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Moronic Mommies… Monday/Thursday.

Ok so I am late getting this up this week, I wasn’t feeling well all weekend and first part of the week, but I am feeling better now so I’m back to business.

Allison (left) and Laura (right) Niemeyer

Mom leaves baby behind at Florida Wal-Mart after botched theft

Starting us off this week we have Allison Niemeyer (19). Allison, her sister Laura (22) and Allison’s son (1) went for a little shopping trip to Wal-Mart.  This particular shopping trip resulted in stealing and child abandonment.  Mothering at it’s finest!

The two women were spotted stuffing items into the baby’s diaper bag by security and were confronted when leaving the store.  Allison took off immediately, ditching her sister and son.  Laura then broke free and took off; both hopped into a waiting van and fled the scene, leaving behind Allison’s son.  I suppose someone needed to take the wrap.

A tip lead police to the vehicle and the sisters were arrested.

Laura, the aunt, was charged with felony child neglect, retail theft and resisting a merchant.  If convicted this will be her 4th conviction for retail theft and grand theft.

Allison was charged with felony child neglect, retail theft and violating probation.  Allison is on house arrest until 2021 for her involvement in home invasion robbery with a firearm that occurred in 2010, while she was pregnant.

Allison’s son was placed with Florida Department of Children and Families.

Cannabis smoking mother (24) jailed for leaving baby to drown in bath  

Danielle Reeves (24), was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced 45 months in jail for the death of her son Frankie Joe, whose life-less body was found in the bathtub in September of 2011.

Reeves, described as a foul-mouthed, binge-drinking, cannabis smoker, put her two sons Alfie (3) and Frankie Joe in the bathtub and started the water running.  She then proceeded to take her drunken ass outside and chatted it up with neighbors for approximately 45 minutes. Bragging to neighbors she was “so drunk from Vodka.”

By the time she decided to check on her boys, she found a life-less Frankie Joe and an overflowing bathtub.

In a drunken rage, she blamed everyone including her son Alfie for the tragedy.  She lied to paramedics and emergency staff about what had happened.

Frankie Joe died at the hospital four days later and one day after his first birthday.

R.I.P. Frankie Joe

Toddler dies of methadone overdose, mother charged

On June 25th Newton County Sheriff’s responded to a call of an unresponsive toddler, the 22-month-old had been put down for a nap at 4pm the afternoon before and was not breathing when his mother checked on him at 10 am the following morning.  I don’t know about anyone else’s children but my kids, even sick, have never slept 18 hours straight.  Shouldn’t this baby have been checked on LONG before 10 am?

His mother Elizabeth Farnam (33) was arrested on July 19th and charged with 2nd degree murder, after toxicology reports showed her son, Logan Crow, had died of a methadone overdose.

Court documents show that Elizabeth admitted to obtaining the methadone illegally for her own use and dropping a pill while holding Logan on her lap at a church meeting.  She said she noticed Logan sweating profusely and losing his balance, so she took him home and put him to bed and did not check on him for 18 hours.

According to police she was aware Logan had taken something, he could hardly navigate and was very sleepy, but she did not seek help.  Doctors said had Logan been taken to the E.R. and treated his life could have been saved.

Logan had 15 to 19 milligrams of methadone in his system; doctors typically prescribe 3 to 5 milligrams to an adult.  WTF!

R.I.P. Logan

Woman charged with 9th OWI   

Rounding out this week’s batch of Moronic Mommies is Evelynn M. Brown (28).

A man made a call to Milwaukee Police at approximately 10:57 pm to report a woman driving erratically.  He stated she had veered out of her lane, struck the median, drove across some grass, then veered across all four lanes and hit some construction barrels.

When police arrived the found a man assisting a woman, Brown, he said had side swiped his car. He told them after they stopped he noticed she was drunk and had a small child in the car.  The man removed her from the car and pulled it off the road.

Brown was crying, talking incoherently and reeked of alcohol, but police were able to determine the small child in the car with her was her 11-month-old daughter.

Brown was arrested for drunk driving and taken for a blood test.

Brown has a history of DUI, this is her ninth arrest.

Thanks to Cynical Me, Suzee and DigChild for the tips.


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  1. The pics.  OMG!!  My eyes!!! 

    1. Lol!!! .Re. the pics, my fav. is how Allison is looking all pathetically child-like.   Then I read: ” Allison is on house arrest until 2021 for her involvement in home invasion robbery with a firearm that occurred in 2010, while she was pregnant ”


      1. Winnah winnah!!! She’s a total winner. NOT!!!

    2. LMFAO @ the hag in the middle who is 33 years old. Premature aging: just one of the many tribulations faced by meth-whores.

  2. WTF 45 months for peroxide blonde in the middle?  Less than FOUR years for killing her child?!!  I swear to God, if someone witnessed me abusing my damn dog, I’d spend more time behind bars.  It is beyond disgusting how these men and women get off with barely a slap to the hand!  Meanwhile, an innocent child who did not deserve to be born to such pieces of worthlessness is DEAD.  I believe in God and I believe in karma and those are the only things that keep me from going insane after reading this stuff!!

    1. Me too!  My head wants to explode half the time I read these stories but I just breathe and understand that somehow the Universe will take care of these mofos. OMG I dont think I have ever left one of my 3 in the bath alone, that scares the shit outta me.

  3. Meth Mom there was probably so happy Junior was staying out of her hair for so long, she didn’t want to go in and wake him up by accident.

    If my kid went down for a nap at 4 and wasn’t making some noise by 6.30, I was in there to see what was going on. Especially if I knew there was something wrong  with him. But then, I’m not all fucked up.

  4. Furandfeathersmommy

    Wow… so the two WalMart thieves went to a dance club A DAY AND A HALF LATER where they were arrested! A day and a half??!! They obviously didn’t care about that little boy! And this 19 year old “mother’s” facebook page is absolutely ridiculous.

  5. In  3 of the 4 cases mentioned, substance abuse was identified as an issue.  Surely these women’s problems with drugs/alcohol could not have gone unnoticed; was there no one willing to intervene on behalf of those children?

    1. This one is in the next batch thanks for the tip. This one has a better picture.

  6. That’s why these stupid people keep having kids. So the judge won’t send them to jail. ( dui’s ,must be a record.

  7. Oh dear, Ms Farnam proves to us that drugs melt your face!

  8. I kinda hate how a mother kills her child while DRUNK, yet the headline says “CANNABIS-SMOKING” once again. Riiight.
    Anyways, the woman with the 9th DUI. Only in WISCONSIN :/

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