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I know life gets hectic at times and in our stressed-out minds we can tend to forget things, but how do you forget your baby??  More to the point, how the hell do you forget your infant is on top of the damn car?!?  That’s exactly what 19 year old Catalina Clouser did, but of course, she was also stoned out of her gourd!!


Let’s start this at the beginning…

Police officers noticed a car erratically changing lanes, almost causing a collision.  After stopping the car, they arrested 19 year old Manuel M. Pena, who admitted to smoking 3 or 4 blunts before getting behind the wheel, for aggravated DUI.  He was so stoned he didn’t realize he had almost caused a crash.  Not only was he stoned off his ass, he doesn’t have a driver’s license either!

While talking to the police, the addle-brained duo admitted to police they had been at a park, with the baby, getting high and were on a beer run.  Either the police were feeling generous or they didn’t want any extra paperwork so they gave the pink-haired pothead up there a ride home and left her there with the baby and the car.

Apparently, the moronic twit was so distraught over her dildo’s incarceration she must have lost her buzz because she packed the baby back into the car and off they went to a friend’s house to smoke “one or two additional bowls of marijuana”—according to police.

After frying the only living cell left in her brain, she once again got into the car and headed the 12 miles home.  When she got there she realized her 5 week old baby boy wasn’t IN the car, she had set him ON the car.  She called her friends so they would start looking for him while she headed back.

About an hour and 45 minutes after daddy dipshit was arrested, police received a call from a passerby about a baby in a car seat in the middle of the road.  This was about 2 blocks from the friend’s home.

She told police she went to the friend’s house and smoked more marijuana, then placed the baby on the roof of the car when leaving and didn’t realize he wasn’t in the car until she got home.  She was arrested for child abuse and aggravated DUI.  She has been released and is on restrictions, one of which prohibits her from seeing the baby who is in CPS custody.

Luckily, the baby was securely strapped into his car seat.  There were so many things that could have happened to this child due to the stupidity of the choices made that night by both the irresponsible, imbecilic, burned-out breeders and the police!  His guardian angel must have been working overtime, the seat was scarred up and had landed on its side, but the baby wasn’t injured.


Now to address burnout brigade that will undoubtedly show up and scream “don’t blame the Jane”, “pot is harmless”, or whatever other idiotic phrases you want to come up with, I’ve got one thing to say to you…  Piss the fuck off!!

This case is proof of how harmful marijuana CAN be!!  This wasn’t one parent endangering the life of a child, it was both, and both were fucked up beyond all reason!!!  That baby was at risk due to their want or need for their next high!  These 2 were probably irresponsible dumb shits to start with, but the marijuana was a factor in this case like it or not!!

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  1. A lot of things CAN be dangerous… I’m not gonna blame a plant. She would have done  the same thing sober. And the amount of alcohol consumed has NOTHING to do with it right? It’s all the pot’s fault….
    never thought BB would jump on the Reefer Madness Propaganda bandwagon….

    1. Usually I’d agree, but leaving your kid on top of the car and driving off and not realizing until you got home means you’re high on SOMETHING. I will admit that drinking also had something to do with it.  

      Also, I am so sick of pot-tards popping up out of buttfuck nowhere and saying marijuana is a harmless plant.  It does have effects on your body, not to mention your goddamn brain.  “Just a plant” my ass.  I don’t think it should be illegal, but there’s a reason driving while high is illegal.  And if it was just a plant, why would anyone smoke it?

      I don’t hate average joe smokers who smoke a bowl/joint/whatev in the privacy of their homes.  I hate the ones who are constantly high and do stupid shit like this.  It DOES affect your ability to drive, and I’ll guarantee that if it’s ever legalized, Daddy Dipshit nearly causing a crash and being too stoned to realize it would be the reason driving while high would STILL be illegal.  Pot WAS a factor in this, whether you like it or not, so take your “just a plant” propaganda and shove it, kthx.

