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Michigan “Dad” Convicted of Murder and Sexual Assault

Father killed 15-week-old daughter during oral rape     

Father blames “evil spirit” in daughter’s deaths

Father charged with disturbing sexual assault

Expert: infant likely fatally choked 

Northern Michigan man guilty 

 “This is about as heinous as it gets”, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Phil Green about the tragic case of 15-week-old Evelyn Deuman, and he was right. This is one of the worst stories I’ve ever come across. This will be hard to read, but Evelyn deserves to have her story known.

On August 12th, 2011 Evelyn died from asphyxiation while her father was orally raping her. There was no gentle way to break that. According to Deuman, this was all an accident. He was frustrated with little Evelyn when he laid her on his bed with a blanket and went out for a cigarette. While he was outside, Evelyns’s mother, Natasha Maitland, called to say she was coming home from work. Suddenly, Deuman had a “bad feeling” and went to check on the baby. He found Evelyn on the floor bleeding from her nose, unconscious, and not breathing, with a used condom in her mouth. Deuman did not call 911, but instead spent the evening going over scenarios that might explain what happened. Right, because that’s what any dad would do if he innocently found his baby girl dead on the floor?!

Deuman took a polygraph test during which he hinted perhaps his body did it while his mind was possessed by an evil spirit. What bullshit! Not surprisingly, the results showed him to be deceptive in his answers.

Throughout the trial, the defense maintained that the death was an accident and that the mobile home they shared with ten other people was “an accident waiting to happen.” While I agree that a mobile home with ten people probably is an accident waiting to happen, sexual assault is not an accidental result of overcrowding! Steven Deuman is a demented waste of human skin that would have done this no matter how many people he lived with!

The only witness for the defense was the chief medical examiner, Ljubisa Jovan Dragovic. Usually a prosecution witness, Dragovic said he considered the manner of death to be indeterminate, not homicide. This was supposed to cast doubt on the prosecution’s theory, but in no way supported the defense’s theory that Evelyn somehow rolled all the way off the bed and just happened to fall face down on a used condom and choke on it.

Dr. William Bush, a Grand Rapids pediatrician, testified for the prosecution about the development of a 15-week-old child. When asked if he would expect a baby that age to roll over obstacles, such as blankets, he answered, “absolutely not”. Also testifying on behalf of the prosecution was Evelyn’s mother, Natasha, who had proved extremely important to the investigation. My heart is broken for her and the unimaginable horror that she has gone through. Jurors also heard from witnesses who, as children, claimed they were sexually abused by Deuman.

This week, jurors took less than an hour to convict Deuman of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault. Unfortunately, Steven gets a break he doesn’t deserve because of the location in which he committed this horrific crime.  Normally, capital murder charges are subject to the death penalty. This case was handled in federal court because the murder occurred on an American Indian reservation in Michigan. Like most tribes in the U.S., the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians declined to make capital crimes subject to the death penalty. The Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994 “conditionally eliminated” the death penalty on Native American lands unless a tribe’s governing body reinstated the penalty. Deuman faces a mandatory life sentence.

Evelyn was a beautiful little angel, gone too soon because of her disgusting “father’s” perverse desires. Crimes like this will always make decent people wonder why. There is no point in puzzling over why Steven Deuman is a monster. All we can do is bear witness to Evelyn’s suffering and to not let her memory fade. RIP, Evelyn, I’m so sorry you had to miss your life. You deserved the best.

***Special thanks to Your Pal, Nancy for the write-up and tip.*** 

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  1. Devastating story, wonderful write up!

  2. Deena, great write up for such a horrific act.  I especially liked your last paragraph: “There is no point in puzzling over why Steven Deuman is a monster. All we can do is bear witness to Evelyn’s suffering and to not let her memory fade.”  This gave me some sort of closure.  & applies to so many of these stories, & experiences some of us have endured.

    1. Well… thank you but Nancy actually wrote this one up. I just posted it for her.

    2. Never giving up, that is the only thing that keeps me sane is to know there is no figuring the monsters out, and just to focus on the child’s memory.

  3. RIP sweet Evelyn. You were too precious for this world. <3

  4. I am native American, if I were this child’s mother I would’ve killed this worthless, perverted piece of shit myself! Somethings are worth doing time.

  5. i honestly just am at a loss for words this world is getting darker by the day i hope that  cause it wasn’t a man or farther that thing gets his payback orally inside prison   i just cant comprehend how these beasts think  i cant rip angel hope your free and at peace now 

  6. This fucking makes me sick…just sick.  That’s all I can say.  Poor baby girl.

  7. FYI, the Michigan constitution has an anti-death penalty clause, so even if this hadn’t happened on a reservation he wouldn’t have been up for the death penalty. My guess is that even if Michigan did have capital punishment he probably wouldn’t have gotten it as he obviously had expected the poor child to survive the assault (the fact that he’d used a condom suggests to me that he’d learned from experience not to leave his DNA in his victims.)

    1.  That’s incorrect.  There was a federal prosecution of a murder on federal land.  The feds prosecuted and he got the death penalty. 

      1. True, the death penalty applies in Michigan in Federal cases only…..

  8. I would pay to rip that douchbeard off his face with my bare hands. Not one strand at a time but the whole beard at once. 

    1. By the time I was done going through all the articles with that picture at the top of every page, I was ready to rip his entire face off.

  9. This is the worst.

    … they’re all the worst, when the child is dead, but this is the worst, worst I’ve seen.

  10. *Sigh*  I weep for my People…  I hear stories like this all the fucking time about native folk who live in horrifically overcrowded conditions, impoverished (as I’m assuming this man is), someone got drunk, say, and then did something heinous.  I almost puked when I read this one.  I grew up like this, and it was VILE.

