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Since lately, I have been doing regular posts about Momsters, I thought it would be an interesting switch to have a look at some Disgusting Dads.

Anthony DeSimone

First up we have Anthony DeSimone, who as taken into custody on August 1st.  Anthony has been accused of buying drugs, while having his 5-year-old son in the car.

Reports say police saw DeSimone get into a parked car and hand over cash in exchange for cocaine.  When he returned to his car, with his son still inside, he was arrested.  Police seized .5 grams of cocaine and 3.5 grams of marijuana.

He was charged with possession of both drugs.

His son was released to a family member.

Errick Noe Rios 

Errick Noe Rios has been charged with one felony count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, two felony counts of third degree assault and one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation.  Who did he assault you ask, well a 4-month-old baby, of course…why else would he be featured here?

Police were called to check on the welfare of an infant on July 25th, when they arrived Rios allowed them in and they found the baby covered in layers of blankets and clothing in a hot, muggy room and sporting facial bruises, a bite mark, scabs on its chest and back and finger mark bruises on its tummy.  Mother Effer!

After giving the usual array of excuses for the bruising, Rios admitted to hitting the baby because he would not stop crying, punching him in the mouth and picking him up by his torso so hard he’d leave marks.  He also admitted him and his wife and taken the baby to hospital in the past due to his abusive behavior and that it needed to stop.  Really genius, you think?

Rios also admitted to becoming angry with the baby the night of his birth and hit him four or five times and squeezed his stomach. He went on to further to confess to biting the baby’s face and putting his little mouth over and faucet and turning it on.  It doesn’t end there, he also admitted to engaging in criminal sexual conduct with the baby.

An examination showed the baby had three cracked ribs in addition to bruising and scratching.

If convicted Rios faces more than 40 years in prison and $65,000 in fines.

Maurice Brown Sr.

Maurice Brown Sr. back in court

Maurice Brown Jr. went missing on July 1st, two days later his body was found in a dumpster a few miles from his father’s apartment and where he “allegedly” disappeared from.

Maurice Brown Sr. told police he fell asleep for a few hours and when he awoke his son was gone and the door was open.  He claimed his son was kidnapped.  However, a witness told police they saw Brown Sr. leaving his apartment with a child draped over his shoulder and walking towards a parking lot between 7 and 8 pm that Sunday.

Police found evidence of spattered and pooled blood in the man’s bathroom, consistent with a beating.  Detectives said “Based upon the age of the missing child, the blood evidence in the bathroom, which is consistent with blunt force trauma, the affiant has probable cause to believe the child sustained serious bodily injury.”

The ME determined cause of death as blunt force trauma.

Brown Sr. was originally charged with child neglect or endangerment; those charges have since been upgraded to first-degree murder.

R.I.P. Maurice, your sweet smile will surely be missed.

Thanks to all the tipsters.


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  1. Disgusting. The last 2 should be eliminated, while the first one flogged to a bloody pulp.

  2. I am commenting on the Rios story. All of these stories are horriable, but squeezing a new babies stomach makes me tear up. I thank god everyday that I have been blessed with my son and it makes me cry to even think about him being harmed. Mothers you have to protect these children they depend on us.

  3. Was the mother charged obviously she was well aware


    This article also says that Mr. Rios up there admitted to performing oral sex on the baby.  Whaaaaa?  I’m thankful that (a) the child is alive; and (b) it wasn’t intercourse-type sex. 

    1. OMG… my link didn’t have that information. Thanks for the information.

  5. Fucking gross. Poor baby. I hope this man rots in hell for what he did.

  6. Oh My God!  When will it ever stop?  I just want to torture and kill these people.  I have a 2 month old baby boy and I hurt every time he cries.  All I can do is pick him up and try to comfort him even if it takes all night.  As frustrated as I got when we first brought him home, hitting him or punishing him somehow for me not getting any sleep was never in my mind.  My husband who has to work and barely gets any sleep never yells at me to shut up the baby or get angry even when he has to go to work and sleep during his lunch.  He will even offer to take the baby in the middle of the night after I’ve spent an hour or so trying to comfort him.  We are parents and we have a newborn.  Its a fact that we may have to deal with lots of sleepless nights and a crying baby we can’t comfort.  Why do people keep thinking babies are mute and that their lives should continue on as normal?  Stop having babies, MORONS!  I’m so mad that these people are able to procreate and hurt and kill their babies when good loving people who want to be good loving parents are having a hard time conceiving.  It’s just so unfair.  

    1. Yep, nobody said that raising a baby would be easy. Ah, I remember how frustrated I was with my son when he would not stop crying, and he is very LOUD. BUT aside from common sense things like trying to bundle him so he does not worm himself out :))) or giving him an extra bottle, I never did anything else, and yeah, me and my bf would take the frustration and lack of sleep on each other, but NEVER on the baby. And I think he is easier to manage now as a toddler. Well, the baby book even has a warning page for all new parents that they’re going to experience a lot of extra stress and frustration, but that if they start feeling like that they should seek counseling immediately as so it does not go too far…

  7. All of these perverse asswipes should be fed to the lions at the zoo for lunch!

    1. But the poor lions, they might get sick! 

  8. I’m reading these reports of these demonic G.C. (genetic contributors). While I’m nursing my beautiful baby boy. Looking down at his sleepy eyes as he happily dozes off in my arms. Where he’ll have those dreams, memories of feeling loved, safe, wanted so much. And I choke up thinking of all of these children that I have read about on this site. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting your hearts and souls into this. It has made the decision of me keeping my son from his G.C. an easy one. I can not, will not trust anyone with my son. No one can bring back these children, erase the horrific things, that the ones that should have layed down thier lives for them, took theirs instead. Thank you agin. Argenina

  9. Who names a kid after themselves and then kills them?  Talk about self-hatred…  

    RIP Little Maurice.  </3

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