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Ask BB: Child ‘modeling’?

This is the first thing I think of when I hear ‘child modeling’. And yes I do know the Ramseys were cleared.

I got the following e-mail the other day and I meant to post this as soon as I got it however some things in my own life made that virtually impossible. Normally I ask the e-mail writers for their permission before posting an e-mail but I thought that would take too long. I just hope I’m not too late. Anyway…

My eight-year-old daughter, who lives with her dad, told me that her dad is supposedly getting her into modeling. She said that she is starting her modeling job very soon…for which she will, according to her, be earning $500 a day. Incidentally, her uncle & his girlfriend, who have been paying the rent up to this time (her dad is currently unemployed) are moving out soon, & apparently HALF of her “modeling earnings” are going to be used so they can pay the rent. First of all, what kind of modeling is this that she will be getting $500 a day, & secondly, what gives him the right to take HER money to cover what are really HIS adult responsibilities? I don’t know what to do…ask him about it (he’ll probably deny it even if it is true), call CPS and/or the cops (will they do anything at all?…is he doing anything illegal or abusive by law, or just morally wrong?)

Again I have to preface this by saying that we are not legal experts here at BB and following any advice given is at your own risk.

Whenever I hear anything about modeling for someone who is under the age of 18 I automatically get suspicious. I would ask the father all sorts of questions like what’s the name of the modeling agency? What is their phone number? Who is the person you’re in contact with there? Then I would check them out with the Better Business Bureau. I don’t know what the custody situation is your situation however if you have any say in the matter I would have her pulled out immediately if any red flags present themselves. If that involves calling the cops or CPS so be it. Not only is it extremely rare for children to actually become successful models but there are too many predators out there who use modeling as a way to get to their victims.

As far as I’m concerned nothing good can come from child modeling.

As far as the money thing goes if he has custody rights I believe he can do what he wants with the money. You may want to double-check with a lawyer on that.

What say you Breeder Readers?

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  1. No way would I allow it without being able to check out the agency first and frankly IF I even allowed it to go ahead, I would probably want to be present at the sessions. Where did he hear about this job? If someone approached him on the street or he saw an ad in the classifieds or the internet that’s a big red flag.

    If it was glamour modelling I wouldn’t allow it at all – I’m very much against portraying little girls in sexy adult garb. There are too many perverts and predators out there, and I’m sure employers such modeling agencies who handle children attract them every time they advertise an opening. If it was something like modelling children’s clothing for a catalog or appearing on food packaging or something I would be OK with that but I would still probably want to be at the sessions, or at the least the first one or two, to make sure it is above board.

    The price makes me suspicious. No brand new model gets $500 a day, especially not a child.

  2. Since technically she will be working she would be subject to child labor laws. I would ask a lawyer if that is even legal without the permission of both parents.

  3. many great actors started their careers as models. If it is a legit company then I’m say it is safe as long as a parent is present during all shootings

    1.  Have you not heard the horror stories of Hollywood’s child stars? Even if it is legit, there’s no guarantee that there isn’t shady and predatory creeps involved…

      1. I found, through email conversations with this person, that the modeling job was found on Craigslist. Ask Trench his thoughts on THAT.

        1. Holy crap. I wish I had known that. Yeah, then it’s almost definitely either a scam or something much worse. 

          1.  I’m going with “much worse”…did you hear the newest story of dude hiring a guy through Craigslist to rape his wife? History repeating and all that awfully gross shit….

          2.  Duh, of course you saw that story, you wrote it up…fucking-A, my brain is shot from this shitty California heat…

          3. Heat? 80 degrees is not heat. I love it!! Get your ass to the beach!

          4. Hey, it was 90’s this weekend…and I’m a gloomy winter person…

          5. Boo. I’m an outside, get your ass in the water kinda gal. But you know that about me. Gotta keep moving or my ass gets kinda…. large. I like it the way it is right now. Maybe I’ll look on Craigslist for a modeling agency for some extra cash. Don’t tell Trench.

          6.  At $500 a pop you could quit your day job…And I can’t swim in this ocean up here, it’s ass cold even in the summer…gotta find a pool that’s not swarming with kiddies and old people…

          7. The ocean down here is blinking cold…. I se it though. And I have a pool. Head your ass this way and hang with me. I’ll make drinks and shit.

