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Russian model throws infant out of her 14th floor apartment, baby dies

27 -year-old Yak Moron….oops….Yekaterina Morkovkina, of Russia, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after throwing her four-month old son out of a 14th floor window, because he interrupted her sleep with his crying. Ummmm….babies do that – cry, I mean. Tossing your kid out of a high rise apartment for crying is so far outside the realm of sanity that she might just get away with this crime. The baby’s body was discovered by some children the next morning. I don’t even WANT to imagine what shape the body was in – or how long it took them to determine exactly what they were looking at. A fourteen-story fall will do serious damage to anyone – especially an infant. There was no mention of the baby’s name – I guess only the murderous model rates a full identification in Russian news.

Did I mention that this slag is a fashion model, and apparently famous in her country? Yup. I guess this is another point in her favor. She will undoubtedly try to use her ‘celebrity status’ to her advantage during a trial (if there is one). Well, I guess we can exchange the adjective ‘famous’ for ‘notorious’ now. Fame is only for those who haven’t killed a baby.

I hope they still have those re-education camps running in Siberia, and the Yak Moron gets her own cell.

Rest in peace, Little One. I’m sorry your mommy was such a selfish whore.

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  1. Oh, I feel sick now. As always, eye for an eye, throw her out the window.

  2. This is awful. Not only did she throw her baby out the window, but she left the tiny little corpse laying there on the ground.  To be discovered by other people the next day.  What do you want to bet she will be found not guilty due to  sleepwalking, or maybe taking one of those sleep aids that have all the warnings on them? Oh that poor baby and those poor children.  This tw*t should ‘trip’ and fall out the same window she used to throw out her infant.

    1.  I was on one of those sleep aids when my son was right around a year old.  yes I randomly wandered out and slept on the couch while he played, I even woke up once making toast for him, but I NEVER tossed him out a window, or hurt him in any way…

  3. The_Shadow_Knows

    I couldn’t devise a better fate for this Slavic slag than the one my colleagues have already proposed.  Out the window with her!

  4. I thought that in Soviet Russia, baby throw YOU out the window!

  5. ….cause throwing your 4 month old child out of a window will make you sleep sooooo much better!!!  wtf.

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