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UK Mother leaves her baby alone to binge drink

Bingeing mother left baby alone for a week: Jail for 20-year-old whose child was found ‘starving’ in cot


We all know far too well that child abuse and neglect doesn’t just happen in this lovely country of ours.  Even across the pond in the UK there are Bad Breeders who should be fucking shot on site.

In Brecon,  Wales a mother was sentenced to 15 months in prison for neglecting her 15-month old baby girl. She was leaving her alone for long periods of time over the course of over a week, while she went to a friend’s apartment to get shit-faced drunk. Non-mom would return once a day-ish to her daughter, who was confined in a crib, to feed her cheerios and some sort of microwaved food in the AM – before leaving her again to run off and drink.

Neighbors heard the little girl crying and called the authorities, who were able to gain access to the home through a window. When the cops found her, she had been alone for more than 24 hours.  She was “subdued” in her crib in this house with no heat and no lights on, her diaper hadn’t been changed in days and she had such a bad case of diaper rash, that she was bleeding.   She had a small blanket in the crib to keep her warm. Ps – this was happening the week between Christmas and New Year’s and if you’ve even been to the UK, you know how fucking cold it gets there.

Her house was in the condition that you have probably guessed by now; it was in complete disarray with trash everywhere, dirty diapers laying around, empty wine and beer bottles and dirty clothes all over the place. The conditions were described as squalid.

When cops rescued her and took this poor little thing back to the station, they got her fresh diapers and clothes. When they gave her food and something to drink – “she grabbed them as if she had been starved.”  Well shit, she HAD been starved. I know what 15-month olds like to eat and how often… and it’s not just cheerios once a fucking day. This poor little girl, I can’t even comprehend it.

The non-mom pleaded guilty and admitted to cops that between 12/26 and 1/2 – she’d been “popped” back to the house to feed her daughter 4 times.  That’s 4 times in 8 fucking days that she’d “popped” back to check on her baby.  What a selfish c***, I just can’t get over it.  To quote a person that commented on the news article – “This woman is obviously not capable of looking after Goldfish, never mind a child and should never have contact again.” Well.fucking.said.

She’s in the pen for 15 months and the little girl is in the care of her paternal grandparents. The mother hopes to slowly rebuild the relationship with her daughter after she gets out.  Here’s to hoping that she doesn’t bother and baby girl is raised by people that actually give a shit about her.

Thank GOD that the neighbors called the police and this story isn’t about a little girl found dead of starvation.

Thanks to Bethan for the tip.

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  1. Oh. My. Gawd. I just can’t take this shit. I really do hope this c*** gets run over by a semi on the first day she steps outta prison.

  2. Disgusting. That poor bubs, complete and total bullshit that this child endured this. The selfishness of these kinds of people is sickening. And I’m starting to think that maybe prison isn’t doing shit. They get to sit in jail, make friends with the prison population and have no responsibilities of any kind. They get to live it up behind bars basically. It doesn’t seem like a punishment. Why are we not treating these fuckups like lab rats and getting some kind of use out of them…or making them do shit awful jobs that break their fucking spirits and make them suffer? Maybe I’m in a mood, but this shit is getting old.

    1. At least in jail she has a chance to sober up (unless she’s making wine in her toilet or something.) I hope she never regains custody of that child. If it were up to me she wouldn’t be allowed unsupervised visitations.

    2. I fail to find the words to adequately describe how much I AGREE! Why isn’tour punishment system designed tomake these fucks remorseful of their crimes??  She’s probably like, “Yea, I’ll be out in no time, then I can get that little stinker back and get all my services back!” And I don’t think it’s a mood…it think its that “I’m sick of this shit DAMMIT” feeling.

  3. Bleeding rash? Thats all I needed to read to hope this bitch never is allowed the honor of even looking at that perfect little girl again! SMH, WTF bitches, step the fuck up and be a mother or give your kids to someone who will! 

  4. At first, upon reading the headline, I was like “Whaaaat? She’s giving a baby privacy so it can binge drink?” and I was very confused. Anyway, what a horrible bitch. She’s very lucky she didn’t come back to her trash pile and find a little corpse.

  5. I’ve already checked on my daughter more times tonight than this POS checked on her baby in 8 days.
    Once again shaking my head that women can care so little for the tiny person that they carried inside them for nine months.
    If she is binge drinking now makes you wonder if she was doing it during the pregnancy… hope baby will not have any lasting complications if so.

  6. the people she was drinking with should also be in prison, how can anyone know there is a 1 year old child sitting alone in an apartment, no food, no water, no heat, no nothing! and be sitting around with the babies mom drinking and doing god knows what and not give a fuck?

  7. Ageniuscomparedtoyou

    I know who these people are, i asure you this will not be fogotton. The unfortunate thing is the educational system to young mothers around Brecon is soiled in alcohol, if it where up to me id never have her breed again. And Gareth is just the most stupiest shit out there. His loings are riddled with deseas any way get it cheacked Gareth !

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