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Murder/Botched-Suicide–Lisette Bamenga

Internet Research Helped Kill Kids

Mom Faces Murder Charges

Bronx Siblings Gassed and Poisoned

29 year old Lisette Bamenga, a teacher, found out her husband had allegedly cheated on her, having a baby by someone else.  Her reaction was to murder their kids and unfortunately fail at killing herself…

This selfish, vindictive c*** admittedly searched the web to find out how to poison 5 year old Trevor Noel Jr. and 4 month old Violet Lily.  She gave them grape juice laced with windshield wiper fluid.  When that didn’t seem to work she put them in the bathtub to drown them, she then dressed them, took them to the kitchen, covered the windows with plastic, turned on the gas and slit her wrists.

A neighbor called 911 to report a gas leak.  First responders found the useless bio-bitch unconscious with minor cuts on her wrists.  Tragically, they were unable to revive the children.

In one of the suicide notes she left was written:  “You got what you wanted, me and the kids are in a better place now.”

She’s facing 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder.  Her lawyer is already screaming about her rights being violated because police interviewed her at the hospital.  He’s trying to get her statements thrown out.  — “I poisoned them.  That didn’t work, so I drowned them,” and “It’s not fair, Trevor had a baby with another woman,”

This man arrived home, after working his shift with the NYPD, to total devastation.   My heart breaks for the father and family of these angels.


Rant On:

I can understand the anger directed at a cheating spouse.  I get divorcing him and taking half of everything!  I can even understand, to a point, wanting to hurt or kill his ass!!  What I can’t wrap my mind around is killing your babies because your husband screwed around!!  I don’t care if he had 20 different kids running around by 20 different women; no one deserves the loss this man is suffering!

Why do the selfish, cowardly fucks insure the death of the babies but they always seem to survive!?!  She didn’t drink the juice she poisoned those babies with or research how to properly slice her damn wrists in order to die, but she made damn sure they wouldn’t survive!!  She poisoned, drowned, and then gassed them…

Those babies were innocent and deserved to have a full life!!  Children aren’t pawns to be used to hurt someone!! 

Rant Over

R.I.P. Sweet Babies

Thanks for the tip goes to April.


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  1. My fingers cannot move quickly enough to spew the words I’m aiming at this stupid, stupid woman.  And I agree, I completely understand the feeling of worthlessness, betrayal, and general misery that accompany being cheated on and your hubby having another baby. Yea…that sucks ass.  But why O WHY can’t women finally wake up and realize the best revenge is to leave his ass and never look back?  Take the kids!  Take half his shit too! Mess his whole world up…I simply cannot fathom how any mother can be filled with enough rage to be able to kill her babies.  Once again another sign of how fucked up our society has made women where many believe their lives are over if they don’t have their walking dildos. God rest thier souls and may this bitch see her kids struggling to breathe and screaming MOMMY STOP every time she closes her eyes.

  2. This chick is a piece of shit, she obviously is not a real woman because no real woman would have done that. My ex husband cheated on me 16 times before I said fuck it and moved his shit out…..What I didn’t do was kill my daughter who was only a little over a year old at the time. I will never understand what the hell made some skeezy cheating POS worth a child’s life. If she would have been any kind of woman she would have left his sorry ass and let karma take care of him….Now karma is really going to fuck with her. I mean cheating is horrible, heartbreaking but taking the life of an innocent is just plain evil and depraved.

  3. Watch her use the post partum psychosis defense….

    I agree Rochell…no cheating low life bastard is worth the life or lives of your child/ren….


