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So this drunk bitch walks into a tattoo shop…

Drunk, pregnant mother arrested in Houston after leaving baby in car to get piercing
Drunk, pregnant mom leaves baby in car to get piercing, police say
Pregnant DUI

Drunk and Pregnant, and in desperate need of a piercing.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. One little detail I failed to mention in my joke-opener is that she was  pregnant too, which we all know is no fucking laughing matter.

Stephanie Irene Santana, 20, of Houston, TX walked into a tattoo shop to get a piercing this morning around 2:40am. While that seems like a bit of a weird time to get an itching for a new hole in your body, just wait. …. Stephanie was 7-months preggo and hammered to boot.  She asked how long the wait was, because her baby was in the car. The folks at the tattoo shop refused service to her because of her inebriated state and promptly called the po-po on her ass after following her to her car because, “I could tell she was on something.”

When the police arrived, they found her passed out in the front seat of her running car sleeping off her buzz and her 1-year old baby girl in the passenger seat next to her.  Unbelievable! When the cops searched her car, they found empty beer bottles and xanax in the diaper bag! The DIAPER BAG! Fuck me.

She was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated, endangering a child, and possession of a controlled substance and was taken to the hospital to get checked out.  Her little girl was placed in the care of child protective services.

Fucking irresponsible dolt. I sincerely hope that someone willing and able can care for those babies while she fucking shapes up.  If there’s hope for her shaping up, that is.

Silver lining? No dead kids and that makes this a good fucking day.

Thanks to Venus and Samantha for the tips.

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  1. and hopefully those two babies find a good loving adoptive home.  Knock the c*** out,  give her a C-section, tie her tubes, and adopt out the baby with his/her sister.  It’s the right thing to do. (That’s the ONLY time you’ll hear me say something like that…)

  2. They should have sewn her useless snatch shut before they sent her packing.  Maybe after the baby is born she can get that done. 

    1.  Oh, no, I’m sure she’ll keep that womb open for business and pop out several more kids to neglect…and endanger….

  3. What a loser. I was not at all shocked the baby was in the passenger seat.

  4. Who the fuck do u think u r to pass judgement on anyone!? U fuckn idiots are not gonna take care of the babies. So fuck off!!

    1. Awww, a defender on the first day. Your friend’s a peice of shit. No, I’m not going to take care of the babies because I don’t know them, it’s their MOTHER’S job to take care of them, but obviously she’s too busy getting her drink on with her one year old riding shotgun! Worthless bitch.

    2.  Actually, we probably are, shart for smarts…Her children are going into the system and who do you thinks’ taxes go to pay for that shit? So kindly, get a fucking clue and tell your pal to insist her fuck buddy wears a condom next time, then she won’t have to worry about getting her party on while pregnant…an ounce of prevention…as they say…

    3. Who the fuck am I to pass judgement? I’m Danielle bitch, that’s motherfucking who. 

      How exactly are we the idiots? Your got tanked while 7-months preggo and left her baby in the car to get a piercing. THAT is idiotic (and a lot of other non PG-13 words). And you are possibly defending her? For serious? 

      Did we get it wrong? Was she not preggo and drunk? Did she not leave her 1-year baby girl in the car at 2:30am? Please enlighten me with what really happened. 

      I’ll tell you what happened years and years ago – some asshole and his horny bitch forgot to wrap it up before conceiving your friend Stephanie and then history repeated itself 19 years later when Stephanie the cum dumpster forgot to use protection too. Do her a favor and sew her snatch up so she can’t ruin anymore children’s lives. 

      And while you’re at it, go fuck yourself.  You’re defending a person who neglected and abused her kids – now I’m judging you c***. 

    4. Actually Lisa…I WOULD take care of the babies – on the condition that full custody was granted to e with no visitation rights. 

    5. Lisa, any person or culture that doesn’t pass judgment on the behavior of the woman in this instance is stupid, insane or evil.  It is WRONG and BAD to get drunk when you are pregnant.  It is WRONG and BAD to drive while drunk, especially with a child in the car.  It is WRONG and BAD to leave that child alone in a car (at 2:40 a.m. while visitng a tattoo parlor, no less).  There is no acceptable defense.  If those chidren are placed in protective custody, we will, in fact, be caring for them with our tax dollars. 

    6.  Oh, then I guess the police shouldn’t have arrested her either. We would not want anyone passing judgement…..

      What? Everyone should just ignore when a child is being abused or in danger? Because that is basically what you are saying. Just because none of us are raising this bitch’s kids doesn’t mean that people are allowed to just do what they want. She committed CRIMES.

      Public Intoxication
      Leaving a BABY in the car unattended
      Having a BABY in the FRONT Passenger seat.
      Possession of Substances.

      Oh……but no one is allowed to “judge”. Well I call bullshit on that one.

