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GA breeder stabs her newborn to death

Athens woman charged with murder for fatally stabbing her newborn son

Police: Georgia mom stabs newborn baby to death, possibly just hours after birth

21-year-old Cassandra Elyse Norwood from  Athens Georgia has been charged with the murder of her newborn son.  According to the police, mommy dearest lived with her parents and other family members (who were all clueless that she was expecting).  How did they not know she was pregnant and about to blow??  Apparently when labor struck, she went to a different part of the house where no one could hear her give birth.  I’m sorry but if there are no pain meds involved i cant believe no one could hear her!  Anyway, Shortly after his birth, within minutes or hours (tbd by autopsy) she decided to stab and cut the little man to death.  Someone in the home found the body around 1pm Thursday and called 911.

Mommy dearest was arrested Friday but was placed in the hospital to be treated for blood loss from the labor.  She has been charged with murder and will be placed in jail as soon as she is released from the hospital.  I say let her bleed….to death!  Stupid ass does not deserve to live. 

There was no apparent motive and no apparent mental condition to cause this poor baby’s death.  The police are looking for the father.

Maybe the inmates will take turns slicing and dicing her ass and leave her to bleed to death!!

***Thanks for the tips and the write up go to Leslie.

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