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Even small towns have secrets, just ask Michelle Randall…

Michelle Randall
Mother accused of prostituting daughters

Woman accused of sex trafficking, more
Upland community reacts to child prostitution case
Columbus Man Arrested In Connection With Child Prostitution Case

The moon-faced skank you see above is Michelle Randall, 35, of Upland, Nebraska. Apparently she was hard up for some money, and decided to go into business for herself. Unfortunately, her ‘business’ was illegal, and her ’employees’ were her own daughters. Only they were not employees – they were forced to have sex with men for money. Yes, Randall was pimping out her daughters, who were 7 and 14 years old. I think I need to puke…again.

So far, seven men have been identified as rapists of the 14-year old, and three different men were allowed to rape the 7-year old. At least three arrests have already been made (four, if you count Randall), with others soon to follow (I hope). The town she lives in, Upland, has a population of only 179 people, and not one of them knew anything was going on. Lord, I hope not. If they knew and did nothing, they are as sick as the birth vessel.

She was arrested after local police were tipped off anonymously, and arranged a sting at a nearby hotel. Hosebeast (thanks, Madison!) had agreed to sell herself and her 14-year old to a ‘customer’ for $350.00. I cannot imagine anyone being horny enough to do the horizontal tango with the ‘mother’, but that’s what was reported in one of the articles.

In all, three girls were removed from the house, but no word about the relationship of the third child to the others, or whether she was abused as well. Randall is still in jail in lieu of $250,000.00 bond, and the men who have been arrested had bonds ranging from $25,000.00 to $75,000.00. At least two of them have already made bail. Pity. Randall is being charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree sexual assault and felony possession of child porn. The porn charges come from the pictures she had on her phone and computer. Naked pictures of her daughters were used to ‘advertise’ them to potential rapists. And I would be remiss if I did not mention that the ‘advertising’ of the girls was done on Craigslist. (You’re welcome, Trench) Randall could receive up to 90 years in prison for the current charges, but we all know that probably won’t happen.


Conspiracy?!? WTF?!? This waste of DNA should be charged with RAPE!!! She fed those kids to a bunch of sick perverts on multiple occasions, and she is as guilty as the men; actually she’s even more guilty than they are, because she should have protected her babies instead of abusing them. This is another one of those stories that I am really having a hard time with. My mind is simply stalled. I cannot fathom the depravity necessary to sell ANY child, let alone your own, to some pervert. I’d sooner chew my own arm off than allow anyone to hurt my kids. I mean, really…who in the blue depths of HELL wakes up one day, looks at her kids, and says, “I bet I could make some money sellin’ that!” *GAG*

My heart is broken for these girls, because I know what a hard road they have to travel from here on out. And no child should ever have to make a trip like that. As for the incubator, I hope she gets mistakenly sent to the men’s prison (she does look kinda masculine), and passed around among them for days. Or weeks. Or forever…

I found this one on my own, but I wish I hadn’t. I’m still nauseous. If anyone else sent in a tip that I don’t know about yet, thanks.

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  1. We’re strapped for cash here too.  Know what, I went out and got a J..O..B  I was going to accept ANY job actually, McChuckinPukes, Taco Bell, KFC, you name it I was gonna accept it if I got a call.  I did NOT sell my children to perverts.  

    Luckily I got a job in my field (animal care) at a large animal vet clinic.  Not glamorous, but, it’s in my field and I get paid more than I would at McDonalds…But anyway I digress..

    SELLING KIDS IS BAD…Get a second or third job, or if you’re that desperate, go suck c*ck for money YOURSELF, don’t make your kids do it.

    1.  I don’t think she could have gotten anyone to pay HER for sucking c*ck.  Did you get a good look at her picture? Nasty skank. 

      I’ve worked at McD’s before – it sucked, but it helped pay the bills….and instead of exploiting the children, they actually got something good out of it.  The manager was a good guy, and would often send me home with Happy Meals for the kids – free. 

  2. Christ almighty! those poor girls. Why????????? was she using them to get herself a date. I cant get my head around this. Sorry girls, sorry your mum cares so little for you. She should be charged with rape and so should the bastards that run Craigslist. Or should it just be called rapelist?

    1. To read more about craigslist crimes against children go to

      The more you know…

      1. If you don’t know the true facts in this case shut the hell up, or ask the right person. People that post this **** on here go by hear say. In stead of sticking to the true facts.

        1. Pray, do tell, “Myself”, exactly what are the “true facts”? Sounds to me like fatfuckface there fell for the police sting.  Ie: she arrived at the hotel room fully prepared to collect money from men that had sex with her very very underage daughters.  Sounds like a criminal to me.  And an abuser.  And a complete low life dirty piece of pig ordure.  Oh, I hope she gets prison time. hope hope hope.  I hope her poor daughters get new homes with people who can take care of them, instead of pimping them out to take care of the caretakers.

        2.  You responded on this thread – to a comment about Craigslist.  Which ‘case’ were you referring to dickweed? The story about craigslist, or the one about the fat, ugly skank who pimped out her kids? How about you give us a few of the ‘true facts’… The fact is, this witch needs a hysterectomy, courtesy of Gallagher and his huge meat mallet. Sans anesthetic.  And then a bullet in the brain.  No ‘fact’ you might be able to offer here can mitigate the atrocities she subjected those innocent children to.  If you are trying to defend her worthless, flabby ass, then you need a quick dose of rapid velocity lead poisoning as well.  People like you disgust me. How about you go tie yourself to the bumper of a semi, going about ninety down the freeway?

  3. No one who can do this – any of this – can possibly qualify as human.

    I am full on for human rights and I am anti-death-penalty for so many reasons.   HOW-frickin-EVER, what qualifies as “human” is up for definition in my mind. 