  4.  i can see how on the surface, the way this was reported, that you might react with quick disgust and even rage at lisette.  but what if, in reality,  you knew this woman?  not super well, but maybe you knew her through her job.   she taught 3rd graders this last year.   what if the kids you knew in her class absolutely loved her?    and she was such a strong woman that she taught up until the time she had her baby, then, as teachers in nyc get, was only given a few weeks off unpaid to bring that child into the world, build a bond with that child, and heal from childbearing before heading right back into the classroom and its responsibilities. 
    and her students bloomed.   with all the pressures of child bearing, rearing, teaching, and her man coming up as a rookie cop.  the school year finished, back at home for only a week, and it all goes horribly wrong.  this isn’t a mean woman, or a hateful woman.   
    piece of shit?  selfish?   stupid, stupid woman?   is it possible that after the year that she just experienced, she snapped?  that she completely lost it?  rochell, you mention karma.  i don’t know if i believe in karma, but i do think she must be dead now.  inside.   yeah, it’s over.  

    this is the first i’ve seen this site.  not sure if the point is just to point out how other people fuck up and keep being shocked what idiots people can be.  so if it is unwanted for me to come in with this somewhat personal dose of reality, sorry.   i’ll just step back and see what ya can accomplish. 

    1. The point is this: We don’t care how SHE feels. We don’t care if she’s dead inside, outside, or both. We care that she KILLED TWO CHILDREN. There is no justification for that.

      Please tell me what I have just read is not you trying to justify it. Or better yet, don’t tell me that because it would be a lie. Just go cry for her. And for yourself. You won’t find sympathy for baby murderers here.

    2. I admit that I have never had anyone close to me do something like this to their children, so I can’t imagine how you’d feel if you knew or loved her and she did this shocking thing.

      That being said, she killed her children. She tried it one way and when that didn’t work, she tried it another way. Which you can assume gives a lot of time for her to realize “WTF?! I am actually trying to kill my poor babies right now?! I need to turn myself in and get some help!” and then change her mind. She didn’t. While she was drowing her babies, I am sure they were fighting her for their little lives. She just continued doing it.

      She tried and tried to murder these babies until she succeeded, yet was too much of a coward (or maybe she valued her life more than theirs) to do anything other than a half ass attempt to end hers.

      I do not feel sorry for this woman. I had a cheating husband…and not just once, but a serial cheater who eventually knocked up this 20 year old girl. I didn’t once have the desire to kill my child. If anything, I loved her more and felt sorry for her that she was being raised in such a dysfunctional home (so I left him and started over).

      If you see your friend, Lisette a while down the road (hopefully it’s only from inside prison) and you watch her chest rising with each inhale of breath, see her eyes taking in her surroundings, look at the color of life beneath her skin…remember that she is still MUCH better off than what she did to her two beautiful babies. THEY are dead, not her.

      1.  artistjams,   sounds like you went through some hell.  but you were strong and ultimately took control of your situation.    lisette clearly went down a different path.  did her recent pregnancy and experiences have any connection to that?  if there had been a history of abuse or questions brought up by previous behavior, that is one thing.  but there was nothing.  just months ago she was, without any doubt, a wonderful teacher who dearly loved her children.     your reaction to your situation seems so logical- embrace your little ones and do what you can to make it better.     which just points to the extreme disconnect with lisette’s actions. 
        and yes, kenny and violet are dead.  but i do not see logically how lisette is better off than they are.  and no, i’m not fishing for sympathy here.  i’m just thinking how it will feel for every moment for the rest of lisette’s life.  i can’t imagine a greater torture.    i don’t feel like we are talking about these previous postings (just noticed the previous 2-  one about a baby rapist and the other torturers of an adopted kid).  we are talking about a loving mother who apparently just completely lost it.  does that make sense/a difference?

        and sarea,   you mention justification.  no, i am not trying to vindicate what happened or say that it was reasonable.  instead i feel that what she did was the opposite- totally unreasonable.  the baby rapist and the torturers of the adopted kid-  i see them as sick fucks who deserve a limitless amount of retributive suffering.  they appear to be bad people.   lisette in all the capacities that i knew of her up until this tragedy was not.  that doesn’t change what happened.  that doesn’t bring her kids back.  i know it’s easier to provide a pat response to all situations regardless of  circumstances.  but being closer to a situation forces one to deal with more of the details and demands that one doesn’t just give the standard blanket response. 

        1. I do see a difference unfortunately the end result is the same and therefore doesn’t allow me to have sympathy for her. I appreciate you saying I am strong…it DID take a lot of strength to get through that. I was with a new baby, alone in a place far away from home, working two jobs to make ends meet, cleaning and cooking and breastfeeding. There were dark days but what a lot of people don’t understand is that life is ever-changing and it “can’t rain all the time”.