          8.  All my vacation time is going to be spent stuck with my significant other’s family…so I’m fucked…look’s like I’m destined to swim in a seedy motel pool…wish me luck and hope I don’t catch something…or worse…dun dun dun….

          9. Oh, motel pools are fun. I like not knowing who peed in my pool. Good times. My offer stands…

          10. Sunburn and fruity drinks, that southern California….

          11. Sunburn and stiff drinks is my version of SoCal.

          12. So, improved version of it…Me and Southern Cali don’t like each other…

          13. Boo. SoCal isn’t terrible. You just haven’t hung out with me.

          14. Why yes I have.

            Not the first time that has happened either

          15.  Craigslist is THE place to shop for rape-for-hire penises…

          16. Real modeling / acting agencies DO NOT advertise on Craigslist. PERIOD!!! Living in a town that’s full of up and coming actors and models, I know this for a fact.

        2.  Oh, lord, nothing good could possibly come of Craigslist-solicited child models…sick shit…

        3. Jeez… I hadn’t seen this before commenting.  WTBFH!  She needs to call child services immediately and let them know about this.  Calling LE wouldn’t hurt, either.  And a hard bitch-slap upside the father’s head might not fix his idiocy, but it might make her feel better. 

          1. I am still emailing her. I will direct her to thje thread. Hopefully she is already reading it.

      2. Indeed. Child modeling has become big business but it has been and will always be exploitation aimed at pedophiles. Toddlers and Tiaras is a legit show but I predict some serious horror stories coming out when those kids get older.

        1. I suspect that there would be horror stories even without the perv element… have you ever seen that show? Urg. It’s a nightmare to begin with… what those girls are put through “for beauty” and for their mothers to live vicariously is absolutely horrible. That you just know there are pervs getting in on that makes it so much worse than a nightmare.

    2.  I actually read this thing awhile back about children in Hollywood. One of the child actors and a few others after him came out and said that almost EVERYone doing those things are perverts and will only escalate the child’s career for some type of “favor”….which the article went on to say this is why kids like Taylor Momsen go in as sweet children and end up as fucked up adults. I don’t know how much of the story is legit but it sounds something true.

  4. I think Trench and Benighted gave great advice…  Get all the information about the agency and check them out thoroughly.  Check the child labor laws in your state to find out if a parent is allowed to use money made by their child to pay for things that are the adult’s responsibility, and if so, what % they are allowed to use (I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that most, if not all, money made by a child had to go into a college or trust fund for that child).  In some states, even a non-custodial parent has a say in the upbringing of their child, so you should look into that, as well.  If everything checks out, and you do allow it, make sure either you or her father will be present for all shoots (not just the first couple… grooming takes time).  If the agency/photographer has an issue with either of you being present, then tell them to go to hell.  If they want to tart her up for pictures, tell them to go to hell.  Also,
    I have to ask if  you trust your child’s father?  Do you think he’d knowingly allow any harm to come to your child?  If you think so, or even if you’re just not positive he won’t, don’t rely on him to be the adult present during shoots.  Don’t let her work unless you can be present.  

    I’ll think on this some more and see what I can find out from others.  

  5. I agree 100%.

  6. I found the ad on Craigslist her dad described & contacted the guy myself.  He gave me the link to a website, which seemed non-pornographic & legit enough, but I think contacting the Better Business Bureau is a good idea, too.

    I had started asking questions about it, & her dad claimed they would not do it.
    I asked my daughter about the situation when she was here this weekend, & she says her dad told her that, if they call him about the “modeling” job, they will do it, anyway, & that “there’s no need to tell your mother all about it, because she’ll start complaining again, & I don’t want to deal with that .”  Followed by telling me to please not let her dad know she spilled the “secret.”  I had to tell her that, sometimes, when a mom thinks something isn’t good for her kid, she has to say something.
    I am headed to the family law facilitator self-help center first thing in the morning.  I think I should be able to get an emergency custody change (which would be immediate) based on the information I have gathered.
    If they don’t think that will work, I will have to call the cops and/or CPS.