    It is our phenotype that defines us?  Having the right number of chromosmes in the right order?  The same soup of genetic material?   I say no, no more than a pile of engine blocks, spark plugs, hoses and belts is a car.   The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    This female and these males are just not human.  Which makes it easy for me to say “No human rights for them.”    They shoudl be exterminated, like any other dangerous, pestilential infestation.

  4. Puke.  Fucking beast.

  5. My own daughter just turned 7, we went for a mani pedi and some ice cream after… she is prefect and innocent and full of wonder for the world… I would kill a man with my bare hands with out mercy or guilt if he even touched my beautiful little girl. Fucking ham beast should HANG in an old fashion lynch mob kind of way(you know, if they could find a rope strong enough). 
          I almost threw up on my keyboard reading this, what kind of depraved monster looks at her (or ANY)  little girl and thinks “hummm, I should let pedophiles tap that for some fast cash”.  Fucking disgusting!!!! 
                     Someone said they hope she gets “mistakenly” put in the mens jail, I dont… The women in her prison will give her the “warm welcome” she deserves with a broomstick and/or any other phallic object they can find.   despite being in prison, the majority of the women there genuinely love their children and would die to protect them… Sure she would get raped in a mens prison, but the women will truly give her the suffering she deserves.

  6. Stories like this bother me the most, as my own bio birth vessel sold me from age 10 to 15, after my bio sperm donor had abused me from birth to 8. I know the road these girls have ahead of them, and that the odds are unfortunately not in their favor to have any semblance of a normal life some day. I pray to God they are adopted by a family who can help them heal and become the lights that God meant for them to be.

    1. Mazie….OMG, hugs to you love.

  7. Welcome to the site, John! Most of the regulars here are no longer surprised by such behavior either, although they are horrified at the frequency of such abuse.  That goes double for the writers.   Thank you for your support and kind words.

  8. Remember that Bobbie Gentry song, “Fancy,” that Reba McIntire covered, about the successful hooker whose kindly mother rescued her from poverty by pimping her out?

    Here’s the other side of the story. Good day.

    1. The_Shadow_Knows

      I think she has the “plain white trash” part down anyway.

    2.  I kinda snickered at that…until I realized that the truth of that statement leaves little room for humor.  I’ve never liked that song…

      1. The_Shadow_Knows

        Well, I guess the first verse of the song does say she had just “turned eighteen”, so the scenario is not quite as horrible as this one.  Still pretty sad that any mother would think her daughter’s “once chance” in life was to sell herself for money…

  9. The_Shadow_Knows

    I can certainly understand why she didn’t just try to prostitute herself – any sane man’s erection would vanish like a birthday candle in a blowtorch when confronted by Moon Crater Face up there – but that doesn’t give her the right to sell her daughters to sicko rapists.  TRY WORKING FOR A LIVING YOU IGNORANT BITCH! I hope the inmates at her new residence have plenty of warning to sharpen and conceal shanks before she arrives, so they can set a new land speed record when it comes to unzipping her worthless guts.

  10. Go spam somewhere else. 

  11. Poor babies! I am in tears since my daughters are not much younger than these girls! I could never do that to my daughters! If she wants to be a white ( and men are actually willing to pay to sleep with the fat ass pitiful mother) fine but DO NOT do that to your babies! I hope she rots in jail forever her and the sick men involved!

  12. I site stalked you. It seemed fine.

    1. It’s spam, it’s banned. 

      1. I didn’t think it looked bad. But I only poked briefly from my phone. You’re the boss.

        1.  Yup. Trench is the boss…he bans the PRECIOUS PENIS!!!

          1. WAKE UP CALL!!!

          2. Stop, you’re giving me tard flashbacks. 

  13. I can’t even imagine the psychological damage that’s been inflicted on these girls let alone what they have been through physically.  It’s just beyond all comprehension………..

  14. Never giving up...

    Thanks, Trench! 

  15. Wow this one was hard for me too, my momster did this to me and my sisters as far back as I can remember, I know how hard it is to ge through this. I pray that these girls are blessed with the best most loving family that will teach them how they were made perfect in the image of God, that they are beautifull and deserve better. That has been my fight in this life that I deserve what I get. I know this is not true but when disgusting people keep proving it it is hard to get past and let it go. Foster homes did more  damager then my momster did. So I will pray for them. I love this site it just kills me sometimes.

    1. I am so sorry for the unfortunate circumstances of your childhood. I want you to know that you did not and do not deserve the horror that has been dished out to you, but your empathy for the victims shows a strong character. I hope that strength will see you through the tough times, help you sail on to better times, and realize it is not your fault (and that you in no way deserved that hell)!

  16. Lemme get this straight: The adipem excors pictured actually pimped out her 14 and 7 year old daughters because money was tight? Why do I get the feeling the girls were also thin for their age, as it appears she has not missed to many meals.P.S. If you are not fluent in latin use Google tranlate.

  17. This cow is back in the news, although now they aren’t naming her to supposedly protect the daughters. One of the pieces of sh*t that had sex with the 14 yr old is up for trial. She actually had the audacity to say that the girl was willing because she was “materialistic” and wanted the money… so F’ing what? YOU are the mother, it’s YOUR JOB to protect your kids. Sucks that my tax money is going to give this wildebeest 2 hots and a cot….

  18. This cow is back in the news, they’re trying one of the pieces of Sh*t that had sex with the daughter… she’s still trying to blame it on the daughter, saying that she was materialistic and wanted the money. So f’ing what! YOU are the parent, YOU are supposed to PROTECT your kid. I’m glad she’s locked up so she hopefully won’t ever breed again, but it sucks that my tax money is going for her 3 hots and a cot

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