          I appreciate the respect you are showing with your posts, so I can not be angry at you. That doesn’t change the fact that she is ALIVE and her babies didn’t get their fair share of a long life lived. To add insult to injury, the one person who should protect them is the one who stole their lives from them.

          You mentioned that there were no signs…

          And maybe I am off here, but I’m going to say it anyways. A lot of these cases, people see zero signs. So if for once second you have felt guilt wondering if you missed something…I am sorry. I blame no one here but Lisette.

          I will say that her husband is an asshole for cheating and knocking up a younger woman…but that doesn’t deserve the punishment of death to his children.

          1. Fuck me. Men cheat all the damn time. Is that worth the lives of your children? Hell fucking no. Let the bastard go. The best revenge is happiness. All she had to do was find herself a better man. Or be happy without one. What about focusing on her children LIVES instead of their deaths. She was a selfish whore. No sympathy from me. Not now. Not ever.

          2. I’m not sure if the anger was directed at me or her…but want to clarify to ALL:

            I am NOT saying getting cheated on is an excuse to kill these babies! NO WAY, NO HOW! I was cheated on and my husband knocked the bitch up too….I didn’t kill my baby. As a matter of fact, I felt a little sad for the girl’s baby when I got text messages from my husband giving me a play by play of the abortion he was attending like that’d make me want him back.

            I totally agree 110% with you, April. Best revenge is happiness…my ex is hating life right now seeing me all happy with our beautiful daughter in our new place with our new kitty (he always told her no).

            While there is a difference to feel crazy and lost and kill your kids rather than film your boyfriend raping them and abusing them for decades….it is still the same result, and should not lighten the punishment.

          3. Honey, It was not directed at you. I promise. I just want to see that he isn’t blamed for the murders. I’m sure he feels guilty enough.

            BTW – Happiness is the best revenge. Your ex will get what’s coming to him.

        2. Look, I am glad that this woman has people who care about her. It is a relief that, according to you the children did not suffer prior to this, but I have to call bullshit here and bring you back to objective reality.

          First, I am not an idiot who is spouting out standard responses to all of these stories. I keep things as fact-based as possible while voicing my opinion, and I always do my research before I open my mouth.

          That being said, here is a fact: These babies were killed by their mother. The same mother who allegedly loved, cared for and nurtured them prior to the incident. She poisoned them with glass cleaner by offering them juice. The same juice she would have offered them the day before to quench their thirst. They then endured gut-wrenching pain, as I am sure being poisoned is not the most comfortable situation to live through.

          When this failed and her babies survived with only agonizing intestinal discomfort, she carried them to the bathtub – the same bathtub she allegedly used to lovingly clean them in – and held them under the water until they stopped fighting.

          The part of this I cannot get over is the trust that was broken. I know the trust my son has for me. He jumps into my arms from dangerously high playground structures. He comes to me and tells me when he’s done something naughty. He lets me clean his “owies” with peroxide. To break that trust is as heinous a crime as any described here and I will not accept it being undermined because you know this woman.

          If you’re not trying to rationalize or defend, just what exactly is your point? I would love to hear it.

          1.  sarea,  i don’t take you to be an idiot.  i was generalizing-  cuz i know how i’ve viewed similar stories in the past, and this situation has forced me to look at it differently.   
            and yes.  the details.  they are fuckin horrible.  no less horrible than the sick shit from earlier postings.  in fact, yeah, worse because it comes from a mother.
            my point?  i was going to point out that if a woman can be driven out of her mind to the point where she kills her kids, then what can be done by society to deal with this.  and i’d mention that in a country so advanced as the u.s. is, maybe we should do better than 4th to last globally as a nation when it comes to the rights and support of working parents following child birth.   but honestly, after reading about what some of these women have been through who are posting here, and reading trench’s response to a letter he received,  i see i’m totally in over my head here.  people have been through some gnarly shit and they didn’t buckle.       i have a better understanding where this site is coming from now. 

