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Blood on blankets belonged to Amir Jennings

Zinah Jennings

Blood on blanket matched missing child’s, police say:

The disappearance of Amir Jennings is just one of the stories I follow that resemble a certain story out of Florida about the one who shall not be named, and no it’s not Voldemort.

Unlike the story we dare not speak the disappearance of Amir Jennings really hasn’t broken through the national media in my opinion because Amir is black. He’s been missing since he was 18-months-old when his mother, Zinah Jennings, was picked up in Columbia South Carolina after crashing her car late last year. She has been less than cooperative with police in divulging the whereabouts of her son.

Back in January of this year I posted about how bloody clothes and blankets were found by police in Zinah Jennings’ car. This past Monday in court police said that the blood matched that of Amir Jennings.

Of course her defense attorney is trying to get that evidence suppressed as being prejudicial but come on. If it turns out that she did kill Amir or at least had a hand in it that would be crucial evidence as it places her somewhere near the crime scene.

More importantly this doesn’t look like we’re going to have a happy ending in this story. Ever since Elizabeth Smart was miraculously found alive I never say never in missing child cases but realistically this doesn’t look good that AMir may be alive. I’ll be hoping against hope that he is but I won’t be surprised if he isn’t.

And if you want to get your mad let’s not forget that this (insert your favorite insult here) is pregnant with another child and set to deliver in September. Hopefully she’ll still be in jail then so they can take the child away from her and give it a fighting chance.

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  1. Shit, I hope they get to the bottom of this soon because every time I open this page and see her, I get nauseous.  She just looks mean as a snake…I expect to see her forked tongue!

    Honest question:  what happens to babies born in jail or prison? 

  2. Ugh…so disgusting knowing they will probably get off after killing their very own child.  I look at this woman and feel such rage.  Poor Amir, he’s in a better place now.

  3. They are either turned over to family or sent into foster care. Either is better for that baby, with a sick, evil, narcissistic, crazy bitch. I hope that’s a shiner on her ugly ass face that was a welcoming hello from her roomies in prison

  4. Babies who are born to incarcerated mothers here in Nebraska are able to stay with there mother for up to two years in a special nursery that is in the women’s prison. Even if them mothers are there for crimes against their children. Tax payers pay for all this!!!

    1. Well this just ruined my day.

  5. oh and even better.. she’s in jail, pregnant with another child, and taking court mandated prescription drugs that can cause birth defects, and severe mental retardation…while pregnant..awesome. More problems for other people (tax payers) to deal with.. disgraceful.

  6. This sounds A LOT like this local bitch we had in Ontario, Canada who murdered her baby, claimed she was in a diabetic coma and couldn’t remember anything. She was discovered to be pregnant months after her baby went missing. I can’t even imagine who’d sleep with someone who so obviously had murdered their baby. As far as I know she was only ever able to be charged with indignity to a body. My best friend and I actually found the bloody baby blanket on the cliff she threw the body off of. 

    There was a media ban on the case as far as I know, so I have no idea what became of her. Her name was Sarah Whittington and her baby was Abigail Dice. 

    Also JLeigh- I’ve NEVER heard of these special jail nurseries. That just blew my mind. 

  7. Everytime I see her picture, I want to puke. She is so fugly, I can’t believe any man could stay hard long enough to fuck her without wearing a blindfold.

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