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We get letters: Broken Friendship

We got an e-mail from someone who has written us before. In this e-mail she relays a tale that happened to her child that should serve as a lesson when it comes to priorities in your child’s life and yours.

I had emailed a month or so back about how I broke the cycle. Then today my worst nightmare happened. I found out one of my best friends son had (just today) decided to remove my 6-year-old sons pants and touch him. Needless to say I’m heart-broken. BUT I still did my motherly duty, ruined a 16 year-long close friendship and filed a police report. NOTHING and NO ONE is more important than my children. It was VERY hard to file a report against someone I love but it had to be done. So when these worthless parents say “but they were a close family friend and I didn’t want to lose that,” well guess what I didn’t want to lose that also; but I put my child’s welfare over my wants. Because that’s what momma’s are supposed to do!

We need more mothers and fathers like this in our society.

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Updated: July 15, 2012 — 12:15 pm


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  1. No one needs friends that badly if they are willing to behave like that. 

    1. You nor your child have done nothing wrong. You are doing everything you should be doing as the mother of your child. For each person telling you that you are doing wrong there are 10 people to tell you that you are doing right. If they were in your shoes i would hope they would do the same thing and if not then they would be the bad one. Love you and your kids girl. Im hers for you if you need me.

  2. You are a STRONG and AWESOME Momma! It’s hard but you are doing right by your child! ūüôā

  3. Thank you! I have had several people tell me I’m taking this too far and should not of called the cops, but I know without a doubt, I did the right thing! It’s hard I lost one of my best friends, because of course she doesn’t think I should of called either, and the steps of going through the motions are difficult. Everytime I talk to the police, a social worker, it reminds me of a lost friendship. But my child is first and foremost!

  4. I wish my mother had been a Momma like you are being a Momma. In my case it was my step-dad and she knew before they even got married what he was doing to me. I was in third grade when my abuse started and they are still married today. I am 30. She never cared, she never reported anything, she asked me to lie at the¬†counselor’s office when I went for a suicide attempt and she refuses to even acknowledge what she allowed me to endure growing up. She gets upset when I don’t let my kids visit her, and she told the police I was a liar when I finally moved out at 16 and my friend’s mom helped me report him and press charges. After I pressed charges, she told me that my brother would be put in foster care and that worse things would happen to him than had happened to me if I let her husband go to jail , because she wouldn’t be able to take care of him and the state would take him and it would be my fault; I dropped the charges and refused to talk to the lawyer and my statute of limitations ran out.¬†

    She was hell bent on not losing him, and she still has him now, but she doesn’t have her kids or grandkids. You are an¬†inspiration and a good Momma! Losing a friend that you love like family is a hard thing, but you were able to deal with that and help your son. Believe me when I say, as a sexual abuse survivor, your¬†sacrifice will be ever remembered and ever appreciated.¬†¬†

    1. My heart breaks for you! No mother should EVER put any person over thier children! At least when my mom found out she got us out and left (although she didn’t believe us when we first told her,) I commend my mom for that she lost us we went to our dads but even knowing that would happen she put our well being over what she wanted!
      By you not allowing your children over there you are being one amazing mom and your children are lucky to have you!

    2. ¬†My kids aren’t allowed around my bio sperm donor and if my mother were alive they wouldn’t be allowed near her for the very same reason. My mother did the same to me and I swear to the lord above if ANYONE friend, family, husband whatever…..they wouldn’t have to just worry about the police.

  5. How old was the son of your friend?

  6. Im also wondering how old her friend’s son is. No matter the age it is wrong… just curious

  7. You’re doing the right thing. A real friend would understand.¬†

  8. The boy that did this is 17! Defiantly old enough to know better

    1. ABSOLUTELY!¬† If he had been 8 or 9 I would have pursued counciling or something along those lines, but 17 is definitely an age that he must be charged and held accountable…

      1. Or just explained to both childrenthat such behavior is inappropriate, if they were in the same age range.¬† Little kids like to ‘compare notes’ so to speak, and it’s no big deal.¬† However, a 17 year old is way too old for it to be simple curiosity.¬† You did just right Aquatopaz, and maybe this will get the older child the help he needs to avoid turning into a full blown molester.

  9. Youdid the right thing, and I hope that they charge him as an adult.

  10. I was also wondering the other child’s age…if they were around the same age (5 to 8 or so) I would have thought pressing charges would be out of order (kids that age are developmentally programmed to be curious about their genitalia so it’s actually pretty normal to check each other out). If it was sexual rather than curiosity though then there’s the possibility that the other child is being abused so that should be checked out!

    Having said that, 17 isn’t out of curiosity…he’s a dirty pedophile that needs to be castrated & thrown to the big burly guys in cell block H with PEDOPHILE tattooed on his forehead!

    I hope he & the family who are supporting him rot in hell!

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