          2. You are defending the actions of a woman who deserves no defense. I’d say you are in over your head. Most of us are mothers. Some have suffered similar situations as this bitch. Some have suffered worse. Some have suffered years of abuse as children then years of spousal abuse and never considered murdering a child as a solution. There is no excuse for what she did.

          3. Okay, thanks.

            Society deals with child murderers by sending them to jail. I hope that never changes.

            I agree that the US needs to extend maternity leave. Being from Canada we get a year, and even that is not enough in my opinion.

            That being said, these and worse are challenges many people face without murdering their innocent, trusting babies. As you have said.

            So, glad you realized that life’s tribulations are in no way an excuse for murder. Always good to see another person become aware.

          4.  thanks.  but i don’t think  just now that i am realizing that life’s tribulations are in no way an excuse for murder.  i don’t think that i previously held  the position that just because life sucks, it’s ok to lash out at others.     and i think that is the crux of what i am saying.   the killing of kenny and violet are horrible.  i understand that women have suffered greatly in their lives without ever considering or resorting to what happened.     but i will stand by the fact that if it happened to occur because she had postpartum psychosis  (NOT  depression, not spite), then we have more hope for women and their children if we call it what it is and try to solve the problem of what causes it.  to call the woman a c*** and hope she gets run over by a bus, drowned in prison, or choked on window cleaner-  if that’s what gets you through the day,  then you gotta do what you gotta do.    amazing, amazing strength shown by many women here in these posts today.   but if there’s the slightest chance that better options for maternity/paternity leave would impact some of the women who have committed these actions BEFORE they go off the deep end, then i hope people would direct some of their hate towards the government that hasn’t done what it can to protect more children.  and let’s face it, it is an elected government. 

          5. Please read my post here clearly blaming the government.

            Also, think of the precedent. We can’t run around labelling people psychotic every time they behave in a psychotic manner. This EXCUSES their actions and also has legal ramifications.

            Just so you know, you are starting to piss me off.

          6.  come on now.    just tryin to live and learn.  

            politicians clearly don’t give a fuck about this issue.   would like to know how much time they spend on a per year basis focused on issues like what country olympians’ clothing is manufactured  in  compared to the time spent  creating a society that nutures and raises its children.    it’s all about priorities.

          7. Thing is…she wasn’t driven out of her mind…the details in this story tell me that her actions were premeditated and calculated. There are other ways to get back at your cheating spouse, aside from killing your children and yourself.
            Lastly, I don’t feel sorry for a woman who intentionally took the lives of her own children as some sick form of revenge on her not so faithful spouse. I don’t care what kind of year or crappy life she’s had, the fact is, she took it out on two children, who were innocent of the pain that she was feeling.
            I have been through hell and back myself, being molested twice…raised by an alcoholic parent, was married to an abusive husband, cheated on by a few exes, had three kids, went through the post partum depression twice, and I sought help the first time, because I screamed at my two week old daughter (she’s eleven now) the second time, I asked my OB/GYN shortly after feeling the “baby blues” for help because I knew I was starting to become overwhelmed…but I never once looked at my children in my darkest moments and thought about killing them. In fact, they brightened my day, and they still do when I feel like crying.
            This woman used her husband’s infedelity as a crutch to excuse her actions, and it sickens me to think that she may even use the post partum depression defense in court as well…I just hope that they throw it out, because women with P-P Psychosis normally do not plan out the murder of their children and their own suicide. They just do it, no research or premeditation.
            So pardon me while I express my disgust for a “mother” who “loved” her children “so much”….and forgive me for not having any sympathy for her either…

        3. I hope the rest of her life is torture. I hope she never sees a day where their faces don’t haunt her. Better yet, I hope someone shoves her in front of a bus.

          1. No April…the bus would be equivalent to mercy. I hope she withers away from guilt or if someone holds her head in the toilet until she stops breathing. This act wasn’t due to depression, psychosis, or any other mental bullshit they can come up with.  It was a deliberate attempt to seek revenge for her hurt feelings.