    1. Natalie, it sounds like you’ve researched this, and have had issues with your daughter’s father before. Good call on going to the family law facilitator, and glad your daughter isn’t one to keep “secrets”… I’ve seen too often how the “shhh, don’t tell mommy, it’s a secret” thing turns out.

    2. Darling, one more thing to consider, legit modeling agancies want head shots or offer to take them on your dime. Those are not cheap. Just…. Beware.

      1. Excellent point. A few people I know were involved in modeling (one as a child, and her and others as adults), and all were required to pay for head shots. When I tried, I was told first that they’d take care of the headshots, but I’d have to pay (upwards of $1K), and then told not to bother… my ass was too big for a skinny model, and my upper body wasn’t full enough for “full-figured”… I think one of the words they used was “pear-shaped”. Kinda glad they said so before I spent the $$ though!

        1. Juston was asked to do some work. We were directed to one of the LARGEST agencies in Los Angeles. These people specialized in casting children for print ads and film. Were were told that they would do his head shots for a measly $3,000 (whch could be paid back once they placed him in a job) or we could have the shots done at one of their approved photogs (who specialized in children). Then it was said that we could only keep a percentage of his earnings for our expenses (travel and such) but a majority would have to be put in a special bank account (one for child actors and models) to assure he wasn’t being taken advantage of. Now – you can see where a legit and a craigslist agency vary. A legit agency will NOT let you exploit your child.

          BTW – J didn’t want to do any acting or pics…. He was 3 and didn’t like being told what to do so we bailed. I liked the idea of him having college money, but I figured I’d come up with the money instead of forcing him to work for it.

          1. All things considered, I suppose the cost hasn’t gone up all that much since 1990. And good for J for putting his tiny little foot down. 🙂 Both my boys are hams, and would probably love it in the beginning, but I think they’d get tired of it real quick. The thought of having their college paid for before they even graduate high school really is appealing, but I just don’t feel comfortable with the risks.

          2. Just was a ham at the first casting call. He loved that these strangers laughed at him. Then he wanted to play. He just was a typical 3 year old. Not that he wanted to do it or not do it, I just didn’t see him cooperating for long periods of time. Never mind that I didn’t want his face plastered all of the place for feraky people to see. I’m just paranoid I guess.

          3. I am, too. I know a woman who was a child model, and she doesn’t seem any worse for it. Seems to have done very well for herself, in fact.

          4. I believe it. I know kids who work for Disney. But I also know enough to know that this craigslist shit is a bunch of hooey (is that a word?). Never mind the fact he is willing to help himself to her earnings for his gain. I can’t get my head around a man who can sit on his ass while his woman works. Imagine how I feel about one who sits on his ass and spends his kids cash. Fucker. I hate him and I don’t even know his sorry ass.

          5. I feel the same way (though I did work for a bit while my husband stayed home and took care house and baby, but I’m OK with that). I can’t imagine how Natalie’s feeling. She must be livid.

          6. A stay at home parent in a family where the parents are married and it makes more sense to keep one parent home makes sense. This is a sitiuation where theye are separated and he’s just a deadbeat.

  7. There is no way a child is going to get $500 a day from a modeling company on Craigslist, this is ridiculous

  8. Not legit.  It’s probably a front for a Child porn agency.  

    There I said it.  No legit modelling agency advertises on Craigslist.  They do their scouting through legit means,  THEY come to YOU not the other way around.  As in, you enter your kid in a cute baby photo competition over on Babycenter.  That’s where they look for potential models.  

    1. I would certainly be leary of anything or anyone adverting on Craigslist. It’s just so skeevy.

  9. How about a big fat “NO” or “FUCK NO”. Obviously it’s not in the best interest of you daughter to be with her father. Go get your baby.

    1. It’s in HIS best interest. He needs the money for rent. Douche fucker.

      1. No kidding… child exploitation… and if he’s willing to exploit his child via a criagslist ad, how much further would he go?

        1. I shudder to think….

  10. I also believe it’s illegal for a parent to take their child’s earnings.  A friend of mine in high school worked two jobs but her parents took all of her money to put toward house payments.  Would it kill the dad to get unemployment benefits?  Or a new job?

