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Sheen-Cow to get more time

Elisa Baker. She puts the hillbilly in Hillbilly Heroin.

More time could be added to Elisa Baker’s prison sentence:

While we were on hiatus some news came about the Sheen-Cow herself, Elisa Baker. For those of you who may not remember Baker pleaded guilty to the murder of her step-daughter Zahra Baker. Zahra’s dismembered remains were found in the North Carolina woods while Baker tried to make it look like an abduction. Some parts of Zahra were never found. Baker only received 15 years for her plea deal.

Back in January Baker pleaded guilty to prescription drug charges. According to a news channel local to me that sentence could be handed down this coming January. For those charges she’s looking at 20 years. More time than she got for killing the step-daughter that loved her unquestionably.

That’s fucked up.

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  1. I cant even stand to look at this woman! She is discusting and deserves the penalty!


  3. This is just insane!!!! She gets more time for drugs than she does abusing and killing a child! Totally unbelievable!!!!

  4. That’s bullshit!

  5. There is something really FUCKED UP with a system that punishes you more severely for drugs (prescription drugs at that!) than murder and abuse. Wow, I mean, wow. Seriously, What. The. Fuck???

  6. This was a really confusing case here in Australia. The coverage seemed to focus more on the fact that the biological Mum didn’t have custody (no reasons were given but her un-fitness was alluded to). It was like the media were trying to blame the biological Mum for Zarha’s death because she wasn’t caring for her & left her with this monster…it was really bizarre!

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