      1. I don’t know the veracity of this as I really don’t give a crap about this issue enough to google it (I’m not an activist or anything, but I do agree with legalization with restrictions similar to alcohol), but my husband claims that there was a study that showed those who smoked weed actually drove better than the sober. Slower and more carefully, less likely to get in an accident. Now I don’t know the amount smoked. I highly doubt they gave study participants 2 or 3 bowls in addition to 2 or 3 blunts in the span of a few hours so who knows. BTW? Who the fuck smokes that much? Jesus Christ, I’d be glued to the floor. If they ever replace this addiction with food they’re going to be those people that can’t get out of their houses because the doors are too small. 1,000lbs, end up on a show on TLC. 

        1.  You could not be more wrong.  In May of 1999, I was involved in a bad car accident.  The guy swerved over four lanes, driving like a bat out of hell, came at me head on.

          I, to this day, suffer spine problems, leg problems and horrific headaches.  He knocked my spine out 1/2″ at my neck.  I’m lucky to be alive and able to walk.

          He was STONED when he hit me.  So there goes that theory that they, “drive better than the sober”.  Bullshit they do! 

    2. Umm they were on a beer run so maybe it was the 5-6 blunts

  2. I must say, that my husband and I have been together for 8 years, I did not know he was a pot head till after a few years when he slipped back to that. However I have lived with him and delt with this crap for 8 years, and I will tell you he has wrecked his car high at least 3 times in the last 6 months, side swipping stuff, while packing a bowl. He cant hold a conversation he is so damn stupid when he gets high. My oldest son came to me one day at 13 and said mom I think Dad is on drugs. I said why do you think that, and he said cause one of my friends gets stonned and looks that dumb. lol Pot does affect every aspect of thinking, and action. I used to agree oh its just pot, alchohol is worse, untill living with a pot head. We are now seperated, cause this drug people think dont affect them has ruined our marraige, and he is so stupid that he has chose the drug over the family. It is just as bad as any other drug. Medically has been proven to cause death to brain cells, not to mention that each joint is like 5 cigarettes to your lungs as well. The people who say it doesnt affect thier ability, are the ones that believe that becuase they have smoked so muchg thier brains dont work. As the parent is this story that left thier baby on top of a car. The most important thing I have ever left on a car was a drink. Give me a break with all this its just a plant crap. I am so sick of drug addict excuses for using drugs. If you have kids grow the heck up and live right for you r babies.

    1. There is so much misinformation in that post that I don’t even know where to start. You have presented anecdotal evidence. Proves nothing. And many studies have shown that marijuana does things like reduce cancer risk among other things. But this is a pointless thing to argue. No one wants to take responsibility or expect others to take it (or then they might have to!). This girl in this story is an idiot. Your husband in all likelihood was unhappy with his marriage. But totally, it was the weed. He let’s you blame the weed, you let you blame the weed, whatever underlying issues aren’t addressed and everyone moves forward bold in their denial.

      1. It does not slow or cure cancer of any kind pleaaasee lol it it used to dull the pain

      2. You are such an asshole, you know that?  I’ve never read anything more insensitive.  Of course it can’t be the weed’s fault, it can’t be Mr. Elliot’s fault, it has to be MandyElliot’s.  Weed does NOT reduce cancer risk; it actually RAISES the risk for lung cancer because yes, it does have carcinogens in it (though it’s not as bad as tobacco).  You want to paint this picture of Mr. Elliot being unhappy with his life so poor little him has to go smoke up his sorrows.  That’s not the case.  That stuff is psychologically addictive.  Not physically- you can quite cold turkey without any bad physical effects- but psychologically, oh yes it is because you’re addicted to the high.  That’s probably what led Pinky and Penis here to smoke so much.

        I will also posit that most of the stoners I know were VERY disrespectful toward anyone who didn’t do weed.  At the time I was dating one of them, I was 18, willing to even try weed just once just to see the effect it would have on my writing.  The vitriol aimed at non-stoners is astounding, and the hyping of marijuana plus all of the misinformation you all like to spout turned me off forever.  Do what you want, don’t get pissed off at me when I don’t want to do it too.  And don’t do stupid shit that endangers people while you’re high. 

