountered here.  It defies understanding.  Any mother who could do that to her son must be either completely insane, brain-damaged (drugs?) or just plain evil. Regardless, she needs to spend the rest of her days locked up.  I hope the precious little guy recovers, but after a year of  unrelenting trauma his prognosis for a normal life is probably poor.  

  5. Stupid piece of trash bitch! I can’t fathom the amount of inhumanity it must take to do something like this. She makes me wish there were a hell.

    1. You’re so right.In any case,she gives young mothers a bad reputation.

  6. The_Shadow_Knows

    I’d like to see somebody ram that iron down her throat until it hits daylight.

  7. Hell is just too good for this evil demonic bitch. Really. I think she should be blinded with a curling iron, staked out over a fire ant hill and that flat iron used on her daily for the next 50 years.

  8. Obviously, we all agree here that any abuse, even if it happens one time, is wrong.  I just cannot stand to read about these cases where they find that the child had a bunch of improperly healed fractures…it makes me physically sick to think of this tiny little guy (and God, 15 months is such a great age) enduring constant pain from the fractures, then having nasty scabies on top of it AND the flatiron.  Call me stupid, I just DON’T GET IT:  if you hate your child, if you don’t want to take care of him/her, if you’d rather sear his poor little privates than give him a hug:  SURRENDER HIM.  There are so many people out there who would love him like their own.  And this disgusting bitch can go back to whatever was more important in her sick life than her child…

  9. Why does that dumb bitch need to be from Oklahoma?! I don’t want to share the same dirt.

    1.  Oh, I don’t know, Lynn… I think she might look rather nice covered in six feet of it.

  10. Just read an article that said that “mommy” didn’t even have custody of the little one, that she only saw him on the weekends.  An aunt and uncle had custody of him, or the aunt and the uncle of the father…someone’s aunt and uncle.  So now THESE people should be in some deep shit too for not recognizing (or possibly causing?) some of these injuries! 

  11. Flat out  Karla Homolka Myra Hindley Aileen Wuornos caliber psychopathic sadist. In a sane society, would be automatically given a life sentence in a high security forensic psychiatric facility. In our current insane society…will be out on the street and knocked up again in two shakes.

  12. I didn’t do that reflexive leg squeeze of sympathy, because I really can’t imagine what a straightener to the genitals would feel like.  And yes, I’ve been burned by one before.  I’ve burnt my ears a few times, and every single time I straighten my hair I burn my fingers.  It hurts, a LOT, and it blows my mind how it must feel on the genitals.  

    That poor, helpless baby 🙁 

  13. I remember when this story first hit on facebook. I took the liberty to find her and her sister. And messaged her. Apparently abuse runs rampant in their family. I messaged the sister and she told me if I didn’t fuck off that she would go over and hurt him again (baby is/was in custody of family YET AGAIN) Needless to say I screen captioned all of it and sent it in. No idea what happened after that.

    1. Yuck, I hope that baby is far, far away from those freaks. They seem to like hurting the baby for their own shits and giggles.

      1. I hope so too 🙁

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