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Mother pours boiling water on infant

Woman Accused of Child Abuse

Woman accused of child abuse back in jail

On October 15th, Michelle Julia Woodhouse-Deboyes from Jacksonville NC was angered when her 9-month-old daughter was in a bouncy seat and would not stop crying.  Instead of being a mom and comforting the sweet baby girl she flipped the bouncy seat over, with the baby still inside, bruising her sweet face.  When the baby kept crying she decided to go to the kitchen and get a mug of boiling water and pour it on the baby because we all know that will defiantly quiet a screaming baby…NOT! Pouring water on the baby was not good enough so during her stroke of genius she held the baby down in the puddle of scalding hot water! What a bitch!! 

The baby girl is in the Chapel Hill Burn Center suffering from 2nd degree burns on 12% of her little body.  She will have to have xenografting thanks to her sorry ass mother, which I am sure is going to be just as painful as the burn themselves. 

Woodhouse-Deboyes was arrested and booked on a $200,000 unsecured bond. I’m sorry …WHAT??? UNSECURED???  She was charged with felony child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury and mental emotional injury.  She was released shortly after her arrest.  The good news is, she is now back in jail where she belongs! She had her first court appearance on Tuesday October 30th and the judge increased her bond to $100,000 secured. She was immediately placed back in jail until she can post her bond. 

Personally, I think the inmates should practice water boarding with boiling water to her face and sterilization with no pain meds, but that’s just me! 

I will give updates as they become available.

Thanks for the Tip and write up go to Leslie.  Thanks, Chica!

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  1. Why do these psychopaths get such low bail? I was reading an article the other day about a man impersonating someone trying to use a bank card and was surprised he recieved $500,000 bail. It seems abusing and torturing children is only worth on average $100,000 give or take these days. The system is so broken.

    1. I am constantly shocked by the very low bail set for monsters too. I don’t think the justice system actually works FOR anyone other than the criminals.

    2. I found out the case. It was about some loser who broke into one of Steve Jobs homes (unoccupied) and after he passed away and stole some computers. He received $500,000 bail for stealing computers from an unoccupied home.

      Bitch tortures her infant by burning her with boiling hot water and got a fraction of the bail. And sadly, will end up getting a low jail term because the judge wants her to “rehab” which she won’t. And god forbid she have another child…we will be hearing about her again in 10-15 years.

  2. I have a nine month old. Usual when he cries I Chang his diaper,give him a bottle,feed him,cuddle him,change activity,see if he is teething,walk and bounce him,play with him. I never thought about pouring boiling water on him.

  3. Oh my god. I just want to take that stupid, bad haired, fat faced c*** and just fuck her up

    1. I would be happy to help. Or just stand and watch,laughing my ass off.

  4. I have a six-month-old. I also have three older children. Whenever any of them are crying we try to figure out what’s wrong first. I wish I could figure out what is wrong with people these days. These are children, not possessions!

  5. Today I am sick, I mean really sick…vomiting, diarrhea, pounding headache, general lethargy…my husband works long hours (he left at 3am, returned at 3pm & will go back at 6pm to get some paperwork done as it is our own business & that’s how it has to be for the irat year or two). I am at home alone with a 4 year old & a 2 year old. They are both active & they fight. Believe me, I would LOVE to have some silence for an hour or two but its not going to happen. So instead of pouring boiling water on them I turned on the A/C, put on a DVD, poured them both a drink of water & made a snack plate of cheese, crackers & fruit & layed down on the lounge for 90 minutes while they were relatively entertained by the DVD & food…thank you Woody & Buzz!

    This is what normal parents do. Or we call a family member or friend to help when we’re not coping so well…we don’t punish a child for doing what children do!

  6. I have a 7 week old baby and even though she is a pretty happy baby she has her moments and when she cries pouring boiling water on her is NOWHERE on the list of things to try to get her to calm down.

  7. O-M-FUCKING-G… What a stupid bitch! She is even giving a little, “I don’t give a fuck!” smirk in her mug shot. Bitch should be shot. No, she should have to shower in a gas chamber, but first in boiling water, then salt, then acid and last some gas that causes a slow painful death.
    I am truly in pain for this little angel, and I wish that I was in a place where my husband and I could adopt the poor thing to keep her away from this fat whorebag. Unfortunately, with the way DSHS runs, or lack there of, this mom will probably get her child back. I hope she never sees this child again. I also hope that this incident was some sort of blessing in disguise and the little angel gets a real chance in life with a real family…

  8. Someone needs to tie her to a tree and tickle her with a blow-torch.

  9. I just want to beat the shit out of this disgusting piece of trash…she deserves to have her uterus removed so she can never subject another child to her evilness.

  10. she is demonic evil looking sick ass bitch. they will take care of her in prison where she belongs. maybe an imate will pour scalding hot water on her ass when she is asleep.

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