          2. I think someone should drown her in windex. Oh……. she would get exactly the same treatment she gave her babies.

    3.  I’m sorry here’s the reality here sunshine. Many of the people here are cycle breakers which have dealt with hard lives and horrible shit happening to them.  Now for the slag up there her past doesn’t matter kind of like the people who have been abused but broken the cycle, the shit from the past DOESN’T MATTER! How many times have there been news stories about educators, coaches, etc who have molested children under their care. In Sandusky’s case for instance there were children that florished beneath him, but for most others he stole their innocence.

      As for snapping, oh honey you don’t even want to get into my sob story of a life. The difference between a selfish woman who took her kids lives and myself is that when I considered suicide I quickly got my head out of it because the ONLY thing I had to live for was my children. I have no family, I was abused by my mother and her husbands, I was an alcoholic and I blamed myself for a long time for what happened to me for 15 years. I thought about killing myself and when I realized that my kids need me to protect them from what I went through I SNAPPED too…..snapped my head out of my ass and sought help. My kids needed me and her kids needed her too. It’s really fucking sad that she thought only about herself, anyone knows that if they genuinely wanted to kill themselves they would have succeeded.

    4. She didn’t “mess up.”  Setting fire to this man’s car with no one in it would have been messing up.  She killed her babies.  KILLED.  That’s not messing up.  That’s not a boo-boo.  That’s murder.  All that she was, all that she could have been, every good deed she’s ever done all got erased when she became an INFANTICIDE.  She Killed.  Murdered.  Destroyed.  Two lives gone. Over.  

      My husband left and got another woman pregnant and had a baby with her (which they nearly killed through attempting an unassisted home birth).  I didn’t kill my son and yell how unfair it was.  I got mental health help when I needed it, loved my son all the more and got the hell over myself.  

      Even if I knew her – even if she were my twin sister – I would despise her now because she KILLED.   She didn’t hand her kids to someone else and then take herself out – no.  

      There is no mitigating this.  Don’t try. It isn’t about her.  It’s about dead babies.  

    5. No matter what circumstances life throws at us as women we must always and forever strive to protect our children…FOREVER.  This responsibility is given to us once we feel the first stirrings of life within our wombs. We do not feel sorry or pity for this woman because in our eyes she allowed her jealousy and rage, self-pity to consume her to the point where she crossed an irreversable line. Many of us here have been victims, and have suffered through undescribable horrors, yet we have done what we had to survive and make our kids lives better…not dead. We hate her for taking the easy way out instead of dealing with what we deal with everyday.

    6. Year of shock… Hmmmm. My mother had breast cancer, my cousin was addicted to drugs and killed herself, my aunt drank herself into an oblivion over the death of her daughter (which SHE could have prevented), my grandmother died…. Yet…. I never killed my son, husband, ANYONE, or myself.

      Yank your head out. There was no excuse for what she did. She was an evil c***. Period.

        1. Awww, Thanks, baby doll. It’s all good. My granny was old and her mind was gone. Her death was a blessing. My cousin was afflicted in a different way, I dealt with the guilt I felt and have accepted that I couldn’t help her. My aunt…. Long story. She’s in treatment. My mother did chemo, mastectomy, radiation and now she’s AMAZING! I’m thankful to still have her to bicker at (we are too much alike sometimes…). I kept my head straight and focused on *gasp* my KID!!!! He was innocent to all of the bad things I was dealing with and he didn’t need to suffer my emotion issues. I smiled and sheltered him from as much as I could and I explained to him the details I felt he needed to hear. I never considered killing him because I was unhappy. It wasn’t an option. Killing myself wasn’t either. Fuck. I can’t stand the thought of not seeing him grow up.

          1. I want to like this 1,000 times.

          2. Thanks. Just you reading and commenting on this site is better than 1000 likes!! ♥

  5. ok     reading your responses and just saw some older postings.   picking up where some of you are coming from.  some pretty incredible strength while going through horrible times.   and the mantra of whatever it takes to protect the kids-   hell yes.   but let’s just say the doctors do come back and say she had postpartum psychosis.   does that affect or change the hate you feel for her?   not for what happened- but for her?     or do you just view that as a sham?             

    i agree with the view that the fact sandusky helped some people is meaningless compared to the crimes he committed and pain he caused.   but if someone has a psychotic episode that is totally an anomaly to that person’s life, shouldn’t that have an impact on how we view the person and the amount of pain and suffering we hope that person experiences going forward? 