    I’m Innu, and like so many, many of my Tribe and others I’ve heard about, I came from an alcoholic home with physical and sexual abuse that literally went back at LEAST three generations (we were certainly poor, though there were only six of us in our house).  I don’t know if the U.S. had anything like the Residential Schools run by the clergy, but in Canada, they are notorious as places of hellish abuse, of all kinds…  My granddad was in one of those fucking prisons, and it was probably there that he was so abused that he went on to beat the living fuck out of my mother, her siblings, and her mother.  He also viciously raped my mother.   I don’t know if he raped my aunt, but he probably did, based on some sketchy references I read in some old letters my mother gave me.

    I wanna find this genetic-mistake and make him go through some of the old Tribal punishments- they were suitably vicious and brutal that I think they would be QUITE appropriate for a scumbag like this one.

    That poor little girl.  My word, she’d barely been on this Earth for a few fucking WEEKS.

  11. And, before someone points it out, I’m not assuming this cretin was drunk.  It’s unfortunately so common that being boozed up is part of an ugly situation like this (stories from my old stomping grounds, my own family, etc) that it wouldn’t surprise me if this waste of skin HAD been drinking…   No, we Native Americans aren’t drunks because we’re weak; many of us are drunks because we’ve been so sorely hurt by the European invasion, by the schools, the governments, each other, that we’ve lost any hope of things ever getting better.  It’s “institutionalized” drinking- everyone around you does it, your family, your friends, your co-workers (assuming you can even GET a job, but that’s another rant), your neighbours… It’s “normal” to get shit-faced and get into a fight, or do something incredibly stupid.  It’s “normal” for most of us to know someone who’d been raped, beaten to death, stabbed, or someone’s girlfriend to be the target of spousal abuse.  It’s disgusting, it’s saddening, and it pisses me off to the point where I used to go “hunting” for abusive fucktards who were hurting their families and lay the boots into ’em just to get a little payback in for all the times I had to put up with it as a kid and no one had ever come to my rescue…

    “Risk-taking behaviour” is a Survivor’s trait, I’m sure we’ve all heard.  That one was mine.  I want to go “hunting” again, after reading about this little puke.

    1. Are you serious? I hope you are kidding. I am Native American too, I refuse to live on the reservation because that’s where my biological idiot wastes his life away at the bottom of a bottle. I will say what I say to him all the time, you and only you are the master’s of your destiny and the government allows better opportunities to Native Americans, therefore it is their choice to waste their lives on that land.

  12. I can personally say that I know Steve Deuman – and this is a disgusting and terrible story, which of most .. is true. Yes, he did orally rape baby Evelyn and yes he is a murderer. But it upsets me, (after reading countless news articles and talking to family members) to see how much this story is exaggerated. I read this site quite a bit, and seeing how much this story is exaggerated, (i.e., he didn’t wait all night to call Natasha, and there were not 10 people living in their home) I wonder what else is exaggerated.

    1. He killed a 15 week old baby by shoving his penis in her mouth until she suffocated on it and you’re upset because the number of roommates was misreported? Are you KIDDING me? THAT’s what bothers you here? He. Killed. A. Baby. By. Orally. Raping. Her. To. Death. And you think the story is exaggerated because some of the irrelevant details might be a little off? NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Correcting the number of hours he did not report the baby’s death or the number of people in the home will not create a time warp to go back and take his penis out of the baby’s mouth. It will not make her death any less agonizing. It will not make this story any less horrible.

      You need to sort out your priorities.

    2. WTF? Seriously? You would come on here and attempt to defend this POS after he raped an infant to death? The fact that I am putting the words rape, infant and death in the same sentence makes me want to vomit, but that doesn’t seem to be too big an issue for you? I mean THINK about it – this sick fucking bastard not only stuck his nasty penis in a tiny baby’s mouth, he knew damn good and well that it was wrong because he tried to conceal his actions with the condom. Why would you even waste a moment’s thought on the “exaggerations” in this case, let alone the time it took you to come here and post this? I get that it’s hard to come to terms with it when someone you know does something this evil but you’re barking up the wrong tree by talking about the exagggerations here. They don’t matter. The basic facts are he did this perverted, sick, twisted deed, he got caught, he’s been convicted. Does it really matter if there were 6 people in the house or 10, or how long he waited to call? Is any of that pertinent to the fact an innocent, beautiful baby girl is gone?

    3. “Yes, he did orally rape baby Evelyn and yes he is a murderer” …..Dude you could have fucking said he did those things riding a blue goddamned unicorn holding a four leaf clover enroute to the fucking pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I wouldn’t give two shits about those things. What I would care about is this statement here:

      “Yes, he did orally rape baby Evelyn and yes he is a murderer”

      You have blown my mind, because you care about the story being fucking exaggerated? You are the biggest shitbag I have never met. Who fucking cares about anything else? What is his reputation going to be tainted? I’m pretty sure being a baby raping murder kind of fixes that shit. If you don’t like what you read here get the fuck out. And fuck you personally from me, for sticking up for this piece of shit.

  13. I understand how you feel. My husband says the same thing but when I found this site I was looking up child abuse cases because I deemed it therapeutic to see someone was giving this children a voice. The voice I wish I’d been given long ago as a child. I have been given the opportunity to write for this site and I am thankful that April and Trench afford me the ability to give a voice to these children.

  14. I really hope he gets a big mouthful of Big ‘Ol Bubba’s dick – maybe he’ll sufficate and die. I also hope and pray that he gets raped and gets the shit kicked out of him every single day in prison.

  15. Update:Sicko Fuck POS up there was sentenced to 2 life-without-parole terms today. Maybe Bubba can do to him everything he did to this innocent baby when he gets into general population.

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