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Zinah Jennings gives birth during trial

Zinah Jennings

Trial delayed after Jennings gives birth:

Last week the trial of Zinah Jennings started in South Carolina. The 23-year-old Jennings is on trial for charges of unlawful conduct toward a child. Her son, Amir Jennings has been missing since Thanksgiving of 2011 and has yet to be found. Jennings herself has given conflicting stories on what she did with her son although Amir’s blood has been identified in Jennings car.

Just as the prosecution was set to deliver its closing argument last week Jennings went into labor with her second child delaying the trial until at least tomorrow. Jennings’ lawyer, the ever hilariously named Hemphill Pride II, says that he will argue for a mistrial because of the birth. Whatever.

No word yet on the condition of the newborn or who will take custody of the child. Jennings’ mother says that she is willing to care for the child while other reports states the child may become a ward of the state.

Jennings is only looking at 10 years in prison.

Amir Jennings

We can only hope and pray that Amir is found safely but unfortunately I don’t think that will happen. I can imagine a scenario where Jennings is convicted and then confesses to where he is in order to try to get a reduced sentence.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

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  1. A mistrial? Why, was the fetus withholding evidence?

  2. Yes… Give the child to the woman who raised Jennings to be the monster she is today. And in 23 more years we’ll be reading a story about this child right here. This child needs to be kept as far away from anything to do with it’s breeder as they can possible put it.

  3. Send that baby to me!!! I’ll keep it safe and love it like my own. Do NOT allow anyone related to that whore to be near that baby. That sweet boy Amir is still missing.

  4. Why is she not on trial for murder? They found his blood but cant find him. Havent people been convicted of murder without a body?

    1. I would guess they don’t want to make the same mistake that was made with Casey Anthony.  If they prosecuted Zinah for murder now and fail to secure a conviction they cannot retry her later if Amir’s body is found, even if the evidence is incontrovertible that she killed him. This way, even if they fail to convict her on the unlawful conduct charge, they still have an option for a murder charge later. If they succeed in getting a conviction, she is off the street and not endangering other kids, plus they will also have a previous conviction which might be useful to bring into a later trial for murder.

    2. Yes but unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there isn’t enough evidence of a murder. 

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