      1. Add underage drinking to that.

        1. oh I forgot that the legal drinking age down there is 21.  I’m in Canada so here it’s either 19 or 18 depending on the province.    That’s why I didn’t bat an eye about that when I read 20 and “Drunk”  

          1. I think most states in the US have open container laws, too… which we can add to the list since she had an open Corona in the car. Sheesh… if I keep thinking, I might be able to add a few more. Lol

      2. Hey now…. My ex worked the graveyard shift, so our household had an inversed schedule. I would go grocery shopping in the wee hours because, for our household, that time slot was the equivalent of every-man’s noon. My daughter still got an adequate amount of sleep throughout the day, like any (cared for) child, the only difference being where the sun was in the sky during that rest. Otherwise, you’re bang-on with everything else!

  5. Lisa…

    who the fuck are you to tell us what to do?
    Are YOU going to take care of the babies?
    And don’t forget to wipe.

  6. I would u dumb shit…funny how everybody has opinion, but fail to realize it dnt mean shit.

    1. And neither does your’s, you disease-ridden slore. Your dumbc*** buddy thought it was a good idea to fuck her child up with more than her worthless DNA, and left a one year old child alone in a car so she could visit a tattoo parlor. Fuck her, and fuck you. Eat a dick, and God bless, whore.

      1.  slut+whore=slore? Is that what that is?

        1. Yes. And Slut + Cunt = Slunt.

    2. Oh, Sleeza, you are in way over your head, you worthless c***. We hate useless tw*ts like your friend, but we hate their groupies even more. You may want to go fuck yourself before we stop playing nice.

  7. I bet her baby would probably be retarded.

    1. Kids born with FAS aren’t “Retarded”  They are born with a  form of brain damage brought on them by SELFISH CUNT MOTHERS who couldn’t bother to abstain from alcohol for a measley 9 months.   FAS is a symptom of abuse…that whore’s babies have been abused in the womb on, with her fucking alcohol bingeing.    I’m a complete believer of Nurture over nature when it comes to kids.  My daughter’s bio dad is a complete fucking loser.  He threw CD’s at her head when she was 2 months old!  He’s a drug addict and an alcoholic.  He has an extensive violent criminal record.  I left him when my daughter was 2mos and given the clear to fly by her Dr after her vaccines.  She is now 9 and the SWEETEST kid you could ever meet.  Not a violent bone in her body.    So if that woman’s babies manage to score an awesome foster/adoptive home,  they sure as hell have a really great chance of being cycle breakers.

      A kid who’s been brain damaged by a selfish drunk c***, isn’t retarded.  THE CUNT who drank during pregnancy, THAT is retarded.l

      1. Digchild might be retarded. The jury is still out.

  8. Wow! So, after reading this, I thought to myself, “Now here’s a cut and dry story that no human being could possibly try to defend.” And, then I look at the comments and this dumb ass Lisa bitch has the audacity to say we have no right to pass judgement. You must be out of your damn mind. I guess maybe if you’re a psycho-child-abusing-sleezey piece of shit, you can’t, so I’m guessing that’s why you feel you shouldn’t… I happen to have tattoos and piercings, but you can bet your ass I didn’t abuse one child and neglect the other one while I was getting them. And, you can also bet your ass, I would take care of those children myself. I’m 100% those children would be better off with me. Lisa, you are a scummy, trashy whore like your little girl friend, here… and I’m going to take a guess that we will be reading about your trashy ass sooner or later since you don’t think child abuse should be ‘judged.’ & in the case that you haven’t populated (we can only pray ), eat a dick and get your tubes tied because you’d be a sorry excuse of a mother.

  9. BTW… I really need to give props to the tattoo parlor workers – first off, to not agree to work with someone who is intoxicated. Second, to ask questions that led to finding out that she had a one year old sleeping in the car. Third, for telling her to get her drunk ass out to the car to take care of her kid. And fourth, for reporting her. That’s a legit business that should be commended!

  10. What a stupid whore – I hope they take her babies away from her forever!

  11. Hey Lisa, I’m not surprised you are defending this lady; clearly you’re just as stupid as her.

  12. Oh, look guys… this isn’t the only place Lisa is getting slammed for her stupid comments:

    1. yours truly is on there too LOL stupid bitch (her)

      1. Yup, Danielle… I just noticed you on there. Lol. This is the funny part… I noticed that her “cuz”, Abby or Andwhat as she calling herself here, posted the same crap defending Stephanie that she posted here just 9 hours ago…. you think she would have learned how much people enjoy listening to others defend her child abusing cousin yesterday on this site. And, on the article comment she says her defense is how much she’s ‘been through’. I guess she obviously hasn’t read about all the women who write for and visit this site that have a past history of abuse, but as adults CHOOSE to not continue the cycle of abuse. She’s a dumb bitch for thinking that being abused is a good excuse for abusing your children. We need to pull welfare, get the children out of these situations, and let Darwinism take it’s course.

