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Mom Beat Boyfriends Boy Blind for Potty Problems

Chasity DuFour Accused of Serious Child Abuse

A 3-year-old boy was admitted to the ICU.  He was covered head to toe in bruises, partially blinded, and will have lasting neurological and physical challenges according to prosecutors.  They have charged 25-year-old Chasity Renee DuFour, the fiancée of his father, with 2nd Degree Assault on a Child and she is being held on $250,000 bond.

Prosecutors say this twisted twit shook or choked this baby boy because he had a potty training accident.  They also say she coached her 5-year-old son to lie for her.  I guess she didn’t count on that genuine honesty that children have to give away her abusive secrets.

When he was questioned by a Child Interview Specialist he told them, “Mom told me to tell she didn’t hurt ….”  He also said his brother, “hurts himself on his own,” and “gets bruises because of his allergies and because he falls off the bed a lot.”  Then went on to say that his mother would spank the 3-year-old with a spoon and shove him down when he pees his pants and when he is pushed down “he hurts from the ground and his head gets hurt.”  He said when his mother spanks she gets “super angry”…

The sperm donor/fiancée and DuFour’s family are saying the charges are nonsense.  She would never harm a child…  Her mother said in an interview, “I think that there is something medically wrong going on with him and hopefully that will come out in the end.”

For someone that would never harm a child she’s had 3 contacts/referrals to CPS.  The first was in 2008, a domestic violence report involving her ex-husband, the second was a referral in 2009 involving an assault on her son, and the third was a referral in 2011 after she tested positive for meth while pregnant with her youngest child.  But this methtard, abusive bitch wouldn’t harm a child…  Yeah right!!


Rant on:

This child has only lived with them since April and was hospitalized the end of May.  That’s one fucking month!!  In one month this child lost part of his vision and his whole life has changed!! 

How the hell could this “father” ignore all the bruising left on this child??  How could he leave a child he describes as “hard to handle” with a c*** that tested positive for meth while carrying his baby?!?  This pussy blinded, neglectful asshat needs to be charged too!!

Rant Over


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  1. Bless his heart. I hope she gets beaten everyday in jail. I hope the ‘father’ isn’t allowed contact with this child ever again.
     Wonder why the child wasn’t living with his mom? 

  2. Poor little angel! And poor Dad.  Its terrifying how often stories like this occur around us and the truth doesn’t come out.  Thank God she’s been charged.

  3. If this worthless whore was on meth while pregnant, why in the blue depths of fuck was she allowed around ANY children?? I say FAIL on the part of the system. I just had a heat attack and died from NOT SURPRISED.

    I REALLY hope a defender shows up here for this one. I would love to inform them of the fact that Chastity DuFour is a filthy, lowlife, child abusing sperm dumpster who deserves worse than the depths of hell. Please, PLEASE come and show your faces.

    1. What you said.  And let me add, I can’t imagine the “father” being blinded by lust for this nasty bitch.  She’s about the ugliest butt face I’ve seen.  That chin! That pierced nose! Those eyebrows!
      And boo on “Dad” for ignoring the abuse.  How does your child get covered in bruises and you not notice.  And don’t even tell me how he works double shifts or something because that is NO excuse.  He knew, he had to know. Shove the two of them down and make them hurt from the ground and make their heads hurt alot.grrrrrrr

      1. The metal boogers just add that extra touch of skankiosity.

  4. Notice how most of these forked up parents have an excuse for why their child got hurt?  They blame the child for falling down the stairs or having “mental or health issues” that caused the visible abuse or why they died under their “care” — and I use that word ‘care’ loosely.

    They never take responsibility. It’s totally acceptable parenting to them use their children as punching bags. It’s beyond sad…

  5. Ummm excuse me Michelle Akers, mom of Chasity: If my child had a “medical condition” causing him to be constantly covered in bruises I think I would take him to a doctor and FIND THE FUCK OUT WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HIM!!!!

    I am sick of you trailer dwelling gutter scum attempting to explain child abuse with medical conditions. You are not fucking doctors. Most of you can barely spell doctor. Fuck you.

    1. I think I am falling in love with you… will you marry me?

      1. Sorry, I’m taken. But we can still be friends ♥

        1. Fuck. Your man would totally let you fool around with Deena and I. TRUST ME!!! He’d insist on pics, but he’d still agree to it.

    2. I wanna spoon with you. I no longer need to comment, because I think you say way I would have faster than I can get to it.

      1. Aww you guys are sweet.

        By the way did I mention how much I hate this whore? I mean, I always hate these people but this fucking pork rind has a special place on my shit list.

        Maybe because I have a 3 year old boy who I potty trained without beating him into oblivion. Why do all these c***s get so mad about the occasional accident? Like the poor kid wasn’t already embarassed enough that it happened. I hope someone has a potty accident in her mouth.

        1. Dude!! My son peed his pants once when he was 5 because he was too busy playing. I didn’t beat him or impose any sort of punishment. Leaving the park so he could change his pants was punishment enough.

          1. Yup…being dragged away from whatever they were enjoying so much to change wet pants makes them pretty pissed off (when I say dragged I mean it metaphorically of course) & they learn to take a toilet break pretty quickly!

            I do remember when my brother would play his Sega Megadrive for hours on end then not make it to the toilet Mum would make him clean it up & do a couple of loads of laundry but he was 10 or 11 at the time so I think the punishment was appropriate!

        2. I agree with you all. I don’t get how a child having an accident constitutes beating a child to death or within an inch of it. My boys 8 and 10 are always pissing on the toilet seat because they are too lazy to lift it and there have been times where I’ve had the “joy” of sitting down without thinking or because I am half asleep and feel the loverly wetness on my backside….Does it piss me off? Sure, but I haven’t beaten my children over it, I just saw ewww, jump up ,clean myself off, then wake them up or whatnot and make them clean it up.