    I’d also like to point out what others have said: NO legitimate modelling agency advertises on Craigslist!  If someone wants actors or models, they will FIND the people they want.  I lived in Wilmington, NC for the last 2 years.  Several shows and movies have been filmed there (Dear John, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill) so I know this stuff. 

    1. You’re right about that… they have their own networks for casting, and better means of finding new talent than craigslist.

  11. I went through all the steps to get the papers for a temporary emergency custody order…in order for it to be considered by Wednesday morning, though, I need to serve the papers to him by 4 PM tonight.  And…of course…he has an interview, so he won’t be around.  Which is good, of course…maybe he’ll actually support my daughter instead of exploiting her.  One can only hope.
    I could deliver it by tomorrow afternoon & then it would be reviewed by Thursday morning.  That’s a possibility.  But I’m wondering if I even have enough evidence that she is in “immediate” danger to the point of warranting such an immediate order.  Would you guys mind reading my declaration & tell me if you think I even have a case?  At the very least, I should still go to custody mediation…maybe I can’t get an “emergency” order…but possibly a change in custody nonetheless.  Here’s the declaration:

    I believe my eight-year-old daughter, [Name], is in immediate danger of sexual abuse.

    Her father, [Name], has attempted to get [her] into child “modeling” by responding to an ad on Craigslist.  Craigslist is notorious for having very few legitimate “job” offers and quite a few pornography and prostitution solicitations.

    I called [him] and asked him about this “job.”  I also later sent a detailed text message.

    His response was that he had just responded to the ad and hadn’t heard back from the poster yet.  He also stated that he shouldn’t have to ask for my consent because it was “[her] decision,” not mine.  Since she is a minor child, and we share joint legal custody, he is legally obligated to obtain my consent before pursuing this.

    He eventually agreed not to do it because I “talked too much crap about it.”  However, I decided to ask [her] about the situation when she was at my house Saturday night, just in case he had decided to go behind my back and do it, anyway.

    My suspicions were confirmed when [she] shared that [he] planned to accept the “modeling job” on her behalf if it was offered to them.  He told her, “You don’t need to tell your mother all about it, because she’ll start complaining again, and I don’t want to deal with that.”

    [She] also shared with me that [he] intended to use 50% of her earnings to pay the rent.  He is clearly taking advantage of my daughter for his own gain.

    There have been red flags of sexual abuse throughout [her] entire young life.  [He] has “worked with” CPS in regards to possible sexual abuse, as well as substantiated neglect accusations.  The neglect has continued, as well.  [She] shared with me this weekend that [he] hasn’t made her take a bath or shower in a while.  When I texted [him] asking how long it had been, he stated, “A week.  Need to get back on making sure she does ’em.”  I have saved this text message for my records. He is extremely lax about [her] basic needs being met, treating her like a “hobby” he needs to “get back into” pursuing.  Children’s needs are constant; they do not come and go based on what the adult caregiver feels like doing.

    For all the reasons stated above, I strongly believe that [she] needs to be immediately removed from [his] care.  I am fully willing and capable of caring for her full-time.

    1. I think that looks great, Natalie. If nothing else, it should cause them to scrutinize his behavior more closely. Others here have had more experience than I have with CPS, so perhaps they could weigh in on that. If it were me reviewing the declaration, I’d at the very least give temporary sole custody to you and investigate further based on the information provided.

  12. Okay…so the plan is…tomorrow…get the papers served to him.  I will call the police to help me do so, because I don’t want to do it myself.  Scared of his reaction, I guess.  I had asked someone else to do it (my pastor), but he believes that things should be worked out by “talking.”  Yes, that works in some cases…but every time I talk to this guy, he tries to convince me I am overprotective, crazy, etc.  Also, during our phone conversation today, he said, “Fuck you for [saying] that,” when I pointed out that I cannot trust him to protect our daughter from harm when he routinely allows DRUNK MEN to hang out in his house.  It is pointless trying to talk with this guy.  He is a control freak & wants all the power as far as my daughter is concerned.  Not just the drunk guys thing, but also the fact that he, himself, is drunk half the time and always, ALWAYS stoned (he has a “medical marijuana” card).  How the Hell do you know what is going on with your daughter if YOU are out of it?  I have called CPS and the cops NUMEROUS times in the past for a variety of reasons, & they have investigated a lot.  I don’t know why she is even still there.  Even if she can’t come to me for some reason, I just want her out of there ASAP.  Anywhere has to be better than her dad’s house. 