        1. Sorry you had a bad experience with stoners, but there is a difference between stoners and responsible pot users who only use it “socially” like alcohol on Friday nights, etc, and never push it on other people who don’t smoke.

          1. I’m a pothead and I can’t fathom that calibre of stupidity. Like “oh I forgot my fucking baby on top of the car”. I wouldn’t smoke if I had to drive or go out in public, and even then only half a joint, not stoned out of my fucking mind on 2 joints and 3 bowls.

    2. I can’t like this comment enough.

    3. Then he wasn’t just high on pot. 

  3. I’m going to show up anyway. It was not the fault of the marijuana but the irresponsible and excessive use of said marijuana that was the problem here. I also noticed mention of a “beer run”. I know people like to blame drugs and alcohol for heinous and/or stupid behavior. It excuses their own shitbag parents on some level and lets them accept their shitbag parents and move on, but an ass-hole is an ass-hole. Drugs or not, these are very stupid selfish people and eventually they’d have done something else to endanger this child. Letting the kid drown while they leveled up in Farmville for example.

  4. Oh good lord, talk about misinformation (takurospirit)…it reduces cancer??  It helps reduce the SYMPTOMS of cancer TREATMENT.  I.E. Helps eleviate nausea due to chemotherapy.  Increases appetite that is affected with the treatment.  The help it offers to CANCER patients outweighs the damage of marijuana to the body.

    1. And helps them sleep. My mother had the pills. She never took them, but I wish she had. She had awful trouble sleeping. She lost 60 pounds. She was sick as fuck. But she elected not to… so….

    2. I should also add that medical marijuana is actually different from the varieties you’d find on the street.  They aren’t the same. 

  5. I feel sad that this happened. I feel even sadder that everyone is focusing on the drug two breeders were on than the fact two breeders on drugs almost killed their baby…twice. As drugs go, it is generally harmless…when you’re not riding around town with your baby after smoking 3 blunts and then 2 bowls. Seriously, that is fucking stoned. Even on the worst weed, omg so high. That is why these two suck at parenting and suck at life. I don’t blame the weed, I blame these assholes for getting stoned off their ass and almost killing their baby. And no, I do not think she would have done that sober! Weed does strange things to a person.

  6. Awesome write up, Cyn.  I missed ya chicky!

  7. Glad the baby’s ok, I love it when that happens. Hopefully, since we all know that baby’s going right back to these two winners, this was a huge WAKE UP CALL and this will smack some sense into them.

    Totally not getting into the drug debate, and oh, yeah, nice fucking hair.

  8. Well, I don’t think it matters whether they were smoking their high or drinking it (except one’s illegal and one’s not), they were too high/stoned/drunk whatEVER to care properly for their child.  If you are caring for a child you do NOT get wasted.  Period. If you do then you are a waste.

  9. Poor kid.  Two teenaged dumbshit drunken dopers for parents.  Sad, sad, sad.

  10. It’s some kind of luck that baby wasn’t hurt or worse and these spawners  are dumb as shit…About the marijuana debate…I barely take over the counter medicine and am not into the drug thing at all…but people I care about are or have been and some can be complete fucking dumbshits, but others have their shit together. Toking up is like any other thing people do to make themselves feel good. Drinking, smoking, what have you…so I think if you do it in moderation, like drinking responsibly, you and those around you will be alright…but of course there are always those assholes that will ruin something and drink until they are thoroughly shitfaced  and out of control or toke until they don’t know up from down…so I guess what I’m saying is blame the parents more than the drug. A person knows when they are too far gone to be out and about and can’t handle their shit, this pair of morons just didn’t give a shit about their kid and wanted to get their party on. Could have been weed, booze, meth, heroine, whatever the particular flavor of the month for these idiots. And were marijuana legalized, it would be illegal to toke and drive, I’m sure. This just as easily could have been a couple of dumbasses drunk off their butts, but it just so happened they were high. If you’re a parent, you should be making better choices for yourself and your kids. So I can’t condemn tokers and say Bad Stoners about every person who does it…because it’s a lot like alcohol and booze isn’t illegal…but makes people just as stupid and shitty and irresponsible…

  11. Dumb fucks are dumb fucks, no matter what kind of drug they’re on at the time.  Pot just magnifies the dumbfuckery.  That’s it.  Like if you have violent tendencies, but well buried and controlled, and you get plastered,  you’ll get into fights.  If you’re a fucking idiot, and get stoned, you get even stupider.  