    1.  No it does not. I had PTSD from being abused for 15 years and then deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq. According to the VA docs I still have mild depression and PTSD….I have never and will never hurt my children, I have enough good sense to walk away when I get “crazy”, it’s too bad that she didn’t do the same. I have no sympathy for child murders, nor will I ever.

    2. Nothing will change the hate I feel for her. Why are you so worried about her feelings? Why are you not concerned for what she did to her children. I feel more people are suffering THAT loss than there are people who give a shit how tortured she must feel. She had a choice and she made it. The kids didn’t have a choice. She took that right from them.

    3. An actual psychosis does make a difference to me.   I have real sympathy for Andrea Yates who was diagnosed as suffering from postpartum psychosis and told along with her husband not to have any more children.   She and the children should both have been protected from tragedy by her husband, the children’s father, and that did not happen.  She shouldn’t have been left alone with them, she shouldn’t have been forced to home school them, and she should have been bombarded with the warnings from a lunatic minister that her children would all go to hell if she wasn’t a better mother.   I have no sympathy for the husband but I do for her.   Since I believe that Andrea is a good person at heart, the pain of knowing what she did must be a real punishment for her.

      I don’t think that postpartum psychosis is a factor in this case, however.    Where are the delusions or hallucinations?   Andrea Yates thought that her children would go to hell if she raised them.   This woman thought that her husband would suffer and be sorry he cheated on her if she killed their children.  She was right, he would suffer.   She was angry and she got revenge in the most horrible, selfish way possible.   She didn’t care about her children’s lives and she didn’t even care that they would be frightened and suffer when she murdered them.   They were her ‘possessions’ and she thought she had a right to do whatever she wanted to them.   

      Just because she was a teacher and acted lovingly to her children in the past doesn’t mean that she isn’t a malignant self absorbed narcissist.   She probably got all kinds of positive feedback from the children she taught and her own children.    She was ‘nice’ as long as life was going her way and then it didn’t and she wasn’t.    I have spent quite a bit of time in prison as a consultant, evaluating programs and even volunteering for one.    Lots of inmates are very pleasant, helpful, and likeable while in the prison but some of them have committed the most horrendous, selfish crimes.   It is a sad fact of life that people are not always what they seem, or at least that is not all they are.

      1.  i don’t know marsha.  maybe it’s because i have no experience with this that i find it so hard to believe that someone would do this in their right mind.   what you describe is someone who is manipulative and calculating.  obviously possible.   thanks for your insight. 

        1. Maybe she WAS in her right mind. Maybe she WAS a selfish bitch and had the world fooled. Maybe that’s why her husband was sniffing out other ass. Happy men don’t stray.

        2. I am not without sympathy, I just have no sympathy for any so called parent that harms their children!  My sympathy lies with the father, who is undoubtedly a doggish ass, but in no way deserved his babies lives being taken by a scorned female, with the family that loved these angels, and with Trevor and Violet!

          This was a planned act!  She researched how to poison those babies on the internet and precisely measured the dose to add to the juice.  This was not a psychotic break it was premeditated murder! 

          The fact that she was a beloved teacher and loving parent before this only makes it worse…

  6. I don’t give one half of one shit what her stupid circumstances were.  She. KILLED. HER. OWN. CHILDREN.  That makes her a subhuman monster in my view.  And a stupid one, to boot.  These assholes always get it wrong.  You kill youSELF first….
    Those poor poor babies.

  7. Honestly, these two children were failed by both of their parents.  The father for being cheating scum and the mother for being weak, selfish and self-absorbed.  It breaks my heart to hear two innocent babies dead over jealousy and spite, but it tugs on my nerves how easily a woman can become unravelled when she finds her world isn’t what she assumed it to be. I would like to see the father stoned as an adulterer.  None of this wouldv’e happened if he would have valued the sanctiy of marriage. I blame the government, but I blame society as well for enabling a culture of weak-minded zombies who would rather cop out than put some work in.