  13. How did the father get custody if he does all this stuff?

    1. They share custody. It’s not unheard of. My guess is that he did a few parenting classes and gave him shared custody. Sometimes judges are more worried about hurting feelings than they are about the kiddos. Sad, but true.

  14. I had her full-time for the first 3 years.  He did all kinds of inappropriate things like trying to have sex with me in front of my daughter…as well as the obvious…not paying for anything related to her care.  Right before I left him, we got into a big fight because he wanted joint custody.  I told him that I could not trust him alone with a little girl if he was always trying to do sexual stuff in front of her.  He said, “Fuck you, you stupid bitch,” and I ran at him & punched him in the chest.  He pulled his arm back like he was going to hit back, but thankfully he stopped himself.  However, he is 6’4″ and I thought, what if he doesn’t stop himself next time?  So I left the next day with my daughter, without telling him we were leaving.  He filed a missing person’s report & someone tipped off the police a week later.  They caught up with me, but they almost let me go.  Then his mother showed up & asked me to come back to their house.  I told her “No,” because I had been fighting with her son.  I felt we were better off in the homeless shelter where we were living.  The cop thought I was nuts for wanting to go stay in a shelter when I had the option not to, so he sent me to Psychiatric Emergency Services, & sent my daughter to her dad.  They basically saw me as a “flight risk” with “mental health issues.”

  15. Reading through the comments my soul just died a little. I’m praying for you Natalie. But what state do you live in that a drunken stoner who has a history with cps for possible sexual abuse can have custody of a little girl? Call me old fashioned but why wasn’t that kid yanked out of there? When my mother was a SW in NYC she snatched people’s kids at the drop of a hat.

    1. I don’t think HE sexually abused her. I think it was someone he knew that was accused. I could be wrong or misunderstood. I know Matalie will be back to respond.

  16. I live in California.  I think the reason he was allowed to keep her, being a stoner, is that pot is virtually legal here.  He has a “medical marijuana” card.  When I was in psych emergency services, a CPS worker came up & asked me if I had any concerns about my daughter’s safety.  I reported that he, as well as his mom & stepdad, routinely smoked pot in the house.  When the social worker followed up on it, she ended up telling them it was OK that they smoked it, but they just couldn’t have it in the house.  Once CPS was out of the picture & he got his own place, he went right back to smoking in the house again.
    I did bring up the concerns about him pushing sex on me in front of our daughter.  I thought it was a red flag that he might become sexually abusive.  That was investigated & found to not be substantiated.
    Then, just a year ago, I was talking to a previous babysitter of my daughter’s, who said that my daughter had told her two years ago that her uncle (who had routinely been alone with my daughter) touched her private parts.  Why she waited so long to tell me this, I don’t know.  In any case, I called the cops & CPS right away.  Again, it was found to not be true.  But then again, two years later I’m guessing there wasn’t evidence to be found anymore.  At least we know that if it did happen at one point, it probably didn’t keep happening.
    It is extremely frustrating to not know what is going on with my own kid.  It seems like CPS doesn’t do much (at least around here) unless a parent admits to doing something wrong or a child is close to being killed. 

    1. How ass-backward is that? I know of at least two cases where children have been removed from good homes, and have heard of many others. WTF are these people doing?

  17. That’s what I don’t get…they do seem to sometimes take kids out of homes that aren’t that bad.  But when there is something to be seriously concerned about, they don’t do much.  I once called the cops on a guy who had an open CPS case for having physically assaulted his son in the past.  He had gone to jail for one day, but then right after getting out, he told his sob story about being a Vietnam vet & having PTSD, & his wife dying.  He said he was sorry & that he’d never do it again.  They immediately gave the boy back to his dad.  After talking to neighbors of the boy, I found out that he was still abusing the poor kid, who was 5.  The cops came & talked to witnesses of the abuse, as well as listened to the kid himself talk about what his dad had done.  There was also no food in the house when the cops arrived.  The police still said there was “nothing they could do.”  They filed a CPS report (had to by law), but even after investigating, the boy was allowed to remain with his father.  I wonder if they like men better here or something???  California is an “equal property state,” meaning that when you break up, you’re supposed to share everything, including the children.  Unfortunately, it seems like way too many women lose their kids, but the loser dads get to keep them.  I know many people this has happened to.  Sonoma County, California.  Maybe I should Google it & find out if it’s something unique to this county.