    I used to smoke pot like mad…I loved it, and I still kinda miss the high…But, did I do anything REALLY stupid on it? no.  I had no kids at the time.  Any substance can magnify the negative qualities of a person…and it does.  If you’re paranoid, pot will make you more so, if you’re mellow, yeah..that’s beauty…if you’re stupid then yeah pot will make you dumber than that rock over there.  

    It has it’s uses.  It’s good for cancer patients and patients who are chronically ill/in pain, like Fibro or MS.  Thing is,  just like there’s responsible drinking, there’s responsible smoking.  SMART people use substances responsibly.  STUPID people…don’t.  Having a few brews at home…and making sure there’s another sober adult to drive in case of an emergency with kids = Responsible, even more responsible leave kids with grandma/grandpa while you get your party on.  😉 

    I do kinda miss pot though…not enough to ruin my husband’s career and get my kids taken away though.  But watchin The Big Lebowski..yeah..

    1. “Dumb fucks are dumb fucks, no matter what kind of drug they’re on at the time.  Pot just magnifies the dumbfuckery.  That’s it.  Like if you have violent tendencies, but well buried and controlled, and you get plastered,  you’ll get into fights.  If you’re a fucking idiot, and get stoned, you get even stupider.   ”

      this is my take on it too!
      I was married to a pothead and he was and still is one of the most responsible people I’ve ever known. Was he goofy and hungry when he was high? Yes. But he went to work every single day and provided for our family, was to-the-penny meticulous with our money bills and we didn’t have a dollar of debt to our names.  He was a shitty husband, but not b/c of the pot. I didn’t like that he smoked it b/c it is illegal, but him smoking weed never was an issue in our marriage – LOTS of other stuff was lol

      Now, My best friend’s ex-husband is also a pothead. I went to her house one day to get her 6-month old daughter for the afternoon and when I walked in the whole place reeked of weed. I asked him what the fuck and he was all stoned and thought it was funny. “When I smoke weed with her in here, she eats better.” – He’s a dumbfuck, high or not.  He’s the same asshole who now smokes weed with that same kid – but now she’s 16. Totally different story, don’t get me started. 

      I don’t like weed b/c it stinks and I don’t smoke it. I don’t think people should smoke it b/c it’s illegal and I think it should stay that way. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth. BUT, I think tons of responsible folks smoke weed. And tons of fucking idiot tools smoke weed. It’s an equal opportunity drug. 

  12. SHe could’ve Ben just as irresponsible and strung out on NyQuil, on booze, canned air– I could go on and on. She is a baby who had a baby and thinks its an excuse to go crazy. No. Throw the ook at her because she’s full of excuses. But don’t say pot made her do it. She did it. I know I’ve smoked more than enough weed for half the nation. But I never did it as a parent. I never smoked and drove, least of all with a baby on my car roof.

  13. There are too many responsible pot-smokers in the world to even try and think about the marijuana in this case.  Yep, they are morons and smoked pot all day etc. but it’s not thepot’s fault it’s their OWN fault they’re idiots.  SMH we cannot seek to blame anything other than the stupid humans in cases like thse.

  14. Mitt Romney did the same thing to his dog…. think he was high too?

  15. “Now to address burnout brigade that will undoubtedly show up and
    scream “don’t blame the Jane”, “pot is harmless”, or whatever other
    idiotic phrases you want to come up with, I’ve got one thing to say to
    you…  Piss the fuck off!!
    This case is proof of how harmful marijuana CAN be!!  This wasn’t one
    parent endangering the life of a child, it was both, and both were
    fucked up beyond all reason!!!  That baby was at risk due to their want
    or need for their next high!  These 2 were probably irresponsible dumb
    shits to start with, but the marijuana was a factor in this case like it
    or not!!”

