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Father charged with suffocation death of son.

Father arraigned on murder manslaughter charges in baby’s death 

Father charged in the death of son  

“I miss you so much Cameron daddy loves you with all my heart it’s not the same with out you baby daddy will always love you till we meet again baby.”

–        Brett Kanoff’s FB status

Above is Brett Kanoff’s (22) Facebook status after his son Cameron’s (13 months) September 24th death.  Heartbreaking…. Right? 

It would be more heartbreaking and we’d feel for Brett if he wasn’t the one standing accused of ending his baby’s life.  See, Prosecutors say that Brett smothered Cameron with a blanket to stop him from crying.  Then left his body in his crib for 3 hours until another family member found him.

Brett was in court on October 10th to face charges of murder and manslaughter.  His attorney entered a “not guilty” plea on his behalf.  His bail has been set at $100,000 cash or $500,000 bond.  Brett is facing 25 years to life if convicted of murder.

Thanks to Jen R. for the tip.

 R.I.P. Cameron

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  1. Apparently his attendance at “Camp of the Woods” did not carry on to his early adult/fatherhood life.
    His FB has no wall updates, but there are pictures of him and a girlfriend only referred to as ‘Sarah’ from ’09 when they apparently worked together at this Christian Ministry camp…wonder if she’s the mom of this poor little baby, gone before his time… tsk tsk..

  2. As the classic rap song says, “A daddy is a boy who brags about his kids, a father is a man who supports and gives.”

  3. Sorry no Facebook links.

  4. Why on earth would someone do this!If the nany was annoying him why did he not call the mother to come get him??? “I miss you so much Cameron daddy loves you with all my heart it’s
    not the same with out you baby daddy will always love you till we meet
    again baby.”OMG why did you do what you did if you loved him that much.No child asks to brought into the world and if you cant handle it then dont have them.This sickens me to no end.

  5. This guy looks totally psychotic.

  6. it is very sad and trust I see all the status’ that his (Cameron) family puts up I don’t believe nothing they say I am close to the area and the day after that scum bag did what he did the Aunt was on the porch with some other girl wrapped up in blankets with her lil girl out talking about…her man is messing with her cousin and asking people that were walking down the street who they thought was prettier….it didn’t look as though they lost a baby or anyone….it makes me sick to know I live around people like that….I have a 4 yr old lil girl that was placed up for adoption and it breaks my heart to know I can’t see her but they could careless about that baby…they r truly sick but the ‘father” if that is what you want to call him God will get him…and i know for a fact that house always had people in it so for Brett to actually do that with out anyone knowing is lying 

    1. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero


  7. u would of never think he would do that him and son always together and happy

  8. This guy gives teen dads a bad reputation.

  9. Look up the mother Samantha Kanoff

  10. I looked both Brett and his wife on facebook. I am a bit confused on the whole thing. His is blank, hers well she is posting how much she loves him and how they will still be together. Why would you want to be with the man whom killed your child.
    This is to my husband Brett Kanoff I love u baby always and forever ur the only one that i want and need love ur wife samantha♥
    this was just posted yesterday, she even uploaded recent pictures of him and her… sick sick sick sick. This just makes me sick. How can you love the man that killed your child and how can you give him the time of day. Something is wrong in that house. I hope the authorities come in and take all the children from that home. I also hope they check into Samantha a bit better something is not correct about the whole thing.

  11. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero

    sadly you all go by what this is being said lol, also its sad that there are literally stalkers out there, watching my uncles house and watching their facebooks. lol funny you all think what you wanna think but you know what when everything comes back that he didnt do it, you all can choke on your drama infested lives! because you honestly have NO clue as of to what is going on. get a life for a change, stop stalking my family because we have lives, yes we are still mourning over cameron if you must know every detail about us. we all lost a precious life he was everything to us, we enjoyed him in our lives so before you ignorants talk shit know it first!