    1. You’re fucking shitting me, right? Sonoma-fucking-County. Notoriously ass backwards with conniving social workers and a shitty system. I hope for the sake of your kid and you, you have your ducks in a row when you get this ball rolling.

    2. Sadly, it happens just as often the other way-round. There are a few stories here on BB where the dad should have gotten the child(ren), but the mother had them and either allowed her dick-of-the-minute to abuse them (beating and/or sexually), or she was neglectful in some other way, or she was physically abusing them… it’s horrifying. It seems they just get it completely wrong so often.

  18. Oops, I mean he was a Gulf War vet 😉

  19. Yeah…you’ve got that right.  That’s what scares me about saying anything at all.  It could totally backfire.  I am doing a lot better than I was in the past, but I definitely still have things to work on, for sure.  I feel like I have to bring up my concerns, though.

  20. An employer must first obtain a Permit to Employ Minors inthe Entertainment Industry before a minor may be employed in such industry.
    Additionally, the minor’s parent or legal guardian must obtain an Entertainment Work Permit before the minor may be employed in the entertainment industry.
    Both such permits are issued by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.
    California Labor Law

  21. By the way, $500 a day my asscrack. Someone should tell this “agency” if they’re going to post phony ads to try and lure children to the dark side, they should at least make them credible enough that a chimpanzee would believe them.

  22. I bet this “agency” is saying 500 a day just to get people to pay them for their headshots that cost thousands. At least now knowing that the laws prevent the father of making his daughter a model the mother won’t have to go to court to stop it.

  23. Also, one would think that a website best known for it’s frighteningly large abundance of rapists, pedophiles, murderers and kidnappers might not be the BEST place to find gainful employment for one’s eight-year-old.

  24. Yeah…what kind of drugs are these CPS workers taking, anyway?  Any reasonable person can see they don’t make good decisions “in the best interests of the children.”  Well, I’m sure they do sometimes.  But they fail to act in so many cases…why?

    1. They say that it’s “in the best interest of the child” to try and keep the family together. But, clearly, that is often not the case.

  25. Yeah…that’s the line they use in family court, too.  They use it as a reason for both parents to have “frequent & continuing contact” with their children.  Which I understand to a certain extent.  But the family court judge said herself during the last custody court orientation I attended, “Don’t try to demonize each other.  Don’t make the other parent out to be Satan unless he or she is…and truthfully, that’s very rare.”  Unfortunately, probably not as rare as you’d think 🙁  As we can see from reading the stories on this website.

  26. This is shady and wrong. I read an article about baby modeling and even top kids like in commercials for Gerber or the ETrade commercials make $300-$500 for their time and work. Then a reputable agency takes 25%.

    Check that site out, it tells you all about what pay kids get and what a equable agency will do. Nothing the father said jives with anything realistic. It’s way too easy these days for anyone to say they are looking for child “models” and be a pedophile and predator who is looking for a victim. I wish there was a way you could stop him but the courts are slow and useless in these types of situations.

  27. Yes, I agree.  Fortunately,  I just got a new 2nd job, & with the extra income I will be making, I may just be able to get my daughter back.  At least I’m hoping.  Especially if her dad ends up having to become homeless when he can’t pay his rent.
    Also, my daughter hasn’t kept her dad’s “secrets” very well.  She tells me everything he says not to.  So, if anything “fishy” happens, I’ll probably be the first to know.  I also told her to never do anything she’s uncomfortable with, & to call someone for help if she is asked to.
    Her dad claims he will be there the whole time, but since these are 8-hour shoots, what are the chances of him not at least leaving to take a bathroom break (or a marijuana smoke break…I would not be the least bit surprised)?