    Yet Tobacco and  Alchohal is okay? There’s more drugs worse than Pot you know (Crack, Heroin, Meth, etc.). These were just very stupid irresponsible  people…

    1. I never said any of it was okay!  My point is anyone who is responsible for the safety and well being of a child shouldn’t be high on anything, if your not caring for a child I don’t care if you smoke/drink yourself stupid!!!

  16. I smoke weed, but never, NEVER around any of my nephews or neices and certainly not when they are under my care.  Actually, on that point I’ve only ever smoked pot twice around family in general: after my brother’s funeral at the reception with other family/family friends, and once at my mother’s house when I was visiting during the day/afternoon and had to nap before an overnight shift. Pot in and of itself is harmless, but the problem is it’s fairly accessable, and decently cheap (when compared to other drugs), and this attracts the kind of people who might not be so responsible about when/where they do it.

    I’m by no means trying to justify the stupidity of the people involved, I just saw what was quoted by “Guest” and felt like I should add my two cents.

  17.  I believe in the medical use of marijuana… but I believe it should be used just like any other prescription medication- don’t drive or operate heavy machinery (like a 2 ton fucking car) while under the influence.  These worthless pieces of shit don’t look handicapped (physically at least, it’s obvious that they have intellectual handicaps).  They were using it recreationally. Why anyone in their right mind would defend a drug when a child’s life is in danger is beyond me. You want to advocate drug use? Fine, take it to your local congressman… it has no place here.

  18. There are so many problems with blaming this stupid and irresponsible behavior on cannabis that I don’t know where to start.  First of all, millions of people use cannabis at least occasionally and never ever do anything this dumb.  This is the first I have ever heard of anyone driving with their baby on the roof of their car, high or not.  Secondly, the “dad” (and probably the “mom” as well) in this story admitted to smoking 3 or 4 blunts, which is an unusually large amount of weed to smoke in one sitting, even for a Rastafarian.  In alcohol terms, that’s like pounding ten or more shots in a few minutes, and is clearly NOT representative of more moderate use.  Third, what these two morons did has zero relevance to the legalization issue because driving stoned (and reckless endangerment and child neglect) would still be illegal, as is the case with booze, and clearly prohibition failed to prevent these idiots from doing what they did.  And finally, these idiots are NOT representative of America’s 30+ million tokers, the majority of whom are responsible users.  Just like the drunken idiots that are featured on BadBreeders are not representative of all drinkers by any stretch of the imagination.   And in a free society we ought not to punish all for the actions of the irresponsible few.

    1. Canabis is illegal, it is a drug….you can do time for this drug. If you value your kids you don’t do shit that gets you thrown in jail….i.e. canabis, weed, mari-jane. etc….

      ’nuff said.

    2. I don’t blame the marijuana entirely for these idiots actions!  I said it was a factor in this case and it was!!

      The fact is if you’re an irresponsible dumbass and you get fucked up; the drug, whether it’s cannabis/crack/alcohol…, will intensify the irresponsible stupidity that you possess!!  I stand by my belief, if you have children in your care you should not indulge in any kind of mind altering substance!!  Period!!!

  19. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with smoking pot or drinking but both need to be done responsibly. I do believe that booze and pot can make people do ridiculous things when consuming too much and there is a difference between what these two consumed and sitting on your porch after the kids go to bed and smoking a.joint .
    I know plenty of good parents that smoke pot and plenty of horrible parents who don’t


    maybe she was high on crack before she went to teach. nah, probably marijuana. what a pothead.

  21. Well as someone said, if a guy drinks alcohol and gets behind a wheel and crashes, we don’t blame the alcohol or the car, we blame the moron. Don’t see how it is different with weed. But hell yeah, idiocy and weed don’t mix.

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