    1. Why come on here months later and stir up this mess if you’re so concerned with how everyone here has it wrong? Nobody has posted a damn thing about your precious baby-killer since the 25th of November until you came along and spewed your barely literate bile on us. How’s about YOU get a life, one that makes you a productive citizen, mmmkay?

      1. Family members of baby killers generally can’t be productive citizens because the apple doesn’t fall very far from the worthless rotten tree.

        1. Very, very valid point! We should get the word out for the minions to stop stalking Baby-Killer up there… it’s making the fam even crazier than they were… 😉

          1. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero

            babykiller? when he comes back that he didnt do it yoou stalkers better kiss my damn feet because hun your worthless your shit, you dont even know if any of whats in the papers are true, how can you sit there and think hmmm maybe it was a natural cause. because cameron is a twin and his brother died at birth and if you actually take the time to read something that INST DRAMA RELATED MAYBE YOU WLL LEARN!! <3 THANKS FOR HELPING MAKE BRETT FAMOUS BECAUSE WHEN HE GETS OUT HES GONNA BE A RICH MOTHERFUCKER!! LOVE YAH HATERS <3

          2. What the HELL is wrong with you? You’re clearly a mental midget aren’t you? That’s what it is, right? At least I can speak, read and write properly. Skills you’ll need to survive this life. If you want to speak to me, do so with proper English and spelling or go the fuck away. ‘Kay? I don’t speak, read or write fucktard and hurts my head to try and do the translating from lazy, ignorant, unintelligent “text speak” to “human speak”. And just what the fuck could possibly make your special little baby-killer snowflake up there rich and famous? It won’t happen, so don’t count the dollar signs just yet. Idiot. As for your “instant drama” bullshit, well, tw*twaffle, YOU brought this all up yesterday after MONTHS of nobody saying anything. Who’s creating the drama here? The answer would be you. it’s kind of sad that you need to have that pointed out, and more than once… then again, you are here as a ‘tard defender so we already know you can’t have an IQ above 9…

          3. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero

            sweet heart let me tell you, how can you call someone a midget you dont even know lol grow up you seem like your in your 40s. when you can message me on facebook instead of hiding anonymously then come talk if you have the balls,
            heres my fb name
            ill be waiting for your message lmfao (which i doubt will happen!)

          4. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero

            dont puss out anyways, message me

          5. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero

            lol sweetheart look, you wanna talk like a “bad bitch” on here but yet your scared to show your self on facebook?? lol get real, hun look we all know your kidding yourself. we all know your a “troll” to get your likes and followers but hey its your way of living right lol, we all know you have nothing better to do then write shit about brett, like you know/knew him. you only of what he was accused of. they said he “admitted” it but he really didnt. that picture above, yeah it was taken the same day they buried his son, the way he looks is from him crying, but you wouldnt know any of that would you? no you wouldnt. hes a hard working loveing father. but again you wouldnt know any of that would you? i didnt think so. i have so many people that support brett on my support page on facebook, all of them believeing in him, the truth will come out, and when it does i hope you choke on your words just like everyone else. see this shouldnt even be up on this website til he is actually proven guilty which he wont be. i belive and trust in brett. so no matter what i will always defend him. i dont care if anyone feels so strongly he didnt do it. like i said hes a loving father who took great care of his sons.

          6. I called you a “mental midget” let me translate for you – it means you appear to be less than intelligent… It was not a reference to your stature. I honestly do not go on fb anymore so don’t hold your breath that I’ll be getting in touch anytime soon. It’s not in avoidance of you, as if, it’s because I believe more in face to face communication rather than the fake atmosphere of facebook. I appreciate that you tried to respond in a more intelligible way though, so thanks for that.

  12. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero

    ya’ll can keep voting my comments down all you want because your the ones who know shit, our media are the ones lying to us and your all eating it up.

    1. Blaming the media is the last refuge of the guilty.

      1. aloveingrelativetobrettncamero

        blaming the media? for what stalking? for the lying? yeah were guilty right lml your hilarious sweetie!!

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