  13. I love you guys. “Lisa” got pwned!

  14. Can y’all just leave her alone she made a mistake the baby is fine. How do I know cuz I’m her cuzin an the baby Is stayingwih me so shut up

    1. A mistake is forgetting to lock the door after you leave your house. What your “cuzin” did is disgusting and irresponsible.

      To answer your question, no – we can’t leave her alone.

    2. No.  We won’t leave her alone.  There are TONS OF STUDIES/ADVISORIES EVERYWHERE ABOUT NOT DRINKING WHILE PREGNANT.  That is not an accident.  Getting behind the wheel when you’re plastered IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.  Putting your baby in the front seat of a car, WITHOUT A CAR SEAT, and LEAVING HER THERE in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING NIGHT (hello carjacks? heard of them? yeah)  IS NOT A MISTAKE.  IT is all a matter of STUPID FUCKING CHOICES. That’s it.

      Your COUSIN (that’s how you spell go back to school dear)  is a fucking moron.  She doesn’t deserve to have those children, and she sure as hell shouldn’t have any more until she grows the fuck up.

      and YOU little miss, better go back to Kindergarten to learn to spell properly.  Your illiterate drivel is very hard on the eyes. 

      here’s something you might understand since “Big wurds” are Hrd for U to read.

      Ur Cuzn iz dum.  Ur Cuzn needs 2 grwup. Ur Cuzn needs 2 stp having bbs. Ur cuzn is a dum c***.

      Ugh..I think my IQ shifted downwards a few points.  Someone hold me.

      1. Funny how the “cuz’s” post was right after mine. Clearly did not read ONE WORD that I wrote.

        Yeah, carjackings was a definite danger, but more than that….imagine some perv walking by and sees the child alone in the car and either kills or molests the child or both. Kidnappings happen all the time. I doubt the dumb bitch would have even noticed the kid was gone when she got back to the car.

        I don’t care if a person is my relative or not. I would NEVER defend someone who acted like this. I really think that people are out of their minds. I fear for any child in the “care” of someone who is defending the child’s “mother”. I doubt this kid will ever have a decent chance in life with parents and relatives like this.

    3. Mistake? Clearly stupidity runs in your family.

    4. The baby is fine???? Are you kidding me? Her mother is a pill popping drunk who, not only had her awake at 3am, but drove her intoxicated and poisoned the little life inside of her who is her sister or brother. And, now she has only you to rely on. Jesus. That little girl is not FINE. Her chances of growing up without some serious mental health issues are narrowing as she gets older and keeps getting exposed to neglectful and dangerous situations, which is EXACTLY what will happen if she isn’t saved from that mom-ster! What would have happened if a baby fucking low life walked by that car while ‘mom’ was getting pierced. He could snatch her up and have his way with her… and don’t say that shit doesn’t happen because then you need to read about more of these sick fucks on BB. Your “cuz” is a baby abusing addict who needs help and in your defending of her, I truly believe that child is still in grave danger. 

    5.  Which baby? The one in the car or the one in her belly? I’m pretty sure getting drunk while pregnant is NOT a practice designed to ensure a healthy baby…you lose. Would you like to return for double Jeopardy, where the scores can REALLY change?

      Hey, Alex, I’ll take “Who’s a child abuser?” for $1000.00.

    6. Ever heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome doofus? Gad, some people are just STUPID. And they like it!

    7.  Great. The baby is with yet another lowlife. How wonderful….

    8. I have a cousin who can’t stop drinking or get her life together for her daughters. I called DHS on her ass and had those girls removed. Know why? Because I care about the CHILDREN, who are also my family! You obviously only care about your drunken slag of a “cuzin”, get off the computer and care for that poor kid staying with you! God help these children! Your family is fucked.

  15. Fuck what a responsible parent… And I remember the first time I got drunk in my life, and then finding out 2 weeks later that I was pregnant… I felt like the worst person in the whole world! And here we have this bitch drunk, pregnant, and leaving another baby in the car so late at night… Another stupid young mother giving the good ones bad names (I’m 21, and nothing goes before my children, not even my own health).

    Someone as stupid as her will never change. Pregnancy is supposed to make you more responsible… If she’s like this pregnant, imagine when she’s not.

  16. What is even more sickening is that this whore (cause that’s what she is)  will more than likely be pregnant again not long after she gives birth to this one. She will have multiple kids to neglect. Just like most of the sick fucks in these news reports.

  17. She must have been pretty wasted to forget that no tattoo shop will pierce or ink a pregnant person, drunk or not.  Not only is it against the health codes (that all actual tattoo artists have to have to legally operate), but is against the ethical standards of the average artist as it could (among other things) cause a miscarriage.  You have to be a pretty horrible person when total strangers have higher standards for your fetus than you do in spite of the financial incentive they might have to look the other way.

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