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Arizona mom fights with her boyfriends, kills her kids.

Police: Mom killed her kids after argument with boyfriend
Perla Morales accused of killing her two children

Perla Morales – baby murderer.

Now, I don’t have a boyfriend — but I’m sure that if I did and we had a fight and he said he was leaving me, that I’d be upset.  Not sure that at my age I’d act irrational on any level, because let’s face it – what’s the point? A man (or woman) doesn’t want to be with you? Move the fuck on with your life. No man or woman that you’re fucking is worth much more than a few tears, maybe a few stiff drinks and then getting back on this horse called “life”.

That’s not the reaction to the news of her impending breakup that 25-year old Perla Morales had.  Her reaction was the worst thing you could ever imagine. She shot her 2 babies, multiple times each. 17-month old Richard and 4-year old Emma both died because their mom had been dumped. Richard was DOA when the paramedics arrived, but his big sister Emma didn’t die until later at the hospital. I hope from the bottom of my soul that she didn’t suffer too much in the hour that she out-lived her little brother. My heart is shattered for these two sweet angels.

The news doesn’t stop there. Perla tried to kill herself, too. But she didn’t put a bullet through her head like she should’ve – since she was holding a gun and all. She slit her wrists and was listed in the hospital with “non-life threatening injuries”. What a fucking pussy. She can shoot her babies in cold blood but gives herself some wrist scratches? FUCK her.

“She loved her children. She was a good mother,” said Sandy Ramirez, a cousin of Morales.

Well, Perla’s cousin – I call bullshit on your claim. Good mothers that love their children don’t shoot them and kill them. One article says that a family member claims that Perla suffered from depression and they tried to help her get help, but she wouldn’t ever go. Another sign of a person who should never be called a good mother.

Her boyfriend, Richard Sr., was baby Richard’s father, but not Emma’s.  It’s been reported that he raised Emma as his own and she loved him very much. I can’t imagine what he must be going through. It’s ok that he didn’t want to be with Perla anymore and broke things off – I’m sure that he never expected her reaction to be what it was. I’m only sorry that she wasn’t able to be successful in her suicide. Don’t they know to just off themselves and leave the babies out of it?

RIP Richard and Emma – I will always remember your sweet faces.

RIP Emma and Richard

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  1. yet another horror story!  Why on this green planet  did this wench of a woman (meant in the most terrible sense ) take her own babies life, and not her own??

    I wish this freak of nature  had. RIP you two beautiful children.

    Fuckin B of a mother, just die.

  2. I could understand if she shot the boyfriend, well, not really but it would make more sense then killing her babies. I guess she had one of those ” ha! I’ll show you moments” that usually lead to disaster. And like good old Susan Smith, she meant to die too but, somehow, when the time came she wasn’t nearly as competent at killing herself as she was at killing her children. As always, someone will always make the inane statements about how she was a paragon of motherhood in spite of the evidence. I suffer from depression too, I take medication, I don’t kill babies!

    1.  “As always, someone will always make the inane statements about how she was a paragon of motherhood in spite of the evidence.”

      Like all those people who insiste Jerry Sandusky was real good with kids when he wasn’t raping them.

  3. Of course she failed at suicide. Most of these murderous non-moms that don’t get the suicide part right never had any intention of offing themselves, but they want everyone around them to suffer as much as they think they themselves are suffering. So fucking selfish and evil. This shit makes me sick.

  4. I’m unfathomly heartbroken for these innocent angels.  R.I.P. sweet ones, I wish youhadbeen mine.

    DEATH to that selfish wrist-scratching SLUT I’d love to claw her face off.

  5. Sooo sad this lilones died but at least they’re in heaven where they don’t have to be with a crazy awful mom.and for her what can I say maybe its a good thing she didn’t die so she can face justice here and than she can go to hell to face justice for eternity!Just what she deserves.

    RIP and enjoy heaven beautiful Angels of God!

  6. I can say a lot of awful things about living in Arizona but it comforts me slightly that we not only have the death penalty here but we fucking use it! Sadly though Lethal injection is too good for this dirty dripping slunt of a whore, I wish she could be ripped apart from the inside by wild badgers.

      (Note to the dumb murderous bitches out there):  If your going to off your own sorry ass, take the kids to a safe place (police, fire, grandmas house) and go fucking off your pathetic ass but leave your fucking kids out of the equation stupid c***. 

     I pray for those babies, I hope they didnt suffer too much but I cant even imagine what it must have been like knowing your “mother” is the one killing you, face full of anger as she pulled the trigger, even more so my heart breaks for the child she shot second, having to watch your sibling get shot knowing you are next…. Tears are streaming down my face after reading this, I hope they rip her apart in prison and she doesnt get the chance to have a quick death. 

    1. Here in Wisconsin we have badgers! Need some?

      1. LMAO, I would love some, thank you kindly! 

  7. Remember in Paul Simon’s song “You can call me Al’ he mentions that someone is ducking down an alley with a bat faced girl?  When I heard that I wondered what a bat faced girl would look like.  Now I know.

    1. you know what?, I look at people that look this way and assume they are not quite ‘right’. but she murdered her babies,

       Sucks, and she sucks  and  did I mention she sucks??

       I love Simon&Garfunkel songs, I never want to see them associated
        with this scum bitch.

      Just my humble opinion.

  8. Emma and Richard were my neice and nephew. We are heartbroken and can’t make sense of what happened, but we live with that day forever. First the news is NOT always correct-My brother was not leaving her they print garbage to sell and people get off on it and think they know the TRUE facts. What Perla did was wrong and we may Never understand Happened. We the family have to deal with everyday, my kids have to deal with their cousins being killed by their own mother. My brother has to deal everyday his family was torn from his life in a matter of hours. We are challenged everyday but people think they know what is going.

    1. :0(
      I’m so sorry this has happened to your family. I hope your children are able to make some sense of the situation as they grow up & don’t let it effect who they become.

      It doesn’t matter if he was going to leave or not. Someone should be able to leave a relationship if they feel that it is best for them without having to worry that someone is going to go bat shit fucking crazy & kill their kids. I guess what I’m trying to say is you don’t have to try to defend him, he didn’t do anything wrong. He is every bit as much of a victim in
      This as those poor sweet babies & he will have to live with what she did for the rest of his life. I hope he eventually finds it within himself to be whole again.

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