    1.  seriously?   stoning for adulturers?   cuz that’s working out so well for afghanistan, iran, saudi arabia, somalia, sudan and nigeria??

  8. A psychotic episode does not last long enough to attempt murder three times. Poison, drowning and gas are all things that require time, deliberation and above all, lucidity.

    Also, this is not the father’s fault. If he wasn’t happy with his marriage, fine. He could have gone about it better but children and husbands are not possessions and families can be happy and functional after parents separate. Before anyone tells me I don’t know what it’s like, I WALKED IN ON A PARTNER OF 4 YEARS IN BED WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Granted no children were involved, however I did not kill or attempt to kill anyone.

    If you don’t agree with me, fine. But if your priority here is to find loopholes for malicious, vengeful, selfish swine then I will tell you one more time: we are about the children. Peddle your bullshit somewhere else. I am done talking about this now.

  9. Well, so what if her husband is a cheating jackass?   Oh boo hoo hoo, my hubby cheated on me, society failed me because I didnt’ get enough maternity leave.  Boo hoo hoo, I think I’ll kill my kids???  What??? Like I said, she’s a subhuman piece of shit and she shoulda killed herself first. Cry me a fucking river.  I’m with April, drown the bitch in Windex.

  10. Sorry guys but I believe the father should have some blame as well.  If he was unhappy then he should have done the right thing but instead he did the wrong thing which led to this. Karma’s a bitch, especially if you are! There is no excuse for her behavior whatsoever, none.  Taking into account taht she suppossedly was such an outstanding person before this all happened…those babies were failed by both parents.

    And stoning doesnt work in those countries because it’s usually implemented by pig-headed men with their own agendas.  If people weren’t so selfish these days all of our lives would be different.  So much low self-esteem, jealousy, mental issues.  If we were considerate of our fellow humans, especially our spouses…hey you never know maybe this would be a better world. 

    1. Nell, I love you and agree with you always, but not on this. All he is guilty of is being a coward. He doesn’t share any blame for the deaths of his children. I think murder trumps cheating – and cheating doesn’t cause murder. Not normally. He is a coward. He’s selfish. He didn’t “pull the trigger”. Not even a little. Even if he left her (without cheating) she probably would have done the same thing.

      1. Thanks April I just feel such rage against cheaters Iknow frist hand how it ruins families and leaves children feeling worthless.  But…I feel more rage against mothers who kill their children. God let them rest in piece, I wish they had been mine.

        1. I know he’s scum. We agree about that. He isn’t responsible for her actions. She had a choice to make. Leave him. Burn all his shit. Stab him in the neck with a coat hanger. Killing her kids should have NEVER been an option.

  11. Children are always the one to pay for someone else’s mistakes. This is truly sad.


    1. Hello guest. I am very sorry if these babies were related to you. It is all so horrible.
        Lisette is the one that choose to kill  these lovely babies, Yes, her husband cheated on her, and I really do know how awful that can make a wife feel.

       But she killed them.

       Please do not try to blame the father here.

  13. In order to set the record straight they were not married. It was an on and off relationship since 2006. She was always been  a very selfish person only thinking about her self. It was very confusing because outside her childern she was a very self centered person.She showed so much love for the children.  Once she found out about another child over seas, she no longer had this “monopoly” over him any more. Now there was another person who may have a stake she did away with her anchors to him. The just moved in together 3 months because of the children. He tried to make work. He scarficed jobs  out of state to be with his son. She knew his son was everything to him. Regardless he would have NEVER left her because she had is son. Despite the unhappyness as times things could have always been worked out. She knew about the women overseas. He always went back to her leaving those women behind hoping it would work but it never did.  she desevers everthing coming to her.  there are women who cant have kids and she  goes and  murders in cold blood a very healthy bi-lingual child that had so much potential not to mention the potential the daughter had. Before even thinking the father is partially to blame understand the whole story.

    1. i don’t know what to say. My heart and my love and sympathies are for the babies.

  14. My theory as to why the person who murders the kids never kills their self: they don’t actually want to die. Their intention is to hurt the spouse and then make everyone feel as sorry as possible by painting a picture of a hurt, betrayed, mentally ill person at the end of their rope.


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