  28. Never giving up...

    Natalie, I just want to send some love & support.  Let you heart lead the way & trust your intuition. 

    By the side of my husband, I’ve dealt with his son’s custody issues with alcoholic bio-mom.  There was a lot of hardship on our side, but it has all been worth it knowing we are/were doing the right thing by my stepson (who is 19, now & studying to be a Peace Officer).  We always had a rule:  Never keep secrets from your parents. period.

    Keep on doing what your heart tells you is right.

  29. Thank you…sometimes I feel like the world is out to get my beautiful daughter.  I am terrified that something may happen to her.  I could not handle losing her.  She is so sweet, giving, & kind…I’d hate to see her ever become angry & bitter.
    My church has offered to step in & offer safe babysitters for my daughter (people who are not substance abusers…not drunk guys like he usually leaves her with).  Whether he chooses to accept this help is up to him.  If he refuses, I may take further action. 

    1. Still make sure you do your best to investigate these people too please Natalie.
      Wolfs in sheep’s clothing and all that.
       Best wishes to you and your daughter. Having a loving, caring mom in her corner may make all the difference:)

    2. OMGs… he’s leaving her with substance abusers and drunk guys??? He’s unemployed, so what possible legitimate reason could he have for leaving her with anybody?

      Natalie, you need to take action if this is the kind of life he’s giving your daughter. If he keeps leaving her with those kinds of people, she’s going to end up a victim of sexual abuse (I’ll be shocked if she hasn’t been inappropriately touched already). That entire situation is just a train wreck waiting to happen. We’ve seen it time an again, plastered all over this site (and some of us have seen it first or second hand).

  30. From what I understand, child modeling is a way of introducing children into porn rings.

    Yeah, accuse me of putting on a tinfoil hat, but check this out:

    1. No, you’re right. Some (but by no means all) definitely do that. There are legit companies out there that don’t (think of all the Target, Sears, Walmart, etc. catalogs and fliers that have children modeling clothing… the agencies that get those kids started tend to be the legit agencies. To my knowledge, those aren’t the kids that end up being used for child abuse images.) But I would be extremely wary of any agency/photographer, even if they seem legit, that would expect my child to wear something inappropriate for their age. But you know… that would be if I felt comfortable at all getting my child into modeling. Which I don’t.

  31. Did anyone ever find out what happened with this?

  32. Child modeling is bad. Let me first come clean and tell you that I have been a big fan of child models for years. As a male, I think its the innocence combined with the “of age” appearance and sometimes provocative nature of the images. Basically, most men’s fantasy that would never become a reality (unless he’s a fool).

    Given my inside perspective on the whole purpose of modeling, nothing but masturbation material comes from it. I mean think about it. Why is modeling necessary? To create lust in men and women. That’s all. It’s a pretty nasty way to make a profit. As for kids, it sets a very bad example. They are led to believe that appearance is important and that materialism is all there is. Talk about no chance of finding their spirituality. I believe in God. And I am pretty sure that rules out me allowing my kids to have anything to do with a “profession” that involves getting paid to have people stare at your body. When you see it for what it is, you realize it’s both pointless and counterproductive. The world has enough filth in it, and not enough decency. That’s the demand I see. And if we are responsible, we will teach our kids to shun the bad and focus on the good. Modeling teaches kids to be takers. And most of them I have seen are spoiled brats. Usually with a mother that’s either a whore or a gold-digger.

    I have three kids and entered my oldest in a contest when she was little. I remember the feeling I had when I saw her photo mixed in with the rest, being graded. Made me feel like a bad parent. I had it pulled and never entered another one. My kids deserve better than having men jerk off to their photo for money. That’s all its for, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

    1. Let me first come clean and tell you that I have been a big fan of child models for years. As a male, I think its the innocence combined with the “of age” appearance and sometimes provocative nature of the images.

      Let me first come clean and tell you that this comment really got my hackles up… even with your opinion that child modeling is nothing but spank material, you’re still a “big fan” of child models? Please tell me I’m getting the wrong reading from this statement. I’m trying very hard not to jump to conclusions here, because I’ve been given the impression that I’m entirely too judgmental lately, but this one is really hard for me to ignore.