          My kids have peed and pooped on me, on my floor, themselves everywhere. Its part of being a kid and being a parent to tech them how and where to go, cleaning it up and not being a lazy fuck about it. The bad thing is the whore most likely spent more time beating this child within an inch of his life than she would have getting off her dead ass to get a change of clothes and clean this kiddo up. I hope she gets the maximum. I hate people like this.

        3. You have such a way with words. :>

        4. Lol @pork rind

    3. Seems no one in the family is behind this boy how sad

      1. You are right there is no voice for the child.  I don’t think they asked the Biomom for an interview.  I actually know the family but I am respecting their privacy.  I just know I am so angry at this “excuse for a human being”.  He is so little, so light and innocent. What the hell! I hope there will be justice served for this baby boy. 

      2. Kim, just an FYI that is not true his father and family are behind him 100% because info is not being posted, people may assume that (understandably).  Connie am like you in respecting other’s privacy, have seen on some of these boards people are “name dropping” the victims name, maybe to make themselves appear connected in which I find self serving and careless about him. 

        1. What about all the older bruises on this poor baby obviously they were ignored

        2. You mean the father that was supporting HER in interviews??  He can’t be supporting both the child and the abuser…  So which is it??

  6. I just want to kill myself when I read this..I am so sad..I cant find words for these disgusting “humans”…these poor babies and children..All the stories Ive read the past few days..I don’t know if  it’s pms, hormones, whatever..but I just want to die when I think of these perfect little angels, totally a life a very short life in Hell and suffering..why cant we kill these pieces of shit? I dont care about” oh they were abused..she needed help”  excuses these murderers get..why is the life of a precious child not worth more in this country??? Makes me so sick..poor sweet babies.

  7. I expect the potty training accidents were just the excuse to whale on the poor child.  He probably got beaten for breathing while walking.  And the beating for potty accidents is a way to make sure to have more excuses to beat the child.  If a child is afraid, they are much more likely to wet themselves and I bet this poor little guy is/was scared all the time. I hope they throw away the key on this bitch and her hump the “dad”, too.  He knew the boy was being beaten, or should have, either way he’s a father fail.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. It’d be pretty natural to poop your pants with that monster lurking around waiting for an excuse to beat you to a pulp.

      If people got the death penalty for crimes like this instead of the slap on the wrist most child abusers get, I’d be for it.

  8. My four year old was having issues with doing the ‘do’…my fiancee and I have tried everything…time-out…making him wash his soiled underwear, sitting him on the toilet every two hours (which eventually worked)…while I can admit it was very frustrating and not to mention messy and stinky..we never once physically punished him for it.
    Potty training is exactly that, TRAINING. You are utilising your own knowledge to teach your child how to go to the bathroom. Of course, they are going to have accidents, children are not ingrained with the basics of using the restroom at birth.
    Every time I read a story about a “parent” abusing their child because they had an accident, it just angers me, because that “parent” is obviously too stupid to realise, hey, the kid hasn’t lived as long as me and doesn’t know how to do this sort of thing, which is why I’m the parent, it’s my job to teach them…but no…their ignorance gets the best of them…
    It’s horrible this baby was subjected to this kind of treatment for something that didn’t deserve it…but I am very happy that he is ALIVE and hopefully no longer going to be in the custody of two lazy and neglectful idiots…

  9. My friends at BB, I think you’ve just found you’re next writer. Sarea Snow, you’re good! 

  10. This poor excuse for a woman needs to have the shit beaten out of her everyday until she pisses herself and left to sit in it. In fact never again let her change clothes again.
    I am a mother of two boys who are 8 and 4 it has never occurred to me to beat them  for potty accidents or anything else for that matter. She has destroyed that little boys life and the family who is backing her can go straight to HELL! To the punk ass dad How dare you protect that piece of shit while all you need to do is look at your baby and see the truth! My God man is that dirty, stinky-ass tw*t that good? Or is she black mailing you???  She took your sons sight and might have turned him into a vegatable but that’s all good  she’ll suck you off until you forget you were a father.

    Sorry for the rant this story just crushed me, honestly all these stories do.  I just want to tie these people who hurt children to an fire anthill in Australia naked covered in honey and let the ants do there thing. 😉

  11. Back in June my 5yo daughter was so busy playing with her dad’s dog that she had an accident in the middle of his living room, she started crying because her “pretty dress was ruined” I just carried her to the bathtub and gave her a bath, and told her that her dress wasn’t ruined, and accidents happen.  Reading this story just breaks my heart, this evil bitch looked for any excuses to beat the poor boy, evil fucking bitch

  12. This story totally broke my heart.  That poor angel is going to have problems for the rest of his life because his father chose a methed up piece of ass over his son. Hopefully this child never has to see the bitch that beat him or his asshat father again.  I see the bitch is still in custody and charged with 2nd degree abuse of a child. They should have charged her with attempted murder!! 
    My grandson is 4, he still has accidents. Usually because he is distracted by Legos, TV, or the video game. We go to the bathroom, clean him up and put on dry clothes. You know what we don’t do? We don’t beat him!! 

  13. how is the poor baby boy doing anyone know????

  14. lol…asking a child to lie for you…I coached my 4 year old for a whole week to keep a secret from her Dad…the second he walked through the door (after being away for work) she blurts out “Daddy! Daddy! We made a berfday party for you in the back yard & Mummy let me pick out the Dora wrapping paper for your iPad!”…

    Yeah, kids are never going to keep a secret!

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