      1. Dodia you are not being judgemental enough when it comes to the comments John made. John seems like he is very sick in the head. John tell me how a 5 year old looks of age??

        1. You mean those toddler in tiaras aren’t supah sexsay?

          (I think I threw up typing that)

          1. I think to John they are from the sounds of it.

          2. Sounds like. I agree that T&T is pedo porn, but sounds like John might agree.

          3. And yet, he’s still a “big fan”…

          4. Yahoo lists John as female??

          5. I noticed that, too… named “Greg”. “John”, aka “Greg”, is probably just a shit-stirring troll, but that “big fan of” comment just shows they’re also a pervert, and the comments about divorce show they don’t believe that women should be allowed out of abusive marriages, etc. All kinds of things wrong with that one.

          6. No email address used for commenting either. Strange. I didn’t know you could do that.

          7. Can that be changed so they can be banned when need be?

          8. I can ban the IP address. I want to wait to see if it responds.

          9. it’s working twice as much as it should average hr for me is 130 to 200 per minute normal is 60 to 80. i may have to get a pace maker not sure yet. i have to see a rythm specialist. great that you can ban ip’s

          10. OMG! You have my email address, right? Will you keep me posted?

          11. no don’t have it April do you have mine?

          12. Is it the one you use here for comments??

          13. yep this one works 🙂

          14. *HUGS* Will be sending positive thoughts your way, and hoping that it’s an easy fix.

          15. Thank you April

          16. How are you April? Sorry haven’t been around was in the hospital for a day procedure and still have ongoing heart issue’s

          17. I’m good, hon. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. What’s going on with your ticker? You need that think it tip top shape. Who else will hunt pedos with Dodia and I?

          18. Unless is just commented using the Yahoo account. That makes sense.

          19. His whole message seems creepy to me anyone else???

          20. Yes… that second line is what initially got my hackles up, but reading on, I just got a total “ick” vibe.

            Checking his linked profile, “Greg” is a hit-&-run poster. So I’ll be shocked if he returns to respond to our comments. Typical of people like that.

            And, apparently, it’s OK to be “a big fan of child models”, so long as you never divorce and aren’t Pagan. If you read his comments, he’s a total wingnut.

    2. The fuck did I just read? Look if you’re a pervert trying to stay on the straight and narrow I applaud you but child modeling does NOT turn on men with normal, healthy sex drives but is aimed at pedophiles and other degenerates. John you’re right that it’s about spank material – but if you think it’s something all men can rub one out to you’re mistaken. I’ve seen some of those sites and felt nothing but disgust for the parents. Then again I like my women to look like women.

      1. You mean you aren’t a kiddie loving pervert?

        Thank GAWD!

        1. The older I get the younger people look. That’s how it’s supposed to work. An adult should lose interest in teens (and never should have been interested in children) by their early 20s at least. I started out at 9 liking my teachers in their 30s and I’m going out the same way.

          1. Well, what could a man and a child have in common? How can ANYONE find a child sexy? Unless…. They know they can’t get an adult to find them sexy. Plus children are easy to control…. so……….

            Ewwww. I need a drink now.

          2. The FBI profile of different child sex offenders show that domination is the main factor, and some pedophiles are amoral thrill seekers.

          3. You know what’s really sad? I think we know more about the sick fucks than we really wanted to.

          4. Much much more.

          5. Doesn’t it make you feel dirty?

          6. It’s not at all that they don’t think they can get an adult to find them sexy. Many perverts target single parents, and (as we all know) too often those single parents side with the pervert over their children when the shit hits the fan, claiming they “still love” the perv. They go after children because they’re degenerate, sociopathic sadists, who care nothing for anyone but themselves. People have argued that point with me, but nothing is going to convince me that anyone who can look at a child an think “I’ve gotta get me some of that” is anything different.

          7. Honestly, I’m sort of glad I don’t understand pedos. It makes me feel sort of….. Normal.

          8. I hear you there.

      2. THIS

        Totally skeeved and aghast at his “most men” line. Deviants try to justify and rationalize perversions via projection and generalization. No matter how “reformed” and normal John tries to pass himself off as… That one line blows his cover all out of whack.

  33. Natalie, how is your daughter doing?

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